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Last Updated: 7/22/2012

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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If you are here then you probably have alot of time on your hands or is just plain bored. As for me, I'm wondering why I even wrote this when there are so much more entertaining things fighting for my attention!


A Little about myself

Not much to say except I started rpgs at an early age. Played numerous MMOs and got started with City of Heroes 7 years ago. I stopped playing just after 3 months since all my friends stopped. Recently returned because another friend of mine has been playing. I was quite happy to be on roleplaying server such as Virtue. Although I still feel the best rpg experience is on a tabletop with friends. The voices, the look on their faces and the camaradrie cannot be replaced by any computer or game engine.


The list of characters I created/play and the inspiration for their creation.


Kung Fu Kid

The inspiration for John came from Bruce Lee / Jackie Chan. Since I've always enjoyed the choreography behind Hongkong action flicks that featured martial arts. John would be your typical guy next door who is supposed to be genuine, likeable and fallible. He tries his best to do whats right. An underdog hero with no powers to boast about except for his dogged persistance.

White Knight

My very first character for COH I made 8 years ago. I recreated him after coming back to COH, this time giving him Shield Defense which fits him more. As anyone can tell, he is the typical gallant & heroic Knight in Shining Armour. Simplistic & classic heroism.

Blue Vambrace

A young naive girl, Blue Vambrace represents the type of hero that sees the world through eager & hopeful eyes. The design concept was inspired the boss mobs from Thunderforce V. Particularly the tech plasma swords, hi-tech robots/vessels & energy shields.

Steel Courage

This character was created in homage to Adrian Shepard. The main protagonist for Half Life's expansion pack; Opposing Force. It is a real pity that we don't get to see Adrian Shepard re-appear in Half Life 2 even as a cameo.

High Command

I'm not a person who is really into classes that relied primarily on their pets in MMOs. But the idea of commanding a group of NPC has a certain appeal I cannot turn away from. Maybe its because it reminds me so much of henchmens back in D&D.



Mr Duke

Obvious and unoriginal. I made Mr Duke in homage to Duke Nukem, Arnold Schwarzenegger & WH40K's Space Marines. Or in general.. military meatheads with arrogance, attitude and comedic value. Although Duke Nukem doesn't have a squeaky clean image, he is still a hero for saving the world. Mr Duke however is a villian version of him, taken to the extreme. He is egoistical, sadistic, chauvinistic and obnoxious horndog who thinks he is God's gift to women. A futuristic supersoldier without scruples, if he can get away with rape, murder & torture. He will do it.


Bloodblade is an NPC I created for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He is suppose to be one of the best assassins in the entire realm but I never got the chanced to use him against my players.

Lady Price

Eva Omega

Desert Scythe


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