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Player: @High Jinks
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Base of Operations: The Comedy Cave
Personal Data
Real Name: Jonah Patrick
Birthplace: North Platte, Nebraska
Occupation: Acrobat, Clown, Costumed Adventurer
Known Aliases: Joe, Jinks, Clown, Chuckles, Clown Prince of Crimefighting
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Robert Patrick (father, deceased), Joan Patrick (mother, deceased), Rebbecca Patrick (older sister, deceased), Miranda Patrick (younger sister)
Biographical Data
Nationality: US citizen
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 178lbs
Eye Color: Left eye is green, right eye is blue.
Hair Color: Brown
A highly skilled inventor, exceptional acrobat/athlete.
A myriad of personally constructed gadgets. See below for more details.

If Deadpool and The Creeper went out for a drink during a random crossover event, and were suddenly ambushed by Thanos for no apparent reason, blasted with energy and combined together into one being, High Jinks would be that being. In an attempt to create a wacky, over-the-top, and borderline insane character, High Jinks was born.


Wacky and comical are words often used to describe High Jinks. His sense of humor is greatly exaggerated when in costume. He doesn't clown around in his costume to be the center of attention. He does it because he has to. Jonah goes to great lengths to conceal his secret identity, even if it means purposefully acting like an idiot so no one will link Jonah Patrick, the person to High Jinks, the wacky and over-the-top clown.

In costume he can be extremely unpredictable and very random at times. Out of costume and around his friends, he can be described as warm, friendly, and an occasional jokester. Finding humor in the simplest things, Jonah is fairly optimistic and hopeful. And also, as a clown, Jinks has a blood vendetta against mimes.



Despite the great amount of good he's done for the city, the public still remains somewhat wary of High Jinks. Jinks has always had a rocky relationship with the media, probably from the fact that he dresses as a clown. Most people already find that suspicious, but factoring in High Jinks' track record with escaped criminals, it's a recipe for mistrust.

Most of this stems from the highly publicized incident where, while signing autographs at The Paragon Tattler, he and an unnamed editor shook hands for a publicity photo. The jokester that he is, Jinks thought he'd lighten the mood with a joy-buzzer. Unfortunately for him, he'd forgotten to switch his usual taser out for a gag buzzer. Needless to say, the incident earned Jinks the ire of the entire Tattler staff, and those in attendance. But hey, even though the editor talks with a permanent lisp now, he's in excellent condition.


Feel free to add any rumors about Jinks here!

  • " I 'eard that Jinksy is actually Pierce Brosnan , researchin' the part of a socially inept clown" -- Kyndall
  • " Jinks has a costume for every day of the year, and he uses them all in one day's time." -- Ken Gabriel
  • " High Jinks stole my schtick! And didn't even have the decency to call me in the morning! HAHAHAHAHA!!! " -- Combat Clown
  • " Jinks owes me money! I swear! Hey, don't look at me like that! " -- Vinnie Frizzle
  • " He's like a machine!! .. well.. one built from the junk at the carnival. I mean, cmon!! Look at all his little justice-y trinkets! " -- Guru of the Alleys
  • "I hear he has twelve wives, and has sired over forty children." -- Star Gleam
  • "He is not human. He is a creature of filth and bile. And he's a doo-doo head." -- Rook the Vaulted
  • "He promised me he'd have a happy ending! I'll keep protesting and using my 4th-Wall-Breaking powers until he does!" -- Gold Meteor
  • "I heard he was kicked out of the Carnival of Shadows for some reason... And that he's an escaped patient from the Paragon Asylum" - Hellion MK1
  • "A guy in a white and blue power suit told me he used to date a squid that inked the bed and something about bringing a kid home from the Empress of another dimension..." -Anonymous
  • " Mr. High is really a robot from the underworld! Really! He is! " -- Neomorph

Powers and Abilities

Jonah has no superhuman abilities and relies on his keen intellect and knowledge. He is however, a natural athlete, possessing an extremely high level of agility/acrobatic skills. Jonah is an extraordinarily accomplished acrobat, capable of midair maneuvers to combat flying opponents, and even to dodge aerial explosions. These combined abilities make Jonah a formidable fighter, incorporating brawling techniques with his physical prowess. Though without proper preparation or equipment, he can be severely injured or killed.


Web Grenade

Upon impact, Jonah's web grenade expels a strong, tenuous substance that solidifies on contact with air. After a couple of minutes, the substance breaks down, loses strength and eventually evaporates.

