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Manriki Hayate page

[[Image:Manriki Hayate.jpg|300px|]]
Manriki hayate
Player: @ premonitions
Origin: natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: unknown
Known Aliases: too many to count most of them disposable
Species: human
Age: 34
Height: 6'00
Weight: 195
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: dark-ish black, with a hint of purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: not a citizen of any state
Occupation: Ninja clan master
Place of Birth: undisclosed location,
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Manriki Haru I(Deceased) Manriki Haru II(presumed dead)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Martial arts mastery,marksmanship, stealth, tactics, disguise, parkour
bow, eight-section whip, shurikens, various gadgets.
Leader of The Manriki ninja clan



Originicon natural.pngV archetypeicon mastermind.png

Hayate of the Manriki is a man in his mid thirties trained in the arts of stealth, subterfuge, disguise, tactics, and combat. He is the newest Grand Master of The Manriki ninja clan and is currently residing somewhere within, and operating in, the Rogue Isles.



Hayate is a dark brown skinned man of unknown African descent. He is roughly six feet tall, with a lean athletic build and a tattooed upper body. Hayte’s hair is worn in shoulder length dreadlocks that are usually worn tied down when working. He has two distinctive scars on his face, one crossing from under his neck to his right cheek, meeting with another that descends from his right eye.


Hayate has a business-like attitude towards life, meaning that he is very goal oriented. He is always looking for a new opportunity to grow in power or gain new information. His outward personality is professional in mannerism, tending towards polite language unless under extreme duress. Although he generally is considered to be very serious, he does posess a sense of humor, although frequently it requires someone else to laugh at, he CAN laugh at himself. It is best to laugh with him, and never at him.


Hayate was an orphan discovered by the clan during one of their “Clean Sweep” missions in which someone or something is erased from history “The old fashioned way”. The Grand Master at the time, Manriki Haru I never agreed with these methods, and saved one of the children and adopted him, naming him Hayate-Zainin. Hayate grew up amongst the Manriki as one of their own, learning their ways and adopting the mindset of an assassin early on, completing his first assassination at the age of thirteen. Him and Haru’s son, Haru II grew up as brothers and formed a very strong bond. Over the years he completed many missions for the clan and developed the ruthless, charming personality he displays today, as well as his tactical and martial arts skills. Hayate gained his tattoos over the course of his adventures and his scars during a training exercise. (the lesson being, when a man comes at you with a sword, shoot him) He ingratiated himself to his father through his impressive skills and loyalty, but never seemed to develop a rivalry with Haru the first’s true son. Haru I had even been in talks about appointing the both of them as co-leaders of the clan. Despite his old age, Haru I kept up a strict exercise regiment every morning, one day, apparently, this became too much for him, and his body was discovered in his chambers, the cause of death apparently heart failure. Hayate was away on a mission in the Caribbean, pursuing a priest who had hexed a powerful person. When he returned, he was horrified to find the man who had raised him dead, and shocked to find his brother had rejected the co-leadership, instead becoming a member of Hayate’s elite guard. Hayate decided to move the base of operations to the west and scouted out a few locations. While investigating The Ziggurat Prison, Arachnos arrived to break out their “destined”. He managed to convince the pilot that he was one of these people and began operating within the Rogue Isles. Once he established a base of operations, he began recruiting members of the local underground into his clan.


Hayate has no superhuman powers, but is able to hold his own through his great skills as a ninja, the support of his clan, and various items he has collected or is outfitted with by his suppliers.


Throughout his career Hayate has been forced to co-exist, cooperate, and combat super-Human beings on their level. Through his Experiences, Hayate has devised the Super-Human Attack and Resistance Eventualities. What started as a Martial Art designed to destroy superhumans has become a full life philosophy. Centered around manipulating a situation to better serve one's needs, Controlling your opponent to limit their capabilities, and then swiftly and powerfully destroying them. Hayate uses this methodology in his dealings with people, his actions as a leader, and even his own personal training.

Martial Arts:

MartialArts StormKick.png

File:Hayate conquering hellions.jpg
Hayate's Fighting style at work

Hayate’s formal training includes Capoeira Angola, Capoeira Regional,Jeet Kun-do, and Choy-Li Fut Kung Fu. He uses the Capoeirista's philosophy of malicia( deception) and the Jeet Kun do method of simplification and direct combat in his normal combat philosophy. He amalgamates these styles into his personal fighting style. Offensively, his fighting style revolves around using leverage and the iron hand techniques to inflict internal damage on his opponent and chiefly, break bones. Hayate’s style is very brutal and direct, (to quote a recently “deceased” enemy “He mangles the shit outta people”) and designed to kill with little mess or blood. His favored MO when performing Stealth Kills appears to be snapping the neck of his target.

