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Website: http://justice.clangroups.com
Side: Heroes
Motto: "Fiat justitia ruat caelum"
Leader(s): The Justice Council
Logo: The Scales of Justice
Group Colours: Blue and White
Levels: All
Play style: Heavy RP, Iconic Theme (Primarily Silver/Bronze age with Gold/Modern welcomed)
Roleplay: Required. SG chat is always in-character. OOC channel available.
Timezone(s): Mostly EST, all timezones welcome
Recruiting: Primarily through roleplay and IC interviews
Contact: @Slid
Justice has a strict naming policy, as we believe that a character's name and appearance are a reflection of the quality of their supergroup. Your character name must be spelled correctly, may not use any "tricks" to simulate another name (such as replacing a lowercase "L" with a capital "I"), and cannot be a given name (like John Smith).
Justice is a role-play Super Group operating under the premise that your character is not "just another hero." You have saved lives, stopped crimes, and maybe even saved the world... and people noticed. There were headlines about your character in the paper. Perhaps you were interviewed on a television program. However it happened, you're not a nobody if you're a member of Justice.

In turn, Justice itself is a famous group among the many heroic organizations in Paragon City. While there's many diverse groups running around with lax membership requirements and lackluster reputations, Justice stands out as one of the most prominent and famous teams, with a roster of world-famous heroes and heroines who have collectively saved the planet many times over.

When the world truly needs saving, they call upon Justice.

Check out the JusticeVerse wiki page here: http://justiceverse.wikia.com/wiki/Justice


Justice Teams

Justice has several sub-teams of members, each with their own specialization. Most members are "on call" and are not permanently assigned to any one team, instead responding to threats under the domain of one of the sub-teams. Certain heroes are "permanent members" assigned to one or more of the sub-teams, and focus almost exclusively on threats within their sub-team's area of expertise.

Street Sweepers

This team, lead by the hero Guard Dog, focuses on street-level crime, and has a greater focus on detective work, investigation, and drug busts than the other teams. Common enemies include the many street gangs of Paragon City. Other permanent members include the Kings Row Cowl team, Winged Girl, and Buddhist.

Arcane Avengers

The Arcane Avengers, lead by Legend Lass, are a group of heroes who specialize in handling various magical threats against Paragon's citizens. Common enemies include the Circle of Thorns and the Banished Pantheon. Other permanent members include Coins, Magitech, Menorah, and Super Cape.

Tech Titans

These heroes specialize in technology and digital threats, and are lead by the heroine Pulse Girl. They tackle robotic or digital dangers, and often tangle with the mechanical Clockwork (both the Primal and Praetorian variety) and are called on to tackle the threat posed by the Malta group. Other permanent members include Data Man and Data Girl, Powered Armor, and Magitech when she's not busy with the Arcane Avengers.

Science Squadron

Handling anything from zombie plagues to radiation storms, the Science Squadron is lead by the Rubber Man, and often takes on the forces of Dr. Vazhilok and the monsters of the Devouring Earth. Other permanent members include Flowergirl and Goo Girl.

Planetary Protectors

These heroes handle major threats from other worlds, from alternate dimensions to extraterrestrial forces. Lead by Super Martian, this force commonly battles Rikti, Praetorians, and the Council and their Nictus masters. Other permanent members include Superkid, the Pair, Paragon Girl, Ringbearer, and Portal Girl.

List of Members

A list of members' VirtueVerse pages can be found here: Justice Membership Roster.

Roleplay Guide

In Justice, we make certain assumptions about the world of City of Heroes. Heroes in costumes are recognizable, and a character's name is well-known information. When a Security Level 50 character shows up to save the day, every NPC knows the character's name, and might say something like "Look! It's Adjective Man! He's here to save us!" There's no reason why other heroes would be oblivious to this information, and a famous hero in a recognizable costume wouldn't need to introduce himself to another hero for them to know he's Adjective Man. Feel free to be surprised if others don't recognize you, though avoid being arrogant.

Battle Cry

Villains everywhere have learned to fear the battle cry of the heroes of Justice. When charging into battle, they shout as one: "WE! ARE! JUSTICE!"

The Justice Universe

Justice maintains its own separate "canon" regarding the status of the world in which they reside. Notable changes to the City of Heroes canon are described in this section.

Mars and Martians

The planet Mars is home to a dying race of green-skinned humanoids with antennae called Martians, with adults standing approximately five feet tall on average and possessing a physiology reminiscent of humans from Earth. The heroine Super Martian was the first Martian to make contact with humanity, and since then a few other Martians have made their way to Earth.

Mutants and the M-Gene

Mutants are a common sight in Paragon City and on the rosters of superhero organizations, and Justice is no exception. Outside the boundaries of the so-called "City of Heroes," however, mutants are not so well regarded. Notorious for developing out-of-control powers and causing (usually) unintentional collateral damage, mutants are some of the most feared metahumans, and anti-mutant discrimination is not uncommon in many areas of the U.S.A. and overseas, a reputation not helped by the violent actions of the anti-human terrorist known as The Supremacist.

Mutation is caused by the M-Gene, a genetic sequence dormant in most humans, becoming active usually (but not always) during adolescence. Individuals with an active M-Gene are commonly known as mutants, and possess a wide array of powers and abilities. Siblings who both possess active M-Genes often have linked powers in some way. Notable Justice mutants include Winged Girl and Portal Girl.

Sidekicks and Sponsors

In the Justice universe, individuals under the age of 18 who wish to register as heroes receive a Sidekick license, enabling them to fight crime if sponsored by a full-fledged hero. Their sponsor does not need to be present at all times, but the senior hero is responsible for their sidekick's safety, training, and supervision. This gives Sidekicks a great deal of freedom to pursue a crime-fighting career, though some heroes choose to work more closely with their sidekicks than others.

Justice encourages heroes to take sidekicks under their wing, to train the next elite generation of superheroic protectors.

Atlantis and the Amazons

Long since hidden beneath the seas, the lost Island of Atlantis is home to a water-breathing sub-race of humans, protected from the outside world by powerful magic. Atlanteans are mostly indistinquishable from normal humans, though they are physically stronger and faster than their land-dwelling counterparts, and can breathe water as easily as air. Some have exotic hair or eye colors, usually in sea greens or shades of blue. Sharing the island of Atlantis are the Merfolk, green-or-blue-skinned men and women who possess gills varying degrees of humanoid features. Some possess fins, some scales, and some have fish-like facial features as well. The hero Coastguard is an Atlantean, and represents his people on the Justice Council.

The Amazons are a race of mighty warrior-women hailing from a floating island known simply as Paradise. Protected in a similar manner to Atlantis, Paradise is affixed firmly several miles above the water in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, enchanted in such a way that none may find it without an Amazon to guide them.

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