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Last Updated: 4/23/2019

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Lady Price
Vanessa presenting her findings to management team regarding an earlier audit
· Science Corrupter ·
Dual Pistols
Player: @Valerie_Castellan
Real Name
Vanessa Renee Bennett
Money Face, Mercenary Bitch
5th September 1983
Columbus, Georgia, United States of America
Etoile Islands (Current)
Waitress, Stripper, Escort, Cashier, Clerk, Accountant, Internal Auditor
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Sybil O'Keefe - Mother (Deceased), Mr Bennett - Father (Unknown)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 8"
128 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Always with a smirk on her face
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Enhanced Physique, Enhanced Mental Faculty, Power Siphoning / Re-distribution, Limited Molecular Manipulation
· Equipment ·
Glock 36 .45ACP Pistols
· Other Abilities ·
Financial Expert



Coming from a single parent family. Vanessa's mother Sybil was an immigrant who came to America seeking greener pastures after her entire family was killed in the IRA terrorist attacks. Of her father, Vanessa knew very little except that he was a traveling Salesman who had a brief fling with her mother.

Although life was hard both mother and daughter were happy as long as they had each other. However all these changed when Vanessa's mother was killed in a traffic accident on her sixteenth birthday. The death of her mother was a great loss to Vanessa as the they had always depended on each other's love and support.

To make matters worse the driver who killed her mother was exonerated of all charges for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Condeming the verdict, Vanessa filed for a review while she conducted her own investigation.

The driver as it turns out was the son of a powerful business magnate whom used his connections and resources to affect the court's decision. Without substantial evidence to back her claim her appeal was dismissed and she was even threatened to stop her investigation.

From then on Vanessa learnt that the poor will always be trodded upon by the rich and vowed never to let the same thing happen to her again. After graduating from High School, she moved to New York City and began her plan to crawl out from poverty. Her hardwork and determination eventually paid off, helping her climb the corporate ladder. Life it seems have improve remarkably for Vanessa.

Yet all this came to an end when the facility she was auditing met with a horrific industrial accident that killed many. Although Vanessa survived she was quarantined in the company hospital for further treatment. Days, weeks and months went by. By the time Vanessa realized she was being experimented on, the company had already put her through many unethical procedures.

Unwilling to live as a labrat, she broke out from the hospital. It was then her powers first manifested and resulted in the death of two security officers. Freed at last, Vanessa swore to sue the company for what they have done to her.

However when she found out that the new VP who authorized the experiment was the same man who ran his car over her mother. Vanessa snapped, she sought out the man and tortured him before killing him in cold blood.

Charged with multiple homicides, Vanessa fled to the Rogue Isle to escape the law and began her new life as Lady Price. Vowing to use her powers only to amass greater wealth, there was nothing she would not do. As long as the price is right...

Origin of Powers & Abilities


Cerus Pharmaceuticals & Research was developing a super drug that could dramatically enhance human's maximum potential limits. Still in development the drug is extremely dangerous and unsafe for human use. When Vanessa was rescued from the wreckage, she was soaked in this chemical cocktail. Sure enough her health deterioated as her major organs started failing. The scientist then subjected Vanessa to various procedures. The combination of the chemicals and the treatments somehow altered her genetic sequence and imbued her with remarkable powers.

Enhanced Physique

As an ordinary human with no formal military background. Vanessa's stamina, endurance, speed, agility & reflexes has been significantly enhanced as though she went through Special forces training. Her motor skills have also vastly improved that she is now ambidextetrous.

Enhanced Mental Faculty

Vanessa now possess greater clarity of mind, faster thought processes & sharper memories.

Power Siphoning / Re-distribution

One ability that Vanessa is still learning to control. She is able to transfer the essence of speed and strength from others to herself. This has a temporary effect of weakening her targets and increasing her powers.

Limited Molecular Manipulation

Vanessa is able to teleport herself and others for short distances. It is believed that she achieves this by subconciously deconstructing molecules at a sub-atomic level and then reassembles them at the new location.


Financial Expert

Vanessa possess a vast understanding on fund management as well as the complex political economies of various global markets. This allows her to strike perfect balance between profit and loss.


Glock 36 .45ACP Pistols

With no known offensive special powers Vanessa had to rely on conventional weapons such as small-fire arms to make her way in the new town.

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