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Mr. Mud, the Halfway Crook.
Mr. Mud
Player: @Charon.
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: David James Dirt
Known Aliases: Dirty, Mud, D.J.
Species: Human
Age: 33
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 215 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States Citizen
Occupation: Career Criminal
Place of Birth: Kings Row, Paragon City
Base of Operations: Haven, Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Olivia Dirt (Mother, Deceased)
Known Powers
Able to turn his body to earth and mud. This most commonly consists of armoring parts of his body in soil, granting him nigh invulnerability, and morphing his limbs into various mud weapons for use in combat; usually blunt instruments, such as enlarged fists, hammers and clubs. Mud also has mild super strength.
Known Abilities
When unarmored, Mr. Mud is extremely fast and agile, allowing him to escape quickly when being pursued. While not exactly intelligent, Mud does possess street smarts, and knows both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles extremely well, allowing him to escape very quickly via routes many people do not know exist.
Mr. Mud wears a light utility belt, which contains the following: A comm link, medical pack, flashlight and a small, portable teleportation device.
Mr. Mud is primarily concerned with monetary gain.

Mr. Mud began simply as an experiment to try and create a Silver Age inspired opposite to utterly evil, psychotic and demonic characters; he was simply an unfortunate child born into poverty and squalor, in a neighbourhood where it was necessary to be involved in criminal activity in order to survive. The character was so fun to play that he was easily fleshed out and greatly developed. He is influenced by such comic book characters as Steeljack of Astro City, Shocker and Sandman.

Mr. Mud made his first appearance in March 2006. From there, he was played more and more often until at around level 32, it became clear that he was quickly becoming a signature character. He obtained level 50 around four months after his creation. In the years following he has gotten involved with and become co-leader of the Rogues Gallery, as well as being one of the central characters in a number of server wide RPVP events involving The Sadistic Seven.



Mr. Mud was hardened by his early life on the streets of Kings Row; while he can be extremely respectable, laid back and likable, his tough childhood often shines through. While he knows that what he does is wrong, he simply sees his acts as necessary and concentrates on the fact that he is looking out for himself to avoid returning to the poverty he experienced as a child. His attitude while on the job is usually all business; Mud likes to get things done quickly and with few gimmicks. His aim on a job is to walk away having succeeded in his objectives and without going back to jail, which means he has absolutely no problem with pounding law enforcement and heroes into the ground until there is no possibility left that they will be able to stop him. He is very realistic in assessing his best chances of success in any situation, and will decide on fight or flight accordingly, but certainly enjoys the former more.

After having many failed partnerships in the early years of his career, especially with hoodlums from in or around his neighbourhood such as the villains Spikeman and Nightstick, Mr. Mud has come to value loyalty above all else as it is so hard to find in his chosen profession. His previous experiences with partners of fickle alliegance have lead Mr. Mud to seek out a small number of villains who are loyal, efficient and willing to see a job through until the end; villains he will work with regularly and almost exclusively. Of course, fate has seen him teamed up with his fair share of megalomaniacs and psychopaths, but he will often do his best to plan his crimes with sane, rational villains he can count on.

Character History

Mr. Mud was born David James Dirt in 1974, to Olivia Dirt. If David's father ever even saw his baby, he left at an extremely early age. It is very unlikely even Olivia knew who the father was, since at the time of David's conception she was both a drug addict and a prostitute.

David grew up in High Park, Kings Row, in the area that in the eighties was known as The Basement, as low as you can go, and was infamous for being crime ridden and full of no hopers who sold drugs or themselves for money. Conditions worsened in the Basement in the 80s when Back Alley Brawler cleared the area of drugs. While this improved the quality of living for the more affluent members of the Kings Row community, those who had no choice but to survive from the drug trade were left out in the cold, and during the 80s many homeless or unemployed died in The Basement.

Mr. Mud is caught on camera emerging from a bank vault.

When David was just sixteen in 1991, he and other teenagers in the slums formed the street gang known as the Basement Boyz. This is when David gained the nickname 'D.J.', his initials. The Basement Boyz refused to fall victim of the kind of lifestyle that had befallen their parents, and decided that turning to crime was preferable to turning to drugs. During this summer the war between the Shadows and the Petrovics was in full swing and their drug trades had significantly slowed if not all together disapeared. The only other dealer in the city was Frank 'Knuckles' LaRusso, whose business was slowing due to the deaths of many of his personnel at the hands of the vigilante Charon.

