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beware my +5 sword of doom
Mariel Martog
Player: sharky[1]
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: M’har’eil M’Taug
Known Aliases: Racheal May Winters
Species: Valley Elf[2]
Age: 583cy 11th of Coldeven[3] that's about 15th of April 1539c.e.[4]
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: violet
Hair Color: dyed pink, Naturally silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA, was around to see Washington become president.
Occupation: CEO of a multi-nation manufacturing firm, some time works with the N.S.A.
Place of Birth: on a world known as Oerth[5] in the Valley of the Mage[6] in a town called Darkglade.
Base of Operations: Boston Mass, but maintains a condo in Paragon City
Marital Status: was married over a hundred years ago, currently single
Known Relatives: none on Earth
Known Powers
excellent Mage, and a excellent swords woman.
Known Abilities
She has studied Medicine, Mechanical engineering, astronomy, advanced mathematics, physics, and psychology.
purse of extra holding (this purse can hold about 1000lbs of stuff in a pocket dimension of its own) and its very tiny and bright pink.
she seems like a air head and at times doesn't seem too smart, but then sometimes things are not as they seem.


What you see Is Not What you get

Mariel once a member of the Guardian Angels, Once an Associate of Caios. Now she now offically retired... ((ooc: She will be used for RP purposes only))

Even though the game is history, Mariel is still an Active character in Champions, World of Warcraft [7], and FFXIV[8]

I need to fix the grammar and such here, but no one actually has ever read this, so whatever.

Mystery person sighted

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Marhiel Martog

Spoilers end here.

the out of character background behind Mariel

(wrote this when I 1st played COH...ages ago)--Gothshark 20:32, 21 August 2008 (MST)

Way back in the late 80’s I got in to this game called “D&D”at the time I could only play it in school since my father was a “born again southern Baptist” In the early nineties while I was in the military we would play “D&D” and several other “RPG’s” the types of characters I liked to play where Elvin War Mages. After I got out of the military I got married then separated, after that I started to build my elves to look like and act like my ex wife the 1st one was called “Racheal May Winter” (yes I do like playing with the spelling of a name makes them sound odd if you say them) Soon I renamed her to “A’loc Ka Aock” ( to make a more Elvin sounding Name) but some folks pointed out that if said wrong it could sound loutish.So I renamed her one last time “Mar’iel Mar-Tog” (Named for Marchosias[9]) As for the things done in her game life When I first rolled her I made her Neutral Evil, she was always doing the wrong and selfish thing, Neutral evil characters will do whatever they can get away with. They are out for themselves, and will shed no tears for those they kill or harm, whether it was for profit, sport, or convenience. They have no love of order and hold no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make them any better or any more noble. On the other hand, they do not have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil individual has. Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake like the way a neutral good character believes in good for its own sake. Such characters are also often devoted to some dark deity or society. During one battle in a castle keep fighting a death night and his army of succubus Mariel Got out of battle and stole the vile that the death knight was guarding, because she believed that this was a elixir of ever lasting life she drank it, needless it was not. It turned out it was a vile of blood from the mother of vampires and succubus (Lilith) and Mariel slowly became a Vampire and the army of succubus from the castle became her charge. It was a funny campaign. Needless I started to play MMO’s around this time and Mariel was always my main

addition:(until Kompressor[10] The Mad Gnome) Sadly once again i have become bored with the constant grind called World of Warcraft, so I am back with City of Heroes / Villains.

== Currently Mariel Is officially retired from the Hero Business ((ie. RP only until new content worth playing))

Although, there is a Praetorian with the same name, making a Mark

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

The whole and complete Mariel Martog

-a short story about Mariel that i did just before the additions of the keldians, i was planning on rolling a keld as her... rolled one never really played much after that however

The world of changing skies and lands that Mariel came from had no name for itself that was constant. Depending on politics of its nations, empires and cities the name world changes often. But the reoccurring name that seemed to some times take hold was Oerth.

