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Much like Dockworkers Catgirls Need love too- Attercap, The Cape

A catgirl is a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human-shaped body. Catgirls are found occasionally in anime and manga either as a form of cosplay or actual body parts, as well as in a few video games. Catgirls may wear over-sized mittens and shoes that look like paws. In Japanese, catgirls are usually called nekomimi (猫耳) — literally, "cat ears" — rather than the literal term nekomusume (猫娘). Sometimes characters do not actually feature cat-like ears or such an accessory but their hair sticks out and resembles cat ears. Such characters do not fit the definition of catgirls. Other animal combinations, usually mammals like bunnygirls, foxgirls and (more rarely) doggirls; are referred to as kemonomimi.

Eastern catgirls are usually depicted as having minimal feline characteristics, such as eyes with vertical pupils, tails, and ears (with different color ear-fur than their hair). Western catgirls are more often portrayed as more animal-like in appearance, with full body fur and claws being their most prominent aspects, though not true for all cases. These may also be known as "Furries".

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