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Taterra in her old elf uniform
Player: @Lemerus Viduus
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Victoria "Vikki" Patanci
Known Aliases: Taterra, Vickie, Vikki, V, Vegie
Species: Elf
Age: 23 (Human years)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 132 (lbs)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Elfkin
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: In relationship
Known Relatives: Father: Ralule Patanci Mother: Unknown
Known Powers
Only known are: Energy push, Superspeed, and Invisibilty
Known Abilities
Highly trained in hunting and use of bow and arrow, urban and forest warfare.
Bow and arrow

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Victoria "Vikki" Patanci was born on a unknown elf world. Soon after her birth, she was moved to Earth to escape her homeworld's civil war. Her father, Ralule, brought her to a zone called The Hollows. Here she was raised and trained, her sister Ada Patanci trained her everyday in Archery, Combat tactics, Hand-to-Hand combat, hunting, and mind and body exercises. Victoria finished her main and basic training, at the age of 18, she was captured by Circle of Thorns. They tortured, experimented and studied Victoria to fiqure out her true power. However, they made a mistake and had captured the wrong sister, but they were not informed of this fact. After one and a half years of captivity, her brother Kada made his way to her cell. After fighting their way out, and breaking through the main door they finally made it out. However as they were making there escape, the leader of the underground hideout casted a Ice Bolt at Kada hitting him in the chest killing him instantly. Outraged, Victoria put her arm in front of her and a orb of red enegry flew and hit him, launching him against a wall killing him. Victoria made her way back to The Hollows with her bother's body, after three weeks of traveling she finally made it to her campsite. She laid Kada on the ground and covered him with a sheet, after she got herself suited up she travel to Sharkhead Isle to talk to her father. Along discussion ensued between Victoria and Ralule about what happened the previous year, she was told to bury the bodyto rest in peace. As they were finishing up their talk, four arachnos bane spiders came and were informed to kill Victoria, however she got in time. But what she didnt know that her father was killed by the soldiers, she fled to Atlas Park and then to The Hollows. She put Kada's body in a homemade casket and into the Earth where he would stay. Tired, she made her campsite and food then procceded to go to sleep.


Present Day

After the Circle of Thorns incident, Victoria's sister Ada was in town to gather supplies fo rtheir camp in The Hollows, she was in the store when the Carnival of Shadows "Carnies" barged in and planned on robbing the store for its money. When Ada stepped in and asked them not to hurt anyone as long as they got what they needed. The leader laughed and said "Out of the way wench!" and slapped her across the face. Ada fell down as tears started forming from her eyes, one of the men yelled "This is what happens when you interfere!". He reached down to Ada and pulled her up, looked into her eyes when he unsheathed and ran her through. She screamed as the blade felt like a hot iron tearing a whole in her, she fell to the floor dead. The store was in awe of what they just saw, the leader stepped over her body and went to the front counter and said "Give me the money in or you're next.", the woman rushed to retrieve the contents of the safe. The other men went through the store smashing and breaking anything and everything in sight. The woman appeared from the back room with a bag of money, the grabbed the bag and looked inside "What the hell is this, only seven hundred? Wheres the rest of the money!" he said as he slammed his fist down on the counter almost breaking it. The woman looked at the leader with a tear stricken face "Its all there, the bank came by two days ago to collect the money." she said while trying to hold back a flood of tears. One of the men yelled "Boss! There's cops outside, we need to get out of here." the leader spun around and walked to the door while stepping through the pool of blood collecting on the floor, "God damnit, ok boys were leaving!" he barked. The four men went the back right as the PPD came busting in with guns pointed, one of the officers asked where they went and everyone pointed at the broken door barely hanging on the hinges. They ran through and avoiding the body of Ada, more and more police came pouring as paramedics followed behind. The two medics got to the floor to see if any life was still left. "Damn...we need coroner in her eto get this body!" one of the men yelled. Two days passed until Victoria was informed of what happened to her sister. After time planning off destorying the Carnies she sought help by a hero named Retro Rocket, who is the Headmaster for Bailey's Academy for Young Heroes. Here she is learning to control her powers and keep her from killing the Carnival of Shadows but rather taking them to justice.


Many would discribe Victoria's personality as quiet and speaking when spoken to. She hides her past from anyone aside from very few trusted beings, but many times this is difficult because of students at the academy who have the powers to read her mind and her memories. Victoria can be outspoken if needed to or when talking to friend but is mostly shy around people she doesnt know. She does drink either at base or in Pocket D, Victoria will mostly drink with anyone unless she finds that person annoying.


Favorite Food: Hotdogs

Least Favorite: Hamburgers

Favorite Non-alcohol Drink: Coffee

Least Favorite Non-alcohol Drink: "Enriche"

Favorite Alcohol Drink: Straight Vodka

Least Favorite Non-alcohol Drink: Whiskey

Favorite Activity: Hanging-out

Friends: 6

Student at Baily's Academy of Young Heroes

Victoria is pansexual and is willing to do polyamorous

Has attempted suicide several times

Is afraid of Devouring Earth and confined places

Bartends at Pocket D's upstairs hero side bar

Favorite lipstick color is Red

Favorite color is red


This character was mainly based off a toon I had on World of Warcraft.

Roleplay: Heavy

Erotic Roleplay: Yes, depends on with who or what.

Mature Roleplay: Yes, depends on with who or what.

Email global handle if you wish to RP with me. Please include what and who. Thanks

Role-playing Expectations

I expect my partner to use complete sentences and fair grammar. I expect my partner to maintain a certain degree of realism during role-playing (now, I understand that role-playing itself is to allow people to involve themselves in a world where they are exactly whom they want to be, and can do all that they want to do.) I do not care if someone has a alien, robot, or human character for ERP purposes but for normal roleplay I do not care at all. Try to keep it "mentally" mature.

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