This world was a beautiful world with Swords and Sorcery, where you could find Humans, elves, Dwarves and kinder (kind of like gnomes).

On 583cy 11th of Coldeven that's about 15th of April 1539c.e Mariel Martog was Born to a Noble Elvin family In a land know as “The Valley of the Mage”, all the races that lived there had sworn alliance to a powerful evil sorcerer who planed to become a dark god.

The elves of this land where Called “Valley elves” they where taller then the standard elf of the world and looked more human like with only the ears being a giveaway, the closest relative elves to valley elves are the drow who are a dark skinned race of elves that live under the earth.

Mariel’s Birthday also fell on a dark Holiday called The Festival of the Blood Moon.

As she Grew up she studied Magic and Swordsmanship she was studying the art of a “war wizard” it is similar to being a “bladesinger”, being able to cast spells and fight with a sword at the same time, just with out the singing.

While she was still young at 118 years of age, (she would be like a 16-17 YO human) Part of her training to become a full and trusted Member of the Valley’s Elvin Guard, and serve in the protection of the Mage and defense of the homeland was to go on a seasonal culling of the humans on the borderlands. Depending on how she would perform on such a raid, would show if she was ready to take her place with the Guard.

The raid this time was on a small Farm village that had sprung up over the summer, already they had cut down a large portion of the border forests. The raid was to kill all of the men and take the women and children as hostages. For the Mage knew best how to deal with human politics.

During the Raid a human witch cursed Mariel, while she was fighting a town guard, even though the curse was strong it didn’t really hurt her much, and she won the fight, but afterwards she went to find the witch and kill her, unfortunately while Mariel was looking for the witch she was hit by a very powerful fireball spell while crossing a bridge that ran across the Javan river that went through the heart of the village. This caused Mariel to fall in the swiftly moving waters.

When Mariel awoke, it was apparent that it had been many days since the battle, and she felt weak.

Standing next to her bed she saw a human Paladin, he was the definition of a good looking human, he was tall 6’4” 250lbs of muscle, Blonde hair and blue eyes

“Ahh I see your awake,” he said “an elf from the Valley of the Mage” he smiled

Mariel sat clearing all thought from her head, as to prevent mind readers from finding any thing out.

“good,” he continued “ they have taught you well, and you do have a strong mind” he winked at her then continued “I care not about the secrets in your head or that you thought I was gorgeous,” he let out a small laugh” what I really need is a strong sword and a decent spell user, and what I saw on that raid was you are both,” he gestured at her armor and gear at a table on the other side of the room where a human female in priests robes, a Drow elf in all black leather and a dwarf in battle scared amour sat staring at her.

“You see where a band of “he smiled and looked at the priestess “merry men, whom steal from the rich and give” he paused” well we give to our selves, well to be truthful, we don’t always steal from the rich, sometimes the poor as well.”

Mariel could help but wonder what kind of paladin would steal

“Ahh” he said “an honest thought from our princess, you see I’m not that kind of paladin, not all the gods are the wishy washy weaklings that most humans worship, as it happens I serve a ‘god’ who wants me to become as powerful and strong as possible, and to leave to corpses of my enemies as a offering to him.”

“As I was saying before I got distracted, we need a battle mage, and with your flawless swordsman, swordswomanship, and casting, I feel it was fortuitous that you fell in the river when you did, sadly our witch died when she cursed you, seems she was stabbed in the back when she did that” he smiled and put his hand on his swords hilt. “Griselda, can you introduce your self and the rest of the party.”

The priestess stepped up to the bed “aye, my lord. Young lady I am Griselda, this is” pointing at the Dwarf “Bernie…”

“ be careful woman I hate them elves and if this one steps out of line I shall cleave her in two, ya know it took me half a life time to even sort of like ol’ darks” the dwarf blurted out.

