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Player: @LooneyToons
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50+1(+3)
Personal Data
Real Name: Raye Langley
Known Aliases: Magical Princess Evangelia, Eva
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Eye Color: Green (hidden by aura)
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student, Atlas Park Regional High School
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single, not currently dating
Known Relatives: Gene Langley (father), Emma Langley (mother)
Known Powers
Broadsword, Invulnerability
Known Abilities
Fitness, Leaping
Jump pack, ice gun, Pocket D VIP pass, base transporter, police band radio, Nectar, various one-shot or temporary items.
Co-Leader of The Legendary.

Cheerleader. Warrior. High school student. Leader of men and women. This is Magical Princess Evangelia.

For Beauty, Love and Justice!



Supergroup: The Legendary (Rank: Legend, Co-leader)


As befits a girl who spends much of her "civilian" time as a cheerleader, Evangelia tends to be bright and enthusiastic even under the most trying circustances. In group situations, she's often found bolstering teammates' morale with humor and quips. She's been known to shout "Yee-ha!" or variations thereof on completing missions and gaining levels.

Her energy level tends to be high -- she's not often standing still, instead jittering, dashing from side to side or even spinning in place if she's forced to stay in one spot for long. In combat, she tends to dart from target to target, not hesitating to help a teammate out if their opponent is within reach (or even not).

Although she does have her more quiet and introspective side, it's rarely seen by teammates.

She also has a strong independent streak, which manifests as a preference to handle her missions solo. She's not averse to joining other people's teams, but if she's not already part of one, she prefers to handle her assignments alone. Combined with her increasing Security Level and the growing responsibilities of running The Legendary, this independence has in recent months resulted in something of an estrangement from her mascot/advisor Alistair.

For some reason, members of her supergroup have the impression that she's somewhat innocent and even prudish at times. This is not the case, as attested to by such events as the inaugural table dance she performed at the opening of the nightclub room in The Legendary's base. Evangelia suspects that this is because at 16 she is still the youngest member of the supergroup, and even though she personally recruited most of them the other group members see her as a "kid sister".


Evangelia is a melee-oriented "magical girl".

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Her trademark power is the (relatively) huge sword she wields in combat. Almost as long as she is tall, this broadsword has been thoroughly enchanted with a number of useful enhancements. Among its more notable features are its almost zero weight when in her hands, and its extra-dimensional "scabbard" which allows it to vanish and reappear as she wills.

Since gaining her powers, Evangelia has acquired a frightening variety of techniques and attacks with this sword, and has become particularly adept at fighting entire groups at once, from their centers.


The other primary gift of power she received from Alistair is her resistance to damage. While not quite as extreme as that of other invulnerable characters, her ability to shrug off damage is still considerable, and gives her a particular edge in mass combat situations.

Additional Powers

Evangelia possesses the Geas of the Kind Ones, which allows her to dramatically boost her health and endurance recovery and power recharge rates, at the cost of making herself easier to hit.

She is also able to employ the Sands of Mu in melee combat.


In the grand tradition of the magical girl, Evangelia travels by stupendous leaps. Bounding from rooftop to rooftop, she can traverse even the largest city zone in what amounts to just a few steps.


Already an active, athletic teen before gaining her powers, Evangelia has been able to expand immensely on her natural talents in the months since she gained her powers.


Evangelia rose to the challenge of leadership, learning how to inspire her fellow supers to excel in battle and out.


Earlier in her career, Evangelia eschewed any pretense at stealth, preferring to be obvious and direct in her confrontations with evil. However, with time and experience she has learned the benefits of a more subtle approach, and has added a magically-boosted stealth to her repertoire.


Above and beyond all this, Evangelia has also gained the attention of the Well of the Furies, and has begun adding the power of a deity to her already-impressive portfolio of talents and powers.


Cardiac Core Paragon


Void Partial Core


Diamagnetic Partial Core Conversion


Warworks Partial Radial Improved Ally


Clarion Partial Radial Invocation


Raye is clever and quickwitted, and would be a straight-A student at Atlas Park Regional High School if she didn't have her superhero career to distract her from academics. As it is, she still manages a strong B+ average.

Raye had some acrobatic talent and training as part of her cheerleading, but since becoming Evangelia she has honed and trained these talents until she has become a skilled acrobat.