Defensively, his style contrasts in that it focuses on dodges and parries, with no straightforward blocks.

Hayate is skilled in the use of various bladed weapons, staffs, and other melee skills. When forced to use weapons, he primarily uses two eight-sectioned- whips wrapped around his chest in combat, as befits a leader of the Manriki Ninja clan, both as offensive weapons and as defensive weapons, for trapping, parrying and, when facing enemies armed with bladed weapons, he wraps the chains around his forearms in order to protect himself. When Faced with large amounts of enemies, Hayate's capoeira roots shine through. He uses primarily kicks to keep his opponents at range. Hayate is also a master of the Iron Hand Chi-gong techniques, adding increased force and hardness to his blows, allowing him to fight and damage moderately armored foes.


Ninjitsu BlindingPowder.png Ninjitsu Hide.png

Hayate is an expert Shinobi, able to not only hide from most people, track almost anyone, and silently and undetectably infiltrate any facility, but also lead and hide groups of people on stealth operations


Hayate was trained by a shape-shifting member of the Afzal tribe in the ways of the escape artist when he was young. In the beginning, his childhood friend found it hard to take Hayate's lack of shape-changing powers into consideration during training. After many broken bones and scars, emotional and physical, Hayate was a bonified contortionist and escape artist, able to work his way out of almost any trap or binding,


Fitness Quick.png

Hayate once visited France on a mission from none other than the french government, to uncover the whereabouts, and dispose of, a Robin Hood styled thief named the Eel. Hayate was surprised when he met the target, he had assumed the name was due to his ability to slip away, but the Eel was in fact an aquatic mutant, one of Captain Mako's old crew no less. The Eel used his superior flexibility to become a skilled tracuer, and was able to escape Hayate's pursuit, in order to catch him, Hayate had to learn how to work with his environment, how to overcome any obstacle and make it to his destination. It is currently unknown if hayate was able to apprehend and kill The Eel, but he certainly learned something from the experience


Medicine SelfAdministration.png

Hayate has an acute knowledge of the body, a knowledge he uses primarily to deliver the most precise blows in battle, but his knowledge and acces to various devices and artifacts allow him to heal and aid his comrades in battle



Hayate has been leading his clan for almost ten years, and with that experience comes the knowledge of how to lead a group of warriors on stealth operations, and upfront battle.

Hayate and Ancestor Arata spirit

Ancestor Spirits?

Shortly after gaining power, Hayate claimed to have a connection to Ancestor Arata, the co-founder of the Manriki Ninja Clan, clan members have corroborated his ability to channel and summon some type of spirit to do his bidding.


Traps DroppedAoEDamage.pngFlight JumpJet.pngGadgets TargetingDrone.png

Hayate in his recently acquired tech stealth armor
Hayate carries with him a variety of weaponry and devices to aid him in combat and the completion of missions, some magical, and some technological in nature, including, shurikens, various traps, and other devices that his suppliers outfit him with.


Hayate uses primarily his hands and his chains for short range combat. He prefers a wrist-mounted poison dart launcher, but frequently uses a bow for it’s increased range and damage dealing ability. With either weapon, he has impeccable aim, due to his disciplined training.

Elite Guard

Robotics BuildRobotArmy.png

Hayate and His Elite Guard

Unlike previous grand Masters, Hayate uses his Elite Guard more as an attack squadron, commanding them in battle and supporting their actions with various devices to augment and disguise their efforts

Haru II:

During his early days operating solo, Haru the Second could be seen amongst Hayate's elite guard. Recently, Haru has been replaced with another Zhi tribesman. When asked about this, Hayate claims he was forced to personally execute Haru II due to some unspecified act of treason( clan members make mention of something involving a cat and a television) and he disposed of his body in secret, as befits family.



OOC notes

Character Influence

Hayate's influence was primarily the Tenchu Game series, I wanted to design a realistic human ninja, he went through no less than four iterations before finding the right combination of stalker/ mastermind for the character. Obviously the maser of a ninja clan should be able to hold his own in a fight, so he's a Mastermind, wit a good dose of melee abilities

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