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Metal Man Roar!
Player: @quest
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Camden Ozolin
Known Aliases: Wolf, Wolfie, Metal Guy, Metalanium
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 250+ lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero For Hire
Place of Birth: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Rebecca (Mother), Joshua (Father), Allan (Step-Father)
Known Powers
Extreme Physical Strength and Durability
Known Abilities
Very Street Smart, Brawler, Minor Mechanical Skills
Specially Designed Belt to augment his weight.
"We Move For All Mankind"'

(( Wolfram is a Heroic Brute on the Virtue server. Inspired by the X - Man Colossus, I felt the urge to do my own take on a metallic hero, one with phenomenal physical prowess but a personality to counteract the strength. Starting in Praetoria, Wolfram took quite a while to build steam. Several attempts at RP ended fruitlessly and he began to collected dust on my alt list. It wasn’t until I applied him to the Palladium Sentry that he quickly rocketed to the list of most played characters and has since become my new main. ))

Born to Joshua and Rebecca Ozolin on August 24th, 1985, Camden only knew his father as an infant. Abandoned by his third birthday, Rebecca entered the difficult and stressful world of the single mom. Long hours, multiple jobs, and all at the cost of rarely seeing her own son who she worked so hard to support. Camden spent the early portion of his life raised by various grandparents and relatives, not understanding why neither of his parents were ever there for him. He longed for the “Perfect Life” with a loving family.

As he grew older and more mature, he began to understand what just what his mother did for him, and the two grew very close, until she remarried. Allan was well connected and relatively wealthy, given their middle class lifestyle. Sadly, he never saw Camden as his own son, and the tension and resentment between them grew throughout the years, seemingly unbeknownst to his mother. Rebecca had become enticed by the gifts and security Allan provided, and felt Camden was just holding childish resentment for “replacing” his father.

Dreams of the perfect family grew into dreams of escape. He masked his pain with humor, spending as much time with friends as possible, without ever really opening up to any of them. A relatively popular student throughout Junior and Senior High, Camden was an active and skilled participant in many sports, anything to keep him out of the house. When he wasn’t playing or socializing, his head was in the clouds, dreaming of superheroes and saviors, anything to get him the respect of his peers.

Shortly after graduation his salvation arrived as a simple package in the mail from a Dr. Joshua Ozolin. The letter held promise of an escape, to give the young man exactly what he wanted, to gift him with the powers that could change his entire world, that could pull him out of his life and into something more. His dreams answered, Camden jumped at the opportunity and quickly ran to his mother and Allan for approval. He was met with rejection and negativity which erupted into a bitter fight. That night he gathered every penny of his savings and bought a ticket to Rhode Island, ready to change his life no matter what.

Arriving just outside of Paragon City, Camden spent nearly a month with his father, making up for lost time, being convinced that his leaving was for the good of all mankind. Everyday they spent in each other’s company, laughing, hanging out, enjoying the other’s companionship.

Then one day that changed. His father entered the room with no warmth, only business. Camden tried to remember what this meant to him, to both of them really, but there was always the sense of hesitation, something didn’t feel right. He spent almost entire days sedated as his father operated and carried out the procedures. The weeks turned into months and eventually time seemed to blur away for the guinea pig. The father that had spent one month reconnecting, had just abandoned him again.

His body slowly, painstakingly changed, modified, “upgraded.” At the end of each day all he could do was lie down as consciousness fought against the sedatives for a few moments before he passed out from the exhaustion. Thankfully, the sedatives kept the horrifying pain at bay, but at the cost of an untold portion of his life.

When it was over with, the procedure finished and the tests run, Camden awoke on a park bench. All that was left were the clothes on his back, enough money for a cab and a hot meal, and a small journal of procedures pertaining to his augmentations.


His time in Paragon started roughly. His dreams of becoming a hero were diverted by necessities to survive. Unfortunately, his dreams were failing to pay the bills, keep a roof over his head, or even feed his new, massive appetite. He spent months, bleeding money as he did minor jobs on the side, trying desperately to live out his fantasy.

The months turned into years, and his dream slowly drifted away. His day job took precedence and his hero work turned into only a minor relief from the dreary days spent in some warehouse or shipping yard. He had given everything up, his family back home wouldn’t speak to him, his father had fulfilled his promise and abandoned him, and now he was struggling to survive.


