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Personally, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Sentai heroes! When I was growing up, i used to love shows like "Himitsu Sentai Goranger", "Kagaku Sentai Dynaman" ( favorite by the way ), and so many more. Even now, I still love them. While the "Power Rangers" are an interesting take on these Japanese superheros, they often fall short on the originals' greatness. The only one not to have failed, in my eyes, was "Power Rangers SPD", taken from "Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger". The translation of the stories were watchable and the American Doggie Kruger kicked ass! Anywho, I pretty much based the Terra Rangers ( organizational -wise ) off the American version of "Dekaranger" with some elements of "GoGo Sentai Boukenger" ( mostly the treasure hunting ) thrown in for good fun. Kyndall is Terra Ranger Three and the trouble maker of the group. When I created her, I really had no idea what to do with her. I tried a few ideas but they all seemed to fizzle out from lack of interest. Finally, I decided to make the slacker of her family group and this has turned out well, especially because of the introduction of characters at work well along the line I was trying to take her. Kyndall is my second most played character and a hoot to mix up in social gatherings.

Kyndall 01.jpg
" I frickin' 'ate Rubic's Cube 3000 Advanced!"
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Zaphra Rachael Vincent
Known Aliases: "Z", Zed, Small Type, Motor Mouth, Terra Ranger 3, Orange, Kyn, Limey, 'That Loud Mouthed' British Bitch!
Species: Human ( female )
Age: 24 and 38 minutes
Height: 1.70 m ( 170 cm ) ( 5 ft 5 in )
Weight: 48.9 kg ( 107 lbs 8 oz. )
Eye Color: orange
Hair Color: brown with tan highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of the United Kingdom with a juvenile criminal record
Occupation: Administrative Assistant, Treasure Hunter, Terra Ranger, Trouble Maker
Place of Birth: Stonehenge, county of Wiltshire, England
Base of Operations: Atlas Park, Paragon City,RI
Marital Status: engaged
Known Relatives: Mahdi Vincent( father ), Patra Vincent ( Mother ), Zohoei Michelle Vincent ( sister, RS10 ), Zackery Thomas Vincent ( brother, Tundric ), Zane Eli Vincent ( brother, Airfront )
Known Powers
Natural Affinity towards fire, Fire manipulation, Fire control, enhanced metabolism, spirit sensitivity, flight
Known Abilities
Expert Computer hacker, Software programmer, Extreme athlete ( roller blades )
Terra Ranger Flame Armor, B.I.T controller ( Biolink Interface Terminal ), Photon Ax, Pyro Jets ( jet boots )


Personality and Mannerisms -

In terms of personality, Kyndall very direct, with little room for subtly. On first impression, she can come off as brash and a little confrontational. However, this is not the case,as she likes to call herself "sarcastically social". She will never fail to say what is exactly on her mind and ,unfortunately, acts and says things without regard of the trouble it would cause. This does not mean that she is totally without tact or common sense, but merely her way of expressing her dislike of people who cannot be true to themselves and say what they really have on their minds. However, let be known that Kyndall CAN be a bit of a hard pill to swallow if you are not used to direct personalities. The positive side to all of this is the fact she treats everyone the same way,unless she finds them to be a bother, after which she will proceed to treat them like the proverbial " red-headed step child".

Kyndall is a proud and outspoken patriot of the Great British Empire and has, on many occasions, spoken out on her views of other "English speaking " countries ( always America ) with a mocking undertone. This has more to due with the fact that she sees America as having totally butchered the Proper English language than any political stand point. You will often hear her complaining on how "weird" Americans speak, particularly with their slang. She considers the whole of American English to be mostly gutter speak, only spoken by street punks. Ironically enough, Kyndall, herself, has many aspects and speech patterns of a stereotypical 1980's British street punk. In contrast with her siblings, Kyndall has the deepest British accent ( more of the northern dialect ) and makes less of an effort to " curb it " so that non-Brits can understand her. This is not a reflection of her upbringing but a lifestyle choice, as she will quickly tell anyone within ear shot if asked, " I fuckin' love the 80's!!!"

Kyndall takes being fun very seriously,as she does not want to compared to her " workaholic " sister, RS10. In this, she tries not to take any matter, even important ones, too personally or seriously. This is much to the dismay of her friends and family. Most of the time this leads her to being in major or catastrophic trouble, dragging in anyone who is unfortunate enough to be around when she does. As such, she has been branded a class 5 "natural disaster event" by many of her friends and by some law enforcement agencies, particularly New Scotland Yard. To this end, Kyndall has become something of a hardcore slacker and she often tries to get out of anything dealing with responsibility or working, her reasoning being that if it were truly important it would have not been given to her to do. However, if the situation is of a significantly urgent nature and needed to be addressed with care and maturity, Kyndall will it treat as such and act accordingly.