Charon was once known as Robert Ian Black, a man whose fiancee had been murdered by Frank LaRusso's hitman 'Ex' in 1989. Charon spent the years after her death training himself for his war on Paragon's criminal element, but often left his safehouses to silently assassinate members of LaRusso's crime family. In 1991 Charon declared himself ready for a full scale war, and finally hit the streets as a vigilante.

During this first year of activity Charon particularly targetted the street gangs of Kings Row. The Shadows and the Petrovics were obvious targets as their war was raging through the streets of Kings Row at the time. Nevertheless, Charon was also watching the small time crimes of the Basement Boyz, and dropped in on them during a late night raid on a liquor store in the Aqueduct, Kings Row, of which David was a participant.

In the chaos that ensued, one of David's best friends, Rem, was shot dead by the store clerk, while another had his leg broken during a small scuffle with Charon and was hospitalized for many weeks afterwards. David fled the scene only for Charon to give chase. David, determined to evade capture and jail time, instead risked his life by jumping the fence into a quarry site on the outskirts of Kings Row. During the ensuing chase, he slipped and fell two hundred feet into the bottom of the pit. He landed in dirt, rock and mud, and a strange, thick, green liquid.

The Quarry was owned by Crey Industries, and was officially shut down only two weeks after David's accident. The site was an operation intended to find a large amount of mutagenic material that was buried by the Fifth Column just outside Kings Row after their harbor attack in 1941. Crey Industries had become careless with their blasting after weeks of minimal results, and only a week before had accidentally destroyed several barrels of the substance, leaving the green mutagen to lie stagnant at the bottom of the quarry while they attempted to find the few barrels that were still buried deep underground.

David lay unconscious in the waste for several hours before he came around. During the several weeks following, he found he now had the ability to turn his own body to earth, soil and dirt. Over several weeks of training, he discovered the ability to armor himself and to morph his limbs into any shape he desired by transforming his body to mud.

David soon found out that the night after the liquor store robbery Charon had found the Basement Boyz' HQ, deep in the basement of the tenement block in which many of them lived. Having found the kind of squalor and poverty they were forced to reside in, he found himself offering these members of a potentially dangerous street gang an ultimatum. He gave them two options; they could become his informants and he would provide for them the best he could with money repossessed from criminal factions, or they could continue to oppose him and he would be forced to turn them in to the PPD. In light of what had happened to Rem, the vast majority of the Boyz complied and became loyal informants for Charon and his network of street level vigilantes, and in turn Charon helped to build The Basement into what it is today, an up and coming low cost housing development.

David now had two options to choose from with his new found powers. The first option disgusted him; he couldn't become an informant for a vigilante who had allowed his friend to die from a shotgun wound on the cold floor of a liquor store. Instead, he chose to use his powers to provide a better life for himself and his elderly and sick mother. David visited Incognito, a local underground store named after it's owner that specialized in tailoring costumes for supervillains. Tony Delsante, alias Incognito advised Mr. Mud to salvage some of the material that have given him his powers, and some of the earth he was bonded with. Within a week of returning to Incognito with the samples, he had donned a plain black and brown costume and a domino mask, all designed to morph as he did. He renamed himself 'Mr. Mud.' He had become part of a life that many of The Basement's residents never managed to escape; he was a two bit supervillain.

Mr. Mud made something of a name for himself during the nineties. He became known as a good henchman and enforcer, and enjoyed work with some of the top supervillains and crimelords in Kings Row. For a time he was an enforcer for The General, Russian crime lord and gun runner. On several occasions he worked for Knuckles LaRusso, once tasked with the job of driving away Charon himself from LaRusso turf. He even worked with the undead mob boss Vegas once or twice. During the nineties David was given two stretches in the Ziggurat, once for Assault and once for Superpowered Robbery. Both times he served his time and was released on parole, which he, of course, immediately skipped.

David's mother died just before his first stretch in the Ziggurat in 1993, after finding out how he truly provided for her. She committed suicide the night before he was due to be sentenced after taking an overdose of superadine. She was found by construction workers in the apartment in which David was born, at the time condemned and planned for demolition. Her death was something he dealt with quickly and buried somewhere inside; after her funeral he did his best never to speak of her or her death again, and strangely her passing made him only more determined in his criminal career. After all, without her he had very little left to lose.