She continued ‘umm’k, and this is Dhaun’Rylafaeduis, or “Darkling” as he likes to be called,”

“Mhar’eil M’Taug of the valley, I care not for you high and mighty royalty types, but the master has given me word that I can trust you to fallow your orders, but if you shall falter or refuse, then you shall find out why I was named the infested omen slayer of the whip, miss shout of the triumphant house of earth builders, yes I know your name and its meaning.” The drow said.

“Now Mariel,” the Paladin continued “I am Llednar Rendiw, and while you have been unconscious I sent a letter to your valley, and I have gotten the reply” he pulled a scroll out of his armor it had two magical seals on it, one was the Elvin council and the other was the mage himself. Llednar handed it to her, and Mariel opened the scroll

the 1st part of the scroll was in the human common language ‘My son I wish you had let me know you where in the region I am glad you have chosen this one to replace that witch, you’ll find she is a good mage I even tutored her myself for a time, and she is brilliant with spell craft,’ the rest of the human part was a personal letter from father to son that Mariel just skimmed not wanting to be rude, the second part was in High Elvin and she read ‘ M’har’eil M’Taug, we hear you had shown your self well on the raid, and we grant you full status as a body guard commander and War Wizard, also since you have been chosen by our lords son and our lord has agreed you are herby ordered as fallows.

On this the 5th day of Goodmonth in the year 701, you are in the service of Llednar Rendiw, you shall do all that he commands and shall protect him with your body mind and soul, all that you are, all that you have is at his every wish and command, until that time when he is no longer desires you, or your service.’ The rest was the signature of each of the council members.

Mariel then handed the scroll to Llednar and he read the letter, and gave a slight chuckle. Then he pulled the covers away exposing Mariel’s unclothed body, and he smiled.

“Now the wording is most interesting on your orders and yes I like the way you look, but I am not interested in pleasure from you just your skills as a warrior and a mage, now get dressed we have work to do” he motioned for the rest of the party to leave, then sat in a chair, “ ok lets go over all of your gear as you get dressed, I need to see what needs to be improved, since the fire blast did some damage. And well most of your gear is older.”

Two years later in the Kingdom of Nyrond, about a thousand miles from the barrier peaks where the Valley of the mage is located.

In the nights sky a hole in time and space is opened and a silver shield like object flights through and crashes in to the woods near a castle keep. The fires and destruction destroys what ever it was but there is a lone survivor a humanoid, she seems to be close to death as the keeps guards find her and take her to the keep.

“Llednar, milord, I have word” Mariel said while bowing her head.” the rumor of the fallen star is true, and that what ever they caught was alive but its body has died, but it still lives in a glass jar, the jar is held in the lowest dungeon, and the guards are succubuses”

“Good work Mariel, have you got the map?” Llednar asked.

“Yes sir” she smiled pulling out the map of the Keep

“if this creature is what I believe it is, then soon we’ll have more power then even my father has, I may become a God before he finishes with the ‘dragon king codex’, if this goes well Mariel, I may finally take your body as well, because I will need a good calibration” he winked at her.

“yes my lord, if that is what you wish when we are done with this next mission’ said with apprehension hoping he wouldn’t, even though these last two years with this band of rogues she has never wanted, to be close to them.

Llednar looked at her and chuckled “Ahh so maybe I should have done that to you long ago, you seem afraid of my jest.” He commented

As darkness fell on the keep you could see fires and hear screams of people dieing, you could always count on two things with Llednar he never made jokes and he never showed mercy, after twenty minuets the band had nearly killed all the humans in the keep before even trying to go to the underground dungeons. But when they got there they found that not only succubus but werewolves where used as guards and all the false rooms had zombies in them. This was a very hard battle, but the band of raiders never slowed and never stopped.

Soon they had reached the lowest room of the keep where a man in dark black armor stood in the center, to his right sat twenty succubuses and to his left was a jar with a dark vaporous liquid in it. In Mariel’s head she could hear someone asking for help. But was unsure as to who was saying it.

