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Player: @Fire Wyrm
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Set: Sonic
Secondary Set: Devices
Security Level: 35
Base of Operations: His Apartment
Personal Data
Real Name: Jack Jones
Birthplace: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Occupation: Clown Hero
Known Aliases: LaffTrack, Track Jack, Happy Jacky, Laff, Clown, Laffy, Clown Clone
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown (Most Likely Disowned by his family)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Age: 20
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
speed and agility
listed below

LaffTrack was my attempt at a character who suffers from insanity, schizophrenia, and is just plain weird. I wanted a wacky type of character to roleplay with. He has since evolved into one of my favorite characters to play, both IC and OOC.

He led a good long life, but even clowns need to retire some day. LaffTrack is currently retired (read: deleted) and is living in some unknown part of Paragon City (It's speculated that he's actually in an insane asylum somewhere in Skyway City, but it has not been confirmed).



  • The Mime-LaffTrack met this French superhero during a vacation in France. He's a cool mime despite what High Jinks says.
  • Johnny Turbo-He hosted a political dance off between Obama and McCain in Pocket D, McCain won. Then the two of them danced Mecha-Lincoln into oblivion. They had a fight in the arena then made up, but then Johnny betrayed Laff.
  • High Jinks-A fellow clown LaffTrack met in Pocket D. Jinks shares Laff's hatred for mimes, but unlike Laff, he doesn't think that there is such a thing as a good mime. Only time will tell whether these two clowns will become best of friends or worst of enemies. "He said he'd give me a pie next time he sees me! Isn't that nice?"
  • Fuuinashi-The Fuuamajig, Laff is gonna use him to beat up all his clown clones.
  • Robert Deacon-It's Bob-Mobile Bob!! Bob warned him about the "pies" that Jinks was going to be giving Laff if he ever saw him again.
  • Hellion MK1-Robot. He owes him for saving his life, and his vest, from an angry Kira.
  • Warpool-Warpool helped Laff try to break through the wall to get to the truck in Pocket D. He also played Laff in a game of Jacks and won.


Days as a Youngin'

Nothing really exciting happened here, let's skip to the days as a track star.

Days as a Track Star


Jack was fast. Really fast. Some would even say superhumanly fast. Whether this is true or not none could deny that Jack was a good runner. Jack could run and run he did, he was always racing someone, be it his siblings, his classmates, his car, it didn't matter as long as he could beat it. When he was in college Jack ran for his track team. He was very good and later competed in the Olympics. No matter how many races he won, it just never felt right. He wasn't doing anything for the people. Running was great but was it helping people out? No it wasn't. He longed to make people happy, to make them smile, to make them laugh. He decided to go into the clown business.

Days in the "Happy Hospital"

Shortly after quitting his promising career as an athlete, Jack was sent to the Psychiatric Ward. It may have been because his coach thought he had gone crazy because he quit running, or it might have been because they knew he was really crazy. Either way, he spent about a year looked up in "the little white room".

Days as a Clown

Becoming a clown made Jack happy. It also made the people happy because, you know,thats what clowns are supposed to do. Jack was able to cheer up many people especially children during his clown days. Jack was very good at cracking jokes and making people laugh. He was especially good at slapstick comedy. Jack could see that, in his own way, he was making a difference. People were generally happier and the violence and crime had gone down due to people being so freaking happy. This is not to say that he had eliminated crime completely, there was still plenty of it. Jack noticed a lot of this. He knew something had to be done. But he was just a clown what could he do? I'll tell you what he did. He gathered up his clown things, made an ultra-power device that enabled recordings of people laughing to be used as a weapon, and went out to save the people of Paragon.

Days as a Hero

He fights crime now. Using his old clown gags, a high powered sound blasting device, and his own natural athleticism, he makes a very capable crimfighter. He still does clown gigs every now and then, crime fighting doesn't pay very well.

Laff partying it up in the D.
LaffTrack meets Kanye West!