In 2004, Mr. Mud was working as an enforcer for Sebastian Frost when he encountered Charon for the last time. They fought ruthlessly but eventually Mr. Mud was beaten, arrested and taken away. He was put on trial in 2005 and found guilty of three counts of Superpowered Robbery and four counts of Aggravated Assault. He was given thirty seven years in prison in total.

Mr. Mud was recently broken out of the Ziggurat for the third time during an Arachnos assault and jail break. Mr. Mud was let out of his cell not by Arachnos soldiers but by Blake; a favor from a friend he had acquired during his second stretch inside in the mid nineties. Mr. Mud escaped out into the exercise yard, where he was told he was not one of Arachnos' intended targets for release. When Mr. Mud replied in a derogatory manor, he was told to go back to his cell and sit tight, Arachnos had no need of him.

Far from going back to his cell, Mr. Mud instead fought his way through Longbow troops and onto the streets of Brickstown, where he looked up his old friend, the long-retired supervillain, Incognito. Incognito agreed to drive Mud to Independance Port, where he snuck aboard a fishing boat and bribed the captain to take him to the Rogue Isles, knowing that if he stayed in Paragon City he would be back inside the Ziggurat within days after the massive insurgence of superheroes following the Rikti War.

Mr. Mud is now loose in the Rogue Isles. He began working for shady contacts in opposition of Arachnos, but recently has begun taking contracts from some Arachnos Elites and has even done some high profile work for Black Scorpion. He now has strong alleigances within Arachnos and Black Scorpion's faction, as well as having done work for Crey, the Freakshow, the Family and the Carnival of Shadows. Mud even took a length contract from the Golden Giza, protecting their assets and for a while did some very high profile work for Johnny Sonata himself.

Mr. Mud has formed some more solid and official allegiances within the Rogue Isles as well as his temporary contracts and fickle alliegances. Not long after landing in Mercy Island, he was contacted by Mindswipe, a villain he had worked with for a long time on and off in the mid nineties. Mindswipe told him of a coalition of villains he had set up known as Rogues Gallery. Mr. Mud is now a leading member of the group, which numbers at around seventy five villains and is a very dangerous entity in it's own right when pulled together.

Mr. Mud faces off with Lord Recluse himself.

Mr. Mud became involved in a group known as The Sadistic Seven for a time, a group of Rogue Isles villains who teamed up to become quite a threat. They co-ordinated attacks on Paragon City on Christmas 2006, Valentine's Day 2007, an assault on Recluse's Victory in April 2007 and a last stand in Warburg in June 2007 after the group broke into opposing factions. The strange thing about Mud's alignment with this group was that he is not usually interested in being part of such plots unless he is being paid. Someone behind the scenes was giving large amounts of cash to Mud for his involvement, and he even admitted to the heroes of Paragon City that all the assaults had been staged and designed to fail shortly before the battle for Warburg.

It appears that Mud has finally hit his stride in the world of villainy, and with his rise in reputation he has also managed to master his powers to a greater degree. He is a lot stronger, much tougher and has managed to go toe to toe with every single member of the Freedom Phalanx. As a member of an Arachnos strike force, Mr. Mud has fought and beaten the entire Freedom Phalanx several times with the help of assorted villains from the Rogues Gallery and the wider Rogue Isles.

Since landing in the Rogue Isles, Mr. Mud has grown in both reputation and power. He is very dangerous, and while he has never been known to be a killer, he can be extremely hostile and will defend himself against any perceived threat.

Criminal Activity

Mr. Mud has been involved in criminal activity from a young age, even before he gained super powers. As a teenager, he was a member of the infamous street gang 'The Basement Boyz', who became well known not only for their criminal activity but for their apparent morals; they refused to have any part in the drug or prostitution industries, and vowed that they would only take part in criminal activity in order to take care of themselves and their own. As such, Mr. Mud's early criminal activity largely took the forms of petty burglary, muggings and convenience or liquor store robberies.

After gaining his powers and distancing himself from the now defunct street gang of his youth, Mr. Mud stepped up his criminal activity in the early nineties. After a string of bank robberies in the first weeks of his supercriminal career, Mud found work with the crimelords of Kings Row. Working for such names as The General, Knuckles and Vegas, he found work as a bodyguard and henchman, charged with guarding these nefarious criminal masterminds while they went about their usual business in their empires. Awhile later, after earning the trust of men such as these, he became their enforcers, and finally was even charged with handing out 'warnings' to a string of superheroes who were intruding on the business of this ring of gangsters, which was a time in Mud's career when he had some of his most well known superhuman battles.