“Ahh you are the crude creature that disturbs my home I shall make you all zombies for this.” The black armored person said

“Lets fight” Llednar ordered and charged the black knight

Just then the succubus's attacked the rest of the party. The fight was slow, every time Llednar cut the knight the knight healed back the damage, and soon Llednar was getting very tired, with the rest of the party the dwarf and drow fell first, they were unable to fight the lust that the succubuses where putting in there minds and they died for it, Mariel and Griselda used all there abilities to try and stop them but soon even they where starting to circum to the powers that the succubus where wielding.

“What manner of creature are you?” Llednar finally asked.

“Ahh so you realize your failure now do you anti-paladin. I was once like you,” the death night said, as he got ready to cut off Llednar’s head “but I am undeath now”

Mariel realizing the fight was lost did the one spell she hoped she would have to use “delayed Fire Blast” she said while holding out her hand and pointing the heel of her palm at the death knight.

The room started to swell with fire and then exploded, but in a medium sized room the blast had nowhere to got and everything was destroyed, Mariel was badly burned and was dying, the death knight was reduced to damaged armor and dust, the rest of the party where burned beyond recognition and Llednar was still burning, one of the succubus who some how didn’t even seem to be hurt walked over to Mariel, “Ahh this is sad the pretty one is damaged, and you burned the jar, but the power in it is ok, I can use it to save you if you’d like, you’re the master now”

In an almost unhearable and raspy voice Mariel said “help me…” and passed out.

While she was unconscious Mariel could feel someone giving her a drink of some kind of oil.

Later Mariel could her someone speaking in an odd and flowery language and then she was feed a bitter and metallic tasting liquid.

October 5th, 1641 Paris, France

Deep under Paris, in a large cavern a group of 40 Mages gathered, chanting at a large stone alter with a huge ring of stone set upon it. Over looking the mages where ten men in powdered wigs and fancy clothes all sitting on gilded chairs and sipping “wine”.

The Fop in the biggest chair and fanciest clothes asked a robed figure standing next to him “Are you sure this will work?”

“Yes, Artemis it shall, we shall summon you the loveliest creature in all of creation, all for continued protection against the Church of Rome”

Just as he finished his sentence the Air around the stone ring erupted in cold blue fire and a gale force wind started coming through the circle and then all sorts of items started to fly out women’s clothes, armor swords, books, a small wooden table, sheets blankets a mattress and then finally a unconscious nude woman with almost no hair on her head.

It was obviously Mariel but she had lost all of her silver hair, and she landed on the on top of the table where a book was opened to the spell the mages where chanting with her legs facing the mages and her head facing the stone alter, the sight was almost as if Mariel was to be sacrificed to some dark god of old the way she was lying still unconscious.

Artemis Jumped out of his gilded throne and took off his jacket and covered Mariel’s body so no one could see her nudity. In a rage Art said “kill them all this is an outrage, to do this to a poor woman, it is unsightly. And after ward all of this will be brought to the manor, for all of this is this now belongs to this young woman” he said as he hurried back up the cavern to his coach.

“She is alive, milord but her pulse weakens and I know not what else I can do, if she weakens much more she’ll die.” The doctor said to Art.

“Then I must save her in my fashion” art said as he rolled up his sleeve, and bit his wrist in such a way to cause a massive wound.

A few days later Mariel woke with a start, and saw a man in rather feminine clothes and a white wig on sleeping on a chair next to her bed, as she looked around the room she noticed that everything was alien and very rich.

“vous vivez, remerciez le dieu de sang” the man said to her suddenly, she could tell that he was awake when he said it and it gave her a start

She then realized how cold and light she was and asked him “who are you? What is this place?”

“Je suis Artemis Van Moen et c'est mon manoir à Paris France” he said again in his strange tongue.

After a few years Mariel had come to learn the Languages of the world she now lived and to understand that she was now a vampire, one of the immortal Nobility of France. She also started to like humans since on of the “gifts” of being a vampire was the ability to hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of the humans around her. At 1st she was upset for she had been raised not to like the common human, but now she was starting not only to not hate them but to rather enjoy being with them.