Eventually giving up on the hero life and devoting his time strictly to matters of survival, Camden turned into an average citizen, covered in a unique metallic alloy. He worked long hours, went home and rested, then did it all again. Day in and day out, without fail. It wasn’t until one fateful day that his boss approached him with a problem. The Family had been pressuring him, insisting on protection money, and it had gotten to the point of running him out of business.

Hesitant at first, he simply shrugged at the request, his dreams thoroughly squashed. Until the boss offered to pay him for the service. He thought about it over night, and the next day returned to the office, told him to raise the fee, and made sure the Family wouldn’t ever bother his business again. He put his two weeks notice in the next day and left to open his own office.

In a week, Wolfram was born. Taking the name from one of the countless metals composing his new skin. He had been given a sign, he could live out his dream and survive, and nothing would ruin that for him. Amazingly, in a city of heroes, having a large metal man in the book, on call, was in high demand, and he was quickly sustaining his own lifestyle. And in the rare times that he was between appointments and jobs, he would patrol the streets of Skyway and volunteer for his community. He was living the dream… But something still felt off.


Having established his own business, gaining a small following and clientele, Wolfram had a slowly growing urge to do more and more, to be part of something bigger. He wanted to be a hero, but doing it for the money, he needed something more… Traditional.

On the news he had often seen images of one group that stood out from the rest, in his opinion. The Palladium Sentry had a reputation for heroics and selflessness, yet were more than capable of getting results. Idealist who’s operations often met success. They were often seen on broadcasts after saving the day, then lingering after the battle to aid those who had suffered. He knew right away, this was what he needed.

It didn’t take long for him to gather information on them, finding out more about their work, their methods, and their results. Soon after he filled out an application for membership. He waited eagerly in his office, a feeling of excitement in his stomach as the file was processed and reviewed. When the day came, he went to City Hall and met a ‘man’ named Robot Ninja who he later realized wasn’t a man at all. He answered his questions, and then was accepted into the fold.

Months later, he's developed a fondness for the group and begun to mesh with them very well. He's developed a number of connections with the people within the group and fought alongside them on a number of missions of varying importance. Despite a few issues with the group, he's stuck it out and continued to do his part, eventually even being promoted to Team Leader.

Sadly, the promotion was followed by an uncharacteristically dull period. With little going on in the city, the Praetorians mostly held back by various groups' efforts, and Sentry members working on their own issues, it's left him kind of bored and focusing on his Hero For Hire work again to keep himself busy.

After New York, there was a period of downtime, a chance to refresh the batteries and grow closer together. Of course, in this city, such things were always short lived. Soon one bullet tore their peace into pieces. A politician had been shot and they were tasked with the job of finding out who, and why. Not being an expert detective, Wolf kept the people at bay and cleared the scene, while the Atlantean Queen healed him to the best of her ability.

When the senator had been stabilized, Wolf quickly raced to join the others in the search of the shooters. Searching in the hills surrounding Founders’ Falls, he joined another Atlantean and the Lightkeeper, soon followed by a number of others. It wasn’t until the Knight Sentinel arrived on the scene that another shot rang out, ripping through a sword and around bodies until it hit him.

The bullet quickly ate away at his regenerative abilities, even while assisted by the Queen. He was quickly escorted back to the Sentry base to be attended to as Wolfram joined the others in search of the man that pulled the trigger.

Wild Card had fallen easily, but when he was brought back to the holding cells, a whole new series of games began. The man new how to keep his guard up, deflect the questions, and frustrate people all the while. He was later transferred to the Zigg, but a dozen riots later, and they were sent in to extract him all over again. The first mission he had gone on with the new member, Shamus. The young man had started in unsafe grounds, but quickly grown into one of his closer friends within the ranks, and when his wrist was snapped by Wild Card, Wolfram quickly established that there would be consequences for hurting his friends.

Now sitting in the holding cells once more, Wild Card’s future is yet to be determined…

Wolf had begun to grow comfortable within the Sentry, his friendships with Shamus and the Lightkeeper were both going strong, despite the slight tension between them. Shamus had been right, his music had power, perhaps not as a meta, but the sway it held was clear and he had decided not to compete. He had his patrolling, his Sentry duties, and his work. The ladder kept him busy one night, he was standing in an alley as the rain fell, waiting for a drug deal to go down, unaware the he was right across from the club Shamus and the Lightkeeper happened to be in.The Sassy Sax.

