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Maki kick.jpg
" Morning Exercise "
Maki Aikawa
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Sumaki " Maki " Aikawa
Known Aliases: Akira Yoshita ( posing as a boy ), Su-chan, Akai, Mao Suwade ( covertly )
Species: Human ( female )
Age: 20
Height: 1.88 m ( 188 cm ) ( 6 ft. 1 in )
Weight: 80.6 kilos ( 177 lbs 9 oz. )
Eye Color: brown ( blue when using chi manipulation )
Hair Color: red ( natural )
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese ( Citizen of Japan with no criminal record )
Occupation: Martial Arts instructor, former Sous chef at " The Red Dragoon Barge ", Vanguard Biology Lab assistant
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan ( Kamigyō-ku district )
Base of Operations: Galaxy City, Paragon City,RI
Marital Status: immensely happily engaged
Known Relatives: Hannah Goldshire / Gold Meteor ( fiancee ), Haikaido Aikawa ( father ), Sai Aikawa ( brother,deceased? ), Nobushiro Aikawa ( brother,deceased? ) Tamako Honda ( mother,deceased ), Sumaki Aikawa ( child alternate/sister )
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Chi Martial Artist( adept ), Near-Olympic level athlete, Skilled musician ( piano ), Skilled acupuncture practitioner, Trained wrestler ( Japanese-style ), Biology knowledge (internal human), Trilingual ( Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese )
Carbon-onyx bracers ( one for each forearm ), "SideStep" cloaking shell generator ( worn in belt )
* has a long thin scar from a knife slice starting at the right corner of her collar bone extending to her left lower ribs
  • has a sword stab wound scar two inches above where her heart is

Maki Aikawa was originally a character created on the "Victory" server of the MMORPG " City of Heroes ". She was the first scrapper that I had ever made in the game and really did not intend on using her in a role playing capacity. When I created her, all I really wanted to do was kick people in the face. After a year long break from the game, I reactivated the character when some friends of mine ask me to join their role playing group on the " Virtue " server of " City of Heroes ". Luckily, by this time, The maintainers of the game had added the " character transfer " option ,which allowed me to bring Maki to the world of the game's unofficial role play server. Since that time, among my characters created on this server, Maki has become my favorite and most often used.


Personality and Mannerisms -

Very approachable and caring, Maki was raised to respect the value and sanctity of life. Despite her family's background in assassination and organized criminal activities, her father raised ( her ) to, likewise, respect the rule of law and the ways of bushido.. With this ingrained into her teachings, Maki has come away with a strong sense of justice and loyalty. Maki is extremely devoted to those who she considers "family" and is willing to place her life on the line in defense of them. This particular behavior is so strongly inherent to her personality that it approaches martyrdom. To illustrate an example, if there is a chance that a person could be spared a particularly ill occurrence, Maki will freely sacrifice herself to prevent it from happening. Let it be noted that she does not have a death wish, just an over zealousness to ensure that everyone around her is safe. As to when applied to strangers, Maki is very polite, even when the other party is not. However, if necessarily pushed, Maki will kill in defense,or, if the threat is genuine, purposely.

Being a native of Japan and taught to speak proper British English, Maki does not speak in contractions or double negatives. Likewise,due to her language tutelage, she also tends to sound as though she is speaking from a British play. While her accent is still noticeably Japanese at it's root, certain British inflections will pop up in her speech from time to time. In the end, she ends up sounding very much like an English teacher.

Maki has an easy going personality that allows her to make friends with just about anyone she meets. Never one to scuff at a chance to make a new friend, Maki will present herself in a very proper manner, if she can. At the very least, in a manner that is non-threatening to those she is addressing. Additionally, Maki is very accepting others , even rude people, and will treat them with respect, to a point.

History -

Kyoto: Fall of a Family ( Arc 1 )

8 year old Maki shown here in her typical daily school attire

Sumaki ( Maki ) Aikawa is the third born child to Haikaido Aikawa, an infamous retired Yakuza hit man. Her older brothers, Sai and Nobushiro, were born of a different mother than Maki and 14 years prior to her,respectively. Even though there was a large age gap between them, Maki and her brothers shared a deep sibling bond. Haikaido had lost Keiko Musada ( Sai and Noushiro's mother ) to his chosen profession. She could not take the stress of living under the yolk of the Yakuza, so in exchange for leaving her sons with him, Keiko was allowed to go, without fear of assassination, as long as she did not divulge any information about what she had seen while living with Haikaido.She has not been heard from since. It was then, some time later, that Haikaido met Tamako Honda ( Maki's mother ). Tamako was a mid level consultant for one of the fronts of Haikaido's Yakuza lord, Fumito Watanabe. She was being robbed when Haikaido had happened to chance by and saved her. After this point, the two started to see more of each other. Eventually, the two fell in love and Tamako was soon heavy with child.What was to be a joyous event was soon met with tragic complications. On the night before Maki's scheduled birth, Tamamko was poisoned with a variant of blowfish toxin that had been intended for Haikaido. It was, also, on the this night that a rival Yakuza lord, Shotobu Naga, staged the first of two attacks on the Watanabe compound. Naga had counted on the fact that Haikaido would not be part of the battle, having been poisoned, and thus, would have an easier hostile takeover. This, sadly to Naga's plans, was not the case. Fueled by the rage that his love had been poisoned, later too find it was by one of Naga's spies, Haikaido cut a path of death through the invading party. While Haikaido and his men repelled the attackers, the compound dotor attended to Tamako. ( She ) begged the doctor to save her child, as it was a symbol of her and Haikaido's love for each other. The doctor performed an emergency Cesarean section and Maki was brought into the world, health and strong. This happiness was short- lived, however. Soon after giving birth, Tamako began to succumb to the effects of the toxin. Tamako died holding her baby in her arms, with no fear in her teary eyes, stating to her newborn that she did not regret her life with Haikaido and that ( Maki ) would grow to be a strong woman. With her last breath, Tamako named her child Sumaki Aikawa ( giving Maki her father's last name as a final gift to Haikaido,as they were never married ). Haikaido arrived some twenty minutes later to find his new daughter crying in the arms of the nurse and the sheet pulled over Tamako's body.

"Practice makes perfect!!" Here, Maki practices her third form kata in the compound garden area

Maki grew up happy under the watchful eye of her father and brothers. When she was not studying, she would be often found in the company of either Sai or Nobushiro. Even though Maki was born into the criminal element, her father taught her to respect to the letter of the law, both traditional and modern. While not a genius, Maki was exceptionally intelligent for a child her age and easily picked up on different concepts and mannerisms early. It was because of this learning development that Haikaido soon began teaching her the martial arts. Much to his joy, she was an avid student and a quick learner. To make sure that Maki would grow up valuing life, Haikaido emphasized non-lethal techniques in her teachings ( i.e., many joint locks, pressure point strikes, quick take downs, and a variety of knockout blows ) This way of education would continue , not only in her tutelage of her father's " Iron Wolf Fist " Kempo but ,also, in her instruction of the internal martial arts from China. It would not be many years later until she could begin to utilize the abilities both forms of martial arts would allow her to use.

While growing up, Haikaido had a small house built on the compound to raise Maki away from the day to day business of the Japanese mafia. When neither her father nor her brothers ( who had joined the ranks of the Yakuza, under their father ) could be present, attendants saw to Maki's educational and personal needs. ( She ) was free to roam around the compound , as long she avoided certain forbidden areas. A good deal of the habitants of the compound came to love Maki, as she would try to assist where ever she could when she had free time to herself. Even the Yakuza lord, Watanabe, came to regard the child in a positive light. However, these happy times were soon to end. It was on the year of Maki's tenth birthday that there was a major betrayal within the Watanabe compound. One of Watanabe's other hit men, Toshi " Killswitch " Mako, had grown envious and resentful of the favoritism shown to Haikaido by Watanabe and lusted for more power and acclaim.

Secretly, he met with the vessels of the rival Yakuza lords, Shotobu Naga and Hiro Takanawa, and planed a staged attack on the compound. A deal was struck, in return for helping them take down Watanabe, he , himself , would be made into a Yakuza commander, under the two opposing Yakuza lords, and have precedence over the compound as his base of operations. On the night the raid was to take place, Mako had drugged the guards and unlocked the main gates. All he had to do now was right for the moment to strike from behind while everyone would be concentrating on the invading forces. All would have gone to plan,if not for the unexpected arrival of Maki to the front gates. She had decided to bring the guards a cake she had made, in thanks to them for showing her how to juggle earlier. She came upon the drugged guards and began running back to her father , shouting at the top of her lungs. Hearing this, Mako rushed to the child first to ask what had happened. As Maki began explaining what she had found , Mako had taken out a knife, intent on killing the child, lest his plans be ruined. Maki had turned back toward Mako just in time to see him trying to deliver the killing strike. It was only because of her quick reflexes that she was able to fall backwards, avoiding the complete attack, receiving instead a deep cut across her chest, a scar that remains with her to this day. Scared and bleeding, Maki ran as fast as her legs would carry her to find help but Mako had caught up with her. As he reached for her, Maki turned around suddenly and lunged directly for his face, stabbing him in the left eye. Screaming in both pain and surprise, Mako retaliated by kicking the child in the mid section, sending her bouncing across the courtyard . By the time that she came to a stop to catch her breath,Mako was ,again, right on her ready to finish what he had started. This time, an intervention came in the form of a rather quick kick to the side of ( his ) head, sending him sliding across the courtyard. Maki's timely savior was none other than her father, Haikaido, coming to see where the screaming was coming from. Seeing her father holding her brought Maki the comfort of protection she needed and fainted. Haikaido was furious to see that his daughter was the subject of , not only, a cowardly attack but a betrayal of one thought to be a friend. Haikaido was about to turn his rage upon Mako when the untimely arrival of Naga's men prevented a rightly deserved death.