White pie.jpg
Exploding Pies

Though they look harmless, Jinks' pies pack more than just flavor. Packed into the pie is a layer of plastic explosives. They're best suited for explosive demolition rather than ordinary blasting as they tend to be significantly more expensive than other materials that perform just as well in that field.


Jinks tosses these caltrops at a targeted location and spread the tiny metal spikes over a large area. They come in the form of steel, toy jacks but are sharpened slightly. They amount to a widely spread steel tripod about three inches long with another leg sticking vertically upward, so that however he throws them down, one spike always sticks up. His jacks serve to slow down the advance of not only human enemies, but speeding or escaping vehicles.

Smoke Bombs

Jinks' smoke bombs are hollow, hand-held spheres of brightly colored clay filled with a smoke-generating composition that produces a thick cloud of smoke for up to several minutes, hindering his enemies' sight.

Occasionally, the smoke bombs are modified to expel other gasses. Jonah's most notable alterations include his "Chuckle Bombs." These bombs contain powerful anesthetics, capable of putting someone to sleep for hours on end. They also have the side-effect of making them laugh uncontrollably until they drift off. Strong-willed or otherwise super-powered foes have been known to resist the effects.


High Jinks carries this weighted yo-yo which serves many purposes. The yo-yo itself is usually used as a sort of grappling hook, allowing Jonah to scale walls which he'd otherwise be unable to reach. It is primarily used to latch onto horizontal posts jutting out of cliffsides or walls in order to swing across large gaps. When latched onto these posts, Jonah can also climb the cable and stand on top of the post, offering a rugged method of ascending walls.

Extendable Boxing Gloves

Two of his least used weapons are his extendable joke boxing gloves. They extend his reach and grip and are expelled by tapping a spring-loaded lever near the inside of the thumb. Jonah utilizes the gloves the most during street patrol and small, one-on-one skirmishes, knowing full well that when wearing boxing gloves, it's hard to do anything else with your hands but punch.

Spring-Heeled Boots

His boots are capable of catapulting him into the air, allowing him to leap great distances and rapidly through and over a variety of terrains and urban environments. Jonah also employs the springs by launching himself at enemies and boosting the power of his kicks.


These roman candle-like explosives explode in a dazzling flash of light and sound. Jonah's targets are so blinded that they can hardly see a thing. The flash of light momentarily activates all photosensitive cells in the retina, making vision impossible for approximately five seconds until the eye restores the retina to its original, unstimulated state.


As previously stated, High Jinks has no superhuman abilities. He is a normal human being and without proper preparation and equipment, he can be severely injured or killed. Jonah also does not have any defenses against psychic attacks or manipulation.

Character Background


Humble Beginnings

As a little boy, Jonah Patrick always wanted to run away and join... real life. Growing up in a traveling circus may sound like a dream existence, but the exhausting physical challenge of daily acrobatics training, daily and nightly performances coupled with the lack of family roots turned the teen into a cynical and sarcastic youth. Jonah was part of the Castillo Three Ring Circus and Carnivalé. Born to Robert and Joan Patrick, Jonah is the middle child of the immediate Patrick family, which includes his two sisters. The Patrick family performed as clowns in the circus and quickly became one of the most famous acts. Jonah performed various stunts, ranging from juggling to unicycling and even serving as a human cannonball.

The Departed

Inevitably, time went on. Now nineteen, he realized he'd grown up. Weary of the life, he left the circus. He began studying at Williams University in Nebraska. While there, he discovered he possessed a previously unknown natural aptitude in engineering. Jonah's talents were prodigious in nature and he graduated with honors in the summer of 2005. Uncertain what to do with his new-found independence, Jonah temporarily returned to the circus for one last tour. At the last stop in the tour, Jonah decided to move to Paragon City. Ever the clown, Jonah opened his own joke shop in Independence Port called Patrick's Wacky World of Mischief, featuring many of his own novelties and gag gifts.

The First Cut is the Deepest


A year later, Jonah's shop is thriving and The Family began to take notice. His parents (having left the circus shortly after Jonah did) managed the store with him. A few of the mobsters, led by Edmund "Eddie The Man" Fowler, approached Jonah and his parents one day, offering them protection in exchange for a cut of their profits. Jonah refused, as politely as possible.

The next day, Jonah showed up for work and found his shop completely trashed. Windows were smashed, racks and cabinets splintered, and the cash register had been emptied. Eddie The Man taunted Jonah relentlessly for days, but he refused to give in. Joe and his parents assumed the worst was behind them when they stopped receiving threats for weeks.

