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alt Johnni
Player: @Johnni
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind, Blaster, Soldier
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Johnni
Known Aliases: The Riflecat, Lynx Spider J
Species: Human plus
Age: 36
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Lavender
Biographical Data
Nationality: Ex-Canadian
Occupation: Mercenary, Superhero, Lacky
Place of Birth: Turks and Cacos Islands
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Peregrine Island
Marital Status: Bitterly Alone
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Winged power armour, guns, devices, leadership and friends
Known Abilities
A fine fashion sense, sunspot magnet
Radio, Cell phone
Leader of the Weapons Union, not your average catgirl.



Johnni is clearly more than human, with highly visible ears, a tail, finger-claws and an unusual ankle structure. She claims that the characteristics she is most known for: her genius and tenacity, have nothing to do with the feline DNA that provided these other features. She considers herself 'natural' in as much as a gene resequenced chimera can be, and her 'super' abilities stem from her diligence, gear, and the help she gets from others.

Early History

She's very circumspect about her early past. It appears to have been happy, and to have come to a sudden unpleasant end. She speaks favourably of "her father", though often with some critical tones. When pressed she'll say, "I'm nobody's pet, anymore," referring to some bitter and melancholy memory.

The Ziggursky

She was imprisoned in the Ziggursky for embezzlement, grand theft, and being a danger to society. It's unclear whether she met her mercenary squad while imprisoned or if they had a prior association.

Areas of Operation

Rogue Isles

In the Etoile Islands, she is one of the co-leaders of the Weapons Union, and leads her own small squad of mercenaries. She's shown a distaste for certain jobs, specifically violence against "regular" humans, often employing less-than-lethal munitions borrowed from Longbow. Against magical, technological or alien foes this hesitation disappears, and she's apparently unconcerned with property damage. Having been "property" herself, she has a relish for destroying it. "The lesson of the Rogue Isles is: No one is coming to save you."

Paragon City

Her presence in Paragon is always tense, occasionally in disguise on one of the Etoile Island's regular financing raids. Lately she's been seen operating as The Riflecat. Her heroics are under a cloud, even though her previous police records appear to have been thoroughly purged, as the Malta Group figures heavily in her Paragon presence.


A successful candidate of Project: Destiny, Johnni reached the maximum threat level measurable in the Rogue Isles operating under Black Scorpion. She has subsequently gone "on vacation" to act as a low level Arachnos Soldier, in an inadequately disguised infiltration attempt. Her loyalty to Black Scorpion, Lord Recluse, and any of their stated goals is pretty questionable, if it exists at all. More likely, she's too much trouble to stop for too little reward and so free to follow her whims.


A member of the Midnighter's Club, she has often undertaken missions for them. Always circumspect, she's been known to admit that they have access to fantastic beaches.

Pocket D

She visits frequently, but doesn't stay often unless she encounters someone she knows. It was a chance encounter with Tasipher that got her in the WU, or as she explains it, "I got drunk, and woke up in charge of a Private Military Company."

Her Mercenaries

She is often accompanied by: Philip Lakewater-Smith, Eric Strondel, Yaroslav Krapinkuv "Dr. Wren", David Russel, Stefan Mironescu and Melissa "Mel" French. Phil is former FBI, Eric ex-Secret Service, Dr. Wren a Russian medical scientist who was in Afghanistan, David is inexplicably young to be the Nam-vet he claims to be, Stefan is also former FBI, and Mel isn't known for any particular association.

Weapons Union

She leads with Nacht Sniper and Nicholas Williams. More personable, she's not as ostentatious as her co-leaders, which is saying a lot considering she's a one-eyed, pink-haired, catgirl in bright blue armour.


"It is hard for us to conceive of a wicked man that is honestly and sincerely dreamy" - G.K. Chesterton. A Man Called Thursday

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