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Asuria is a world separated between different nations and governed by the elemental Guardians. The elements themselves were spirits, looked upon to take care of their world - which many millenia back was terra-formed for the first settlers. Throughout the years, people split themselves to designated portions of the world, adapting to the environment and ultimately pledging their allegiance to the ruling Guardians there. There are main cities, though not with the architectural structure we have in modern society. Depending on the Guardian element would depend just where the cities were located. Fire is of the desert, barren of much lush greenery and under the mercy of the suns. The people under the care of its Guardian are dark of flesh with fierce personalities. The people of water reside on the islands away from the mainlands, setting themselves apart and often viewed as adaptable, always flowing with whatever changes occur in Asuria itself. Those of the Earth are headstrong and bold, often found deep within the cavernous mountains, surrounded by heavy rock and in mines - where precious stones are found. And those of the Air stay high above the canopies of monumental trees of floating islands, high over the mountains, often viewing the world underneath them and never truly interfering in the affairs of others.

What unifies all the elements together, the people themselves, was the power of the Light. The great energy that is the pinnacle of creation - it is believed that the Light exists throughout the universe as The Creator. The chosen one then becomes the Keeper, an Ambassador to keep the Guardians unified - to symbolize benevolence and peace. Guardians are chosen by the elements, and at times, it relates to a bloodline. This energy naturally flows through all Asurians, though strongest in those blessed by the elemental gifts. Unlike Guardians, Lightkeepers are not restricted by elements and bloodline, for they are chosen at birth - rotating between the elemental 'tribes' once every few hundred years. The mark of the Lightkeeper are the fathomless eyes of unnatural, pale blues, often infused with a kiss of viridian that spirals within them and the sign of the Creator running down their spine, resembling that of bright glyph markings.


Luna'iris Vana'diel
personality traits:
( Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging )
• Independent, original, analytical, and determined.
• Highly values knowledge, competence, and structure.

• Dark-honeyed skin. Pupil-less blue eyes. Stark-white hair.
• Weighs one hundred and thirty pounds.
• Well-toned build, muscular limbs.

Lunaris is of the people under the sign of Fire, born in the desert lands where the heat was far more abundant than any other location. She was born during the light of the moon, when it was at its fullest - thus the English translation of her name. Due to the complications of her birth, however, her mother was unable to see her first born's face. Her eye, when they first opened, revealed her to be the next vessel of Light. Never had she inherited the power of the flame but had the strong personality that would mark her as one of the Fire tribe's. As The Lightkeeper, she was treated much like any Asurian child, at first. The world around them provided an endless fount of knowledge to drink in and Lunaris did so without hesitation, the child was wanting to learn everything and anything she could. At an early age, she started showing signs of stubbornness when it came to learning how to control her gift. Manipulation of fire, however, was not in the future for the small Lunaris. The gift of Light didn't blossom until she was separated from her family and put under the care of the elder Guardians. It was these men and women that shaped the Lightkeeper through strenuous training and concentration on the divine energy running through her vessel. At the early stages of her life, she was forced to become a combatant and use her power - even if it had not matured to levels suitable for her body to take. But Lunaris, even as a weak Lightkeeper, was not one to simply give in to her own body's pleas - she pushed hard to grow stronger.

And stronger she did become.

Experience, however, was something that Lunaris lacked. At such a young age, already they expected grandiose things to happen, miracles even. The youth had diplomatic skills developed through the lessons learned from the other Guardians. Though, when it came to battle, she had so much more potential to learn outside her world. Like the Lightkeepers before her, Lunaris would be recruited as a Sentinel of the Council of Galactic Forces. It is with them that she would see beyond what Asuria would offer and take a glimpse into what it meant to be responsible for turning the tides in battle - whether with words or the manifestation of Light. Reluctant at first, the Council viewed her as a hindrance than a valuable asset to their organization. Any doubt they had for Lunaris went out the door after she was able to demonstrate a politic argument for her reasons of being a Sentinel. She wasn't doing this for herself - but for all the Asurians counting on her.


Using the Hypergate, which was created by the Celestial Society of Planetary Development, Lunaris was able to see places outside of Asuria - outside of the Council's mothership. The gate itself is programmed with coding that would allow one to pass through the 'portal' and re-emerge elsewhere - as long as another gate was positioned there. Several worlds were visited, humanitarian missions were always top priority. Different cultures presented her with challenges; some welcomed the Lightkeeper, others were not as trusting. In the end, however, she was able to help provide peace and police nations with the help of other Sentinels and Council members.

Her stay often varied between weeks ( by Earth's standards ) to months - never would she spend more than a year assisting with interplanetary struggles and strife. Lunaris learned of their customs, along with their languages, and easily picked up on them. Though, more often than not, she had to learn on her own as time progressed and she no longer had the assistance of the Council at her side during these missions. Different sectors were assigned and she had her prerogatives - once completed, she would move on to the next.