Brief History -

Zaphra Vincent is the third child of a set of quadruplets born to Patra and Mahdi Vincent. Her mother was a low level precogitive whose dreams would sometimes give her glimpses into the most possible future. One month after marrying her college sweetheart, Mahdi Vincent, Patra had a dream that showed her that she would give birth to set of quadruplets within the next two years surrounded by a crowd but could discern the exact date. It came to pass that soon Patra was heavy with children and all was happening as her dream before had shown her. To celebrate his recent promotion, the Vincents decided to take a small holiday in the country, ending it with a tour of the famous tour atraction, Stonehenge. It was on the day of the summer soltice, while at Stonehenge, that Patra went into premature labor. The local hospital was too far away for Patra to be taken to in her condition and had to given birth there amongst the stone formations. The delivery, itself, was preformed by the tour guide and ,although three weeks earlier than expected, all four children were brought into the world amazingly healthy. Although the conditions of their birth were not common, the most unusual thing about their birth was the fact each child had been born with an oddly shaped birth mark on their bodies, in Zaphra's case, on her left shoulder blade. The tour guide marveled at these markings, claiming them to be signs of great significance and power, as they each resembled a character in elemental Druidic lore. Zaphra's birth mark had the appearance of the Druidic elemental symbol of fire.

Zaphra, from practically the begining, was a very rebelious and 'hot blooded' child. By the time she was age 8, Zaphra already had a pretty extensive juvenile criminal record. Like the rest of the Vincent children, her abilities manifested quite early and, especially in Zaphra's case, were extremely dangerous and not fully controllable. The only factors that prevented her being sent to a juvenile correction facility or even the Stockton Metahuman Detention Compound were her father's standing with the community and the fact that the chief of police in her town was also her godfather. Her parents were at their wits end, trying to figure out a proper solution to the behavioural problem of their second daughter. It came that Zaphra was sent to St. Catherine's Catholic School for Girls, in the hopes that being under the strict eye and guiding hand of the Sisters who run the school would quell her firey temperment. Suffice to say, it did not. However, it is here that Zaphra first met and became life long friends with Killian Mitchell, the one influence in the school that truly did have a positive affect on Zaphra's attitude and behaviour but not completely eliminating her rash and forwardly sarcastic personality. For the next seven years at the school, the two girls were practically inseperatable, doing everything together including getting in trouble. One day, in their fifth year, Zaphra had had a major confrontation with the head Sister of the school. This arguement led to Zaphra's most regretted action and her most private shame. That same evening, Zaphra went about setting fire to the living quarters of the teaching staff. Killian, being a low level pyrokinetic, tried to stop Zaphra by both talking her friend out of performing this act of arson and actively absorbing both the flames produced by Zaphra herself and those burning the building. Not thinking of anything other than her own satisfaction, Zaphra continued to produce more fire, treating this as a challenge from Killian to herself. This eventually led to Killian's body no longer being able to contain all the fire she had absorbed to that point and overloaded with a massive firey backlash explosion that engulfed the whole of the Sisters' living quaters. This blaze was beyond Zaphra's then current ability to control and far more than what she had intended. After moving the unconscious Killian to a safe place away from the fire, Zaphra tried to get the Sisters out of the burning building. All but two, Sister Anna Jameson and Sister Lori Cosgrove, were able to be saved.

( Work in Progress )

Powers -

Kyndall is a living self contained fusion furnace. In basic terms, she is a human miniature sun. Her entire biological structure, down to a genetic level, is conditioned for the generation, processing, manipulation, and absorption of fire, flame, plasma and certain energy wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum. As due to the nature of her powers, Kyndall can use them in a variety of ways and effects.

Flight: Kyndall can use her powers to create super-heated air currents which push her forward through the air, enabling her to fly. Sometimes this super-heated air is visible as a trail of flame behind her. She is protected from air friction and aerial debris by way of an envelope of super heated air. This envelope acts as a buffer,smoothing her flight path and creating a shaped path between her and air resistance. As Kyndall produces more thrust for higher speeds, the envelope of superheated air becomes one of superheated plasma, providing her both with additional air friction protection and far greater thrust. The upper limit to the speed Kyndall can achieve in flight has not yet been fully confirmed, although she is known to boast that she can achieve speeds approaching that of Mach 8, which places her top speed approximately at 8497 kilometers( 5280 miles ) per hour. Kyndall's normal rate of flight is much slower, usually between the speeds of 150 kilometers ( roughly 93.2 miles ) per hour to 402.3 kilometers ( 250 miles ) per hour. Kyndall has been clocked at achieving Mach 4 from a still standing position ( ground to airborne ) in 6.893 seconds[1].