A month later, Jonah took a day off to relax while his parents handled the shop. However, his day of relaxation was interrupted after he received a phone call from the police. Patrick's Wacky World of Mischief had been robbed, his parents murdered and three other bystanders had been injured. Distraught, Jonah created an arsenal of clown and toy-themed devices; altered and modified novelties from the shop, and donned his old circus costume, intent on revenge. He tracked the mobsters to one of their front businesses. Jonah caught them by surprise, defeating and subduing each mobster, beating Fowler to within an inch of his life. They all were subsequently brought into police custody, but not before Fowler swore revenge. Justice was served. Blaming himself for the death of his parents, Jonah committed to a life of crimefighting and lifesaving, determined to put an end to the Family.

A Hero or a Zero?

After the death of his parents, Jonah sold his shop and moved in with his older sister in Kings Row. He altered his circus costume, adapting a more harlequin-like design, complete with a clown mask. Refusing to keep secrets from the only family he had left, Joe confided in his sisters about his new "job". Initially somewhat skeptical, they both wished him luck (after questioning his sanity). On his first official outing, Jinks foiled two muggings and stopped a purse-snatching, but received a black eye, numerous bruises, a sprained ankle, and jammed his pinky finger.


Unfortunately, early on in his career as a hero, High Jinks ran afoul of the villain known as Half Jack. Completely insane, and with no known conscience, Jack is easily one of the most dangerous villains High Jinks has ever faced. Defeating him in his early attempts to obtain power, Jack's foiled plans only fueled his anger.

Stalking him, Jack discovered High Jinks’ secret identity and abducted his sister. The two fought viciously, and just when Jack seemed to be down, he snatched one of Jonah's weighted yo-yo's from his belt, strangled his older sister, and escaped.


High Jinks tracked Jack down to a warehouse where an apoplectic Jonah beat Jack to a pulp. But he couldn't bring himself to kill him and froze. Jack was subsequently sent to the Zig, though he broke out soon after. Since then, High Jinks has fought Half Jack countless times, narrowly defeating him each time.

Violence Is All The Rage

Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

After a seemingly random murder committed by Half Jack, Jonah was called on to investigate. Though the body was burned beyond recognition, small traces of the victim's DNA were found. Burned into the second victim was the message, "See you in the funny pages Joe!" While results were analyzed on the first victim, Jonah tracked Half Jack to to a newspaper factory in Independence Port, Jonah was confronted by Wild Spree, who Jack had hired to incapacitate Jonah in exchange for the whereabouts of a priceless family heirloom. Defeating him with a well-placed web grenade, Jonah was contacted by authorities with the results. Jack's first victim was one of Jonah's college professors. Jack had once again made it personal.

Jack's third victim was a childhood friend of Jonah's. The very same message was burned into his skin by Half Jack. Jonah received an anonymous tip to Jacks whereabouts, which led him to a comic book shop in King's Row. Jonah was once again ambushed, this time by Copperwolf, another former adversary. Jonah defeated him in short order but was gassed by an unseen Half Jack. Unconscious, Jonah was tied up and kidnapped. When awakened, Jonah was forced to watch Half Jack burn down the home of Charlie Shepard, an ex-girlfriend of Jonah's, with her inside (Though it was recently discovered that she escaped). Jack brought Jonah back to the abandoned warehouse where he had previously escaped to after the murder of Jonah's sister. Jack rambled on, cod-philosophizing on the unfairness of fate while Jonah secretly untied himself. They fought viciously, but Jack eventually gained the upper hand.

He once again tied Jonah up, this time covering him in a number of his own Giggle Bombs, which Jack had thieved from a previous encounter. Jack revealed he had wired the warehouse with explosives, and detonated them as he escaped. Jonah was caught in the explosion, but survived only because the force of the explosion threw him into the water of the nearby port, but not before detonating his Chuckle Bombs.

The World Has Its' Shine...

The authorities arrived on the scene later, and found a half-dead, half-crazed Jonah, who had washed up onto a beach near the warehouse. He was administered to Phoenix Medical Center in Talos Island, treated for his third-degree burns. His "Giggler" had melted slightly and actually melded itself to his neck. Though left with an unsightly scar, the device actually still functioned. His actual laugh was now physically painful to the ears of his victims. A month later, Jonah was released. The potent amount of laughing gas in his Giggle Bombs however, had unforeseen effects on Jonah. He was now prone to brief lapses in judgement and schizophrenic behavior. Though only harmless and temporary, Jonah fears it may worsen and he might one day lose control completely.

