Merin Drazin

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Waiting around on duty...
Merin Drazin
Player: @Merin
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Merin Drazin
Known Aliases: Coldsnap, Ice Queen
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'2
Weight: ~120
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish-American
Occupation: Bartender
Place of Birth: Salamanca, RI
Base of Operations: Salamanca, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Ice Blasts, Ice Manipulation
Known Abilities

Merin Drazin is a Lv. 44 Ice/Ice Blaster on the City of Heroes Virtue Server. Her player can be reached at @Merin.




Appearance-wise, Merin is fairly average. On first glance, at least. Her build is fairly slender and athletic, and she prefers to dress in nondescript clothes in varying shades of blue and black. She tends to wear a long trench coat when not 'on duty', as a means to hide the dragonfly-like wings she bears on her back. A closer look will usually reveal the fact her ears are slender and long, tapering to a tip well behind her head. Other distinguishing marks include a facial tattoo, and a second tattoo in the style of an eastern dragon that curls down her arm from her shoulder to the back of her left hand.


Merin's last desire is to be a hero. She, not unlike quite a few before her, is among the ranks of people who consider their abilities and annoyance and a burden they'd rather not bear. The way she sees it, her abilities are a blanket excuse for the public around her to expect her to do things she has no desire to do. The only reason she can even really be found in contact with those sharing the burden of supernatural abilities like hers is that it keeps her out of jail. A fact which she resents the city's government for.


Merin's childhood was relatively normal. Born in Salamanca, RI, just outside of Paragon City she spent much of her early childhood dealing with the things that children her age dealt with. At least until age 10, when her powers to control ice began to manifest. Her parents' reactions were, amusingly, not shock but delight. As Merin's parents were both heroes themselves, they had been distressed at their daughter seeming to have been born without abilities like their own. Merin was pushed to grow her powers further by her parents, despite the fact she herself had no desire to do as such. While her parents had found the emergence of her powers a pleasant surprise, Merin's friends and classmates were less amused. Some were indeed fascinated by her powers, demanding constant demonstrations of them. Others singled her out as a target for mockery; either out of jealousy that she possessed abilities they did not, or out of fear of what she could do. In the end, Merin did all she could to resist using her powers actively, and tried to live life normally.

Unfortunately, that wasn't going to last forever. Sometime in 2003, when Merin was 22 years old, she was forced to use her powers in defense of a friend. Unfortunately, as she had never chosen to exercise her control over them, her powers were largely raw and uncontrollable and as a result killed two of the thugs she was trying to subdue. Because she had never obtained a license for the use of her powers, nor a Hero's License, she was placed on trial for several charges including Assault and Battery, as well as Murder in the Second Degree. She was acquitted of the latter through a justified self-defense claim, though the former charges stuck and as such, she was assigned to G.I.F.T. as a community service case, serving as a Hero to pay a debt that society insisted she owed.

Along with her initiation to the roster of active 'Heroes' in Paragon City, Merin also got a few other nasty surprises. As she learned to control and use her powers, she found that they were beginning to progress further. Not only did her control over the elements increase; the subtle differences in her appearance grew more noticeable. Her ears elongated into the typical pointed style of the Fae, and her wings began to (rather painfully) develop. As it stands now, they physical changes seem to have abated, though she still finds her control of ice and water increasing at an alarming rate.

Power Profile

Primary Set

Secondary Set

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Strengths and Weaknesses


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