Kyndall can carry a load up to 158 kilograms ( roughly 350 pounds ), including her own weight while in flight. When carrying another person, she rarely travels beyond 96.5 kilometers ( 60 miles ) per hour, a speed which still allows her passenger to breathe. Additional, Kyndall refrains from higher rates of speed while carrying a human passenger due to the fact that as her thrust potential increases so does the amount of heat produced by the increase. Normally, Kyndall would manually control the amount of heat she produces while in flight,however, as she flies faster, she must burn hotter to achieve the temperatures needed to attain those higher levels of speeds. Plainly speaking, the faster Kyndall flies,the less control she has over heat regulation.

Plasma Emanation: Kyndall can generate plasma temperatures ,theoretically, reaching about 1,666,648 degrees Celsius (3,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit ) at maximum level, roughly half the normal temperature of the photosphere of the Sun. Kyndall, however, never approaches this level of intensity ,as it would not only go well beyond her body's threshold of heat tolerance,destroying her physical form, but also instantly cause combustion in anything within a 321 kilometer ( roughly 100 miles ) radius. The general highest temperature that Kyndall generates is around 2204 degrees Celsius ( 4000 degrees Fahrenheit ). it is because Plasma is the state of superheated matter, Kyndall commonly uses it in the form of solid state beams when both distance and destructive power are needed. She can also use her power in a massive sphere shaped bomb blast she refers to as her "Corona Nova",which has enough concentrated plasma within it to completely vaporize any material up to the metal Impervium. Kyndall has particularly precise control over the area of effect, enough to where one person may feel like they have been sunbathing all day to total incineration of another target.

Kyndall can use this ability in a variety of ways:

Pyrokinesis: Kyndall possess the natural born ability to excite the atoms within an object,causing a reaction that produces enough energy to ignite said object. She capable of generating flames seemingly from thin air, still requiring the consumption of oxygen but not combustible objects to maintain the flames and then utilize them in practically any way she can envision. Kyndall possess an almost complete and precise control over her ability, granting her mastery over the shape, size, intensity, density, temperature, and even color of any flame she generates or any flame source within her control range.

Kyndall has many ways in which she uses this power:

Thermokinesis: Kyndall has the ability to mentally control the ambient heat energy within her general environment. She can reduce objects' temperatures (if they are in a normal range for existing on Earth's surface) to about -25 degrees Celsius ( -13 degrees Fahrenheit ), raise them to several hundred degrees, or extinguish open flames. Her radius of influence is about 360 yards( 1080 feet ) length wise by 159 yards ( 477 feet ) width wise, about the size of three regulation American football fields placed side by side[2]. The heat energy she takes from the environment is absorbed into her own body. There are unknown limits to the amount of flame she can absorb into her own body.

This power also gives Kyndall added ocular abilities:

Enhanced Metabolism: As direct result of her body's processing of heat,fire, and plasma, Kyndall's metabolism is running constantly at a very high level of efficiency. Due to this, it is practically impossible for Kyndall to be intoxicated. This metabolism also make her immune to most forms of poison and narcotics, the effects of which are normally burnt through her system at such an accelerated rate it appears that she was never affected by it. Kyndall's immunity to disease is also highly increased, however to what extent has yet to be determined.

( Work in Progress )

Abilities -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Paraphernalia -

( Work in Progress )

Relationships -

(the following are comments made by Zaphra Vincent when asked about her relationships with the people in question: )

"other people 'ho I 'ave fun wit or people 'ho jus' annoy me!!":

Weaknesses and Limitations -

As a fire manipulator, Kyndall shares some of the more common weaknesses and limitations of other people in this class. These limitations and weaknesses include ,but or not limited to:

1. - Although she is powerful enough to produce a sufficient amount of flame even in the bleakest of environments, Kyndall still requires a supply of oxygen to maintain her flame.

2. - A sufficient volume of water, proportionate to the amount and temperature of her flame, can temporarily douse Kyndall, effectively snuffing her ability

3. - Kyndall cannot use her maximum potential flame due to the fact she would cause almost irreparable damage to her surroundings.

4. - Her control and manipulation of outside sources of flame and heat are limited to her line- of - sight vision.

5. - Kyndall's control of her fire manipulating abilities is ,in part, dependent on her amount of mental fatigue.

