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LoraLai wiki 2.jpg
Lora'Lai high above Steel Canyon
Player: Logand
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lora'Lai
Known Aliases: "Lora" (Former name - Lora Doubet)
Species: Kheldian/Human Fusion
Age: Kheldian: 2239 / Human: 27
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States of America (Naturalized)
Occupation: Professional Adventurer, Graphical Arts Designer
Place of Birth: United North America (alternate timeline)
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living or in this dimension
Known Powers
Kheldian Energy Manipulation/Projection
Known Abilities
Computer Systems Sys op/Cracker/Hacker, Business/Logistics Management, Graphics and Interior Designer, Small Unit Tactics
Paragon Police Department (PPD) Police Band radio, Pocket D VIP Card, Base Teleporter Recall, Stephanie Peeble's Wedding Band, Warwolf Whistle
Has Extensive Knowledge of the Following: Dimensional Travel, Corporate Culture, Villain Groups in Paragon City, High Energy Physics, Martial Arts, Superhero Base Design and management(self taught). Hobbies include: Collecting Anime and related paraphernalia. Casual fan of Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Harry Potter. Collects dolls and figurines. Tinkers with the Legendary Base in her spare time.




Lora'Lai (or just "Lora" to her friends) most often comes across as calm, serene, and rational. Though she is certainly not unemotional. The experience of her ancient Kheldian side lends a perspective and wisdom that belies her apparent age. At the same time, she looks on the world with new eyes and seems fascinated by various human personality quirks (including her own!).

She has stated repeatedly she has no wish to be a leader, but does her best to back up Evangelia and Shizuru and make their jobs easier, offering strategic and tactical advice and logistical support. She is the perfect second-in-command or "majordomo". However, despite her discomfort in leadership roles, Lora has taken tactical leadership more than once and lead teams efficiently and successfully when no other options were available. Evangelia realized that Lora'Lai was vital to the re-organization and re-building of The Legendary, and quickly bumped her to her position as one of the co-leaders of the group and Primary Base Architect. She is still somewhat uncomfortable in her role as "one of the top three" however and defers to the others whenever possible. Whether this discomfort arises from her human or kheldian side she prefers not to say.

She has a quirky, referential sense of humor, and is quick with a laugh or a smile. But tends not to "combat quip", instead, honing her concentration on the battle and keeping careful track of situational awareness and calling out targets of opportunity. She doesn't begrudge others if they have the inclination to talk or joke during a fight, she even enjoys teammate Superball's antics. She simply wants to devote her mental resources to more important things.


Lora'Lai in flight

In addition to the abilities described below, Lora also has the power of Energy Flight in her human form.

Luminous Blast

Lora'Lai projecting beams of light from her eyes

A mistress of light, energy and matter, Lora can manipulate Kheldian Light energy to devastate her opponents. Her various energy projection abilities bombard her foes with awesome power that often knock down foes and can easily reduce a target's defenses. Not all of her powers are offensive though. She can fine tune her energy to heal as well as hurt.

Luminous Aura

Lora'Lai in a near total energy state with all shields up.

Lora'Lai can also generate various energy shields to defend herself from attacks, heal herself, and even reform her energy matrix from the brink of death. She has the potential to convert her entire mass to a total quantum state more energy than matter.

Additional Powers

Lora'Lai can disperse and reform her quantum energy state to shapeshift into a semblance of alien life forms that her Kheldian half has merged with in the past.

Bright Nova

Bright Nova Form

Lora shapeshifts into this squidlike form, also known as the Mefnanim in order to gain access to high powered energy blast abilities that also have greater range than those of her human form. This flying, tentacled form is based on a life form the Kheldians encountered that lived in a gas giant. It has inherent flying ability - not much to stand on in a gas giant, after all.

White Dwarf

White Dwarf Form

Lora can also shift into this gigantic, lobster-like biped, also sometimes called the Kurukt. This slow moving, tough form is derived from creatures that lived on the surface of a very dense dwarf star. It's very durable, very strong, and has an inherent self-teleport ability.


The more she uses her abilities, the more efficient at energy management she has gotten. She no longer expends unnecessary amounts of energy when using her powers, and is thus better able to pace herself than when she first merged.


As befits a Kheldian with powers over light and energy, Lora'Lai can sense power flows on an instinctive level. She can "see" and "hear" various TV and radio signals, but can only understand information from analog broadcasts. She can "hear" digital cellphone signals, but only as a stream of binary pulses, and she cannot translate that into anything coherent. Since the Paragon Police Department (PPD) uses digital signals to it's issued communicators, she must carry one with her physically in order to access the system.

Her "energy senses" have allowed her to tweak the power flow from the generator of the Legendary base, giving increased efficiency.

Lora'Lai is also accomplished with computer systems and tries to keep her knowledge as up-to-date as possible.

She also has an eye for design and in addition to the architecture of the base, she also designed the groups standard uniform.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Like all Kheldians, Lora'Lai can be quickly felled by Quantum Array weaponry and other sources of Nicti energy that is specially tuned to interfere with the energy matrix of a Kheldian. Lora has learned to quickly spot Quantum Array guns in the hands of the various villain groups, and takes the miscreants carrying them out first or points them out to her teammates for them to deal with. Against Nictus Void Hunters and Void Stalkers, Lora is merciless, and if alone, she will attack wildly, shifting to White Dwarf form if need be to survive close combat in order to smash them.


Character History

Base Architect

Lora'Lai in her role as base architect and sysop.

One of Lora'Lai's main jobs in the Legendary is that of Base Architect. It was her eye for design and ability with the base computers that led Evangelia to delegate her the role. She manages the power output of the reactor, the computer systems and security, and the teleport systems. In addition, she keeps base salvage and workshops organized and even serves as interior decorator. She has even designed several "quality of life" aspects into the base structure that have nothing to do with efficiency and everything to do with making the place a comfortable place to live and work in. Including a bar/club area and breakfast nook/coffee bar just off the main entrance. Since the actual location of the base is on the top floor of a skyscraper in Founders Falls, she has implemented natural lighting as much as possible with skylights throughout the base in areas that don't need the extra security of armor. No one who sees the home base of The Legendary leaves as anything less than impressed.


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