Much of the time during the next several years Mariel found that magic worked here in this world, but it was not a common occurrence to be used, in fact most people didn’t even know any of the simple spells that where common in her home world.

It was around 1750 when Mariel started taking in the plays that where popular in France at the time, while France was on a war footing with England. Art and Mariel took in Voltaire and Shakespeare. It was during a play by Shakespeare that Mariel finally realized how much she loved Art. By the end of the play Mariel was crying.

“Are you ok” art asked.

“Yes I am just it was such a sad and beautiful play” she replied

“I know” he started to comfort her and knelt on one nee. “Mariel our kind live such long and boring lives, because of or talents we dare not get to close to others, but you and I have been close for over a hundred years now, and I feel I should have asked this of you so long ago” he paused and looked in her eyes “will you consent to be my wife?”

“Yes” she replied and hugged him closely.

1765 summer

A messenger arrived at the Van Moen Manor.

“Milord, Milady, I have come from the council of the elders, with a summons for Artemis Van Moen.” The messenger said handing a silk envelope to Art.

At the hidden council chambers

The room was lit by only one small candle on a side table where four younger vampires where writing word said.

“Pères” Art said while doing a very fancy bow.

“At ease Artemis Van Moen” a voice said from the shadows.

“We have special work for you, and that young and pretty wife of yours. For years the world has been growing with the new world. And our influences have been growing with that, we have a chapel in New Orleans and in Haiti, we where going to open one up in Quebec, and still plan to, but the war has changed Canada into English hands. So we have felt it better to open the next Chapel in Boston, we have already made the necessary land purchases and asset transfers to make the chapel all that is left is the master of the chapel, while many would like to be a Chapel master, none of the seniors want to head to English lands, and none of the young are suited to the task, that is why we have chosen you, though you not yet a senior, you have shown in the past the kind of leadership necessary to do the job, also you and your wife seem to actually enjoy the company of the English. We are sorry to have to ask this of you to have to leave the glory of France, is much to ask we will give you a week to decide if you’ll accept”

Art just smiled and said two words “I accept”

The voices in the dark murmured then replied “I see we where right in choosing you, you may take you house hold staff and assets with you, also you may choose to take 30 of the young and common vampires with you”

1774 Autumn Boston British colonies “the Americans seem to really not be happy with the new taxes, I think if this keeps going there could be a war against the British, what do you think we should do?” art asked Mariel

“if we help them with a revolution then France should give Aid as well, and that might be very good for us in the long term, only I don’t think America needs a King, I have heard talk about Democracy and how it should work, I think they have the right idea.” Mariel said as she was reading a paper. It was titled “The Massachusetts Government Act, another Intolerable Act of Parliament, and the King”.

Late August 1789 Boston the United States of America

Art came running to Mariel whom had taken up the job of the day to day management of the Chapel and the controlling the interaction of the vampires and humans and keeping the secret ties with the newly formed government, whereas Art had taken the position of being the public friendly face, of the rich French Americans in Boston.

“Mariel I just got the word from a ship that has just returned to port, there has been a revolution in France the King and Queens are dead!!”

Mariel looked at Art and smiled then pointed to a crystal ball in the corner, “one day you’re going to have to learn to scry.” She said “that happened last month, this month they’ve been forming a Republic. Its all very interesting.” She said with a wink.

1820 Boston

Mariel was studying the map of the north east. “Art did you notice that ‘The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations’ would make a perfect port? I think we should help invest in that state and see to it that a great port is built there.

Over the course of the next hundred years Mariel and Art finally started to drift apart, where Art became the eccentric and semi popular elitist, Mariel had become the person of conspiracy legend, for she had set it up that she could wield the America as a one world wield a sword, with the right institutions and payoffs she had created a secrete government who’s job was to ensure the safety of America, though there where some rough patches all in all she did well and this made her and Art very wealthy.