Haikaido now had a difficult decision to make as he ran ,with Maki tightly pressed against his chest: Try to fight back the overwhelmingly large growing force now administering destruction and ruin to the compound or get his injured daughter to safety, thereby, abandoning his honor and loyalty to his lord. This issue plagued his mind as he fought through the invaders to reach the inner garden, the one place he knew that would be fortified enough for a regrouping.The inner garden had an old stone half house in middle surrounded by clay brick wall. it had only three windows, one on each side and one to the rear, and also had a solid oak door. Inside, there was an old fountain where water was still running. There were two channels leading from the base of the fountain, each from either side,heading toward and out of the walls of the old house. These channels were used to carry fresh water to the whole garden,via the channel that ran through each of the planting plots. It was here that he found a group of ten men lead by his sons, Sai and Nobushiro,trying to gather others in an attempt to gain back some ground. Haikaido told them who was responsible for their current situation and how this betrayal would now be the downfall of this house. Setting Maki down on a bench by the fountain, Haikaido ripped off sections of his shirt to both clean Maki's wound and make improvised bandages to cover it. It was soon that word reached reached the party, by way of an injured comrade, that Lord Watanabe had been captured. The compound had now been officially lost and the rest of it's inhabitants were either being captured or killed. Haikaido knew that if he or any of his family were caught, they would be killed immediately as a matter of precaution, due to his skill and reputation. Looking down at his unconscious daughter, Haikaido shed a tear, because he knew in his heart that he had failed to protect that which was most precious to him, his family. Standing up, he commanded the men inside to hand over most of their weapons, keeping with them only what they needed to escape. Haikaido had resolved to be a distraction while the others fled with Maki. It was about this time that the invading forces of Naga and Takanawa could be heard outside, readying a final assault. A lone voice could be heard outside shouting:

- Toshi Mako: " Give it up, Aikawa!!! Not even you have hope of surviving this!! You will die this day along with your sons!!! And your daughter, I will keep the little bitch alive for my own amusement!! HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!" .

The voice belonged to none other than Mako, who was now quite certain of his victory. Mako's words made Haikaido's blood boil over with rage and was ready to head out the door,guns blazing, letting no force on earth stop him until he had brutally killed his traitorous former friend.However, both Sai and Nobushiro stopped this from happening. They explained to their father that there was another way out the compound right where they were. The whole of the compound was once a feudal lord's summer home, and as such, contained many hidden routes of egress. Having, like Maki, grown up on this land, both sons had found many hidden passages,some not known even to Watanabe himself. One such exit was a pull away door under the cobble stone floor behind the fountain. They explained that this passage connected to an old waterway that would lead them a small wooded park area some two miles away where an escape could be made. This information brought hope back to Haikaido's eyes, as now his children had a means of surviving the ongoing slaughter outside the walls of the garden house. As Haikaido began to tell his sons to flee with their sister, Sai abruptly stopped him. Sai began taking the majority of Hakaido's weapons away from him, while at the same time, Nobushiro had picked up Maki and placed her in their father's arms. Sai explained to his father that it was HIS duty to safe guard the well-being of their sister, stating that she would need a father more than she would brothers. Nobushiro likewise added that that ,as Yakuza retainers themselves, they were honored bound to stay and fight. This ,however was not the reason why they were going to stay behind. Haikaido was going to need time to reach to the end of the waterway,meaning all but three would have to stay behind and hold off the attackers from following anyone escaping. Haikaido would need someone to watch his back as he escaped with Maki so one of the men there was ordered to protect Haikaido and Maki at all cost. Haikaido, of course, protested this plan but realized, in his heart, the sacrifice his sons were willing to take to ensure their sister's safety. As they talked , the hidden door was uncovered and made ready. Both Sai and Nobushiro gave Maki a kiss on the forehead as their final goodbye. Nobushiro gave the order to attack and the fire fight began. Awakened slightly by the awful den of gunfire, Maki just barely caught a glimpse of her brothers before Haikaido entered the passage with her in his arms. Her last memory of her brothers before falling unconscious again was that of both Sai and Nobushiro giving her their reassuring smiles, the ones they had always given her to ease her when she felt troubled.

This would be the last time Maki saw her brothers alive.

Paragon City : Welcome to the Masquerade ( Arc 2 )

Maki as she appeared when first arriving to Atlas Park

Haikaido used his connections to safely and quickly procure passports so that Maki and he might leave the country,being now that there was a newly imposed bounty for their deaths. All national airports and seaports were being watched by rival Yakuza, some working for Shotobu Naga and others who simply wanted the bounty payoff. Knowing that it would now be very difficult to move about unnoticed, Haiakido, with the help of associates who were still loyal to him, created new identities for himself and Maki,hoping to buy them much needed time to find a way out of the city. Dying his hair gray and wearing a fake face mask( one made of realistic skin fiber latex) created the identity of Otomo Yoshita, a traveling photo journalist. Likewise, by cutting Maki's back length hair short and dying it black, created the identity of Akira Yoshita, son of Otomo Yoshita. It is with these new identities that both Haikaido and Maki are able to slip past all opposition and leave the country by plane. Now, on the run, Haikaido and Maki would try many cities to settle in, over the expanse of Europe, before finally, over some six years later, coming to Paragon City. It was here that Haikaido felt it was safe enough to resume their prior lives with little interruption and,after attaining the lease on a two story office building, decided to open a Martial Arts instructional school in downtown Atlas Park. Maki, now a teenager, decided to help her father ,both instructing classes and continuing her own training. One day, while returning home with groceries, Maki witnessed an attack on a couple by some Tsoo underlings. She quickly came to their aid, soundly defeating all of the Tsoo there. This incident both invigorated and inspired Maki to seek out and defeat any criminals that she would come into contact with. Maki did well to keep her vigilante activities a secret from her father. It would not be until some months later, Maki was approached by the teen hero, Stellar Flair, to join the ranks of the Young Sentinelsand become a licensed superhero. While at first somewhat hesitant, Maki happily accepted the offer and is currently on the active roster.

Maki as she appeared when after becoming a licensed hero

The YOUNG SENTINELS: Birth of a Hero ( Arc 3 )

( Work in Progress )

Paragon City 2: The Child and the Steady Heart ( Arc 4 )

It had been four months since Maki and Gold Meteor started dating officially. In that short time span, they had become extremely close to one another. Gold Meteor would continue her flirtatious ways in public as she had done before meeting Maki, but this time, knew she a solid relationship that she could look forward to. It was because of her pleasing nature,that Maki did not have a problem with this. In fact, she encouraged that behavior because she knew that Gold Meteor, despite her displays, would not do anything to harm what they had started to build.

Around this time, Maki began to become increasingly ill. The cause for her continued low health concerned her,as she would have normally recovered from most aliments in a relatively short time. Despite her health, Maki continued to perform her normal patrols with the Young Sentinels and participate in battles. In one such battle with the Young Sentinels arch-nemesis, Professor Powers, along with some of his villainous students, The Hell Brats, Maki was severely injured, having been hit point blank with a repulsor field and sent careening though several nearby trees. This attack had given her serious internal injuries however, Maki fought on with her teammates until Professor Powers and his students withdrew from the scene of battle. It was after the fight concluded that Maki found she could no longer manually control the flow of her chi, which she would normally use to aid in her recovery. Despite her immense pain and the coughing up of blood, Maki insisted that other injured team members be looked at first. The team physician, Jalna Pine, refused Maki's request and set about healing her to a point where( her ) injuries were not life threatening. After her treatment, Maki assured everyone that she was now fine and her natural ability for quick recovery would take care of the rest of her return to normality. This was far from the case but a perfect front was put on to ease the minds of her teammates.

Maki left the Young Sentinels base and made her way to the Pocket D where she was to meet Gold Meteor for a date. Gold Meteor was shocked to find out what had happened and scolded Maki for not seeking proper medical help. Again, Maki gave the assurance that she was fine and no further help was needed. It was then a small flying crystal began circling Maki, as if looking for something. The moment Maki reached out to touch the crystal, it darted back behind her, to the palm of a young woman, who appeared to be somewhere in her mid-teens. The young woman came up ,looking puzzled, and asked Maki to verify her name as " Sumaki Aikawa ". Maki did so,which left the young woman even more confused then she hed been previously. This irritated Gold Meteor and she demanded to know why the young woman was bothering Maki. The woman introduced herself as Lumena and then gave the reason for her questioning. Apparently, Lumena had been entertaining,not too long before Maki and Gold Meteor came in, a small girl who had an incredible likeness of Maki, to the point of being a younger double. What had made Lumena notice this similarity was a tuff of hair on the back of Maki's head with a noticeable curl to it. Lumena explained that the child had the same curl in the exact same place. Maki was slightly shocked to hear this, as Lumena went on to explain that the child also answered to the name of Sumaki Aikawa. Both Gold Meteor and Maki were puzzled, with the former believing Lumena was lying. As Maki was increasingly feeling worse,the two opted to leave, but not without first giving Lumena a contact number for further inquiry. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, the child was repeated seen at the Pocket D ,mainly in the company of Lumena, becoming something of a common face. During this time, Maki's health was becoming constistantly worse. Lumena had also been in contact with the two, reluctantly, stating that the child had ,likewise, been experiencing a sudden lapse in health. Even more, seemingly every episode of poor health felt by the child coincided with Maki's own. It was at this point Gold meteor decided to take matters into her own hands and told Lumena the next time she saw the child to call ( Gold ) immediately. Lumena had become very close to ( young Suamaki ) in their brief time together and was very hesitant to inform Gold Meteor, as the latter sounded hostile. However, Lumena did call Gold Meteor but made her promise not to do anything to the child. Gold Meteor agreed and met them at the Pocket D.