After a few years in the employment (and under the thumb) of Kings Row's crimelords, David went to prison, charged with assault, and was subsequently released. He skipped parole, and went out on his own for a while. He was involved in a series of low profile bank robberies, as well as some lesser known kidnappings, either in the employ or allied with members of the Rogue's Gallery of the now defunct Kings Row vigilante team who called themselves the Bone Squad.

Mr. Mud and Mindswipe

It was during this time that Mr. Mud met Mindswipe, and they formed a partnership, which was perhaps, at the time, the highlight of Mr. Mud's career. They met after being hired by the villain Crimewave for some nefarious plan or another which inevitably failed. It was then that they were approached by Blackjack, a gambling addict and master of casino heists, to help him rob the highest security casino in the world: The Gold Vault in Steel Canyon. Supposedly superhuman proof, Mindswipe and Mr. Mud managed to pull off the robbery and walked away with a great deal of cash. The casino was destroyed in the Rikti War and never rebuilt, but the vault door, literally made of gold, now lies in one of Paragon's many museums, still with Mr. Mud's fist imprinted in the metal.

Mr. Mud and Mindswipe stuck together, and over the next few months they pulled off some extremely high profile bank and casino heists, all revolving around one central plan. Mr. Mud would walk straight in the front door and cause a commotion, usually alerting and prompting the presence of the PPD. As Mr. Mud fought these adversaries, Mindswipe, mentally convincing all concerned that they couldn't even see him, would sneak into the bank vault, swipe large amounts of cash, and then wipe the minds of all involved, including police officers, leaving them dazed and confused and unsure exactly who had robbed them. This string of heists continued until late 1995, when they were attacked by the Bone Squad during their final heist. This was the first time the world saw Mr. Mud's 'Mud Monster' form, when he grew to a size of twenty feet and transformed his body to pure mud, causing millions of dollars worth of destruction and damage to Kings Row tram station and the surrounding area during his battle with Charon, Mr. D and Ice Claw.

After that, Mr. Mud went back into the employ of crimelords, working on and off with Mindswipe both on various heists, and occasionally being employed as a duo to act as bodyguards or to hunt down a troublesome hero. They were involved in a number of grand schemes, but as nothing more than henchmen to keep the doomed-to-fail plans ticking over.

It was during 1996 that Mr. Mud was contacted by an underground supervillain who called himself 'Rumble', who made his money by setting up illegal underground fights between two supervillains and allowing other criminals to place bets on the results. Mr. Mud agreed to join his greatest event yet for a split of the profits; a royal rumble in the center of Kings Row. Mr. Mud was in the remaining six supervillains at the end of the Rumble when the whole operation was broken up by Paragon City heroes. Mr. Mud, the other five remaining criminals and Rumble himself had an epic battle with the team of heroes, but were forced to retreat, with Rumble going underground. Soon after Mr. Mud was arrested, charged with Superpowered Robbery and imprisoned until 1998.

Soon after in 1999, Mud and Mindswipe were involved in one of the biggest plots of their careers. Mindswipe discovered the true nature of the Clockwork King's control over his minions, and attempted to take control of the King's army, over-riding their telekinetic control and taking the reigns himself. In the days that followed, the robots ran riot, looting and ransacking Paragon City. A group of heroes, including Charon, teamed together to track down the Clockwork King, who denied all involvement, distraught at the loss of his army. The heroes found their way back to Mindswipe's hideout, but were instead met by Mr. Mud. After a superhuman battle of epic proportions with Mud, Mindswipe and their Clockwork army, Mind's telekinetic link with the robots was broken, and the pair were forced to retreat.

For the five years following, Mr. Mud worked on and off for 'Knuckles' LaRusso, and on occasion was even charged with driving Charon away from his business dealings. Mud became wrapped up in some of Knuckles' mob activity, but still distanced himself from the drug trade and refused to become involved. Just as he was begining to make a serious name for himself after gaining a reputation in the ten years preceeding, Mr. Mud was arrested for a third time, and imprisoned, this time for twenty years before he would be considered for parole.