Spoilers end here.


After being jumped be a couple of skulls on his way home from the grocery store, Jonah was fed up with not having superpowers. Feeling grossly outclassed by his more "impressive" peers, Jonah wished for an edge. Hearing his plight, the trickster god Hermes granted his wish. Though like most impetuous deals made with deities, there was a price.
Jonah's inner clown was released, and Jonah took his place, trapped within his own psyche, helpless. Essentially a living cartoon character, this new Jinks, dubbing itself 'Caricature', possessed many abilities. His body was made of of unstable molecules, which made him indestructible. Any damage that he took was immediately shaken off, similar to popular slapstick cartoon characters. He was capable of stretching like a cartoon character and had the ability to summon any object he desired, opening a portal which functions similarly to cartoon 'Hammerspace'.

Unable to do anything about Caricature's antics, Jinks' fate was left in his friends hands. Unable to believe this new entity was their Jinks, Jonah's friends simply ignored him as he bounced around. Left without an audience, Caricature retreated inside himself once again, calling this world 'boring', as Jonah was released. Whether it was his friends' intentions to free him, or if they simply hadn't cared, is anyone's guess. Jonah likes to think the case was the former rather than the latter.

Emperor Jinks?

Completing a mission assigned by the Menders of Ouroboros, Jinks opened a portal to return home but was instead sucked into a wormhole and sent to a technologically advanced, but dystopian planet in an alternate dimension. This planet, named Huemaris VII, was controlled by a power-hungry tyrant called Mondourth, who ruled with an iron fist and banned any sort of humor or entertainment, causing widespread depression. Forced into slavery, most of the planet's population were ordered to work on building a mountainous shrine to Mondourth.

High Jinks' royal garb.

Immediately captured and imprisoned, Jinks was thoroughly interrogated concerning his origins. Dubbed the 'Mysterious Stranger', Jinks discovered he'd actually been captured by rebel soldiers, attempting to overthrow the Emperor. High Jinks was then shown an ancient tomb depicting an outlander, similar in appearance, as their herald and savior. Put to the test, Jinks was rigorously trained in all forms of combat. Over the weeks that they planned the assault on Mondourth, Jinks inspired the rebels through humor and hope.

Using their cutting edge technology and his natural aptitude, Jinks and the rebels produced harlequin like costumes, armed themselves with advanced versions of High Jinks' weaponry, and stormed Mondourth's stronghold. Catching the guardsmen by surprise, Jinks and his 'army' of clowns and jesters overthrew the royal guardsmen, sending a planet-wide broadcast, spurring on a worldwide, whimsical revolution. Mondourth was forced into exile and to his surprise, High Jinks was crowned Emperor.

Stepping down without hesitation, Jinks handed down the crown to the leader of the rebels, a beautiful woman named Meredith, but not before encouraging the planet's citizens to not only have fun, but actually live. Jinks explained he had to return to his own time and in thanks, the rebels constructed a device that would send him back. Stepping through the portal, Jinks rematerialized, discovering he had only been gone for three minutes.

Tsoo Shenanigans

Jinks couldn't understand how he could see under that hat.

High Jinks took to the streets to battle the Tsoo of Independence Port and Talos Island. During these skirmishes, he learned that the Tsoo were planning a takeover of Paragon City. He also discovered a tube containing the blueprints of five building. He took the blueprints to a Warren Trudeau, a contact of his from the FBI, who promised he would identigy the buildings.

Shortly afterward, Jonah got word of a large shipment of artifacts in the hands of the Tsoo. He went to recover these artifacts, only to find out that the rumors were nothing but a trap designed to snare some of the more powerful members of the Warriors.

When Agent Trudeau learned the identities of the buildings, Jonah realized that three were Family front companies and two were probable Warriors' hangouts. The Tsoo attacked them all within hours, but quick action on Jonah's part prevented the Tsoo from annihilating their targets.

Furious at his failure to take over the gangs of Paragon City, Tub Ci ordered a hit on High Jinks, but no one has yet been bold enough to take the contract.

Time for A Check-Up?

Fortunately, High Jinks makes house-calls.

When Dr. Ann-Marie Engles informed him of a deadly new Vahzilok disease, Jonah knew he had his hands full. Eager to help, he went into the streets and the sewers to collect data on the diseased Vahzilok. But his heroism was not without its price. Jonah learned that he had been infected with the deadly Vahzilok plague.

