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Eribelle Profile.jpg
Eribelle in her customized Guardian field wear.
Player: @Catministrator
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Eribelle Ti'Ander
Known Aliases: None
Species: Nal-Dari
Age: 26
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120 Lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde/White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Val-Fera
Occupation: United Earth Protectorate Guardian
Place of Birth: Nal-Dar
Base of Operations: Va'Ladan
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities


The Nal-Dari

The Nal-Dari are a race of proud, loyal Nekomata hailing a dimension quite different from our own. They were once thought to be an entirely female race, but this has been disproven on numerous occasions - and not all of them pleasant. While spotting one outside their homeworld of Val-Fera is rare enough in it's own right; finding one outside of that dimension is even rarer still. However rumors of a threat vast enough to concern existence itself have draw beings from all of Creation itself to our world with the intent of diverting disaster of an unimaginable scale; and these hardy people are no different.


It is unknown where the first Nal-Dari came from, but most believe their current homeworld to be their place of creation. Records indicate, however, that the entire race was transported there centuries ago through classified means after extensive genetic modification that resulted, over mere generations, in a complete lack of natural-born males. What the intent of the experiment might have been is unknown, but the race continued to thrive even then as intersexed individuals slowly became commonplace. These are known as the Na'Fera amongst their own. A second result of this tinkering became a thing of culture just as much as physiology - the Nal-Dari are most at home in the extremes of heat and cold; thriving in temperatures dangerous - sometimes even lethal - to other species.


Due to conflicting views on their unconventional means of natural procreation, the Nal-Dari are generally wary of outside peoples. While a woman bearing the full sexual anatomy of a male whilst lacking that of a woman is commonplace for them, it is still a point of taboo beyond their homeworld. However, they seem to be slowly normalizing - as in the last generation, the much-celebrated birth of a real Nal-Dari male was soon followed by more such events. Beyond their genetics they are an intelligent, spiritual people who, while technologically aware, prefer to live off the land. Combined with their preference for temperature, clothing is kept to a minimalistic style - oft covering only what is essential or practical in favor of more exposure to the elements. Again, this often leads to unease from other races - but at home, it is never given a second thought. Despite their caution, they are extremely social, easy-going creatures who thrive on interaction. "As neighborly as a Nal-Dari" isn't an uncommon expression. A stranger is as welcome as one's own family, and those few who venture outside that bubble of community are easily homesick for it.


In a word, "Shamanastic" can be considered appropriate for the Nal-Dari beliefs. All Nal-Dari follow the same core principal - which upholds the Goddess Fera as their benefactor and saviour - it is believed that it is Her will that gave them the Na'Fera to prevent the gradual extinction of their entire race; and that she created their homeworld as a place meant just for them. Thus, they named it Val-Fera in her honor. Fera touches every aspect of their daily existence; from allowing crops to grow so that they may eat to, more recently, allowing true-born males to exist once again. Safety is never something they ask of the Goddess - with such a tightly-knit community spanning even across an entire planet (though one much smaller than our Earth), there is no known case of one Nal-Dari ever turning against another; and hunting is entirely dependent upon one's own skill and determination. Killing creatures for food is done sparingly, however, as they, too, are among Fera's blessed. Every ten years, Nal-Dari gather in their capital village Va'Ladan to attend the Rites; an elaborate ceremony held in honor of the Goddess. Such importance is placed upon this ritual that even those who have ventured away from their homeworld will dutifully return for the month-long celebration.

The United Earth Protectorate

The United Earth Protectorate - or, the U.E.P - is a galactic entity whose purpose is plainly reflected in it's very name. Any member of any race may join their militaristic ranks; provided they prove themselves capable through a series of rigourous entry tests - at which point those who pass 'earn their angel'; a phrase derived from the distinct energy-shapes generated by their field suits. Fittingly, all combat-fit members of the U.E.P are known as Guardians. These Guardians are trained in a variety of fields depending on their individual strengths and characteristics. From there, they are given assignments on an individual and squad basis depending on the needs of the mission; and even the fabric of reality itself is a point of concern for the Librums - a collection of mystics and scientists who determine the threats and give them respective levels of urgency. At the top are the Arcs, who oversee the Librums in addition to assigning the Guardians to their respective tasks. It is unknown where, exactly, the U.E.P are headquartered - for theirs is a massive space-platform which never remains in the same place for long.