After being broken out of the Ziggurat in 2006, Mr. Mud has become mired in an onslaught of criminal activity. Involved with both Arachnos and other shady contacts on the Rogue Isles, he has fallen straight back into his old ways, now known to be involved with the criminal organization Rogues Gallery and was temporarily involved with the supervillainous coalition and terrorist group known as the Sadistic Seven.

Strangely though, Mud has also taken some legitimate work with Sebastian Kain, working as his bodyguard at some major public events. Kain has been quoted as saying the reason for this is that a hero would be unreliable due to obvious commitments and many villains would be dangerous to employ. He has said publicly that he uses the convicted criminal Mr. Mud as a bodyguard because he is able to trust in his loyalty where money is involved.

One thing to note is that Mud has never been involved in murder to public knowledge, nor any other high crime of the sort. Many have suggested that he was only involved with the group known as the Sadistic Seven because he was being paid behind the scenes, a theory he seemed to confirm when he admitted the attacks had been staged after the group disbanded. Mud has always been a career criminal, the kind of villain whose crimes have been solely concerned with monetary gain.


After the fateful day on which David James Dirt fell two hundred feet into mutagenic material at the bottom of a quarry site, he has been blessed with superhuman powers, powers he spent many weeks honing and which he now uses for a life of crime as the supercriminal known to Kings Row and wider Paragon City as Mr. Mud.

Mud Armor

To protect himself from harm, Mr. Mud is prone to armoring parts of his body in mud. He usually chooses to only protect certain areas, as to armor himself completely hinders his speed, agility and even severely cripples his ability to move. However, he has been known, in situations where he has become extremely enraged or endangered, to in case his entire body in a thick layer of earth, which makes him nigh invulnerable and grants him a lot more power and strength to his blows. When severely enraged, Mr. Mud has even been known to become what some have dubbed a 'Mud Monster'. On two occasions, the first of which in 1995 while fighting the now deceased hero Mr. D, and the second of which more recently in 1997 while fighting the entire Bone Squad, Mr. Mud grew to a size of twenty five feet and turned his entire body to pure mud, making himself near enough unstoppable.


Mr. Mud uses his powers in an offensive capacity in two ways. Either he will harden his fists into solid earth with a punch that packs like concrete, or he will morph his limbs into a crudely formed weapon. Mr. Mud usually chooses to morph his hands into blunt instruments; enlarged fists, hammers, clubs or maces. These weapons can be enlarged to virtually any size, and he loves nothing more than smashing adversaries. He has also been known to produce large clods of earth from his palms and launch them at attackers. Mud also uses this morphing ability to enlarge his lower legs, allowing him a better standing. This stops him from being knocked back when absorbing an attack, although severely limits his mobility. His ability to morph and stretch also allows Mud to climb buildings, usually causing millions of dollars worth of damage in the process.

Citadel's head is removed by Mud's hammer.

Super Strength

Mr. Mud's powers also grant him a level of super strength, although this aspect of his power is extremely weak compared to some of the metahumans in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Mr. Mud is capable of lifting and throwing, without strain, anything weighing below or equal to the weight of an average sized car. Anything heavier than this would cause Mr. Mud considerable strain to lift.

When in his 'Mud Monster' form, Mr. Mud is much stronger but at the expense of his agility, mobility and to some extent his sanity. Mud has only ever been known to become the Mud Monster on two separate occasions, but during those times was capable of massive feats of strength, on one occasion picking up a bus and attempting to swat the hero Xanatos with it.


Mud's mild super strength combined with his ability to morph and stretch his legs gives him the vast muscular power needed to leap great distances. He will use this power for fast travel around Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, and to jump to the aid of associates during battle, often using it to come down on their attackers with great force.

Mud has also been known to use this ability in conjunction with morphing to leap and climb to the tops of extremely tall buildings. Mr. Mud has often escaped law enforcement by escaping to the tops of huge skyscrapers, usually causing millions of dollars worth of damage as he uses huge mud claws to dig into the sides of the large structures and gain enough leverage to leap a few more feet.

Earth Control

Mr. Mud has occasionally displayed a certain degree of control over the earth beneath his feet. Whether this power will develop further is yet to be seen. However, Mud has recently been seen experimenting with a heavily armored suit, rumored to be an adapted power suit that he pulled from the wreckage of Overbrook, alias 'Faultline.' This suit allows him some slight control over the earth and seismic activity.