He had no idea what was going on inside, not until the lights flashed. Shamus had done something, to this date he doesn’t really know what, and Light had taken a stand. The bar fight was short lived, but the aftermath was anything but. Shamus was a lie, his name, his story, he had been keeping a lot from his friends, and it all came to a head that night. He had a past, people that were hunting him, and now Light and Wolf had targets painted on them for interfering.

A man from Chicago wanted his head, a criminal overlord, a kingpin amongst kingpins. They never found out why exactly, but with a meta powered mob boss whose subordinates ranged from thugs to alleged “gods”, they had to be careful. Careful, however, isn’t something the Lightkeeper truly understands. Organized crime was completely foreign to her and she had no intent to hide or be subtle. Wolf wasn’t going to leave her unprotected though. Aaron had been born.

Soon after a young man, a street musician, had begun appearing outside of Portal Corp. He played his guitar, meeting the people that came and went. As the time went on, he quickly established a certain amount of friction with Light and had gotten close to her comrade, Rainchild. Wolf now spent his days maintaining his work, and nights lived out as Aaron, keeping guard of Light. Weeks passed, and the results were quickly noticeable, he had been exhausting himself, stretching his endurance and his limits. Fortunately, it wasn’t meant to last forever, and as the threat seemed to vanish, he finally revealed the truth to Light and to Rain. They were obviously upset, but seemed to understand his motives and even gave him forgiveness.


Due to the operation that gave him his metallic alloy, his body’s composition was permanently altered. At present, he spends the majority of his time with the alloy activated and covering his skin. In the event that he decides to deactivate his alloy, it retracts through special pores in his skin that were augmented through his operation. After the going through the pores, the alloy is stored inside his bones until he activates it again. Currently, he either hasn’t said or doesn’t know the trigger that activates the alloy, though speculation has led towards it being a neural trigger signaled by his brain.

Invulnerability - Due to the alloy covering his body, he is nearly impervious to physical harm. As a side effect of the alloy’s durability, his body is able to support tremendous impact and allowing him to lift great weight without strain to his physique.

Temperature Resistance - While not entirely invulnerable to temperature variations, the metallic alloy affords him a strong resistance to extreme temperatures for a period.

Strength - To maintain the density of his new alloy, his body had been augmented with fantastic strength. The upper limits of his strength have yet to be tested, but to date he has been seen as easily lifting several tons.

Conductivity - A mostly untested ability, he has recently noticed his body is an excellent conductor of electricity and he is capable of redirecting electricity to some extent. Some part of his operation has protected him from being fried by the voltage passing through him.

Leaping - As a byproduct of his strength, coupled with the unique, magnetic belt he wears to augment his weight, Wolfram is able to leap incredible distances with a moderate degree of control.

While his alloyed skin provides incredible protection from physical harm, Wolfram is far from invincible. These weaknesses have hindered him several times in the past, and it would seem that they wont be overcome for some time.

Psychics - His body may be indestructible, but his mind is quite the opposite. He lacks any form of protection from psionic intrusion or manipulation. Mental attacks also seem to do unhindered damage. Due to his mind’s openness to psychic infiltration, he has something of an uneasy trust with all psychics, allies included.

Women - One of his more noticeable weaknesses, Wolfram is very susceptible to a beautiful woman. In the past, this has led to women distracting him or leading him into a trap. At best, when surrounded by them, he becomes a stuttering mess of nerves and self-consciousness.

Flight - Not something that comes up often, but he is very uncomfortable when airborne. At first it was thought to be a fear of heights or falling, however the fall wouldn’t be an issue for him, and his leaping doesn’t induce fear. The belt he wears doesn’t operate properly in high altitude, as such, his weight shifts rapidly which is said to be very uncomfortable and leads to great concern for the well being of others flying with him, along with anyone else that may be beneath him, should he plummet.

Ticklish - During a training session with Matt and Light, he found out that in his non metal form he is in fact quite sensitive. Most likely it's simply a sudden contrast to his utter lack of sensitivity while coated in the alloy, but tickling turned out to be an effective weapon on him.

Skin - Despite his extreme durability while covered in his alloy, in the off chance he's caught with it retracted, he is rather weak. His strength is reduced greatly, and he gains the durability of an average human, save for his increased bone density.