In Costume

Laff is crazy. He makes it so obvious that he is crazy. He will often have arguments with himself over the most trivial things.

Out of Costume

Jack tends to try and clean up a little bit when he's not in costume. He tries to act a bit more civilized and could probably pass for a normal person, if he would stop arguing with himself!

The 4th Wall

Laff has been known to break the 4th wall. He has acknowledged he is a character in a game, but when asked he is always clueless. People believe that this is a side effect of his insanity coupled with schizophrenia.


Laff has the annoying habit of giving people nicknames. He usually shortens their name and add a "Y" at the end (EX: Jinksy, Jaegsy, Bugsy). He has also been known to give other kinds of nicknames. (EX: Robot, Fuuimajig, Bob-Machine Bob)

Powers, Abilities, and Gadgets Oh My!



None, but some would argue Inhuman Speed. However no one has been able to prove or disprove this theory yet and Laff is staunch in his claim that his abilities are all natural talent.


Jack is very athletic, due to his training in track running, he is able to run very fast and has great stamina.

Gadgets Oh My!

Sillystring.jpgSilly String

Jack uses this extra sticky, can of silly string to snare his foes and immobilize them. (web grenade)


Jack uses this joybuzzer to deliver a miner shock to his opponents giving him enough time to gain the upper hand. (taser)

Gadgets TargetingDrone.pngBeepBeep

BeepBeep is a gadget that was given to jack by an old man after being he saved the man. Jack still doesn't know whether the device is going to exploded in his face one day or if it will truly help him, but he keeps it anyways. He has recently been updated to be able to make LaffTrack invisible. (targeting drone/cloaking device)

Confettishooter.jpgConfetti Grenade

These high-powered party favors explode on impact causing an explosion of confetti. The confetti makes it harder for Laff's enemies to see and therefore, there accuracy is reduced. (smoke grenade)


Laff always carries a handful of jacks. He will scatter them in front of doors and hallways to create an effective barrier and slow his enemies down. He then plays the game to pick them up. Two birds with one stone! (caltrops)

Pie.jpgExploding Pie

These may look like ordinary pies but villains beware! These pies contain a high powered explosive. Laff likes to lay these as traps so when the hungry villain comes along he is eager to bite into it. Instead of a mouthful of apple-y goodness all the unfortunate villains get is an explosion. Let's call it an explosion of flavor!

Time bomb.gifTime Bomb

This bomb is basically just an alarm clock strapped to some dynamite. How it works no one really knows, but it does, and packs quite a punch! Laff will place it on the ground and set the alarm for 15 seconds. He then runs away as fast as he can and watches from a distance.

The latest fall fashion!



LaffTrack will crack up when a joke is told. He loves a good joke and is immobilized with laughter when he hears one. This could result in his ultimate destruction as he will be to consumed with laughter to do anything.


Being a clown, LaffTrack is against mimes. Don't ever take him to France. No seriously, don't. Ever since the incident involving LaffTrack, a mime, a croissant , and the French police force, the French have had it in for him.


The French would love the opportunity to lock LaffTrack up. See My Croissant


Henry is a puppet. Jack used to use him during his performances when he would do ventriloquism. Jack wanted henry to be a real boy. He wished upon a guy with the technology to do that (you thought I was gonna say star didn't you?). Henry is now a fully operating robot capable of many feats.


Total Clown Carnage!

After escaping from the Zig about a week after LaffTrack and The Mime defeated him, The Ringmaster was out for revenge. The Ringmaster sought out LaffTrack and challenged him to a battle. During the battle with his arch nemesis LaffTrack was subject to The Ringmaster's mind control. The villain forced him to commit murder in an attempt to ruin LaffTrack's reputation. Knowing that his friend would never do this by his own will, The Mime tried to help LaffTrack by dressing him up in another costume so that no one would recognize him. Unfortunately, Laugh killed three people and injured five before his friend The Mime was able to defeat The Ringmaster and free LaffTrack from the villain's control.