Mr. Mud wore this 'Seismic Suit' during a recent bank heist, in which he caused a small earthquake and split the central lobby of a bank in central Brickstown. The suit was seen to malfunction seconds after Mr. Mud caused a huge stalagmite to erupt from the ground during a battle with PPD, and the villain was forced to rely on his standard powers in order to escape with his haul. An interesting development is that Mr. Mud, or a contact of his seems to have adapted the Seismic Suit to allow Mud to use his powers, including morphing and armoring himself, while still inside the powersuit itself.

However, due to the damage caused to the suit during the malfunction, it is likely Mr. Mud will not use it again until it has been extensively repaired and updated.


Mr. Mud still relies on many of the abilities he gained during his early life on the streets of Kings Row, before he had even dreamed of gaining super powers. These skills and attributes were those he learned growing up on rough streets with tough kids, which were then developed during his time with the street gang known as The Basement Boyz.

Mr. Mud in the midst of battle.


Mr. Mud, when unarmored, is able to run extremely fast. This is probably due to the fact that he spent his childhood running away from both cops and heroes during his street gang activity. The only way he was able to escape the brutal justice that was handed out to his friends on the night Charon disturbed their liquor store robbery was by running the entire length of Kings Row and out into the City limits.


When unarmored, Mr. Mud is extremely agile and can at times be quite stealthy. While in the media and to most people who work with him he can come across as a 'smash now, ask questions later' kind of criminal, those who have worked with him extensively will know that when he wants to be, Mud is extremely agile, stealthy and is able to conceal himself quickly to his advantage.

Street Smarts

Having spent most of his life on the streets of either Paragon City or the Rogue Isles, Mud has become very familiar with the layout of both the City of his birth and his new adopted home. He knows every back alley, sewer network and underground tunnel and more importantly, he knows where they lead. This ability has helped him to escape the hands of the law on more than one occasion, and Mud is certainly intelligent enough to know that when he is outnumbered, escape is the better option.


Mr. Mud wears a light utility belt during his criminal activities, carrying an array of equipment designed to aid him. These pieces of equipment are used for various reasons, from fast modes of transport such as teleporters, to small everyday devices carried to aid him in escape such as flashlights, medical kits and a communication device with which to call for back up from the Rogues Gallery.

Comm Device

Mr. Mud's comm device has several uses. Firstly, he uses this device to listen to police band broadcasts and determine how long he has before law enforcement arrives on the scene of his crime and just how many will be arriving. He will then use this information, combined with his instinct on whether any heroes will be en route to decide whether fight or flight is the better option.

Secondly, Mr. Mud will use this communication device to converse with members of the loose villainous coalition known as Rogues Gallery. It is useful in being able to call for back-up during fights gone bad, and also allows him to call in any information which be believes will be useful to the rest of the Rogues.

Finally, Mr. Mud uses this device to communicate with contacts in both Arachnos and the wider Rogue Isles. Being able to communicate with his brokers and contacts instantly allows for him to get his jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Medical Pack

Mr. Mud carries a small, personal medical pack. He uses this to patch himself up if he is injured during a fight, although he prefers to fight on and knock opponents out cold before tending to any injuries. He often uses this to avoid teleporting to an Arachnos hospital, in which the conditions are awful.

Mud was trained in basic first aid during his days with the Basement Boyz, in case any of his comrades were stabbed, shot or in any way injured by rival gangs, law enforcement or one of the City's more vicious vigilantes. He now uses these basic procedures to patch himself up during battle, but is not competent enough in these skills to be able to help others efficiently.


Mr. Mud carries a flashlight in his utility belt, which is used for two reasons. Firstly, this piece of equipment comes in useful when breaking and entering, either for standard robberies or to find valuable pieces of intelligence either for himself or comrades in the Rogues Gallery.

Secondly, a flashlight is invaluable during Mr. Mud's escape from the scene of a crime. Mud will very often disappear into alleyways, tunnels and sewers to escape from law enforcement quickly and while he has many of these escape routes committed to memory, he still requires a flashlight to navigate them quickly and efficiently.

Teleportation Device

This device, originally stolen from the Sky Raiders by a Rogues Gallery member, has been adapted to allow Mr. Mud to both teleport enemies to his location, and to allow him to teleport remotely to other locations in the Rogue Isles, most commonly the Rogues Gallery secure base, an Arachnos hospital building or the Pocket D interdimensional nightclub.