The Doctor sent him to Professor St. John-Smythe for a cure. But when he arrived at the professor's labs, Jonah found them under attack. He defeated the Vahzilok inside and saved the professor's colleagues, along with some of the precious serum they had concocted. Grateful for his help, one of the scientists used this needle to administer the cure.

Restored to full health, Jonah ventured into the sewers once more, this time on a mission to incinerate the contaminated bodies. He came face to face with Dr. Vahzilok himself, but the mad doctor was not able to prevent him from ridding the world of his plague.

Gangland Funnies

High Jinks battles Hellions outside El Super Mexicano, a high-quality mexican restaurant in scenic Atlas Park. They've got fabulous tortillas.

When the Skulls made a move on the Hellions, Jonah was on the scene to keep their battle off the streets. He also found a magical cloak in the Hellions base.

High Jinks took the cloak to Azuria, who was relieved to see him. One of the MAGI's employees had been kidnapped, and Azuria sent High Jinks to the rescue. When the battle was over, the rescued mystic had a story to tell. She had learned that the Hellions were working with two other gangs: the Outcasts of Steel Canyon and the Warriors of Talos Island. The three gangs were trying to flood the underworld with magical artifacts.

Jonah's work against the gangs of Paragon City kicked up into high gear when he went to speak with Athena Currie about the Skulls. She asked him to break up a Skulls hideout. There he found a ledger which connected the Skulls, the Trolls, and the Family in a Superadine cartel. Jonah took the ledger to Detective Carla Brunelli, a member of Paragon City's gang unit. At her direction,he went after the Skulls' main headquarters, and found himself in the middle of another brutal gang fight. Jonah defeated all the warring gang members and emerged victorious. However, the ledger had mysteriously disappeared from Carla's office, taking with it any hope of convicting the Family on drug charges.

The Pollutant Plot?

Once again, Jonah found himself entangled in the Vahzilok web. The trail began with several murderous attacks by the Vahzilok. They were killing innocent office workers. Jonah stopped the slaughter and recovered an ID badge from one of the victims. The badge identified the fallen man as an employee of the Paragon City Water Department.

The Vahzilok didn't let their defeat slow them down. Jonah's contact learned that the zombies had hijacked a chemical shipment, and he was sent to investigate. Jonah dispatched the Vahzilok and recovered a shipping manifest. A cleanup crew was sent to recover the stolen chemicals, but, according to the manifest, several canisters were still missing.

Jonah then raced to rescue several physicians kidnapped by the Vahzilok. From one of these doctors, he learned that the Vahzilok wanted information about a drug that aids in organ transplants by lowering the body's resistance to the foreign organs. Jonah put together the pieces. The Water Department badge. The missing chemicals. The doctor's new drug. The Vahzilok were coordinating a massive effort to drug the water of Paragon City!

In an effort to distract the city's heroes from their plan, the Vahzilok stepped up their reign of terror on the streets of Paragon City. Jonah responded to the threat, defeating Vahzilok after Vahzilok until he found one that was carrying a faded map. It pointed to the water purification center, and Jonah realized that the Vahzilok inteded to deploy their drug at that location.

He made his way to the sewers and confronted the Vahzilok. Jonah put a stop to the plot to contaminate the Paragon City water supply with the evil taint of Vahzilok.

Other versions

Ultimate High Jinks

An alternative version of High Jinks exists in the Praetorian universe. Jonah Patrick is a young acrobat and contortionist with an incredibly powerful genetic healing factor. Refusing to perform as a clown like everyone else in his family, this version of High Jinks uses his amazing healing abilities to overcome even the most horrific of injuries on-stage. Eventually, the Castillo Three Ring Circus and Carnivalé falls on hard times, forcing its performers to find other means of employment; Joe finding work driving an ice cream truck. After his truck collides with a tanker full of experimental chemicals, Jonah is tossed from the wreckage and doused in the chemicals which greatly enhance his strength but also slowly erode his sanity.

Unharmed, but greatly disoriented, he wanders through the streets of Imperial City aimlessly. He's mistaken for a homeless man by a street thug who attempts to rob him. Though he is shot numerous times, Joe's wounds heal in seconds allowing him to defeat the would-be thief. Donning a garish clown costume stolen from a shop across the street, the increasingly maddened Jonah decides to no longer ignore his familial heritage and becomes the clown-themed crime fighter known as High-Jinks.