6. - Even though she can both manipulate outside sources of flame or that generated by her own body, Kyndall's current volume of flame control is equivalent to the size of three football fields placed length- wise, side by side.

7. - Kyndall can use her fire manipulation abilities at a constant expenditure for up to six hours before mental fatigue starts to impair her control and ,at current, for a maximum of fifteen hours before she loses almost full control and usage for unspecified amount of time of rest before full control returns.

Of personal note, Kyndall's greatness limitation is perhaps her mouth. She has a fairly bad tendency to say whatever is on her mind to whomever is within earshot. It is very rare that she will will ever curb her particular descriptive speech, only doing so somewhat in the presence of young children. Kyndall tends to use colorful metaphors in her speech:

- " I jus' don't want to be the glove to the odd 'and!!" - Kyndall to Domino Principle , on the joke made about latter's 'magical penis'.

This more than often leads to a fair amount of laughter, especially for those who understand the reference that Kyndall is making, however, there are times that these are wholly inappropriate and out of place. Kyndall does not care. It is she belief that if something is going to be said, say it either in the most direct fashion or funniest possible. She often does both at the same time, regardless of the situation and makes no apologies because of it. This does not mean that she thinks that she is always correct or without manners. If she thinks she stepped over the line needlessly, Kyndall will apologize quickly then return to her normal verbal barrage.

( Work in Progress )

Musical Themes-

Story Arc musical themes

Arc 1:

Opening Theme : " Super Shooter " - sung by Rip Slyme

Closing Theme : " I would Die ( For You )" - sung by Prince

Arc 2:

Opening Theme : " Shut Up and Explode! " sung by The Boom Boom Satilites

Closing Theme : " Edge of the Earth " sung by 30 Seconds to Mars

Kyndall Character Themes

Sadness theme : " Wake up Call " (

Happiness theme : " Hey Ya ! " ( Speaker Box/ Love Below )

Character theme : " Wheels of Fire " ( Angel of Retribution )

Enemy Engagement theme : " Waiting Room " ( instrumental version ) ( Rock Steady )

Inspirational Will theme : " Peace Sign / Index Down " ( instrumental version ) ( The Quilt )

Desperation Fighting theme : " Smack My Bitch Up " ( The Fat of the Land )

Declaration of life theme :

Resolve theme : " Take Me With U " ( instrumental version ) ( Purple Rain )

Kyndall personal favorites:

( Work in Progress )

Trivia -

In Character :

( note: the " * " denotes publicly known knowledge about Kyndall )

Did you know that....

- Kyndall's normal internal body temperature is surprisingly lower than the average human's body temperature

- while Kyndall drinks heavily, she cannot actually taste the alcohol nor can get drunk.

- Kyndall has a deep seeded fear of bats

- Kyndall can name the all members of 80% of any rock band that came out of England since the 1970's.*

- Kyndall has 12 piercings : 4 in her right ear, 5 in her left ear, one piercing each for her nipples on her breasts, and 1 piercing in her belly button.*

- Kyndall is a borderline genius who suffers from a severe case of ADD*

- her favorite snack is Granny Smith green apples.

- in the Japanese culture surrounding sentai teams and member archetypes, Kyndall would have normally been selected as leader due to explosive brash attitude and ability to wield fire.

- if she pushed her flight speed to it's potential limit, Kyndall could reach speeds approaching Mach 8.*

- Kyndall has over 50 counts of destruction of property, 10 counts of "accidental" arson, 15 counts of assault with deadly weapons ( her hands are actually registered as such in the United Kingdom ), and 25 counts of disorderly conduct.*

- Kyndall is secretly the masked extreme in-line skater known as ' Friction ', with her holding the current world's record for longest grind ( note: this record was established before she learned to fly )

- Kyndall is a closet hardcore bibliophile.

- Kyndall is a Science Fiction and Anime enthusiast.*

- Kyndall's favorite character from DBZ is Vegeta, with her favorite attack from the show being he's " Final Flash " attack.*

- Outside her immediate family, only two people know her full name: Killian Mitchell and Michael Orlock.