During battle, Mr. Mud has been known to use this device, although rarely, to teleport heroes directly in front of him while he is swinging a weapon, catching them by surprise and knocking them unconscious.

Seismic Suit

Mr. Mud wearing the Seismic Suit.

During the reconstruction of Overbrook, a group of Rogues Gallery members found their way into Paragon City in order to scavenge from various underground HQs that were once used by superheroes. The idea, of course, was to steal tech that they could use to either update Warehouse 13 or to use against Paragon City's superheroes. While they were searching for a HQ once used by a group of heroes known as the Sidewalk Squad, they stumbled across a HQ once used by Faultline himself. There it was, standing in a corner, dusty and unused; a spare Faultline suit that had been buried in the rubble of an earthquake created by it's inventor.

Mr. Mud took this suit back to the Rogue Isles, thinking that if he came into trouble with a particularly large group of superheroes he could simply put the suit on and double his power. This was not to be, however. When he tried on the suit and tested it, Mud found that he could not use his own powers; after all, if he were to morph inside the suit, the mud would either fry the circuitry or his growth would tear the suit apart. He almost abandoned the project before a fellow Rogue, the powersuit wielding Pioneer, took the suit away.

After a few weeks, Pioneer brought the suit back to Mr. Mud, having removed various sections and improving on what was left. The suit was now fitted with an extremely high tech venting system that would allow Mud to morph through the suit while still wearing it, effectively able to armor himself on the outside of the powersuit and morph his limbs as normal. Mud was able to do all this while still being able to use the suit to effect seismic activity and cause minor earthquakes. To make sure this system truly worked, Mr. Mud took the suit for a test drive, attacking the LSSL in Nerva Archipelago. Mr. Mud managed to cause a large rupture in the lobby of the bank, throwing security guards and patrons off their feet. Just as he turned with the intention of blocking the doorway with a huge stalagmite, the suit sparked and malfunctioned.

Mr. Mud was forced to make his escape with only his own powers, which was all too easy even without the Seismic Suit. The powersuit itself is now back in the hands of Pioneer, who spends much of his time trying to fix the suit so that it aligns in perfect symmetry with Mud's powers.

It is unknown when Mr. Mud will wield the Seismic Suit in battle again, but when he does it will undoubtedly be to devastating effect; if Mud is able to combine his own powers to morph his own body to earth as well as being able to control it externally, his powers could increase tenfold.

As of May 2008, Mr. Mud has donned the Seismic Suit on two occasions; both of them believed by authorities to be simply tests of the equipment. The suit has now been nicknamed 'Mudquake', and has been updated to allow for both external earth control, as well as being fitted for energy blasters as a means of extra offense. The suit has once again been shelved since this newest incarnation of the suit seems to limit Mr. Mud's use of his natural powers. While wielding it he is able to control the earth around him, and use the new, energy orientated powers of the suit, but his own powers of morphing are greatly hindered. It is assumed the suit is now being updated for a third time.


Mr. Mud's five standard costumes.

Mr. Mud's costumes, from left to right: Original costume, worn 1991-2006; Updated 'Supervillain' costume, worn 2006-Present; Seismic Suit, currently powerless; Basement Boyz uniform, now defunct; Shirt and tie for bodyguard work.


Mr. Mud is known for being invulnerable. He is able to take a large amount of damage and is able to dish it out himself. However, since without severely limiting his mobility Mr. Mud is not able to armor his entire body, there are always weak spots on his person where he is fallible. Many heroes, for example Statesman or Ohms, have electrocuted him into unconsciousness through a hole in his armor in order to subdue him during an arrest. This Achilles' Heel is one that Mr. Mud is constantly striving to prevent, sometimes moving his armor around his body rapidly to prevent heroes from being able to pinpoint one weak spot. However, there will always be at least one area on Mr. Mud's person where he is vulnerable, if only one is quick enough to spot and exploit it.

Aside from the few failings of his powers, Mr. Mud has weaknesses in that he is still essentially human. He is vulnerable to human illness, and is not exempt from the need for sleep, food and breathable air.