Friends and Allies

"Who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are."

Although ostensibly a loner with a sense of humor that many find hard to understand or appreciate, High Jinks has formed several diverse relationships with various other heroes (and villains) within Paragon City.

The Ol' Gang

Zema Alston

Jinks' first actual friend in Paragon City. He is one of Jinks' most trusted allies, and more importantly, friends. Jonah found common ground with the teen who, like Jonah, is far more comedic and light about his day-to-day troubles, which include being disliked, insulted, and generally received wrong. Although they commonly are found underminding one another, the two have formed a duo of infamy and investigation when searching the Rogue Isles for one of many of Zema's old love interest.

Wivern/Star Gleam

Jinks closest friend. Unfazed by her never-ending bluntness and casual talk about sex, Jinks always has a good laugh when Alison's around. Usually found together in the D, Jinks feels he's able to talk to Ali about anything. Jinks and Alison have split from their respective supergroups, forming another group; United. After her disappearance at the hand of an inter-dimensional warlord, Jinks is determined to rescue her no matter the cost.

Toy Blaster

Jinks met Toy one night while he was bartending in the D. Jinks found they shared a common ground in their colorful nature, both in character and in appearance. Though often found undermining the android, Jinks holds a great deal of respect for Toy.

Gold Meteor

There's no other woman Jinks respects more than Gold, barring the fact that she's always naked. Though he flirts shamelessly with her, Jinks is not just infatuated with her because of her looks. A strategical genius light-years ahead of what Jinks wishes he could be, there's few people Jinks would prefer to have at his back. But if it weren't for his great deal of respect for Maki, he'd be all over Goldie, all the time.

Kilowatt Cat

Though he doesn't know much about Asha's past, Jinks considers her as one of his closest friends. Jinks admires how Asha seems to be in a perpetual good mood and never gets swept up the drama that usually surrounds them. Often trading corny jokes in the D, Asha is one of the few "villains" Jinks respects. He hopes she succeeds in her quest to find her parents and that she returns to the city sometime soon.


Jinks was unofficially bar-tending in the D when he met this massive behemoth who'd been hired as a bouncer. Jinks considers Mercy was one of the most human people he knows, despite his alien nature. He'll always hold a spot within Jinks "inner circle" of friends.


"She's hot." pretty much sums up Jinks' feelings toward Scarlet at the moment.

Lucy Xiao

Jonah and Lucy have been through a lot together, including more than a few arguments. They enage in a big brother/little sister relationship: they bicker, call each other names, and horse around. Not so much anymore.

Love Interests?

Parasite Peep

Set up on a blind date by Ruby Strike, Jinks had no idea what he was in for when he first met Minerva. The first real girlfriend he'd had since moving to Paragon, Jinks fell for Min quite easily, even going so far as to reveal his secret identity to her on their first date. The relationship ended when Jinks, under pressure and stressed after the bombing of an elementary school, panicked and broke it off.

Ruby Strike

No comment.



When Jinks and Zema formed the Washouts, the wizard known as Invoker was their first recruit. And the only for awhile. Since returning from the future, Invoker has joined up with United, Jink's new supergroup. Jinks admires his snappy comebacks and razor sharp wit.


A somewhat strange, young(?), and troubled girl Jinks met in the D. Being the friendly clown he is, Jinks reached out to her. Jinks considers her one of his close friends, and will probably pie those who attempt to threaten her. When you least expect it, Rook. When you least expect it...

Combat Clown

A kindred spirit, Combat Clown not only shares Jinks' sense of humor, but his utter randomness as well. Always up for a good joke, Jinks and Combat can usually be found in the D, trading jokes with one another and causing chaos.

Sister Pandora

Jinks is one of the few members of Dora's fan club.Her number one club member, actually. He also, according to her, makes the best Long Island Ice Teas ever. They're not that hard to make but she doesn't know that. It's best it stays that way, don't you think? Between me and you. Yeah, I'd keep it to myself too. I'll cut you.


An intimidating man in stature, Owen's one of Jinks' bestest (That's right, bestest) friends. Though Jonah thinks the big guy lacks self confidence. A fellow gearhead, Jinks admires Owen's innate talent and knack for engineering. Current whereabouts: unknown.

Hellion MK1

After one of his underlings attempted to assassinate Jinks, he was a bit wary of the robot at first. They're totally down with each other now though. So he head-butted Jinks and punched him in the face, so what? S'what friends do. Jinks is fairly determined to access his his secret sense of humor deep within his hard drive. Even if it kills him.

