Sailor Null

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Sailor Null in New Overbrook.
Sailor Null
Player: @LooneyToons
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: Miranda Prentice
Known Aliases: Sailor Light
Species: Human
Age: 27 but still looks to be in her late teens
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Fashion photographer
Place of Birth: Ottumwa, Iowa
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Walter Prentice (father), Elaine Prentice (mother), Juliet Prentice (sister)
Known Powers
Dark Miasma, Dark Blast
Known Abilities
Jump pack, Pocket D VIP Card, police band radio

Darkness in the morning
Shadows on the land
Certain individuals
Aren't sticking to the plan.

-- "Searching for a Heart", Warren Zevon

There is no greater tragedy than a fallen magical girl. Even those who have painfully crawled back to the side of Goodness are still somehow... tainted. Sailor Null lost the favor of the powers of Light, but still continues to punish evildoers... only this time wielding the power of the Dark.



Supergroup: The Legendary (Rank: Epic)


Miranda is utterly consumed by a near-monomania about her "mission". Combined with the effects that embracing the Dark has had on her mind, this renders her grim and taciturn, seeming always to be at least a little angry at everything.


This former champion of the Light has made a deal with the forces of the Dark to replace the powers that were stripped from her when she fell from grace so many years ago.


The untransformed Miranda Prentice.

Sailor Null is a studio/fashion photographer of some artistic merit when she's not inflicting dark vengeance upon evildoers.

Her search to replace the power of Light that abandoned her has given her a broad but shallow knowledge of arcane lore, primarily focused on those Entities and energies that are willing to empower mortal champions.

Being more than a little obsessed with her perceived mission, she has little in the way of a personal life and thus possesses few if any skills that are not related to either of her two occupations.

Of late she has acquired the ability to transform into a more powerful, winged form, which she calls her "Eternal incarnation".

Weaknesses and Limitations

Channeling the Dark is very draining; Miranda can exhaust herself quickly if she is not careful.


Jump pack, Pocket D VIP Card, base teleporter, police band radio, Blackwand.

Character History

Thirteen years ago, shortly after her fourteenth birthday, Miranda Prentice was awakened to her true identity -- Sailor Light, chamption of all that is good and true and righteous. Filled with the power of the Light, she strode forth to do battle with evil in all its forms.

But as she matured through her teens, she saw that no battle was ever decisive. She never permanently defeated evil -- even when utterly beaten, it only seemed to be held at bay temporarily instead of being driven away forever. As the real world eroded her ideals, she began to grow frustrated, and in her frustration she began to take measures in combat that were more and more extreme. And as her battles grew more violent and unrestrained, she grew more cynical, fearing that in the end everything she did was ultimately futile despite the reassurances of the Light.

And when she accidentally killed six innocents in the pursuit of a foe, she learned just how much those reassurances were worth. Almost before she knew what what was happening, she was stripped of her power and her office, reduced to a mere mortal and thrown out on the street. Abandoned by the Light for the 'crime" of being too dedicated to eradicating evil! What did she have to live for if not that? She had to have the power to pursue evil again! If not from the Light, then perhaps from some other source... And if no source would grant her the power, then she was nothing, null, a cipher -- a life not worth living.

Sailor Null's "Eternal" form.

For ten years, as she completed high school and then college, Miranda delved into arcane lore, seeking out anyone or anything willing to empower a mortal. For a decade she sought out entities and organizations, beings and creatures and cults -- but either they could not or would not fill up the empty place inside her left behind by the Light.

Until finally, in desperation, she turned to the very Dark itself.

And it said yes.

The dark sailor girl was born that day, and in mocking honor of the hollow that the Light had made of her life when it abandoned her, Miranda named herself "Sailor Null". But now, it was not she who was nothing, but those whom she pursued. Those whom she fed to the Dark.

And the Dark waits until she at last joins them.

Battle Cries

"Darkness take them!"


She dislikes Evangelia because the leader of the Legendary is everything that Miranda lost when she fell; it's especially bad because Evangelia's aura and the glow emitted by her various Invulnerability powers make her seem like a living incarnation of Light, taunting Miranda with both her success and her apparent innocence. Miranda only tolerates being in the Legendary because most of the time she doesn't cross paths with the younger girl.

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