Gold Meteor began asking young Sumaki questions about her background, i.e., where she came, where she lived, how did she come to frequent the Pocket D. The child answered to the best of her ability, telling a story that mirrored Maki's own past, with only a couple minor variations. Upon hearing this, Gold Meteor deduced that young girl must be a parallel alternate of Maki, mistakenly brought here by through the dimensional barrier by a time manipulation error in the Ouroboros system. Likewise, Gold Meteor also surmised that the child must be the cause of Maki's failing health, seeing how she did not belong in this dimension. As Gold Meteor began to reach for the girl, Lumena moved forward to prevent ( her ) from doing so, defending Sumaki both verbally and physically. However, what stopped Gold Meteor was not Lumena but Maki, who had followed Gold and heard everything that was said. Maki bent down to the child and introduced herself as a friend, assuring that no harm would come to her. When she touched the young girl, Maki's well of chi activated on its own, interacting with that of young Sumaki's own chi. It was then that Maki immediately understood what was happening. Standing up,smiling, Maki instructed Lumena to take the child home while she talked to Gold Meteor. Lumena agreed and promtly left with Sumaki. Gold Meteor was both upset and confused at Maki for letting, in her mind, the cause of their problem just walk away.Maki explained calmly that there was very little that could be done in this case and again simply smiled at her. This did not ease Gold Meteor's mind in the slightess and demanded to be told what was happening. Maki explained the concept of universal and bodily chi ( life energy ) and how no two people in the world have the exact same. This rule ,apparently, did not apply to temporal counterparts on the same plane of exsistance. As it was, by touching Sumaki, Maki discovered that they were now sharing the same life force. While this would have been normally impossible, Maki explained that Sumaki was not merely a double of her, she was her. The same life force cannot sustain two separate bodies and was currently trying to do so. Maki further elaborated that , subconsciously, she knew this was happening and was trying to ensure her younger self's safety. Gold Meteor whole heartedly disagreed with Maki's assistment, saying that the solution to the problem was to simply " toss " the child back through the Ouroboros system dimensional portal. Maki argued the point that Sumaki had already been in the city with ( her ) father for a year now, by ( Sumaki's ) testament, and had every right to be there,as she had been there just as long as Maki herself. They would continue to be at odds over this issue for the course of the next couple of weeks.

The constant arguing over the issue of Maki's refusal to address her declining health was starting to place a great deal of stress on their relationship. Maki was now at the point where she was having black-outs and fainting episodes. However, she fevorently refused Gold Meteor's suggested solution to the problem saying that if she had to lose her life so the child may live, then that was what would have to happen. This attitude and total disregard for her own life infuriated Gold. This particular choice also worried her friends and had met with Gold to discuss options to remedy the situation. Lumena suggested that they speak with the child's father, who was, likewise, a younger version of Maki's father, Haikaido. Having already met Maki's father and was familiar with him, Gold volunteered. The talk did not go smoothly with Sumaki's father, as Gold Meteor had thought it would. Sumaki's father had refused to even speak with her. Now that she had tried it the "easy way ", Gold was now set on implementing her original plan, returning the child and her father directly back the Ouroboros Corporation for immediate diminsional deportation. However, when she returned to the Pocket D to explain what had happened, she found Maki already there,talking with Nephilim-01, Mercy.Killing, and High Jinks. Maki explained to Gold that she had went to talk to Sunaki's father before her and told him not to speak to Gold. Completely furious at Maki's course of action, Gold asked her why ( Maki ) would continue to keep impeding all efforts to help her. Maki simply gave a smile and replied:

- Maki Aikawa : " It is because i want no one else to be hurt by my actions."

This answer puzzled the rest ,but Gold had figured out what the reply meant. Feeling extremely untrusted and angry, she asked Maki:

- Gold Meteor: " You plan on going to Ouroboros to try displacing yourself, don't you ?!? Do you really think that i'd let you do that ?!?! You belong here!!! They don't!!

As Maki starts to make her way towards the door, she is stopped by Nephilim-01,who firmly grabs her shoulder. He urges her not to make any rash choices and to listen to reason. Maki calmly looks at him, smiles, and then apologizes to him. Before Nephilim can react, Maki grabs his arm, shifts her point of balance ,and shoulder throws him onto the floor, both cracking the floor panels under where he lands and slightly stunning him. Maki turns and makes her way over to Gold Meteor, with tears in her eyes, stating that she did not want to do this but is left with no choice. Again, before her target could act, Maki placed her palm on Gold Meteor's chest and released a weak Soul Palm Burst into her, knocking her unconscious.Both High Jinks and Mercy.Killing were shocked to see Maki attack Gold. Even more s0 again when Maki then immediately attacked Mercy.Killing, delivering a palm strike that pushed the behemoth back 10 ten feet from where he was struck. Having now pushed aside her only remaining threatening obstacle, Maki rushed past High Jinks, heading straight for the exit lift. However, as she about to board the lift, Lumena emerged from inside. High Jinks, who was following Maki, yelled out to Lumena to stop Maki from entering the elevator. Lumena, not knowing what was happening, did so by surrounding Maki with her foci, halting her forward movement. Entrapped as such and not wishing to have to harm any more friends, Maki asked Lumena to step aside. Lumena refused to do so, demanding to be told what was happening. The deterrent Lumena proved to be gave Mercy.Killing, High Jinks, and Nephilim-01 time to catch up and surround Maki, adding to the growing obstacles to Maki's path of egress. Maki was now growing increasingly emotionally unstable and frantic, not wanting to do any more harm but coming to the realization that she may have to fight her friends if she is to carry out her course of action. As her friends tried to calm her down, Maki heard one voice ,in particular, from behind her, stopping Maki almost completely. The voice belonged to a reawakened Gold Meteor, angrily asking Maki why she could not trust her. Maki turned with tears in her eyes to a glare so intense from Gold Meteor that she could not speak. This only further infuriated Gold Meteor to the point where her rage and hurt could no longer be contained and stated :

- Gold Meteor: "This ends here and now!! I AM DOING THIS MY WAY!!"

The moment these words escaped from her mouth, Gold Meteor initiated a teleportational jump, zeroing in on her intended target, Sumaki. As Gold disappears, Maki tries to stop her but is held by the combined effort of Nephilim-01 and Mercy.Killing. Now seeing that she could not escape and the promise of what Gold was going to do, Maki falls to her knees, defeated, her mind now fixed on thought that another person would have to pay for her continued safety and well being. It would be another half hour before word was heard from Gold Meteor.

High Jinks was contacted by Gold Meteor on his police band communicator from the Atlas Park General Hospital, with some very surprising and disturbing information. Gold Meteor stated that, when she had arrived to the home of Sumaki Aikawa, there was evidence of a huge struggle and that Sumaki was now missing. Additionally, Gold had found Haikaido, badly beaten. This news hit Maki especially hard, atributing this all to her personal failure to keep the child safe and out of harm's way. Gold Meteor went on to explain that Haikaido gave her a description of the people who abducted Sumaki before has was taken back into the emergency room. From the description of the assailants, it was soon develged by Lumena who it was who had taken Sumaki. The abductors were from the same organization who were responsible for the creation of both Lumena herself and Nephilim-01. More information was needed before the group could mount any type of rescue and both Lumena and the now arrived Toy Dispencer offered to gather what intel was required. However, at this point, Gold Meteor stated that she would have nothing to do with the rescue and, after a small verbal lashing at Maki, aburptly ended communications. In Maki's mind ,her worst fear had come to past: she had just lost the most precious thing in her life.

For the next following couple of weeks, both Lumena and Toy Dispencer went about the task of gathering information on the whereabouts of young Sumaki. As there were many locations that she could be held in, all efforts were made discretely. During this time , all Maki's attempts and efforts to speak with Gold Meteor fell short, as Gold was ignoring all correspondence from Maki. Faced with the realization that she may never be forgiven by Gold, Maki poured all her efforts and energy into Sumaki's rescue effort. It was not long after that Lumena uncovered Sumaki's location and the rescue party was formed. The team consisting of Lumena, Toy Blaster, Nephilim, Enerix, and Maki, herself, infiltrated the Facility where Sumaki was being held and ,after dipatching with the armed security forces present, finally discovered the laboratory area containing their target. However, before Sumaki could be freed, the rescue team was attacked by a group of unidentified bioweapons. The attack was used as a means to secure the area, pushing the rescue party back to certain point, for the entry of the man who referred to himself only as " The Director ". The Director explained that he had been expecting them, in particularly Maki. By the Director's account, his division had been after Maki for some time however had repeatedly failed to capture her, either due to her own skill or help from outside sources. Given the unique nature of her type of chi manipulation, The Director had ordered Maki brought in for experiments in bio-transmutation, to harness her ability. As Maki proved ever capable of evading capture, the decision was then made to take Sumaki, seeing as she would potentially have the same ability as Maki and would pose little resistance. As he talked, reinforcement soldiers came into the laboratory and surrounded Maki and her team. The bioweapons watched the party, ordered to attack at the slightest advance. They seemed particularly centered on Enerix,sensing her to be the biggest threat present. The Director continued on to explain that the experiments he had performed on Sumaki were promising, learning much on the generation of chi energy. He then, laughing, taunted Maki by thanking her for delivering " such a wonderful guinea pig ",tapping his finger on the containment tube holding the unconscious Sumaki. This provocation was enough to send Maki over the edge with anger and, before anyone could act, she had entered into Mad Wolf Hunting: Mode 1, delivering a strong straight right punch to the face of The Director. With this attack, all parties present began to engage each other in combat.As the fighting began, Maki concentrated on freeing Sumaki from her containment tube. She paid little attention to the armed guards that were surrounding her , repeatedly striking at the tube with all her might. When held at gun point, Maki simply stared at them before entering Mad Wolf Hunting: Mode 1 once more,striking all around with a succession of "Soul Palm Burst" attacks, quickly felling the guards. At this point,without warning, Maki began feeling incredibly weak and ill. Looking into the containment tube, she saw that Sumaki ,too, was in pain. The process that was used on Sumaki was now starting to interact with Maki, through their shared connection. Seeing Sumaki in pain would only strengthen her reslove and with one final strike suceeded in breaking open the containment tube. At this point, the fight between Nephilim, Enerix, Toy Blaster and the Bioweapons was still in full motion, the surrounding area being ravaged in the melee. Lumena had broken away from the fighting to come help Maki retrieve Sumaki and check on Maki herself. Using her foci to keep any advancing guards at bay, Lumena helped Maki up but was told not to worry about ( Maki ) and to get Sumaki to safety. Agreeing, she picked up the child and quickly made her way toward the exit.