In the last year and a half, she's acquired a surprising level of skill in diplomacy, a good working knowledge of small-unit tactics and the rudiments of leadership (in her opinion; others seem to think more highly of her abilities in this field). She's also learned more than she ever wanted to know (or believed possible) about the habits and behaviors of sapient British penguins.

Although her powers are magical in origin, both of her parents have jobs in the technology sector and she takes after them. She has a fascination with some of the more bizarre and exotic technologies possessed by Paragon's villain groups, and is quite adept at kitbashing all manner of goodies from them.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Evangelia tends to tire quickly in extended combat situations -- there's only so much endurance even a hyperactive cheerleader can possess, especially one who's only 5'2" and 90 pounds soaking wet. When not running solo, she prefers the company of teams that can provide her with Accelerated Metabolism and other buffs that keep her endurance topped up. When working alone, she tries to avoid this problem by dealing with foes one or two at a time instead of in mass combats.

She has also displayed some vulnerability to stun and sleep attacks, particularly those of psychic origin.


Evangelia owns a small jump pack which she sometimes uses to boost the range of her immense leaps.

She has been known to purchase and employ stealth suits and personal teleport devices.

She carries a base transporter, a Pocket D VIP pass and a police band radio with her at all times.

Thanks to a recent mission, she now possesses a Crey ice gun, although she has yet to learn how to best use it.

She has twice had a month's use of a so-called "jinglejet" (Christmas-themed flight pack) and is very fond of the devices. She wants one permanently.

Recently she's acquired (via a power-up provided by Alistair) winged boots, which seem to boost her already-impressive leaping as well as trail a golden glow behind her as she moves.

Character History

Thirteen or so months ago, fifteen-year-old Raye Langley was an ordinary high school student -- academically gifted, to be sure, and athletic, but still ordinary on a scale that included the superhumans around her.

Then, late one night, the penguin came into her life.

An Emperor penguin.

Who was invisible to anyone but her.

And who spoke English.

With an exceedingly precise and stuffy British accent.

His name was Alistair, he said, and he was there to awaken her latent magical gifts. She was a champion, he said, and the world needed her.

"I'm dreaming," she said from her bed. "Weird dream, too. Go 'way, weird dream."

He didn't.

A week later, Evangelia saw her first action.

In the year and half since then much has happened, both to her and because of her. Perhaps the most significant was her induction into a supergroup that called itself The Legendary. Shortly after joining, events forced her to work apart from the supergroup for several weeks -- and when she returned, she discovered she was the only one left. The Paragon City authorities had ceded control of the group and its few resources to her, leaving her as the supreme commander of exactly one person -- herself.

Determined to discover what had happened to the other members of the Legendary, Raye took it upon herself to rebuild the group. Ranging across the city, she recruited heroes of all security levels, archetypes and origins, and shaped them into a force to be reckoned with. Eventually she opened up command of the group to two others, Lora'Lai and Shizuru, and the search for the fate of the the first generation of Legendary continues apace under their joint leadership.

With her time now freed up a bit by the shared responsibility, Evangelia has returned to active crimefighting, and is determined to make Security Level 50 before the year is out.

Battlecries and Catchphrases

"For Beauty, Love and Justice!"

"Hearts and Armor!"


Baa, baa, bad guys, have you any fools?
Yes sir, yes sir, three rooms full.

-- Evangelia

Raye has managed to keep her identity as Evangelia a secret from her parents, aided in large part by the fact that she's something of a latchkey kid. Both of her parents are workaholics who interact with Raye mainly via written notes and phone calls. It's a wonder she's turned out as well as she has. However, her upcoming role as a bridesmaid in the impending wedding of Minuet Mac Hine and Wide Receiver threatens to blow her cover with them.

She currently has over 800 badges, including over 70 accolades and almost all the invention badges.

Until recently she wore "The Slayer" as her preferred badge, and has been known to bellow, "I am the Slayer! Fear me, leeches!" when entering combat with Council vampyri. Her current preferred badge is "Warrior Princess".

Since becoming the leader (and later, co-leader) of The Legendary, Evangelia has had less and less time or need for the advice and guidance of her mascot/advisor Alistair. Consequently, Alistair has taken up with Legendary member Gil MacHeath (who is one of the few people other than Evangelia who can see and hear the penguin) and has formed something of an odd-couple partnership with the timelost private eye.

She is aware of the rather intense dislike that fellow Legendary member Sailor Null feels for her, but has no idea why the older girl feels that way.

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