  • Mindswipe - Teammate and partner in crime, Mindswipe and Mud have worked together on and off since they first met in the mid-nineties. While Mr. Mud and Mindswipe occasionally differ in personality, they come from similar worlds and have similar motives in their criminal activity.
  • Incognito - The owner of the Basement's very own tailor for supervillains, Incognito was once one of the greatest supervillains Kings Row has ever boasted. Now, he is a mentor to up-and-coming villains and the tailor of their attire.
  • Spikeman - Spikeman was one of Mr. Mud's many contacts from Kings Row, until a run-in with Statesman ended their professional relationship.
  • Nightstick - A villain from Kings Row who Mr. Mud worked with on-and-off throughout the nineties, this villain has now disappeared without trace.
  • Jumpsuit - Another contact from Kings Row, Mr. Mud and Jumpsuit worked together many times before Jumpsuit was imprisoned for the foreseeable future in 2002.
  • Crimewave - Crimewave was the broker of the job on which Mr. Mud and Mindswipe met, and was a prolific crimelord before his retirement in 1994 and subsequent death in 2003.
  • Emperor Xanatos - Emperor Xanatos is both Mr. Mud's co-conspirator in the group The Sadistic Seven, and teammate in his usual group, Rogues Gallery.
  • Bloodywedd - A villain who has been known to work with Mr. Mud on occasion, although Mud usually shies away from her company due to her blatant insanity.
  • Slaphappy - Another villain who has often worked with Mr. Mud, although recently there has been some animosity between the two. The cause for this rivalry is unknown but is thought to be extremely deep rooted.
  • Nimrod - Former commander of the X-Patriots and now affiliate of the Rogues Gallery, Nimrod has been a great ally of Mr. Mud and Mindswipe's during their careers, often using his brilliant strategic skills to orchestrate crimes at their side.
  • Sebastian Kain - Mr. Mud has suspicious dealings with Sebastian Kain of Paragon City. Mr. Mud has even been known to act as his body guard at formal events. It has been suggested that Mr. Mud may be one of Mr. Kain's employees, but as Sebastian is best known as a hero, many shrug off this tenuous link.
  • The X-Patriots - Constant allies of the Sadistic Seven and Rogues Gallery, The X-Patriots have many close allies of Mr. Mud amongst their membership.

Villaingroup: Rogues Gallery


  • Charon - Mr. Mud's creator and chief nemesis. Mr. Mud and Charon have tangled numerous times since Charon dropped in on Mud's liquor store robbery in 1991. While Mr. Mud holds severe animosity for Charon, on the flip side, Charon does not see Mud as much of a threat, and does not actively seek him out for arrest.
  • Graphite - Leader of a group formed to oppose the Sadistic Seven known as the Eidolon Eight, Graphite has stood toe to toe with Mr. Mud and traded punches, questioning his motives aiding such nefarious plots. Since, a rivalry has developed which has yet to be settled.
Mr. Mud dukes it out with the Havok Brothers
  • The Havok Brothers - There is growing tension between The Havok Brothers and Mr. Mud. During several battles between the heroes of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles they have fought, sometimes with the Havoks coming out on top, and others Mr. Mud. They have yet to resolve this conflict for good, and the final showndown is likely to be a violent one.
  • The Frontline - This supergroup was set up as a direct response to the Sadistic Seven and as such have targeted Mr. Mud as one of their highest priorities for arrest. Lead by the Havok Brothers, this team are determined to bring down Mr. Mud and the wider Rogues Gallery at any cost. The group has now split into two factions, The Frontline and Freedom Force.
  • Nimbus - A hero Mr. Mud has clashed with many times, both before and after his departure to the Rogue Isles. It was only by fate that Mud and Nimbus happened to join opposing groups, with Mr. Mud joining forces with Rogues Gallery and Nimbus joining The Frontline.
  • Xanatos - Mr. Mud has had a few run-ins with Xanatos during his career, but due to Mr. Mud being a street criminal and Xanatos being a cosmic hero, their paths don't cross often, and even when they do, Xanatos usually hands the conflict on to one of his more street wise associates in The Challengers.


  • Halfway Crooks - The origin of Mr. Mud, telling the story of his life from his childhood on the streets of The Basement, through his early days as a criminal and his first stretch in Ziggursky Correctional Facility.
  • The Breaks - Mr. Mud visits a strange reality very different from our own and comes to realize how much his own actions are responsible for his life of crime.

To Contact This Character's Creator

  • In-game: @Charon.
  • CoHGuru Forums: Charon
  • Official Forums: Mr_Mud
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