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Kid Lantern
Player: @KidLantern
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Shaun Hunter
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6' 3" (5' 3" Shaun)
Weight: 215 lbs (150 lbs Shaun)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Founding Member of the Justice Force
Place of Birth: New York
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Flight, Force Field, Energy Blast, Energy Manipulation (Power Ring)
Known Abilities
Video Games, Street smart, tri-lingual (Spanish) (Italian)
Power Ring
No additional information available.


Orphaned at the young age of seven, little Shaun Hunter was left in the world to fend for himself . Having nowhere to go, the state saw fit to house him in St. Mary's Orphanage, in New York City. The boy proved to be bright and was a quick study, as he not only learned the ways of the orphanage, but of the streets as well. At age eleven he engineered an "escape" from the orphanage, and ran away, taking to the streets on which he felt more at home.

Shaun lived on the streets from that time on, making contacts for the sole purpose of survival. After 2 years, the youngster had made himself quite a "comfortable" home in a secluded part of the New York sewers, lining the bare walls with news clippings of his favorite superhero, Blue Lantern, dreaming of a day when HE would wield the ring of power that the hero wore. Little did he know, that day would come sooner that he could have imagined.

One day, while looking for food in a dumpster, Shaun heard a terrible crash nearby. Peaking out from his hiding place, the boy became witness to a fierce battle between his idol, Blue Lantern, and the heroes arch-nemesis, Mechanon. After a sustained battled, the Azure Guardian fell in battle, slammed into the sewers below the surface by a powerful blast from the mechanical villain. Shaun ran to the hole in the pavement, and jumped down into the sewers, hoping to save his hero from the approaching doom.

Seeing that Blue Lantern was in no condition to continue the battle, Shaun dragged the injured man farther into the sewers, hoping that the criminal above wouldn't find them. Finding a "safe" spot, Shaun attempted to make the hero comfortable, but it was clear that there was nothing to be done to save his life, and Blue Lantern realized this as well. The hero looked into the youth's eyes, seeing the remarkable maturity in the lad, and came to a decision.

"Son, there is nothing that can be done for me, but if that villain gets this ring, it will be really bad for a lot of people. I want you to take it, and carry on in the name of justice." Shaun took the ring, too awestruck to say anything in response. He watched as the hero breathed his last breath, and passed away. A tear fell from young Shaun's cheek, a silent vigil for the champion, and he steeled himself to continue in his idols footsteps.

Flying upwards, Shaun flew from the hole, and was caught by the collar of his shirt by Mechanon. Not knowing what to do, and fearing for his life, Shaun, panicked, and instinctively commanded to ring to protect him. The ring sent out an electro-magnetic pulse, disabling the mechanical villain, and every electronic device in an 10 block area. With the threat gone, and a crowd gathering, Shaun realized that he needed to protect his identity, or be sent back to the orphanage, and have the ring taken away. Using the ring, he created a disguise, that made him look much older than he really is, (about 18). The press noticed that he looked much younger than the previous ring wielder, and immediately labeled him as "Kid Lantern". The name stuck, and a new chapter of the Ring Bearer began.

After many small adventures, Kid Lantern ran across another hero team, the All Stars, and when the Team's Leader, Rang (Australian billionaire Tasman Cook) realized what the boy had on his finger, he asked the young hero to join the team. Shaun accepted, and became a member of the All Stars.

Tasman became Shaun's legal guardian, and entered him in school, giving him the life that he had always dreamed of. School was first, but Tasman made sure that he was trained in the basics of being a super hero. Unfortunately, he had no experience with mental powers, nor a weapon like the Power Ring.

He had the boy train with a sensei, to help discipline his mind, and that seemed to help, but more training was required, and Tasman wasn't sure where to turn to. Then, opportunity presented itself, in the form of Superstellar, a hero in the west coast city of Urbanpolis.

After much debate, a deal was struck, and Superstellar became Shaun Hunter's trainer. Superstellar tried to instill the same set of morals and beliefs, that he had been taught, in the young boy, who became bored with the training, and as with most children, let his mind wander.

Unfortunately, with the Power Ring on his finger, the day-dreams of the Pre-teen hero became "reality", causing a lot of property damage. Superstellar managed to prevent any deaths or injuries, but the city asked Superstellar to prevent Kid Lantern from being a "practicing hero" in Urbanpolis. He agreed, with the provision that he be allowed to finish the young heroes training, so that such an event would never happen again.

A year later, when Superstellar was offered a new job (in his secret identity) in Paragon City, he leapt at the chance, and he moved to Paragon City, with the young hero by his side. The great city had once been the beacon of the United States, during and after WWII, but now was festering with criminal activity. Superstellar knew that something must be done, and formed the super hero team now know as the Justice Force, with Kid Lantern being a founding member. Together the two heroes, with the new allies, fought for the rights of the innocent, and protection of all.

Kid Lantern found a new trainer, in the form of US Sentry, a hero with weapons called the Power Gauntlets, which were a lower powered copy of his own power ring, built by the government. With Sentry's help, Kid Lantern became much more able to control the vast energies at his command, but recently, reached a point at which US Sentry's knowledge of the Ring no longer sufficed.

Knowing that he needed even further training in his control of the worlds most potent weapon, US Sentry sent the young hero to train under the tutelage of Boodikka, leader of an allied superhero team, the Amazones. Boodikka is an ex-Green Lantern, from an alternate reality, and is the only other person on the planet that is familiar with the workings of a Power Ring. Kid Lantern is currently under Boodikka's watchful eye, but remains an active member of the Justice Force.


Kid Lantern by Kirin
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