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Incognito, the Costumed Con-Man.

Tony Delsante, alias Incognito is the owner of an underground tailor that caters to supervillains, also named Incognito. He has been retired from supervillainy for over twenty years, and is now 76 years old. These days he caters to supervillains from all over Paragon City, designing their costumes for specific purposes, repairing garments after hard battles and even fixing technological equipment on occasion, when the need arises.

Tony Delsante became Incognito after spending several years as a con-man and grifter all over the United States, calling no particular town or city his home as he moved from mark to mark. During the 1940s and 1950s, more and more superheroes and supervillains began to crop up all over the United States, and he found his chosen career harder and harder to manage. If it wasn't the heroes foiling his elaborate scams, it was the villains getting to his mark with easier, smash-and-grab tactics before his schemes could come to fruitation. Finally, in 1952, Tony Delsante decided that if he couldn't beat them, he would join them, and designed himself a costume with a unique ability; his mask could change shape, allowing him to impersonate anybody he wanted. On top of that, Incognito invested in a pair of antique knives, with which he trained to fight with skill and finesse.

Becoming perhaps the first costumed con-man the world had ever seen, Incognito spent the next few decades making a serious name for himself, and became an infamous supercriminal. Some of his greatest crimes are matters of public legend. During the sixties, Incognito managed to become a fully fledged member of the Freedom Phalanx, using the name 'Battle Bug'. While he was a member, he abused his power and security clearances to steal death rays, alien technology and military secrets and sold them on the black market. He was never found out; rather it became obvious that Battle Bug had not been genuine after he completely disappeared, having sold the entrance codes to the Freedom Phalanx HQ to some of their most dangerous villains, leading to the building becoming the scene of a two-week long siege while Incognito escaped with his money.

Incognito was also guilty of impersonating the mayor for several weeks in the 1970s, and almost managed to turn city officials and the public alike against their heroic protectors. He was on the verge of passing a law to ban superheroes when the real mayor managed to free himself from his binds and call for help in the final hour; Incognito and several hired accomplices fought the Freedom Phalanx before he, again, disappeared into the night.

Incognito, to date, has been responsible for impersonating sixty three government officials, seven superheroes, fourteen law enforcement officials, a mafia boss, a business tycoon and many, many more. He was even once responsible for impersonating Statesman over the phone, demanding the codes to several of the United States' nuclear missiles, claiming he was afraid they had fallen into Soviet hands during the seventies. Having gained this information, Incognito then sold this information back to the US Government for a hefty price.

Incognito is famous for being one of the world's greatest supervillains, in that he carried out several high-profile and potentially very lucrative schemes without ever being caught. He was never arrested, and no one ever found out his real name until his later years, when his tongue became loose and he began to regale kids in his neighborhood with stories of his past. These days, the authorities are relatively sure that Tony Delsante, the owner of a supervillain tailor in Kings Row was once the master-criminal known as Incognito, but have made no moves to arrest him.

Tony Delsante has tailored costumes for Mr. Mud, Mindswipe, Nightstick and Volcanaut, amongst others. These days he is no threat to Paragon City, and lives his days as a mentor to young villains between tailoring costumes for the up-and-coming criminal element.

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