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Capsule Description

A 40-something New Jersey male who's been playing COH since June 2005, Bob Schroeck is an author of both fanfiction and professionally published work, much of it in or relating to the superhero genre.

His characters on Virtue are:






His wife has used his account to create

His primary character, Evangelia, inherited and now co-leads the supergroup The Legendary; Bob provides a discussion area for the group on his Yuku forums.

Fiction On The Wiki

Bob has posted the following works of fiction on this wiki:

Gaming Cred

Bob has been playing RPGs since the summer of 1979, when a friend introduced him to a radical new game called Dungeons and Dragons. In the more than thirty years since then he's played a little of everything at one time or another, ranging from Teenagers From Outer Space to Runequest. Some may recognize him as a frequent author for Steve Jackson Games' GURPS and In Nomine systems over the past two decades, having written, co-written, contributed to or edited close to twenty books, including the genre-relevant GURPS International Super Teams. His most recent book, GURPS Shapeshifters, was published in 2003.

He has also designed numerous multiround, multigenre tournament games for various conventions since the early 1990s.

Bob has been a game master for many, many campaigns, including: Narth, an AD&D game world almost thirty years of playing history; Narth 2000, its steam-age successor; and Greendale, the semi-official online Teenagers From Outer Space campaign that has (much to his surprise) been described by total strangers as "legendary" (no relation to the supergroup), and which was investigated by the FBI in connection with the 2001 anthrax attacks. He has also been both a GM and a player in "Warriors' World", a Villains and Vigilantes campaign with nearly 25 years of playing history and which inspired both GURPS IST and Bob's Drunkard's Walk fanfiction cycle.

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