National Star

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National Star
Player: @Fanty




Threat Level:


Super Group:

Golden Age Heroes

Personal Data
Real Name:

Dinah King




5' 9"


128 lbs

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data


  • Licensed Superhero
  • US Navy ONI Officer
Place of Birth:

Paragon City

Marital Status:


Additional Data
Known Powers:
  • Shield Defense
  • Super Strength
Known Abilities:
  • Increased Jumping
Known Equipment:

Shield of Penthesilea

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The woman that would become National Star was born in Pargon City in 1919. However, shortly after her birth both of her parents died as a result of the great flu pandemic. Growing up in an orphanage, she decided from an early age she would dedicate her life to helping others. Training as a nurse, the growing tensions in Europe drove her to join the United States Navy Nurse Corps in 1940. Assigned the newly commissioned hospital ship USS Solace, Nurse Lieutenant King was serving aboard that vessel when it was attacked during the 5th Column's strike on the Atlantic Fleet in Paragon Harbor. Left severely injured, there was little hope of Dinah making a full recovery.

However, at the same time the Navy was looking for a female candidate to test an experimental serum on. The US had been trying to develop a "Super Soldier" program ever since the arrival of Statesman on the scene in the early 30's. However, most if not all of those efforts were being spearheaded by the Army. The Navy felt that it too must work towards this goal, and as such developed a parallel program. Working from the same basis upon which the Army would develop the Liberty Serum, the Navy crafted a similar elixer. Unlike the Army, however, they realized that their creation would only work upon a female patient. They then decided to find a willing volunteer to undergo the treatment with the idea of studying the affects it had upon them in order to adapt the formula to work upon their male soldiers. As such, following the attack Dinah was approached to be that volunteer.

The formula was a success in the sense that it restored Dinah and granted her super-human strength, however the Navy learned little from the process as to adapting the formula to male subjects. As such, the program lingered on into the post war years until it fell victim to the same cuts that decimated the rest of the navy at the dawn of the atomic age. However, Dinah herself was all that they could have asked for and more. As a result of the transformation that she underwent, the program came to the newly formed Combined Chiefs of Staff and oversight of the project was assumed by that agency, much to the chagrin of the Navy Department. Dinah was set up with the "superhero" identity National Star and assigned to various military operations, first in support roles because of her gender but later in more direct combat assignments. Her life would change however when she was assigned as part of Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily. The troopship transporting elements of the US 7th Army and Dinah to Sicily as part of the operation struck a mine and sank on the night of July 6th, 1943. Dinah was herself injured and rendered unconscious by the blast, and thrown overboard in the first moments following.

When Dinah awoke, she found she had washed upon a beach, and three women stood over her. The women, The Three Sisters as she would later find, welcomed her to the island of Iladyria. Taking her to a small village to recover, the three explained to Dinah where she had ended up. The isle of Iladyria was the last refuge of a group of ancient Amazon warriors descended from the Minoan civilization of Crete. A female champion of Iladyria was fated to arise in the early part of the next century, but the actions of Marcus Cole and Stephan Richter in opening the box of Pandora when they changed the fate of the world, and that of Dinah King in particular. Now, with the rize of Germany and her allies, and the various superhumans such as Requiem, the hero was to arise now. After recuperating with the Amazons for several months, Dinah was again visited by the Three Sisters along with the Amazon queen Helene. Helene bestowed upon Dinah the Shield of Penthesilea, a magical artifact handed down throughout the ages. The three sisters told Dinah that she must return to the world and help fight the Nazi scourge, yet fate demanded that after that threat was vanquished she must return to Iladryia in order to fight the coming threat in the next century.

Dinah would return to service, and fight through the cessation of hostilities in Europe. Following that victory, Dinah disappeared from Europe and returned to the hidden isle of the Amazons. Her slowed aging due to the affects of the super soldier treatment coupled with the mystical nature of Iladyria left her nearly immortal, aging but a few years in the decades that separated 1945 from today. After living with the women warriors for those many years, recently the Three Sisters once again visited the isle and Dinah with a warning: The great evil that she had fought once before was ready to beset the world once more under a new champion. The fated time had arrived, and the world would once again need the champion of Iladryia. Dinah once again assumed the identity of National Star and ventured back to her childhood home of Paragon City to seek out allies for the coming conflict.

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