After the rescue of Sumaki Aikawa and the subsequent " parallel restart " of her own time line, Maki begins the return to her everyday life. Three weeks have past since the rescue and Maki's recovery is proceeding smoothly. Physically, the doctors say her rate of recovery is nothing short of incredible. Maki states that now that she and Sumaki are no longer sharing the same life energy ( chi ) it can naturally flow as it should, aiding Maki in her recovery. However, while her body is on the path to complete rehabilitation , her mind is still in shambles after her difficult breakup with Gold Meteor. In order to help her forget her current problems, Maki returns to patrol duty, much to the opposing demands for bed rest from her doctors and father. Maki promises to not patrol alone and to leave the " heavy fighting " to teammates. On one of her rounds , Maki receives a text message, asking her to immediately go to the Pocket D. Once she arrives, Maki finds a small group of people gathered in a corner in the main dance area, including Lumena, Mercy.Killing, Toy Dispenser, and Kilowatt Cat. Maki is informed that Lucy Xiao has been killed, a victim of an explosion that demolished the floor of the building she was on. This news greatly unsettles Maki, as she listens to her friends formulate plans of revenge against those who murdered Lucy. It is around this time that Gold Meteor arrives and is , likewise , informed of the bitter news. Upon hearing Gold Meteor's voice for the first time in about a month, Maki's heart skips, as she does not know how to confront ( her ).

As the conversation of the plans to find Lucy Xiao's murderers continues on, Maki makes a couple of attempts to talk more on the subject of her apology. Each attempt was met with a cold shoulder from Gold Meteor and this dishearten Maki even further than before. Now Maki was feeling that the damage brought about by her actions had become unrepairable. She had been forgiven by the rest of her friends,however, without the acceptance and forgiveness of the one person she wanted it from the most, Maki fell into a deep depression. Maki hid this depression by participating in mission after mission, hoping that she could lose herself in the heat of battle. Several more attempts at penance were made, all meeting with failure. At this point, Maki could not even stand to look at herself in the mirror as she was without feeling intense shame. That evening, Maki cut her back length hair short to the base of her skull,leaving shortened bangs in front, and dyed her hair black. With this change,she resolved to move forward.

One day later ,Maki received a both a call from her father and a strange envelope, delivered from Japan by a courier. The latter is an issued letter of challenge to Maki to defend the honor of her family name. This letter, at first, did not any sense to her. She had no ties nor enemies in Japan,no other relatives known other than her father. The call from her father, later on in the afternoon, explained the reason for the letter. The letter was an issue from Shotobu Naga and he was demanding that the daughter of Haikaido Aikawa come back to Japan to defend the her father's honor. Haikaido wanted Maki to ignore the letter at first, saying that he would take up the challenge. Maki adamantly refused to back down from the challenge, stating that she ,too, was a warrior and bushido.demanded that she answer this summons. Seeing that he could not persuade his daughter otherwise, Haikaiko agreed to let Maki answer the challenge,with his assistance. Maki later went to the Pocket D intent on asking Mercy.Killing for a favor while she was gone to Japan. Right after she arrived, Maki, unexpectedly, ran into Gold Meteor. Having resolved to move forward, Maki was able to talk to Gold as if nothing had been between them, treating their conversation as one of many had with any random stranger. Explaining the situation, both Mercy and Gold wished her well on her trip. Outwardly, Maki did not show any sign of weakness, however, inside, she was coming very close to losing her nerve, breaking down, and confessing her feelings. Maki held strong and got around to asking Mercy her favor. The favor asked was that Mercy watch over Gold Meteor,as she did not seem to be fairing particularly well. Mercy agreed and Maki said her goodbyes. Before she left the Pocket D, she did something that she has not been unable to do in the last month, give Gold Metetor a hug. To her surprise and quiet joy, Gold returned the hug. Maki quickly turned away to start walking to the door, holding back her tears as not to show how the hug affected her. As she left Gold Meteor said to her,

- Gold Meteor:" Hey, Don't you dare die. I might still need that back-up ! ".

Maki replied by giving her a thumbs up as she walked away.

Kyoto 2: Rebel without a Cause( Arc 5 )

( Work in Progress )

Paragon City 3: "...All the King's horses..." ( Arc 6 )

( Work in Progress )

Powers -

Strictly speaking, Maki does not posses any known superhuman powers or abilities, which would normally stem from a particular source, i.e., mutation,technology, magic,etc. Given her training, Maki does posses abilities that could be mistaken for superhuman attributes. [ see abilities ] However, it should be noted that these abilities demonstrated and used by Maki all are the result of many years of specialized training and could, given the same level of tutelage and training, be learned by anyone.

Abilities -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Physically, Maki is slightly above Olympic level fitness. Without employing her ability to exercise chi control, Maki's metabolism affords her with a far greater endurance level than an average human. She is able to perform a multitude of continuous physical activities for an average period up to two hours ( without aid or assistance from her ability to channel chi ) before fatigue drastically impairs her performance. Maki has trained to such a point that she is easily three to four times stronger and faster than an average woman of the same build, age, height, and weight. Likewise, she is two to three times stronger than an average male of the same build, age, height, and weight.[1] She keeps to a daily regimen of regular intensive exercise which she performs three hours out of everyday, one hour in the morning and two hours in the evening. These exercises may include anything from her martial art katas to simple aerobics.

Due to the nature of her training,Maki is able to increase the overall performance of her body's muscle functions and regenerative abilities by a maximum factor of 13. At this point, many of Maki's abilities seem to be on par with many superhuman powers seen. Maki possesses reflexes and reaction time three times that of an average human. Her reaction time,coupled with her training, allows her to dodge small arms gunfire, providing she is far enough away. Maki has trained her body to perform feats of extreme dexterity and agility. She is able to contort and twist her body much in the way as a skilled contortionist. This assists her in many of the techniques she uses so she will have minimum bodily problems when she is twisting or turning sharply. Maki is also an accomplished acrobat and gymnastic tumbler.

In regard to her non-combat related abilities, Maki has a highly delveloped talent and skill for the culinary arts as well as a finely tuned skill for playing the piano. Although she will readily deny it, Maki also possesses a beautiful singing voice ( attuned mostly to the scales used in opera ).

Chi Manipulation -

Maki is a third level adept of Ying qì ( or more commonly called chi / ki ) manipulation on a six- level scale ( the sixth level being the highest )in this discipline and a second level adept of Yuán qì manipulation on a six- level scale.[2] As all humans are capable of generating chi, Maki is able to produce far greater quantities than the average person. It is because of her disciplined training that she can continuously generate excessive quantities of chi ( twice her normal level ) for an average period of approximately four and a half hours, after which point,Maki's body will have used up it's reserves and will no longer generate chi at it's normal levels until she has rested for an unspecified amount of time.

At present time, Maki is able to manipulate her chi in a variety of methods, many of which add to and boost her overall physical performance. These chi manipulated boosts in her physical activities allow Maki to operate on practically superhuman levels. Maki can also channel her chi into the rapid regeneration of wounds ( minor ones being healed at a greater rate than major ones ). Despite appearances to the contrary or speculation of her abilities, Maki cannot use her chi manipulation abilities to project the " traditional fireball ", as from any fantasy Martial Arts film, one would except a chi practitioner be able to use. Most of Maki's manipulation of chi is internal and not wholly visible, with the most notable exceptions being the visible manifestation of her Soul Palm Cannon attack and the active glowing blue tinge to her normally brown eyes. One of the most notable usages of her chi manipulation is Maki's ability to see and track specific chi signatures. By touching another person, she is able to " ignite " that person's well of bodily chi energy. In this manner, Maki is able to " see " where that person is without the use of her eyes, using only a mental tether as a guide. As no two chi signatures are exactly alike, Maki is able to follow one with relative ease up to six hours before the signature's trail starts to dissipate. By synchronizing her chi with that of another person, Maki can bestow the same ability onto that person, allowing them to both " see " and track Maki by her own chi signature ( for a limited time frame ).