LaffTrack: The End

((For a more information, see Laff Apocalypse))

It is the year 2013. Paragon City is razed with war and destruction. Two armies battle it out on the streets. What has happened to this once peace loving city? To answer these questions we must travel back to the year 2010. The day started like any other. Jack woke up, went downstairs, and got the paper. The newspaper headline read, "LaffTrack Saves Paragon City!" He smiled. He had made quite a name for himself in two years time, and without superpowers even. This is the unfortunate event that started it all. LaffTrack would get superpowers, he just didn't know it. The Norse god Loki felt that LaffTrack needed an edge, and that he would give it to him. Unfortunately, the Greek god Hermes had the same idea. A battle ensued between the Gods (Don't ask how they found out the others plan, no one really knows.) over who would be the one to grant LaffTrack the power. The God's War eventually struck Earth, Paragon City, Rhode Island to be exact. Paragon City was left in ruins because of the God's War. Eventually, a victor emerges. Loki is allowed to grant the power to LaffTrack. The power is to much for LaffTrack to handle. He goes made with power and wipes out everything in his path. Eventually, LaffTrack is subdued by Vanguard with a well placed missile. The near-dead body of LaffTrack is pulled from the ruins and he is rushed to the hospital. LaffTrack suffers major damage to his right arm and both of his legs. Meanwhile, a new force is growing. The citizens of Paragon City are angered by the Gods' carelessness. They begin to build up an army to show the Gods what happens when you mess with Paragon City. LaffTrack, wrought with grief over the death's of his friends at his hands, is driven past the brink of insanity. Donning his old costume, with a few minor adjustments and calling himself Crazy Clown, Laff sets out on a murderous rampage. violently torturing and brutally murdering everyone he comes across. He eventually makes it the the Human Stronghold. He attacks without a second thought, but he is no match for the army. They saw him as the one who caused all of their pain and suffering. Crazy Clown charged, but he was quickly shot down. Crazy Clown crumpled to the ground, a bloody mess and a smile on his face.

Knock Knock

The following contains spoilers for The Ouroboros Story Arc "Overthrow". If you do not wish to learn about it scroll down REALLY fast.

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.
Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Who's There?

Laff was in Ouroboros. He was meeting with the man known as Mender Lazarus. According to Lazarus, the person responsible for the end of the 5th Column and the rise of the Council was...wait for it...LaffTrack! (in this time line at least). LaffTrack was shocked. He didn't remember that part of the story. In other Time lines, Lazarus said, the 5th column prospered creating a world of "not good". Mender Lazarus told Laff to go into one of the 5th Column bases and upload a virus onto their computers. LaffTrack accepted. While uploading the virus, Laff found many things about the 5th Column's plans, number of soldiers, future attacks, etc. LaffTrack returned to his time line and was greeted by a very happy Lazarus.

And I want a pony, and a...Wait you're not Santa!

The Council!

The next task was to recruit Nosferatu, leader of the Vampyri. The Center needed an edge and Nosferatu would be that edge according to Lazzy. Laff had to infiltrate a 5th Column base under the guise of a Council soldier, upload false intelligence of a council attack, and propose the offer to Nosferatu. Nosy was tough but eventually he gave in to Laff's superior power and said that he would join the Center. With the Vampyri on the side of the Center the Council would would have a much stronger force.

Council Who?

Now it was time to turn Col. Burkholder. Laff entered Burkholder base and met up with good ol' Nosy. Nosferatu and LaffTrack stormed the base and Burkholder gave in without a fight. Well actually there was a fight even though none was needed. Come one Lazzy! Laff doesn't like to fight when he doesn't need to! What was the point of beating up poor old Burkholder?

Council Takeover!!