Other Notable Associates

Note: Feel free to add your characters to this list if they know Jinks.

Rogues Gallery

High Jinks has a wide range of enemies: hapless thugs, mad geniuses, and crime bosses. High Jinks' most infamous and dangerous enemies are generally considered to be Half Jack, Storyboard, Admiral Flag, the Performance Artist, Battle Station, The Tranquilizor, Sinseeker, Spark, and the Cobra Constrictor.

Screenshot 2008-08-21-18-48-22.jpg

Storyboard - Failed screenwriter and novelist Antony Vincent lost it all after plans to develop a long awaited Freedom Phalanx feature film fell through. Vincent was let go after adding in an unnecessary and quite detailed love scene between Numina and Sister Psyche. Having lost all his credibility, Vincent was unable to find other jobs for months and eventually went bankrupt. Blaming the director and the so called "heroes" for his misfortune, Vincent snapped and vowed to make them see the error in their ways; failing to realize and appreciate his cinematic vision! Storyboard plans his schemes months in advance, paying attention to every little detail. Though intricate and well-laid, Storyboard's crimes have been foiled by High Jinks on more than one occasion. (If Tim Burton and the Riddler had a lovechild, Storyboard would be it.)


Admiral Flag/Lieutenant Flag - A elderly, crazed gulf war veteran, Bill Waters was abandoned and left behind enemy lines by his squad. He eventually escaped and spent several days (He'll claim years) wandering through the desert until he was rescued by the Air Force. His experiences during the war coupled with his Alzheimer's Disease pushed the old soldier over the edge. He sought members of his platoon and killed those who deserted him in the war. Or those that he remembered, specifically. He couldn't quite recall all the names correctly. He carries an XM8 assault rifle. Note: Due to his Alzheimer's, Bill frequently forgets whether he was in the army or the navy, calling himself Lieutenant Flag or Admiral Flag accordingly.


The Sinseeker - A Robin Hood type thief who frequently operates out of King's Row, High Jinks has tangled with the Sinseeker more than a few times. Alison York was a street urchin who was frustrated with her place in the world. Spit on by the rich and unaided by the heroes of the city, Alison became a pickpocket, stealing from wealthy business men, keeping half of her profits and donating the other half to local soup kitchens and charities. An occasional vigilante as well, Alison seeks out the corrupt and powerful, bringing their injustices to light. Jinks finds himself somewhat attracted to the criminal, yet finds himself frequently at odds with her. Inspired by Catwoman and the Black Cat.


Performance Artist - Though not the first evil mime Jinks has battled, the Performance Artist is definitely the most dangerous. With the psionic ability to create invisible objects, this mime's power is only limited by his imagination. If he pretends to stab, an invisible knife is conjured. His only weakness is objects with working/moving parts such as guns or automobiles. Mallets, baseball bats, shovels, staffs, and rubber chickens are all fair game. It is unknown if he is physically mute or just really good at his job. High Jinks first encountered the mime during an armored car robbery. The Performance Artist had shown up, and defeated the villain who'd actually stolen the money. Jinks could only watch him escape as the mime trapped him inside an impenetrable box (which eventually faded away, the farther the Artist traveled).


The Tranquilizor - Big game hunter Jack Porter left his native Australia to travel the world but ended up stuck in America after a slight misunderstanding at an airport concerning a broken cell phone. Traveling to the Rogue Isles, Porter spent time hunting Snakes but found them tiring after a while (Seriously Burke. Mix it up a bit). Moving on to bigger and smarter prey, Jacque became a freelance mercenary/bounty hunter. Porter was hired to kidnap and hold the daughter of a senator for ransom, but was defeated by High Jinks and sent to prison. Escaping, Porter returned to work, only this time with a new target in his sights: High Jinks. (Think Kraven the Hunter meets Steve Irwin.)

Security camera footage of High Jinks changing in an alleyway.

Secret Identity

High Jinks has a wide range of enemies: hapless thugs, mad geniuses, and even crime bosses. Though closely guarded, High Jinks has had some close calls regarding his secret identity. Half Jack learned who he was, leading to the untimely death of his sister, as previously mentioned. As of now, Half Jack has yet to act on his knowledge for a second time.

High Jinks recently had a run-in with the superpowered Wild Spree, where, in the midst of a battle, his mask was pulled off. Though it's unknown if he actually caught a good look at him. The closest anybody else has come to learning his identity is the extremely blurry security photo taken to the left.