A positive side effect of her chi manipulation is the fact her body is constantly renewing its cellular structure. Even when she is not actively increasing the circulation of her chi, Maki's body so naturally creates a surplus that it is passed through her body at low levels, aiding in everyday functions and activities. As it is, this surplus creates a continuous regenerative effect that slows Maki's physical aging process, allowing her a far greater performance in her activities as she ages ( example being: when Maki will be in her late thirties she will still be performing physically as if she were still in her late teens early twenties ). It is not known whether or not this regenerative effect can retard or completely halt her aging process all together .

Martial Arts Training -

Maki has many abilities stemming from her mastery of her father's Japanese"Iron Wolf Fist" Kempō , and several Chinese martial arts , most notably Gōngfū ( in western cultures called " Kung- Fu) ", Shaolinquan ( Shaolin - style martial arts ), and Wushu . Her abilities can be broken down into two categories: Internal and External.


The usage of Nèijiā( internal or "soft style" )Martial arts is rooted in her teachings based upon many Chinese martial arts, such as Bāguàzhǎng,T'ai_Chi_Ch'uan,and Xíngyìquán. It is because of her near mastery of the manipulation of her chi, or life energy [ which all humans generate to varying degrees ], Maki is able to perform feats of physical prowess that seem to be superhuman in nature. Through an act of concentration, Maki can direct a portion or all of this energy to any point of her body or to her whole body simultaneously. There is, at times, a physical manifestation seen of the usage of her chi. This manifestation comes in the form of a bright red glow, either illuminating from her core or from her hands. Due to her current skill level, Maki has yet to unlock the potentially unlimited well of universal chi that only few grand masters have been able to tap into. She is still, however, a formidable opponent, with many applications available at her disposal. Listed here are a number of her most often employed techniques.

"YOU CAN FLY?!?!" .. " No... Jump good!!!"

  • Cloud Ladder ( RP ):By directing to the flow of chi into her leg muscles and tendons, Maki is able to jump to heights normally unattainable by normal physical standards. This ability is often employed when trying to reach areas which only those with flight powers could easily get to. This action takes very little chi to perform, due to her continued training, and can be used constantly by Maki.[3]

"Roads? Where we're going we don't need ..roads!"

  • Shadow of the Wind ( RP ):By using a special breathing method, which allows her to use less oxygen then normally needed when running and directing the flow of her chi into her legs and tendons, Maki is able to run with superhuman light foot over long expanses. This technique resembles the classic power of superhuman speed. With this technique, Maki can travel long distances without the need of transportation.Maki can even use the technique to run across the surface tension of water, providing that she has full concentration of her breathing and using a specific stepping method that allows her not to break the water's surface tension. Maki can even carry a load up to 113 kg ( roughly 250 lbs ) as she travel across the surface of the water by evenly displacing her weight across the entire surface of the sole of her feet, granted at a slower pace than she would without the additional weight. The rate of travel at which Maki forwardly moves depends on the amount of chi directed through her legs. This action takes very little chi to perform, due to her continued training, and can be used constantly by Maki.[4]

Sometimes a good jarring Soul Palm Burst is the only way to get through to these "Warriors".

  • Soul Palm Burst ( RP ):By channeling chi directly into her palm, Maki can forcibly release it outwardly, close range, into a target. This burst of directed chi will , at greatest output, permanently disrupt the intended targets internal body rhythms ( i.e. breathing, heart rate, and coordination ). Used at its least volatile, it will merely stun an opponent.[5] This technique is also known by the name "Spirit Breaking Fist".

Maki using her "Holy 8 Light" technique

  • Holy 8 Light ( RP ):The Holy 8 Light technique is what is considered a holy technique. By concentrating of totality of her chi to every point of her body simultaneously, Maki can cause the rapid regeneration of muscle and tissue fibers. Seemingly life threatening injuries can be healed in a far shorter time than it would take the body to heal naturally. However, this technique is particularly draining to any who use it. The rate of expenditure of energy is determined on the user's skill level. At present time, Maki requires total concentration to perform this technique and cannot use it in a battle situation. This makes the true version of the technique one of her least seldom used and one of the most physically and mentally draining. However, Maki is able to use a lesser version of this technique to effectively heal non-serious wounds more quickly to continue her activities.[6]

  • The Phoenix Gate ( RP ) :The Phoenix Gate is a technique that was originally developed during 14th century feudal Japan once forbidden by use by any practitioner other than the Sei-i Taishōgun's (often shortened to Shōgun)chosen vassal, which, generally, was also his personal concubine and bodyguard. The technique, also known by the name " Kamizaze Soul " was a way for the shōgun to cheat death ,in the event that he was mortally wounded. His vassal would then employ the technique, effectively sacrificing their life to return the Shōgun back to life, fully healed from whatever cause his death. Maki had discovered the technique hidden away within an old manuscript scroll when she had began training under Master Shàoqiàng ( SHAU-chyahng )Ōuyáng and practiced it in secret. However, the manuscript was incomplete and having read the technique incorrectly, Maki actually ended up creating a version of The Phoenix Gate that allowed her to share her soul ( or more accurately, her life energy ) with another person of her choosing instead of completely draining it, thereby killing her. As such, Maki's version of The Phoenix Gate allows her to impart half ( or any portion greater than ) of her life energy ( "soul" ) into another another living being without killing herself. This transfer can only be performed twice as it literally takes a piece of her living ( animating ) force to perform. With the first infusion, Maki is now soul bound to the recipient of the technique and will be able to both feel and sense what the recipient does ( to a certain extent ) and can now communicate with the recipient in a manner very similar to telepathy. The transfer is a permanent one and cannot be reversed. With the second and final infusion, Maki can actually perform the technique as it was originally intended, giving all her remaining life force ( "soul" ) to her chosen recipient, returning them from death and fully healing them in the process. The only way for the technique to be effectively canceled out or completed is with Maki's death.

Maki has chosen Gold Meteor ( Hannah Goldshire ) as the recipient of her Phoenix Gate, giving the two an even deeper intimate relationship than the one they already share. However, of learning how the technique actually works, Gold Meteor has forbidden Maki from ever using the second half of the technique.


The usage of Wàijia ( external or "hard style" ) martial arts is rooted in her teachings based on a number of different schools of Japanese and Chinese disciplines but are mainly sourced from her tutelage in her father's martial art practice, Okamiken Tetsu Kempō . Many of Maki's signature techniques are from this school of martial arts.

Okamiken Tetsu Kempō ( lit. Wolf Fist Iron Kempō ): Iron Wolf Fist Kempō ( RP )

  • Okamiken Tetsu Kempō or, loosely translated, "Iron Wolf Fist" is a Japanese Martial Art developed in mid 17th century Japan by a traveling vagabond named Shirōmastu Nōbutaki. Nōbutaki had bartered passage on a ship sailing to the main continent of China in exchange for indentured servitude as a ship hand one of the many Red seal ships sailing during that time period. He had been only two weeks in his travels in the southern region when he was attacked and left for dead by a gang of roaming thieves. Luckily, he was found by a small group of monks returning to their monastery from a trading trip with the local major city. These monks took Nōbutaki back to their monastery and nursed him back to health. During his recovery, Nōbutaki became enamored with the daily practices of the monks in what he would later describe to his students as " The great mountains made flowing flesh, unyielding, unbreakable, yet gentle and without malice ". He was referring to the martial arts practiced by the monks and how they seemed to belie a tremendous amount of power behind seemingly harmless movements. After he had healed, Nōbutaki decided to stay with the monks for an additional two years, learning the essence and foundation meditation and self defense techniques from what was a blend of Bak Mei and Southern Praying Mantis. After Nōbutaki left the monastery, he then traveled most of the rest of the southern region of China and a good deal of the Middle Kingdom, continuing his education in the great martial arts of the main continent. It would not be another eighteen years before he would finally return to his homeland of Japan, having amassed a great deal of knowledge and techniques from his many travels. He would go on to open a school in the teachings of the first and his most loved of martial styles learned and modified to encompass the totality of his journeys, Bak Mei. It is primarily from the teachings of Bak Mei that Okamiken Tetsu Kempō was born. Shirōmastu Nōbutaki would go to teach his new martial art to both males and females ( which was unheard of generally during this time period )until a ripe old age, having opened several school across Japan. However, after time, some of his students began using their teachings to commit horrible crimes and spread fear. It was because of the unusual strength gained by learning the martial art and the fact that it was based from a Chinese martial art that the Tokugawa shogunate banned all practice of this martial art with any found still doing so to be punished by death, usually by beheading. Although sadden by some of his students dishonoring of his teachings, Nōbutaki still continued to instruct to those who still wanted to learn, believing that the purity of this martial art would be recognized instead of shunned because of the action of a few. This was not the case however and the shogunate issued an order for his immediate death. It was thanks to the efforts of one of his star pupils, Hideaki Aikawa, that Nōbutaki was hidden away in a remote mountain region where he would spend his last days instructing Aikawa in the highest secrets of Okamiken Tetsu Kempō, with the wish that he keep the martial one now only to be practiced by Hideaki and his descendants. Ten years after Shirōmastu Nōbutaki's death, the practice of Okamiken Tetsu Kempō was all but extinguished by the Tokugawa shogunate. Hideaki Aikawa would go on to train in the martial art , passing along the knowledge to his descendants, with the instructions that none but members of the main branch of the Aikawa family would be able to learn it and that eldest child of the generation would be responsible for its safe keeping and continued tutelage. In present day, Haikaido Aikawa is the oldest known living practitioner of the martial art, having first taught it to his sons and then to his daughter, Maki. It is because of the fact that her brothers have died that Maki is now charged with the duty of continuing on the tradition and history of Okamiken Tetsu Kempō.