Never did she fathom that her next assignment would lead her to the Milky Way, the planet Earth.

Those within the Portal Corporation had known of the Council and the lapse in years when it concerned the return of Sentinels to Earth. They have not visited Gaia in almost a millennium. The portal used many moons past was similar to one that the Circle of Thorns used, though instead of the Arcane power, the Celestial Society used technology to shorten the distance between two points down to zero. The portal itself could not be activated by humans without the coding from the Council, which left the portal dormant and collecting dust - almost forgotten until the transmission came directly to Lieutenant Colonel Flynn. The Sentinels were to be dispatched, once again, to Earth - this time they would not only be performing research but aiding directly with the Vanguard members along with other Galactic members that had already been established on Earth. Their operative was Lunaris Vana'diel - their Lightkeeper.


During her two years on Earth, Lunaris has developed strong friendships among her peers and even those not within the Sentry. Each individual has a special place in her heart, and is as important as the other. As time passed by, friends have come and gone and new friendships have formed while older ones still remain.

Wolfram - One of the new team leaders of the Sentry, The Lightkeeper met him during the time that Divine Maiden had been missing. Not once did she offer him a glance of affection, though he admired the enigma that was the Sentinel, and in due time, she admired his courage and honesty - the devotion he portrayed to the Palladium Sentry. They are currently in a relationship after months of growing closer and they continue to grow stronger.

Knight Sentinel - The Palladium Sentry's leader, she has the utmost respect for him and keeps their relationship professional. She trusts him with the choices he makes and finds him to be the most honorable terran she has had the chance to meet.

Matt King - One of her allies and long-lasting friend, Matt King was one of the first along with Saturn Spirit to form a strong bond due to their occupations outside the terran planet, Earth.

Saturn Spirit - The Prince of Saturn has always held a place in her heart due to their immediate bond as Sentinels and team members. She respects Saturn Spirit and will always stand at his side when he requires assistance from her.

• Rainchild - A fellow Asurian and Sentinel from one of the tribes of the air and mountains, she is her opposite to an extent and far more sociable than Lightkeeper. Her soft smile is always present to welcome Lunaris and she treats her like a sibling - though more often than not - people confuse them to be sisters.

Voltium - The peculiar individual hails from Praetoria and speaks in lingo that Lightkeeper has a hard time deciphering. Besides calling her Bright Eyes she enjoys the moments that he does take charge and becomes serious. Behind the jest, he is an intelligent hero who she has had the pleasure to fight alongside with.

Spell Slung - Unfamiliar with what he is, Lightkeeper doesn't understand much when it comes to him. Though she knows his sense of bewilderment about certain topics often match her own curiosity in regards to terran behavior. He has become a good friend of Wolfram's, though she doesn't share the same degree of friendship that they both share - she does admire it. He has proven himself knowledgeable in the arcane, thus enabling the Sentry to better understand situations dealing with the occult.

Shadow Rabbit - The young lagomorpha humanoid is one that captures the interest of the Lightkeeper. Sweet and charismatic as Rabbit is, she feels a certain motherly affection for her and offers her help whenever possible.

Anticline - Spell Slung's companion shares brief words with the Lightkeeper, though brief as they are, she is polite and kind, playful and sincere. It is refreshing speaking with Taryn though Lunaris only sees her for short periods of time. Her abilities are admirable and quite useful in and out of battle.

Robot Ninja - A team leader for a long period of time, the Robot Ninja conducts himself professionally and more-often than not assists on the field - especially when there are criminals causing havoc, it is he that provides them with the means to understand the situation before diving into trouble.


Lunaris has armor that was crafted by the Council utilizing the minerals and metals from Asuria itself. This armor, not only is adorned with the symbol of the Lightkeepers, but has been crafted to be suitable for heavy combat - keeping in mind that Lunaris is at times put in perilous situations. They are blessed by the Creator's grace, thus making harder to penetrate through.

Aegea Cuirass - Made with the Aegean metal found within the vast territory, mostly mines, of the Earth Kingdom, it is said to absorb negative energy - which is her greatest weakness in combat. The armor itself has a thin layer of energy omitted from it, though apply enough dark force and the armor itself will receive the brunt of the contact. Lightkeeper has no weapons but her body, which channels light constantly. However, she has a few things on her person that amplifies her powers.

Star Guard - The shield adorning her face, modified from the Vanguard piece in the hands of the Galactic Council, enhances the damage output when she uses the her holy power - mainly from her gaze. It wraps around the top half of her head, shielding any light from escaping unless by her own will.

Gem of Creation - Along her elongated ( elf like ) ears, she wears earrings with special, divine gems. The power channeling from them allows her body to be stabilized in the different atmospheres she finds herself in. They keep her regulated and allows the constant flow of Light to course her body.

Shattered Star - The necklace worn is symbolic of her faith, though imbued with the power of healing using the manipulation of Light.

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