During the ‘great war’ of 1915 Mariel and Art finally made the divorcé legal but they still remained friends. They had just become to different with Mariel constantly making deals and giving advise to the politicians in the white house. Art was going to parties and playing at being a rich and powerful man when he rarely did any thing.

The 1st heroes in paragon city

1929-1930 just before the stock market crash Mariel lost control over the legislation and was unable to do a thing to stop it, she was never that good at stopping zealots from doing what they wanted and in the post great war world most people thought they where indestructible, sadly Mariel could see the danger but to many wealthy zealots had squeezed into power and started to make all the wrong decisions.

Mariel had barely saved her company before the stock market crash, with the high rates of poverty crime became the industry of choice and Mariel was unable to stop it from happening.

Then like a magician Statesman, appeared in a few years he had changed the balance of power, so Mariel set up a special fund, she called it “ the masked relief fund” its purpose was if a ‘hero’ saved enough people and help restore peace on the streets then they could receive a grant to help with there living expenses.

During the Second World War was the hardest time for Mariel since her weapons companies were out bided on much. But during the cold war after the nemesis crisis and the years from 1945-1989 Mariel did especially well since her secret government helped run the fight against communism.

Some time around the late sixties Mariel started to read up and practice dimension gate spell craft, since she had started to miss her home world and she realized that she was, 530 years old now and even though elves are naturally long lived she was at the half way point of her life if she was still an elf.

During the mid eighties when Dr. Brian Webb was looking for investment in his Portal Corp. Mariel invested fairly heavily, for she hoped this science would do what her spell craft couldn’t find her home world. During the troubles with the family after the accident Mariel was happy with only a copy of the research data, where she went about using both science and magic to find her home world, using her crystal ball and a dimension portal that she had built, she was able to study the worlds on the other side with out going to them. By the time of the Rikti invasion Mariel had gotten so caught up in the research she didn’t notice the invasion till a large number of Rikti entered her labs and started to attack. Of course she fought back, and did her best to push the invaders out of Boston.

When the Invasion was over, Mariel realized what she really was looking for and picked up her sword, and headed to Paragon City, to become a hero her self.

When she 1st got there she had fallen in with a group of misfit heroes called the Guardian Angels, she got to know several of these heroes, and she was very happy, saving the city daily had become her new passion.

While doing this Art had moved back to France and had taken up the job of running the clan from France since now he was the oldest member of the clan left.

While battling a group of villains who use magic called the Circle of Thorns. Mariel was accidentally cast to an alternate universe again, this world was very similar to her home but had many differences as well since there where two moons and the elves where all taller then humans. Mariel then passed her self off as one of these elves and worked to try to get back to Paragon City. Fortunately for her she meet a Gnome who had incredible knowledge of science, and it took him little time to build a ‘Massively Safe Teleport Dimension Transmission Devise’ or MSTDTD for short, capable of sending her back to Paragon city. Using this she found herself back in Paragon city, and using the gnomes invention she finally opened the gate to her home world, so she could visit her family.

1050cy (2006ce) world Known as Oerth

Upon setting foot on the soil of her home village she notice a lot of changes the land looked dead and the homes where run down and old; where as the castle of the mage had grown to the size of a large City.

“Who goes there?” a half elf guard said,

“I am M’har’eil M’Taug” she replied enjoying speaking Elvin again.

“An M’Taug!!?!!” The guard looked shocked “then I must slay you, by the order of the Dragon God”

As he started to draw his sword Mariel moved in a flash faster then could be seen and disarmed him and knocked him out.

Slowly a couple of elves looked at her from a doorway, one of the female who had to be at least a thousand years old, quickly ran to the Guard and touched his forehead and said “forget” , then motioned Mariel to be quiet and to fallow.

After leading Mariel on a maze of roads then basements then hidden tunnels finally they came to a large room that had all kinds of powerful spells surrounding it.

“We can talk freely here” the ancient Elvin woman said.