As Okamiken Tetsu Kempō was developed as a combination of Shirōmastu Nōbutaki's knowledge of Bak Mei and his many travels, it contains both elements of internal and external principles in it's dogma that allow it to be an adaptable martial art. So while the main bulk of its teachings and techniques are based in the external school of thought, it allows allows for the cultivation of a deeper internal power that can only be achieved by understanding the internal martial art principles that help make its foundation. Like Bak Mei, Okamiken Tetsu Kempō also concentrates on its classification of the following 6 powers: biu (thrusting), chum (sinking), tan (springing), fa (neutralizing), tung, and chuk. However, Shirōmastu Nōbutaki preferred to focus on the powers of biu (thrusting) and fa (neutralizing)in his teachings, therefore granting a practitioner of the art an amazing striking strength. Likewise, while the original focused on the movements and power of the tiger, Nōbutaki instead used the cunning and overall collective power of the wolf as his template. At present, Maki 's tutelage in Okamiken Tetsu Kempō is not fully complete and has yet to be taught the highest level techniques of the martial art.

Maki using her " Collapser Tempo" technique on some poor thug who decided to mess with her
  • Thousand Fists of the Fang ( RP ): Due to her years of training, Maki has mastered a shoulder-originating rapid punching combo that is able to strike an opponent so quickly it appears that hundreds of fists are attacking all at once. This is an Wàijia( external ) technique because of the fact that the power of this strike comes purely from the muscles in the user's arms, not from a usage of chi.[7] This technique is also known by the name " Collapser Tempo "

  • Iron Hunter ( RP ):This kicking technique utilizes the full power of the leg muscles to deliver a powerful flying round house kick to the head.If used in a non-lethal capacity,when connected properly, this kick can send a man, weighing roughly 136 kg ( equal to about 300 lbs.), cross a distance of 50 yards of point of impact.[8]

  • Iron Mountain Body ( RP ):This technique is based in self-hypnosis and mental conditioning. Hardening of the body tissue to absorb more damage is achieved through a self imposed hypnosis that allows the user to unlock the body's potential to become " as strong as a mountain of steel ". The body becomes able to withstand a far more greater amount of blunt force and, to a lesser extent, piercing damage. The user of this technique has also conditioned their minds to not so much ignore the pain of physically being struck but to work past the pain, direct it as so not to so hamper their focus. This should not, however, be mistaken for a form of invulnerability. It is merely a reinforcement of absolute muscle control. The user of this technique is still subseptable to many of same dangers and human frailties as any other non-combat oriented human.[9]

Iron Mountain Body is a modified technique derived of the Chinese martial art Pāidagōng,also known as Qigong.

Mad Wolf Hunting ( RP ):

Mad Wolf Hunting is a set of techniques by which Maki can use to temporarily boost and max out her overall fighting ability. This set comprises of two separate modes..[10]

Mode 1: Lone Hunt

This is a technique that is very similar to "Shadow of the Wind", with the main differences being that it is an external technique rather than an internal one and that it is used for short to mid-ranged attacks as opposed to travel across long distances. As with "Thousand Fists of the Fang",this technique requires power from the user's actual muscles to perform properly. In this case, the leg muscles are targeted. By the compressing and tightening of the leg muscles ( i.e, a runner's starting position at the beginning of a race ) , an condition similar to a coiled spring under pressure is created. When released from this position, an explosive burst of forward motion is produced. The sudden release of the stored kinetic energy will normal propel the user at speeds to great for the naked eye to follow. The point of acceleration is also usually pulled up, leaving a small crater where the user was. The speed of "Lone Hunt" can create the illusion of multiple images of the user of the technique. Then amount of illusionary duplicates produced is dependent to the speed and skill level of the user. At current, Maki can ,at full power, produce up to twelve perfect illusionary duplicates. This particular technique is extremely taxing on the body of the user, as it uses an extreme amount of calories to produce the energy necessary to move at a high rate of speed and the muscles, themselves, are brought to the point of tearing.It is because of these factors that this is a short range technique ( max. range: 75 yards )primarily used to get behind an enemy combatant(s). It is also because of these factors that this technique can only be performed a certain amount of times within a limited time span ( i.e., at Maki's current skill level, it can only be attempted four times within a 12 hour time frame, requiring a 24 hour rest period before the technique can be performed again.)[11]

Mode 2: Overdrive Hunt

This version of the technique is, by far , the most dangerous technique for Maki to attempt at her current skill level. Mode 2 combines the elements of both Wàijiā and Nèijiā and allows Maki to override the built-in safety functions that all human bodies have. In Mode 2, Maki channels her chi simultaneously to every muscle in her body[12] as she would for her "Holy 8 Light" technique. However, where as "Holy 8 Light" promotes the rapid regeneration of cells for accelerated healing, "Mad Wolf Hunting: Mode 2" promotes the breakdown of all available cells for immediate energy ( which include: muscle cells, heart cells, white blood cells, and red blood cells ). Pheomelanin cells ( one of the two pigments in human hair that gives it it's color ) are broken down the fastest. As the pheomelanin continues to break down, Maki's hair will gradually become orange and, soon, yellow and then white. At this stage, Maki's body begins to heat up due to the sudden body wide release of cellular energy and starts to give off a thick steam. Normally ,such rapid cell breakdown for energy would cause the body to shut down, due to lack of natural resources needed to maintain proper body functions. However, due to Maki's chi manipulation control, she can force her body to keep pushing past it's natural fail safe points. This is what makes this technique so inherently dangerous to perform, for without the natural "kill switch " all human bodies have, the user of this technique can easily kill themselves by burning out their own bodies. Mode 2 has two different methods of attack delivery:[13]

  • Pack Hunting: This method is identical to Mode 1's attack design with, the main difference being, it is backed up by chi. This additional power grants a greater range, far greater striking power, and noticeable ( to the trained eye ) increase in speed ,however, the duration of the attack is dramatically shorter than that of " Lone Hunting ". The detrimental effects of the technique are also increased by a factor of 3. While in "Pack Hunting", all of Maki's standard attacks increase in power by a factor of 13. This makes Maki a veritable offensive one-woman assault team, enabling her to strike a singular opponent with superhuman multi-directional targeting or to take on a large group of opponents quickly. This technique is inordinately taxing on the body and will quickly burn through Maki's caloric energy.

  • Soul Palm Cannon: This method is not only the most powerful technique Maki has, but also the most damaging, to both her target and herself.It can be seen as an advanced version of the "Soul Palm Burst" technique, in the fact that it can affect both living and non-living objects.Placing herself into a semi-crouching position, Maki holds out her right arm straight behind her. While in this position, Maki gathers and concentrates all the energy she has just generated during the entry to Mode 2 into her palm. As the energy accumulates,Maki's arm starts to vibrate and a visible sphere of dark red chi begins to form. Were she to let to sphere expand as it formed, it would be roughly the size of a small automobile when completed. However, during the forming process, Maki continues to compress the energy gathered into a more manageable palm-sized sphere. When the sphere reaches critical mass, it changes blinding white, illuminating the area around Maki with the brightness of a lighthouse beacon, about 1 million foot candles. It is at this point Maki must immediately release the stored energy, lest it detonates in her hand, killing her. Maki will dash toward her target, having held back just enough strength to propel her forward. This last dash will put her directly in front of her target, where by Maki will then push the sphere into the recipient. Once absorbed by the target, Maki uses chi manipulation control to detonate the sphere in a single direction , forward. The resulting release of energy can be seen as an expanding cone of white concussive force exploding from the back of the recipient, creating a five foot wide continuous gouge in the area directly behind, the energy itself ramming through anything in its path until it finally dissipates. While there is a great deal of physical damage that can be dealt, the true power of the Soul Palm Cannon lies in its ability to totally destroy all chi meridians , all autonomic functions, and high brain functions while leaving the body of the target intact. This is a controlled result and the result of the user's will to correctly channel the volatile energy. If left unchecked when released, the Palm Cannon produces enough concussive force to punch a hole four feet in diameter through a two foot thick wall of reinforced steel. This is an extreme example of Maki's ability to use Fa jin[14]. After the use of this technique, Maki will be unable to exercise any chi control, or generate any excessive chi, for the following three weeks, while her body begins to restore its reserves. Likewise, she will be almost completely bedridden for the next month,giving her body a chance to start to heal.[15]

Traditional Training -

Maki is in possession of other skills that she does not often make use of in everyday battle. One such skill is that of Japanese style wrestling. Maki has been trained by her father in the particular style of grappling since she has been about thirteen and has a fairly solid offensive and defensive ability with it. Within this style of fighting, her specialties are the Enzuigiri, the Dragon whip, the Backflip kick, the Gamengiri, and the jumping German suplex. She also practices Kateda as an aid to her everyday regimen of excerise.

Maki also has a fair amount of weapons training, particularly in the field of Kendo and Bo staff fighting. However, due to her own personal standards, Maki does not use a weapon or these particular set of skills unless they are absolutely needed and , even then, as self defense only.

Paraphernalia -

Since Maki does not actually consider herself a superhero, she never felt the need to have a costume. However, after meeting Gold Meteor, Maki wanted to better "blend in " with the rest of superhero community now that she was encountering them with greater frequency. She went to Icon and had some clothing custom made, to fit her style and personality. Maki wears a black half top, made from a spandex/ fine steel mesh blend, to allow for greater resilience. A similar blend ( one of cotton and fine steel mesh ) was used in the creation of her trousers. The design of her clothing was intended to give Maki the range of movement she desired and the capacity to survive a particularly rough beating. Both the top and trousers are flame resistance, highly tear proof, and mildly insulated against mid range electrical discharges.

