Mr Armegdon

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Evil must be punished…with greater evil
Mr Armagedon
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: 34
Personal Data
Real Name: Burning Hells / John Walkerton
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human-Nictus Hybrid
Age: 18 months
Height: 7’
Weight: variable
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Unknown/ Rhode Island
Base of Operations: King’s Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Master of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



Villains of Paragon City


Socrates postulated that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and Mr Armagedon seems to validate this. Quayside Brawler was a noble defender of the weak and down trodden. Burning Hells was a psychotic warlord for hire, who delighted in the wholesale slaughter of entire star systems. No one would describe Mr Armagedon as a defender of the weak, and though many question his sanity he’s not quite the butcher of worlds he was previously, largely because he can only unleash his full powers when both halves of his personality are in agreement. He respects strength and lives by a code, twisted as some may find it.

Character History


John Walkerton (aka Quayside Brawler) inherited Independence Port Dry-cleaning when his parents were killed by the Family for refusing to pay protection money. They hoped the murder of the Walkertons would send a message to the people of Independence Port and King’s Row. It certainly sent a message to young John: the heroes of Paragon City weren’t coming to save IP or the Row. He was going to have to do that himself. A lifetime of bar brawls and back ally knife fights in his misspent used combined with a fiery passion to make him one of the deadliest fighters in Paragon City. He made himself the scourge of the Family, but when he destroyed an entire warehouse full of Superdyne, he crossed the line. The Family put out a hit on him, with the deadliest assassin they could find: Burning Hells. Burning Hells had spent five hundred years moving from star system to star system, a specter of death. He was hired by the Rikti warrior caste to raze several smaller races along their border, which he did. But when the Rikti failed to pay what he perceived as full value for his work, he lead a band of pirates into their space and burned several of their outposts to the ground, slaughtering the populations on these worlds in bloody and imaginative ways. For these crimes the Rikti hunted him across the dimensions, swearing retribution. Burning Hells came to Earth, so he could hunt and kill yet more Rikti, in retribution for their retribution. While on Earth, he freelanced as a mercenary and took on some work for the Family. Burning Hells set a trap for Quayside, loading up a warehouse in King’s Row with ‘Dyne, and making sure Quayside knew this. When the Brawler showed up, he attacked, and in a truly epic battle, brought the mighty hero to his knees. Quayside readied himself for the killing blow…which never came. Burning Hells respected this young warrior, and saw in him a kindred spirit… of sorts. The Nictus merged with him… and in this union (which leveled several city blocks) created the Warshade Mr Armagedon. The resulting energies attracted the attention of the last technomancers in this dimension. Gabriel immediately saw the value of this new creature with tremendous powers, but knew it was only a matter of time before Burning Hells’ personality subsumed the noble if bitter spirit of John. He therefore place a mental block in the Warshade’s psyche to keep the two personalities separate.

The Villains of Paragon City

For some time Mr Armagedon wandered listless around Paragon City, confused as to where he belonged. He had an overwhelming urge to do violence to people, but at the same time, he felt a need to protect the weak and innocent. Both sides of his personality warred with each other, and he despaired until a Warshade named Shadowstar recruited him into hero work. Finally he could combine his love of violence with his desire to protect! His first few missions against the Council and Vahzilok were tons of fun! He painted the Council’s warehouse base with their blood and made a pyramid out of the head of Vahzilok zombies deep in the sewer (Interestingly, though he is more than willing to kill, maim and torture, Mr Armagedon is disgusted by making zombies). Ingratiating himself into this new world he made contacts and happened upon the Villains of Paragon City Leader, John Starkweather. Starkweather invited him to join his organization, and saw that his checkered history as a warlord for hire would make him valuable as a trainer for his assembled cadre of villains.

The Technomancer War

For years Mr Armagedon was content with his existence and the restrictions placed on him by his true master, Gabriel. But eventually he came to meet Kell, the Fallen Technomancer. Kell was looking for allies in his growing vendetta against Gabriel and the few remaining Technomancers who allied with him. In exchange for introducing him to John Starkweather, Kell removed Gabriel’s neural block. Burning Hells personality completely annihilated. From then on, Mr Armagedon was a creature of pure darkness. Despite his distaste for zombies, Mr Armagedon and Kell formed an unlikely but close bond. Eventually, Kell offered to instruct Mr Armagedon in the ways of technomancery. Eager for additional power, Mr Armagedon accepted.


Under orders from John Starkweather, Mr Armagedon was dispatched to help hunt down Mindstryker and his wife, Raina Sylvir. Knowing that the pair and the rest of the Safe Havens were (grudgingly) sheltering another of Gabriel’s technomancer allies, Kell supplemented Starkweather’s commands with one of his own: Capture Raina, so that she could serve as bait to trap the other technomancers. In Dark Astoria, Mindstryker, Red Komodo and Grimaulkin battled Mr Armagedon. The trio held their own against the Nictus technomancer for a time, but the battle would have been a draw until Raina, in her feral form, attacked him from behind. The combination of magic and technomancery attracted the attention of the spirit of Dark Astoria, and Mr Armagedon’s powers were broken. Left as just a man against four metahumans, the battle was a short one.

Knowing that Kell could easily revive his monsterous student, the Safe Havens were very through in destroying the corpse.


Recently, Mr Armegedon has been seen in Paragon City again, despite the noticible handicap of being reported dead. Was he restored to life by some dark art of Kell's, by Starkweather...or something else entirely?


"I'll kill a man in a fair fight. Or if I think he's going to start fair fight. Or an unfair fight. Or if he bothers me. Or if their's a woman. Or if I'm getting paid. And yes, maybe I'll eat his heart. But turning people into zombies? When does that get fun?" Mr Armagedon on the Vahzilok

"I like fighting the Council. No matter what I do to them I never feel bad"

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