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Mikail V. Vaiknoras was influenced from Marvel's Red Skull (an unrepentant Nazi War Criminal and archenemy of Captain America) and Haitian dictator Fran├žois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. He was mostly inspired by Nazi Social Darwinism and their fascination with the occult, but has evolved from a simple symbol of Europe's darkest age to become a full fledged villain in his own right. His existence in my supervillain pantheon serves to show the innate dangers of underestimating and/or ignoring what you don't understand and the dangers of trying. Mikail is living embodiment of the danger of the unknown.
Mikail V. Vaiknoras
Mikail Vaiknoras
Player: @MisterSpringer
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Mikail Vaiknoras
Known Aliases: Joseph Gray, The Red Doctor, The Librarian, The Baron (in Louisiana)
Species: Homo Sapien
Age: 113 He is physically in his mid twenties.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 178
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: Registered Villain, Midnighter Archivist/Librarian
Place of Birth: Black Forest, Germany
Base of Operations: Nerva Archipelago, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Viktorija Vaiknoras (Mother, Deceased) Father Unknown (Presumed Dead)
Known Powers
Dark Blast, Pain Domination
Known Abilities
Mikail has extensive knowledge of magic. This includes portals, summoning, and energy manipulation. His constant research has given him a sixth sense when it comes to magic. He can sense magic in people and artifacts.
Ritual bones of a forgotten cult, the "face" of a Netherworld Shadowbeing


Fictional Character Biography

Pre-Release Character History

Early Life

I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is temporary; the evil it does is permanent.

-Mahatma Ghandi


The desire of power in excess caused the angels to fall.


Nazi Germany and WWII

When the Nazi flood came, you had a choice. You either sank into submission, or swam to Hitler's boat. I had been powerless once before, and wished naught but death on myself, so I swam.I swam and watched the weak drown beneath me.

-Mikail Vaiknoras

(On Nazi Germany)

Post War Period



Mikail is slightly taller than average height with a fit appearance but rather thin. He has an unearthly green light glowing from his eyes from an unknown source. With every movement you would hear popping or cracking noises from his joints. He has a musky scent about him that's kind of like an old house but nowhere as strong,and his clothes appear very worn and very old, particularly his jacket. His outfit also has very old markings with possible magical significance. He always wears his Skull Mask which he will reference as his face. He absolutely leaks negative energy.


Mikail has an introverted personality. He is a loner, introspective, and self-contained. While he is a regular of the Pocket D he has a disliking for large crowds and will rarely start a conversation. He spends his time watching people and always seems to want to know more about the other patrons. Mikail tends to use logic and intuition to solve his problems and get his way. This means that when being constantly annoyed or threatened Mikail won't just murder or attack the aggravator. This also means that getting close enough to Mikail for him to care about you is difficult. Mikail is egotistic and self centered. Meaning that Mikail is in it for himself. This must never be forgotten. If it benefits him to murder or abandon you he will.


Mikail's solitary lifestyle makes determining his sexuality difficult. He never showed much interest in anyone of the same or opposite gender, and his overall contempt for love and affection makes forming any kind of relationship difficult. This is not to say that Mikail has not grown close to other people who share his goals, but he has never displayed any romantic or sexual intimacy towards them. For these reasons Mikail is considered asexual.


((Looking For Contacts!))

Mikail is somewhat of a loner type. Even when he was a member of a Villain Group he always preferred to be alone, making only a few friends/allies and answering only to the leader of the group. Mikail joins these groups to use their resources, learn what they know, and ultimately obtain more power through their and his schemes. Mikail believes that he is a fine addition to any Villain Group and this makes him very picky as to which group he affiliates himself with. He will not, after all, work for a fool or involve himself in a doomed project.


Mikail's talents are born from his obsession of magic. His constant research and practice have given him control over negative energy flow and complete understanding of many arcane languages. Mikail is Threat Level 50 but even though this is the highest achievable power level he is not content with what he knows. Mikail continues to observe other wells of magical power.

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Negative Energy Blasts

Dark Blast, Moonbeam, Gloom, Nightfall, Torrent

Constant study and experimentation with the darker powers helped Mikail discover a terrible means of attack. By gathering up pure negative energy, Mikail can unleash a blast of dark energy which, upon hitting it's target, causes severe necrosis or breakdown at the cellular or molecular level. These attacks can easily eliminate Mikail's enemies and breakdown obstacles such as a bank vault or prison door.

Pain Dominance


Hover, Flight

By manipulating surrounding energy forces Mikail can lift himself up and fly through the air. He can remain in the air as long as nothing distracts him or he has enough energy to maintain control over the surrounding forces. If he becomes distracted or drained then Mikail will plummet back to the earth.


Recall Friend

Portal magic and tampering with the emergency medical teleportation grids in Paragon City and The Rouge Islands have enabled Mikail to quickly teleport an endangered ally to safety to be resurrected or rescued from a powerful foe. This ability has made "playing medic" easy for Mikail.

Soul Mastery

Soul Drain, Dark Embrace, Soul Storm, Summon Mistress

Hoping to further understand and master the powers of the Netherworld, Mikail joined Arachnos and swore allegiance to Ghost Widow as his patron. She has taught him a number of her powers and helped him to further understand the mystery of death. She has also given Mikail command of one of her Fortunata Mistresses who will fight for the servant of her master.

Trivia, and ((RP)) Notes


((RP)) Notes

I've decided to place everything in this section thats important for communication.

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