Maki also wears a pair of compression-formed bracers, made from a mixture of Hard carbon and Semi- pure Onyx. The bracers extend from the edge of her wrists to the end of her forearm. The bracers can be used as shielding , mainly from opponents with bladed weapons,and also as bludgeons. The bracers have the material hardness of reinforced steel without the metallic properties.

Along with her bracers, Maki also wears a specially designed belt that contains " SideStep " cloaking shell technology. The "SideStep" technology covers the user in an adaptive light-refracting nimbus which "blends " with the environment. The cloaking shell is used when stealth is a necessity. The shell has a limited usage period of about twelve minutes per use when fully charged. Despite its limited timespan of use, Maki makes full use of it in conjunction with her speed. It should be noted that the cloaking shell is a mid-level technology and does not grant true invisibility, just a light-bending camouflage that can seen through with any higher based surveillance or monitoring technology. The belt was a gift from one of her teammates. However, since a recent Rikti incursion, the belt's operational circuitry has been fused and no longer performs as intended. As such,Maki no longer uses this belt but wears a normal belt of a similar visual design.

Relationships -

During the time that she has been in Paragon City, Maki has made many friends, many of which she calls "family". Among these people are:

  • Lumena - Maki met Lumena a result of her involvement with Maki's alternate eight-year old self. The child had come to view Lumena as something of a surrogate big sister and Lumena was very surprised to meet the older version of the child she had come to adore. It has been since that time,Maki has also come to view Lumena as the same as the child version of herself, only as a surrogate little sister. While they have become good friends, Maki secretly envied her younger self for having a person like Lumena as a friend so early in her life.

  • Gold Meteor - Undeniably independent, outrageously outspoken, incredibly beautiful. These are the words that come to Maki's mind when she is asked to describe Gold Meteor. Gold met Maki during a Halloween battle with the monster Jack in Irons. This first meeting was very playful, neither of them really expecting much of anything to happen. It was soon that they ran into each other again and decided to try to get to know each other better. At first, it was simply hanging out with each other with, later, these outings becoming more frequent. The two soon admitted their feelings for each other and officially became a couple. It has been over two and half years[16] since they have been together. Maki loves Gold Meteor "with all that she is", as she would describe her feelings and would give her life ,without hesitation, in Gold's defense and safety.

  • Hector Drake - If she had not met Gold Meteor first, Maki would have most likely been in a relationship with this man. Hector Drake ( or Kuma-kun, as Maki jokingly calls him ) is a person for whom Maki has great respect for. She met him one evening in the Pocket D and they seemed to get along well. They have been on a couple of dates, as friends only, and have come to support each other when either of them are having trouble in their personal lives. While both find each other attractive, they never go beyond friendly teasing, respecting the other's feelings.

  • High Jinks - Another well known face at the Pocket D, Maki met High Jinks like most people do, asking him for a drink as he tends to the bar. In her mind, High Jinks represents a playful inner spirit that she wishes she could exhibit. Seemingly always jolly and good natured, Maki sees him as the friend that most people hope to have in their circle. That fact that he went out of his way to keep her younger self entertained when she visited ( to find Lumena )has placed High Jinks in very high stasis with Maki.

  • Nephilim-01 - The bioweapon known as Nephilim-01 is regarded by Maki to be a kind soul and a kindred spirit as a warrior. A " big brother " of sorts to Lumena, Maki treats Nephilim with the same level of respect as she does to Lumena herself. Like Lumena, Nephilim first met Maki after his many encounters with her younger self. He ,too, was confused when his extraordinary sense of smell confirmed that both the child he would frequently see and this older woman were the same person. After the initial confusion was overcome, they easily became friends.

  • Stellar Flair - Stellar is the person responsible for introducing Maki directly to the world of costume superheroing. Maki acknowledges the fact that ,without Stellar's invitation to join the Young Sentinels,she would not have had met Gold Meteor, made the friends she now has, nor had any of the experiences ( both good and bad )that had come about because of her involvement with the superhero community. It is because of this fact, Maki has stated that she is eternally indebted and grateful to Stellar Flair.

  • Kyndall - " The Very Loud British Girl" is Maki's best description of Kyndall. Maki has often seen this woman in the Pocket D and has had a drink with her on several occasions. Maki and Kyndall, surprisingly, share a common life principle, " Life is neither cruel nor unfair. Only we can determine which is appropriate for the situation at hand! ". This has form a kinship between the two women and they will constantly enjoy a drink in each other's company.

  • Sumaki Aikawa ( alternate nine year old version of herself ) - This alternate version of Maki is living the life that Maki wishes she had during her childhood, making friends and good memories. It was because of a malfunction in the Ouroboros that certain aspects of both of their time lines to merge and a metaphysical connection was created between them. There had been many theories as to why young Sumaki was present parallel to her older self, but none of this really mattered to older Maki. The only thing that matter in her mind was to keep the child out of harm's way, not because of self preservation rather the need to make sure that she ( young Sumaki )does not go through the same trails as she ( older Maki ) did growing up. The two have come to view each other as sisters.

  • Mercy.Killing - The alien being known as Mercy.Killing has perhaps, right after Gold Meteor, Maki's highest level of respect. Maki first met Mercy in the arena area in the Pocket D. Suffice to say, Maki was beaten quite soundly. However, Mercy offered the hand of friendship and good sportsmanship to Maki after her defeat, instead of mocking her. This act left a lasting impression on Maki and lead her to regard Mercy in only an honorable light. It is partially because of their kinship as warriors, not heroes, that the two have become fast friends. Maki has come to view Mercy as an brother, as a similar feeling can be said of Mercy on his views about Maki. Recently, Maki presented Mercy with her family's heirloom, a nodachi named Surunabi.

  • Lady Abigail - Maki first met Abigail Talonfist through Abigail's ex- husband, Dr. Kazz, when he was planning their wedding. Since that time, Maki has become and remained a close friend to Abigail, even after her separation from Dr. Kazz. Even when Abigail and Maki's lover, Gold Meteor, had a falling out, she still remained her close friend, trying to act as a mediator between the two. Maki views Abigail as a dear sister as Abigail does for Maki. As a warrior, Maki confides in Abigail for her experience and thought but also is somewhat envious of Abigail's otherworldly beauty.

  • Stone Fortress - The unpredictable young woman known as Ayumi is both a joy and a worry for Maki. Ayumi ( so named 'Stone Fortress' by the media ) appeared into Maki's life one day and has made herself a pivotal part of it. Feeling a close kinship with her Asian sister, Maki has tried her best to help guide the energetic 16 year old. However, this has proven to be more of a task than Maki herself realized as two factors now complicate matters: Ayumi's accidental age acceleration at age 18 as well as Ayumi's romantic feelings toward Maki.

And these are some of the good people Maki calls friends:

(( feel free to at your name to the friends list if you know Maki ))

Sexuality -

Maki is openly bisexual, having more of a preference towards women. This preference has lead her into a relationship with a fellow Paragon hero, Gold Meteor.For close to the last year, Maki has enjoyed a steady romantic relationship with her. Neither Maki or Gold Meteor try to hide the fact that they are a couple. In fact, to a lesser extent, they both have become somewhat of exhibitionists, performing public acts of affection that would otherwise be deemed offense, lewd, and ,to some, wholly indecent. The relationship has been solid and the two have moved in with each other. Previous events involving a time displaced eight year old version of Maki had put serious strains on this relation. Partial due to desperation in the thought she would lose everything she had gained and her martyr-like thinking, Maki tries to sacrifice herself to save the life of her younger self. She even goes as far to attack Mercy.Killing, Gold Meteor, and Nephilim-01 when they tried to prevent her from doing so,albeit only trying to stun,not hurt. When this particular action fails, Gold Meteor takes it upon herself to rectify the situation by taking the younger Maki back to Ouroboros,as they are the suspected reason as to why the younger Maki exist here with her older self. Gold Meteor felt betrayed and hurt that Maki could not confide in her what was going through her mind and, to that end, had decided to break up with her. During that time, Gold Meteor had refused to speak to Maki. Maki has had nothing but feelings of deep regret for what she has done to Gold Meteor. The two of them have since resolved their differences and are back together, as passionate as before, if not more.

Weaknesses and Limitations -

For all her abilities, Maki is still very much human and is subject to all the normal frailties that an average human is subceptable too. She has no superhuman powers to protect her and can be felled , with some difficulty, the same as any other normal human. A fatal gunshot wound will kill her as well an unexpected fall from an unusual height. Her abilities help her survive what may be a seriously fatal injury but do not guarantee her survival. Maki simply possesses both the skill and training to keep her injuries to a minimum.

Maki does, however,have another limitation that is not a physical one but is potentially very debilitating if incited. While she is normally level-headed and calm in the midst of confusion, Maki can be overtaken by her emotions quite easily. Maki's need to see everyone but herself safe from harm can and has lead her to actions that she would normally not even consider. Such was the case in recent events when she attacked both her lover and her friends when they tried to restrain ( her )from making a rash decision based almost purely on her emotionally unbalanced thinking. In such a state, Maki becomes a danger to herself as well as those she is meaning to protect, rationalizing her means to the end of protecting all she cares about. This lapse in emotional judgment comes about from the subconscious guilt of watching her brothers die for her continued safety. This guilt manifests itself as her overwhelming need to protect her loved ones at any cost to herself. With the help of Gold Meteor,Maki is trying to overcome this mental and emotional handicap.