Normally seen wearing the same clothing over and over, Wolfram has some difficulty finding clothes he likes that fit his stature, without bankrupting him. Typically this leaves him wearing average, but very large, clothing, which is easy to reproduce when damaged. However, after a series of tasks performed for the people of Portal Corp, he was gifted with a new, heroic suit, designed specifically for his body and lifestyle.

The Belt - Wolfram wears a specially designed belt, that was made specifically for him as part of his operation, which augments his otherwise tremendous weight. Using a small series of generators spread throughout, the belt generates a unique magnetic field, coupled with a gravimetric force to keep him at a more workable weight without magnetizing his alloy. The belt also doubles as an interface that allows him to slightly change the makeup of his alloy and how it operates.


  • Light: "Honestly, still not sure exactly how I managed to get so close to Light. She's strong, beautiful and... Incredible really. It took a long time and wasn't all pleasant, but it was worth it. She's turned into the most important person in my life and I love her for it."
  • Spell: "Spell's... Weird. We get along great for some reason, despite me having the magical talents of a rock and him having the social skills of a termite. Doesn't really matter though, we have a lot of laughs and on patrol we just destroy stuff."
  • Robot Ninja: "At first I wasn't sure if he was actually a robot, but figured that out. It doesn't have much of a personality, but hearing it talk about internet stuff can be kinda funny."
  • Cybernetic Azurite: "Haven't seen her in a while, but we got along fine. Used to race each other to the bad guys, but guess her being gone means I win."
  • Tetrion: "Tet's pretty awesome. Guy's always in a good mood, knows how to see the glass as half full, which is pretty damn impressive these days. And without him, I wouldn't have been a team leader."
  • Taryn: "She's Spell's cake and pretty awesome too. Weird sense of humor, sweet and generally nice. All of that makes me wonder why she's with Spell. Course, I'm pretty sure she used to be a lamp before Spell magic'd her."
  • Jordan: "Cool girl, get along with her fine, but feel kinda bad for her. Always acts tough, but she's got a lot of shit going on in her life that she's trying to bury."
  • South-Side Shamus: "Shamus, Ian, whatever he's called. Had a rocky start, got close, then he goes psycho in a club and kinda ruins it. Then he gets us targeted by a group that wants to kill us while he's off dating. Try to stay positive about him... But it's reeaally hard."
  • Admeta: "Not real sure what to make of her. She goes from this arrogant, uptight, elitist warrior, to some apologetic, nice-ish girl. Not sure which one's more common with her though."
  • Rainchild: "She's like a sister to Luna, and I like to think we're friends too, but after the whole thing with Aaron... I always feel awful around her, even though she said it's alright."
  • Lial: "Irritating, obnoxious, annoyingly passive psychic. Like everything she is annoys me, and seeing her so willing to mind control people just makes me uncomfortable."
  • Swordstroke: "Arrogant tool that liked to just randomly teleport me places. Can't stand that shit."
  • Badger: "Tried sticking up for her, giving her the benefit of the doubt even after she attacked me and Spell and even threatened Light and then she goes off and kills some guy. Done with her and her shit and sick of the sob story excuses."
  • Xeden: "Get along Jordan, but her husband just pisses me off. He's arrogant, neglects his wife, and treats his 'allies' like dirt. Wont ever help him again if I can avoid it and watching him get flung like a rag doll by a little girl will always make me laugh."

(( For those that know him, feel free to leave a message. ))

"Wolf is a stand up guy... I think that's what they say, he's often stood up... I wonder if he can sit down whilst fully metal... hm... oh what? Oh right. Yeah, Wolf is likely my best friend in this dimension, he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and he treats his cake right!" - Spell

"Wolf is great steal headed fighter ... he may be dumb at the times, but still he have a great deal of heroism within his tin plated heart, I even test my electric powers on him and he didn't feel a twitch and my electric bolts starts flying all over the place!" - Fared


- Speaks some Mandarin Chinese, he's far from completely fluent, but he knows a fair bit... Even if his accent is atrocious.

- Due to the metal, his sense of touch is all but lost and he relies on a mix of sight and sound to know when contact is made.

- His fighting style is... Non-Existent. He's a brawler with strength, at best.

- Was recently given a gem to fend off some lesser magics. Far from invulnerable from it, he now has at least some minor magic protection.

- Though lacking in overall polish, Wolf has a fair bit of talent with a guitar.

- Wolf is actually and exceptional dancer, having taken years of lessons in various styles at his mother's insistence. It's also one of the few times he can relax around the opposite gender.

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