With both the Mek Men and the Vampyri on the Council's side, it was time to take out Requiem. The 5th Column's Swan Song was already in progress when LaffTrack entered the base. He quickly found Nosferatu and Col. (Now Archon) Burkholder and they fought their way into the Swan Song. A fierce battle ensued between the Council members an LaffTrack and the 5th Column leaders. Eventually, Laff and friends were able to defeat the 5th Column leaders, but not before Requiem swore revenge. With the Council takeover complete, LaffTrack was able to carry on his life with a greater understanding of the 5th Column's destruction.

Spoilers end here.

Clown Quotes

Put your favorite Clown Quotes here!



Lady Lightbulb: "He musta been funny looking as a baby."

LaffTrack: "Why do you think we wear a mask?"

LL: "cause...You're funny looking?"

LT: "Correctamundo"

LT: "sorry about that, I had to stop the great lasagna uprising."

LT: I'ma Clown!

LT: Whose Ima clown?

LT: No one I know.

Big Daddy Justice: I prefer the term Meat Wagon.

LT: You Certainly are big enough AHAHAHA!

LT: P.L.O.T. device? Man does my life need one of those. It's just mission after mission in the never ending quest for "XP" and "teh level 50"


LT: You can't kill a clown!

Johnny Turbo: They just keep coming!

LT: Hmmm maybe I should fight in the monkey cage?

High Jinks: That would be good for a laugh.

LT: Well, that is my name.

High Jinks: And you clown! If I ever see you around here again, I'll pie ya!

High Jinks leaves

LT: Well, he seems nice. Did you hear him? He said he'd give me a pie next time he saw me!


number 1
  • This was Jack's first costume. He really just bought some tights and added some of his old clown costume pieces to it. Because the costume was just store bought costume parts and not a real superhero costume, it did not protect Jack from much harm. The costume also takes a lot of damage. Jack goes through countless pairs of tights in a week and his dry cleaning bill has gone through the roof.
number 2

  • This is Jack's second, more heroic costume. This costume, designed by Jack and created by Serge himself, is much more than just spandex and clown parts. The actual costume is reinforced with Kevlar padding to give Jack some much needed protection. The costume also comes with extra storage for his gags and gadgets. The boots are padded to provide maximum comfort when racing to the scene of the crime.

number 3
  • Jack always liked the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He decided to style this kooky costume after his favorite Disney character. It's a mish-mash of styles, colors, and designs from blue polka dots to red and yellow stripes. Jack was also jealous of the other heroes and their powerful auras so he built himself a Sparklifier and sewed it into his jacket. Now this Mad Hatter inspired costume sparkles just as brightly as the other heroes.

number 4
  • These clothes were specifically tailored to Jack's request. They show off his love of being a clown. Jack once ran into an angry burning, rabies, puppy known as Kira (at least thats what Jinksy and Bob told him she was). She obviously didn't like being called a burning rabies puppy and attempted to light his vest on fire. He was narrowly saved by Hellion MK1.

Alternate Versions

Lafficus Trackios

Lafficus Trackios

Lafficus Trackios is a clown that lives in Cimerora. He was Imperious' favorite jester until he was overthrown by Romulus. Now he performs for all the citizens of Cimerora in order to cheer them up and take their minds off of their current predicament, whatever that may be for them. Lafficus is an actual mutant with a super powerful, super strong voice box capable of shattering ear drums and breaking glass.



It'sa coming!

IC Notes

  • LaffTrack loves the monkey battles in Pocket D. His favorite team is the red team and his favorite monkey is Banana Bandito.
  • Laff's favorite drink is Chocolate milk.
  • Laff hates all mimes except for one.
  • Laff may often get into arguments with himself due to his schizophrenia.
  • Laff's theme song is "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.
  • Laff likes to pretend that he is a psychiatrist known as Dr. Laff when he is wearing his Mad Hatter inspired costume. He will speak in a very fake accent while doing this.
  • Laff was born on April 1st, no wonder he's such a clown!


My Croissant-LaffTrack takes a trip to France, gets into a fight with a Super-Powered Mime, then ends up saving the world alongside said Mime.

Laff Apocalypse-LaffTrack must travel into the future and save himself, and the world, from his future.
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