The Name Game :

As Kyndall is rarely ever formal, she tends to give people she meets completely informal ( and sometimes somewhat insulting ) nicknames to sort them out, whether or not the nickname is accepted or even in correct relation to the person in question. Once she gives a person their nickname, 98% of the time, that is what she will address that person by.( honestly, she's just too damn lazy to ever remember most people's actual names ....) :

- High Jinks  : " Jinksy "

- Gold Meteor  : " Goldie "

- Maki Aikawa  : " Biscuit "

- Labal  : " Ashy "

- Enerix  : " Rix " & " Super Tart "

- A Force of Nature  : " Jacks "

- Lord Recluse  : " Lord Tit "

- Mercy.Killing  : " Whale Boy " & " Pooh Bear "

- Lucy Xiao  : " Lu Lu "

- Sister Pandora  : " Lu Lu two "

- Travern  : " Chaser "

- David Cuthbert  : " Cute Buns ", " Man Toy ", " Prime Rib ", " Action Figure ", " Luv Muffin ", " Full Course Meal ", " Hot & Tastey ", " Mr. Feelgood ", " My reason for staying straight ", " Yanke Doodle Yummy ", " Best Ride Ever " , " David "

- Toy Dispenser  : " Toy Boy "

- Maxi Payne  : " Mini Max "

- Domino Principle  : " Dom "

- Justice Eagle  : " ARSE!! "

- Poker Doll  : " Doll "

- Big Rich  : " Big Freak "

- Lance Matthews  : " Jack Arse "

- Killian Mitchell  : " Big Type " , " Lill " , " Sis "

- Kid Paragon  : " Junior "

- Pierre Corbin  : " Frenchie "

- Detra 1-10  : " The DD's "

- Mancrush  : " Binky "

- Lady Abigail  : " Abs "

- Lunar Eclipse  : " Boston "

- Ixiie  : " Shortcake "

- Rocket Rebel  : " Apple Pie "

- Transcended  : " Lu "

- Bushi Jones  : " Jonesy "

- The Lady Immolatasia  : " Tas "

- Crash Maxwell  : " Beef Pie "

- Lumena  : " Lummy "

- Jessii James  : " Jessii-girl "

- Ms. Liberty  : " Glory girl "

- Commander Pulsar  : " Pretty Boy "

- Games of the Mind  : " Sas "

- Forbbiden Wisedom  : " Wise "

- Ms. Syntessa  : " Syn "

- Slain Beauty  : " Princess "

- Delta Eclipse  : " Cy " & " Shifty "

- Sky Scar  : " Robin "

- Kailee D' Stratos  : " Kay Kay "

- Spark Capacitor  : " Timeron "

- Thorn Roseblood  : " Thorny "

- Mary 0nette  : " Little Goth " & " Little Mary "

- Ray D  : " Big Ray "

- Warsabre  : " Galan "

- Alekto  : " Ally "

- Shadowplay  : " Yume "

- Butterfly.Effect  : " Parker "

Out Of Character :

- Originally, Kyndall was played far more seriously ( in personality ) than she is played today. Her view on the world was somewhat pessimistic and skewed. After a while, I became quite bored with that idea, seeing as the Virtue Universe already has enough characters like that. Since then, I have found her to be more naturally a jovial person that has her feet firmly set on the ground. Kyndall is willing to listen to any point of view , even go along with some to a point, but always is of her own mind and opinions. This open mindedness adds to her ability to make light of practically any subject that is placed in front of her, as she is doing it purely for the humor of the moment rather than debasing. Her sense of humor is a large part of what makes Kyndall herself and is,quite honestly, both her best and worse personality trait.

- Kyndall's sense of humor is based off of the stylings of comedy legend Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx, as her favorite thing to do is take anything said to her and twist it as to come back as a joke or humorous misinterpretation of the statement toward the person who made the original statement.

- Out of all of the Vincent children, I have developed Zaphra's personality the most ,purely out of shear enjoyment of being in her head. Zaphra, much like myself , is a diagnosed creature of ID, however, I have exaggerated her ID to almost monstrous proportions in the fact that she has very few limiters. The long and short of it is were Zaphra a real person the only way that she would be able to survive as she is would be if she were completely given full reign over society as it would be the only way to appease her sense of want. It has been an interesting experiment seeing how other characters interact with a personality such as hers and the effects it has on the environment around her. I have yet to decide whether or not to play her siblings as the other aspects of the psychological makeup but if I did, Zaphra's sister, Zoehoei, would definitely represent the Super-Ego.

- Out of all the characters that i have created in the CoH Virtue Universe, Kyndall is perhaps my most dynamic. I say this because 80% of the time even I do not know what will come out of her mouth and this fasinates me to no end, being that I really should know. When ever I roleplay with Kyndall i can never predetermine actually down what path Kyndall will go as she,as a character, is a wild factor in any given situation. The only thing that I am certain of when it comes to her is that she will ALWAYS have something smart and cheeky to say.


  1. This speed from this starting position is only achieved if Kyndall has been building up an ignition charge, much in the same fashion of a space shuttle in pre-launch
  2. note that the wider the area Kyndall tries to control the less fine manipulation of said area she will have
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