Doctor Tigress

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Doctor Tigress
Player: @Mattwo7
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Formerly: Mathew Bars Currently: Undecided
Known Aliases: Doc, Doctor.
Species: Human/Tiger Hybrid
Age: 23 (as of 12/21/2010) (Born 12/21/1987)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Don't ask, she won't take it kindly.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Former: Light Brown Current: Redhead (as a part of the transformation, not Dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Ventura County, Californa
Base of Operations: Classified
Marital Status: Single, not looking.
Known Relatives: Mother (not named), Father (not named), Two sisters (not named)
Known Powers
Healing and Electrical Blasting (an unexpected side effect of the transformation)
Known Abilities
A neclace with a cat amulet.
Has autism but is not fully Socio-phobic.



A now Trasformed 16-year-old boy's dream come true, a pair of birthday presents from Crey Industries: a device that swapped genders, one that after 1st use broke down, yet for some reason it didn't bug him/her that it broke. In fact, he/she opened her next birthday present, an animal morph-ray gun that broke after transforming her into a half-beast. Again, she didn't care about it.

Both times her family suppected a side-effect (besides the fact she now didn't care she was permanently altered after saying he wanted to turn back...) of super powers, one class of powers her mom liked better and the other she liked. She soon found the transformation also had some unexpected mutations: The first of which were wings enabling flight.

Mind controlled

It was later discovered that the two "presents" were actually nanite rays that had effected her mind little by little and had full control of every part of her body. She soon became crey's mind-slave and turned to a life of crime. She also mutated into a being of pure feral form. She currently calls this her "villain form"

Returning to Heroism

This was short-lived however, because due to a sheer force of willpower she was able to overcome the mind control as a wave of fried nanites gushed out of her ear. One item she stole durring her recovery happened to be "The amulet of bast" which she made into a necklace. When she returned to being a "good guy" she tried to hand it over with the other stuff she stole like any other reformed villain would, but it was stuck. Turns out it had a direct link to the Well of Furies.

Still stuck as a Catgirl but now with full awareness of the situation she had to seek mental help for a while before hitting the streets again.

Incarte and male form regained?

The well saw how she overcame the nanites and realized not many beings can accomplish such a feat, so it unlocked some of the true power in the amulet. Doctor Tigress soon found that the well had also given her the ability to become male again. Due to the fact this ability was channeled through the Amulet of Bast, this was not a full "return to normal" transformation as he was still stuck in his tiger-hybrid form. In fact, the original transformation was no longer controlled by the nanites at all, but the Amulet. It also gave her the ability to become her "villain form" should she need to go to the Rouge Isles again (everyone there thinks there are two of her, no one really knows why.)

Semi-Retirment and Sideckick

Over a decade later, Doctor Tigress had gone into retirement, becoming a geneticist to help those who Crey altered who don't like the changes, though being an incarnate, it's hard for her to avoid action. She also started mentoring a new hero, Mattilda.









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