Eribelle Ti'Ander

Eribelle in native Nal-Dari garb.

Eribelle in native Nal-Dari garb.

Eribelle Ti'Ander is one of those most peculiar of Nal-Dari; and perhaps even more so than the rest of the peculiar ones! Not only has she ventured away from her homeworld and found herself comfortable amongst races other than her own - she is one of the Na'Fera; a physiological... evolution, per se... a combination of female appearances and mental traits with the reproductive functions of a male that helped the species thrive even when bearing full-fledged males had been - temporarily, as it happens - somehow impossible. Yet she never thought twice about joining the U.E.P and venturing forth into the unknown. Her talents as a mender of wounds back home had her name upon lips even at a young age; and it didn't take long before the watchful eye of the Guardians sent recruiters to enlist her and her abilities. Seeing an opportunity to serve the Will of Fera in a much greater capacity, she bid her home a cheerful farewell to partake in her training as an official Guardian. There, she learned not only how to apply her knowledge of flesh and bone to more modern medical practices... she also learned how to direct those healing forces into blasts intended to do quite the opposite.

Primal Earth

Though Eribelle has seen much in her relatively few years with the U.E.P; Primal Earth surpasses them all. With all it's wonders - and terrors - our dimension has quickly become a second home to the ever-curious woman. With something new, exciting - and oft unexpected - waiting right around every corner, adventure has become not so much a dream... but a way of life. Sent to our world amidst rumors of the 'Coming Storm' and a mysterious organization known as Ouroboros, the Nal-Dari Guardian took quickly to our concept of 'Heroism' and never gave second thought to doing anything else. Indeed, our paragons of all that is true and right have become a favorite form of company for the woman. Not since home has she met such a just, understanding group of people - and even with those who aren't "Nal-Dari neighborly", there is never a shortage of folk looking to do the right thing. Recently, she's begun a small Primal Earth-based branch of the U.E.P - a volunteer division backed by the Arcs, but limited a combination of what scarce resources headquarters can send - and what's already available.


Unlike most Nal-Dari, Eribelle has few reservations when it comes to outside species. She treats those around her with proper respect and kindness; though she has much to learn concerning differences in conventional manners. Even here, she finds revealing fashion preferable for the same reason it is the standard at home - while oft confused by our quite different interpretations. Though young, she is wise beyond her years... usually. No proper Nal-Dari can stand the doldrums of both idle hands and an idle mind - and she is quick to become restless under such conditions. For the most part, she shows little interest in anything deeper than friendship - perhaps because of her difference; or, more likely, due to her absolute dedication to the U.E.P and her mission to do her part to help protect our world - and all others - from threats far and wide.

Social Life

Relatively new to Primal Earth and all that makes it the diverse, dynamic dwelling that it is - Eribelle has yet to hit upon the finer side of it's populace: casual interaction. She strives to connect with as many people as she can; but the mechanisms through which we do so are learning experiences for her. With no "alter-ego", either, she sticks mostly to the heroics - finding shelter wherever she may when the day is done. Recently, the lonesome Nal-Dari native has discovered the concept of the hotel - and life has become far more interesting; and comfortable! But still lonesome. A new-found fascination with our so-called "Soccer" or "Football", thanks to that wonderful gateway to all things Primal Earth - Television - has finally provided something of a talking point that isn't home or the U.E.P.

OOC Notes

Whew! Everything you just saw above was typed in one go - and, needless to say, will be under -heavy- revision while I flesh out the concept and re-work things that don't... well.. work. On a more serious note: If you're not sure what I mean by 'Intersex', then perhaps 'Futanari' would be a more recognizable term. Yet, despite that, it's really just part of the character - and not something I'm out there looking to expand on. If things happen, things happen - but please, please don't assume that this makes her 'easy access'. She's not here for that. Is it weird to try a serious attempt at writing a character in the genre? I'll be the first to admit that it is! Perhaps that's part of the draw for me, thinking about it. As it goes, this actually started out as a silly idea. I wanted to see how goofy I could get with concept - and thus, a Space-Angel-Catgirl-of-mixed-gender was born! Me being me... well, this entry ought to reflect just how far out of hand it's gotten.

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