Jinks has donned various costumes over the years. It's become a sort of running joke within his circle friends. At times, he'd have an outfit 'for everyday of the week' as some would say, but he's always returned to the original. The standard is a red, form-fitting bodysuit, with black harlequin diamonds across the chest and thighs and a white diamond emblem in the center of the chest. The bodysuit is not constructed from simple fabric, but from Kevlar thread and carbon nanotube fibers. This imparts it with a unique sheen and makes it heavily resistant to tearing. His gloves contain a one-use-only taser charge, which automatically emits a high-voltage electrical shock when someone attempts to tamper with them, or when Jinks sees fit to use them in combat. Joybuzzers, if you will. His boots are spring-heeled and are made from lightweight rubbers and are much more flexible to allow for full extension when kicking


During a battle with his nemesis Half Jack, Jonah's original costume was burned and ripped to pieces. After saving an old man from an attempted mugging in his street clothes, Jonah was surprised to find that he was the retired superhero the Jokesmith. In thanks, the Jokesmith created Jonah a separate, more convenient outfit. It is insulated against electricity and mildly fire resistant. His boots contain a whole layer of springs beneath the soles, which allow him to catapult himself high into the air. The utility belt contains many new and improved gadgets.

High Jinks: The End

In the same vein as Marvel's The End line of comics, I present to you High Jinks: The End.

Several years into the future, a second global invasion occured. The Rikti cut a bloody swath across the world, slaughtering a third of the countries population and almost eliminating every superhuman on the planet.

High Jinks, having survived the invasion, is distraught to find that most of his friends and loved ones died. He joins Vanguard in an attempt to restore piece and order to the world again, though his carefree and jovial manner has long since disappeared.

Spending two years with Vanguard, Jinks becomes disenchanted with the world after he realizes they aren't changing anything. Crime has risen to an all-time high, and radiation poisoning from the invasion and it's ensuing battle is widespread, slowly killing off the rest of the world's population. After one last mission before retiring from the hero life, Jinks and his troop are ambushed by rogue longbow agents. Deserted by the rest of his squad, Jinks is left to fend for himself. Mortally wounded, Jinks barely escapes.

This turn of events, compounding with the world's plight, drives him completely insane. Now calling himself 'Gag', Jinks hunts down every villain he's ever faced and brutally murders them. Gag makes a name for himself in the criminal underworld, striking fear into all that oppose him. Known as an insane serial killer, Gag carves a smile into every one of his victims with his signature switchblades as his calling card.

Eventually Vanguard catches up with Gag in a graveyard in King's Row. A squad of officers surround him as his old captain begs him to surrender, and 'Come back from the edge'. Gag hesitates and considers the idea, but ultimately refuses, saying it's too late for him. All of his former personality lost over the years, Gag laughs and charges at him, wielding his blades. The squad of Vanguard troops riddle him with bullets. He slumps to the ground, falling on a grave, still grinning. Gag dies with a smile on his face looking up at his sister's tombstone. But High Jinks had died long before that.

IC Trivia

  • Jonah is a huge Star Wars geek.
  • Jinks bleeds confetti and sprinkles. True story.
  • Jinks maintains an almost creepy infatuation with Cameron Diaz. No one knows why.
  • Jinks swore off alcohol in the summer of '02. Seven Mojitos, three soccer moms, and a Bar Mitzvah do not mix.
  • Jinks' inner voice sounds like Michael Bolton.
  • Jinks does not use pillows.
  • Jinks' favorite movie is Young Frankenstein.
  • Jinks suffers from dyscalculia.
  • High Jinks has a restraining order against him by the entire staff of the Paragon Tattler.
  • Jonah prides himself on having no superpowers.
  • It is nigh impossible to make Jinks angry. Unless you're a mime.

OOC Trivia

  • If a movie were made featuring High Jinks, he'd be played by Alan Tudyk.
  • High Jinks' first superhero alias was actually Parody, then changed to Humour.
  • Jinks' first name was actually Milo McKinley. Horrible, right?
  • High Jinks has been through more retcons and remakes then the entirety of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He started as an Illusion Control/Sonic controller, to a Martial Arts/ Regeneration Scrapper, each time with a different/altered story.
  • High Jinks' influences include Deadpool, The Creeper, Spider-Man, Trickster, The Jester, and the Joker.

Comic Books

High Jinks "Sidetracked" Part One.


  • Last Night - Jinks tangles with a female cat burglar. Hilarity ensues.
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