A personal weakness of Maki's is that of high places. She cannot resist them. Often, especially when she wants to clear her mind and think, she will seek out the highest point possible. Gold has, on many an occassion, found her atop any one of the many sky scrappers that line Steel Canyon. However,this in itself is not her actual weakness. It is her fondness of free falling off these incredibly high places that is the true weakness. Maki enjoys the feeling of weightlessness and rushing air flowing past her as she falls. She, in no way, wants nor desires the ability of flight but still enjoys certain aspects of being so high in the open air. This behaviour is applified by the fact that her martial art skill affords her a certain degree of assurance that she will not be harmed landing from such an intense height.

From time to time, Maki will experience a phantom pain from the scar across her chest. The pain can be on the level of a slight annoyance to a clutching painful tightness. However, the pain is greatess when she is experiencing severe emotional distress. This pain will cause her to stop whatever she is enaged in until it has passed. The duration of these "attacks" vary from one incindent to the next ,but ,on record, the longest period of phantom pain has lasted an hour and forty minutes. Thankfully, these attacks have yet to happen while Maki is in the midst of combat.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Recent Events -

Maki had not been dealing with her anger as well as she had been letting on. On the surface, she had assured everyone that she was not patrolling or taking part in any altercations, only doing so if absolutely necessary. This was coupled by her normally agreeing mannerisms so no one even thought to ask further of the subject, thinking it rude and particularly embarrassing for her. However, there would be times ,when not around her friends and loved ones, that she would lose control. The most recent outbreak being when she rescued a woman from being harassed by a gang of Hellions. Normally, all Maki would have done was incapacitate the lot of them and gotten the woman to safety. This was not the case in this instance. Much to the horror of the woman she was originally intent on saving, Maki proceeded to literally, and brutally, beat each of the gang members close to death, apparently ignoring the fact that they all had giving up and surrendered long before the beatings became severe. The worst part of the whole experience for the female victim in question was , as she stated to an officer who responded to the call of a fight:

- Mugging victim: " Sh-she was like this ........wild monster!!!! I th-thought at first she was here to save me but,......... the look in her eyes, her face!!! she beat those men.......she was c-covered in their blood and didn't care!!! ...Then she turned around and looked at ME!! ........DEAR SWEET JESUS IN HEAVEN!!.. i thought i was next. but she just.........smiled at me, said ," Have a nice day." I had my head turned for a second and when i looked back to where she was, she had disappeared..... "

As of so far, Maki has kept the news of her rampages secret , as she could never be properly identified as the assailant. She has become increasingly violent towards people who commit crimes against defenseless women, hardly showing any mercy in their beatings, rationalizing it as "an injustice now made equal". (Work in progress )

Spoilers end here.

Musical Themes -

Story Arc musical themes

Arc 1:

Opening Theme : "Aozora no Namida" - sung by Hitomi Takahashi

Closing Theme : "El Manana" - sung by Gorillaz

Arc 2:

Opening Theme : "Ask DNA" - sung by The SeatBelts

Closing Theme : "Tomorrow Comes Today" - sung by Gorillaz

Arc 3:

Opening Theme : "Sky Blue Days" - sung by Shōko Nakagawa

Closing Theme : "Akaneiro ga Moeru Toki" - sung by Scoobie Do

Arc 4:

Opening Theme : "New" - sung by No Doubt

Closing Theme : "Auf Achse" - sung by Franz Ferdinand

Arc 5:

Opening Theme : "Tourniquet" - sung by Marilyn Manson

Closing Theme : "It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish" - sung by My Chemical Romance

Arc 6:

Opening Theme : "Straight Out Of Line" - sung by Godsmack

Closing Theme : "Changes Are No Good" - sung by The Stills

Maki Character Themes

Sadness theme : " Yakitori " ( Stand Alone Complex OST 1 )

Happiness theme : Going Home " ( Bleach Original Soundtrack 1 )

Character theme : "Process " ( Samurai Champloo Music Record " PlayLiist " )

Enemy Engagement theme : " Stamina Rose " ( Stand Alone Complex OST 1 )

Inspirational Will theme : " Row Row Fight the Power!! " ( "'Libera Me' From Hell," version) ( Gurren Lagann Original Sound track )

Desperation Fighting theme : "Paint it Black " ( Rolling Stones Greatest Hits )

Declaration of life theme : "Apologine " ( The Big O OST )

Resolve theme : "Fighting of the Spirit ( S.S.H remix ) ( Tales of Phantasia )

Maki personal favorites:

" Pussy" - sung by Lords of Acid

" Master of Puppets " - sung by Metallica

" Badd Business " - sung by Phantom Planet

" Say That You Love Me " ( FK-EK Japanese Vocal Mix ) - sung by AK

" Every Little Thing She Does is Magic " - sung by The Police

" Don't Stop Me Now " - sung by Queen

" Kashmir " - sung by Led Zeppelin

" Let'Em In " - sung by Paul McCartney

Trivia -

In character :

Did you know that......

- Maki's birthday is April 24

- Maki is a huge musical fan of "The Beatles",having collected practically every version of all their songs available

- Maki is an extreme light weight when it comes to drinking

- When even intoxicated, Maki is able to sing , in key, any opera song she hears or can remember

- Maki's favorite movie is "Barbarella"

- There is a natural curl to a tuft of hair on the back of Maki's head. This curl has been there since she was a child and oddly cannot be straightened.

- Maki has never worn an actual bra. The closet thing she has worn to it is a sports top

- Maki is deathly allergic to white radish

- Maki is double jointed

- Due to her mother being poisoned before her birth, Maki was born with a blow fish toxin immunity

- On the inside of her right thigh, Maki has a tattoo of a golden Monarch butterfly

- Secretly, Maki has always wanted to play the part of a Japanese magical girl, but had never because she thought that she would look chubby in a sailor fuku

- Although quite proficient in the Martial Arts, Maki has never had a need nor want to compete in the formal Martial Arts World circuit. As such, despite her great skill, she is a relative unknown in most fighting circles

- Maki knows how to juggle

- Taught how to cook my her father, Maki is a very capable chef.

- Maki will drink normally up to 5 liters of water a day

- The only make-up that Maki wears is lip stick ( color varys to occasion )

- Maki is a fan of old sentai shows,such as: Himitsu Sentai Goranger ( translated as Secret Squadron Goranger )and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai ( translated as J.A.K.Q. Blitzkrieg Squad)

- Maki's metabolism and digestive system cannot properly break down nor digest most forms of red meat ( primarily beef )

- Maki is 1/16 Irish on her mother's side

- Maki's eyes turn and glow blue when she is using chi manipulation or when her chi is circulating abnormally

- Maki's favorite flavor of ice cream is Butter Pecan

- Maki seldom watches the television or goes the movie theater.

Out of character :

- For the most part, Maki's character stems from my love and fascination with red heads and women who can kick ass!. Back at home in the Netherlands, many women, during the coming spring season, would dye their hair either auburn or red. Growing up with this every year has basically given me a type of fetish toward them. As for the ass kicking part, martial arts buff that i am, loved and still love any movie with Michelle Yeoh!! Maki has a lot of Michelle in her, both in on screen martial art skill ( even though she's not truly a martial artist ) and character in general.

- I'm a big fan of the fighter genre and a huge lover of fantasy China. Some of the internal techniques used by Maki are a nod to some of those used in comics created by Hong Kong comics greats like Ma Wing Shing and Andy Seto

- Originally,when I first made Maki in CoH, she was loosely based off the character of the same name from the anime " Airmaster ". I had joined the intial bandwagon when CoH first came out and my friends and I each made a character based on our favorite anime at that time. Airmaster was a street fighting gymnastic school girl named Maki,who had the nasty habit of ALWAYS and ONLY targeting her opponents heads. I thought it would be fun to have a character like that in a online RPG. After about of year of this i got bored and left the game. When i finally returned to playing CoH, i wanted to have a more active involvement with the role play community. To that end , Maki and another one of my fun characters, Sam the Delighted, were ported to the Virtue server and totally redone, as far as character history goes. I changed her surname ,allowing me to keep her original name to be used as a nickname and that was that.


  1. Please note that a majority of this strength applies to her striking power rather than her lifting power.
  2. The highest level ever attained by a human being has been the fifth, granting the user almost demigod-like abilities.
  3. The "Super Jump" power from the "Leaping" power set is used for this Role Play ability
  4. The "Super Speed" power from the "Super Speed" power set is used for this Role Play ability
  5. This technique works only on living targets,as it is designed to attack an opponents vitals, even through defenfenses such as armor.
  6. The "Reconstruction" power from the "Regeneration" pwoer set is used as the basis for this Role Play ability
  7. The "Flurry" power from the "Super Speed" power set is used as basis for this Role Play ability
  8. The "Storm Kick" power from the " Martial Arts" power set is used as the basis for this Role Play ability
  9. The "Dull Pain" power from the " Regeneration " power set is used as the basis for Role Play ability
  10. The "Focus Chi" power from the " Martial Arts " power set is used as the basis for Role Play ability
  11. It should be noted that Maki actually developed an alternate version of this technique herself before she could utilize chi manipulation
  12. rather than just to the end of her extremities ( i.e., hands and feet )
  13. Mad Wolf Hunting: Mode 2 is a life threatening technique and usage of said technique will shorten the user's life span
  14. quoted from Xiao Meng : "Fa Jing" translates into "explosive foundation" or "explosive structure." Essentially, using one's optimum potential - sending energy along a vector with your entire foundation(body)
  15. This technique was not created for the purpose of multiple usage and was to be used as an " ace up the sleeve " desperation attack.
  16. a year's span in real time
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