“Ahh what happened?” Mariel asked

“Yes you have been gone a while, thou you don’t look a day older then 120” the elder said. “seems I was right all them years ago, I had told the council not to trust a human mage, and then when my daughter was born I gave her to them to be trained to be a War Wizard, I am happy that you broke free, though the vampires kiss well that may help now.”

“Mother?!!??” Mariel said in shock.

“Daughter it is time for you to save your people” Mariel’s Mother said to her, “it was the fates who chose you to be the one to challenge and kill the beast called “dragon god” he was the mage, but he used your people to cast the dragon kings spells but your powers as a warrior and a mage are greater then his now, your speed is faster then anything in this world, you just need the family Moon Blade to guide you now” Mariel’s mother opened a chest with a sword of the likes no one had seen in a thousand years even though its shape was traditional for a Elvin sword it had a luminous glow to it. It also felt alive when Mariel took the hilt.

Mariel left the cavern and head out side where she could see the blade better and to look at the castle. “ahh my voice, I can speak again” Mariel heard in her head.

“Who is this?” she thought

“I am Aicanáro your sword and I know we must fight an evil that has ruined our land” she heard in her head.

Casting a flight spell that she used a lot in paragon city, she headed towards the castle with the sword guiding her to the evil dragon king.

Mariel flew to the Main tower and entered the top floor window. As she was hoping there were no guards since usually enemies walk in to a castle. Running from floor to floor Mariel quickly came to a large audience chamber where she saw a Humanoid looking Red Dragon Perched on a golden throne. All around the great room Mariel saw the bodies and skeletons of many humans and elves.

“So an intruder has come to face death at my hand” the dragon thing said

“I am Mariel Martog, I have come to retake the valley for the Elves and their kin” Mariel said.

“Humm you’re the whelp that killed my son, Ahh it is fitting I shall kill you though Llednar is looking for you in the other realms that you have been to, it is sad to be made into a undead thing bent on revenge.” The dragon then and started to fly toward Mariel.

The battle was tooth and claw for several minuets Mariel’s healing spells where barely holding out as she struck over and again breaking down the defenses of the demonic mage she fought, finally she had the opening she was hoping for and drove the sword in to it heart. Unfortunately this left her open and a claw smashed her in the head, and Mariel landed seemingly dead.

“Stupid elf I cannot be killed so easily you would have to cut my head off...” the dragon was stopped mid sentence as Mariel jumped up taking her sword and cutting off the dragon kings head.

“Thank you” Mariel said partially out of breath then she looked up and saw that the room had filled up with soldiers most where half elves some where humans and a few others where elves.

Then to Mariel’s shock she saw that they had been put into some kind of spell that controls peoples actions and that they where now freed, and they all started to take a nee and bow to her.

“You have saved us,” one of the humans said. “We are your now.”

“Ok, then lets clean this place out, burn his body and spread his ashes across the globe” Mariel said gesturing to the now dead dragon king.

After a few weeks Mariel had thought the elves and humans about democracy and had wrote out a ‘bill of rights for all humanoids species’

Before heading back to Paragon City her mother told her to talk with the sword one last time.

“You know you have two souls in you. That is very strange” the sword said

“What do you mean?” Mariel asked “I have been kissed by a vampire, is that what you see?”

“No this other soul has been in you a bit longer then the vampires kiss, it’s a dark being of energy it has been merged with you and instead of taking over you as it would have it was locked out by the vampires kiss, in time you can use its powers, if you let me open you to it”

“Sure, what does this mean? What kind of powers are they?” she asked

“you see the soul energy is there but it has no mind or will any more, so it is safe to become elf again, and as you learn to use the powers of this energy you’ll find you are more then what you where now.” Then the sword started to glow and Mariel felt heavy and warm again.

“I have returned you to what you where, you’ll start to age normally, so your 120 again, or still Mariel, If you every need the power of your people come and take me” the sword said and then stopped glowing. Mariel handed it back to her mother. Then Mariel saw the portal open up for her trip back to Paragon City.

Spoilers end here.
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