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Some people just want to watch the world burn
Nenshin No Kin
Player: @Arimikami Too
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Primary: Fire Melee
Secondary: Invulnerability
Epic: Energy Mastery
Level: Growing
Statistic 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Kiera McKinney
Identity: Public
Known Aliases: Nenshin No Kin
Species: Homo Superior
Date of Birth: December 19th
Age: 19
Height: 6'4"
Weight: None of your business
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Skin Complexion: Naturally tan
Distinguishment: A long thin scar running sideways along her ribs on the right and a tattoo of a phoenix rising out of flames that takes up most of her back.
Medical Status: No preexisting medical conditions
Financial Status: Lives hand to mouth
Religion: Aetheist
Sexuality: Undisclosed
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives
None of note
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Japanese/Irish
Legal Status: Wanted
Place of Birth: Amador City, California
Occupation: Cage Fighter (Currently unemployed)
Middle school drop out
Group Affiliations
Currently no affiliations
Base of Operations: None at the moment
Residency: Anywhere she can stay for the night
Known Powers
Fire Manipulation, Superhuman Durability
Known Abilities
Skilled close range combatant
No special equipment
Awards and Collections
Licenses and Certificates
IC Accessibilty of Article
Most information here can be easily found IC



The towering engine of destruction now known as Nenshin No Kin was once called Kiera and was the pride and joy of Matthew and Aiko McKinney. She was brought into this world without complication on December 19th, 1991 at Sutter Amador Hospital in Jackson, California and taken home to live in the quaint little town Amador City, California, with her mother and father, where she spent her childhood. Kiera's parents would never be called rich by any stretch of the imagination, but they weren't dirt poor either and she lived out her earliest years much like any other child would, romping playfully around their home in blissful ignorance of just how little they had. That ignorance came to an abrupt end when she turned six years old.

It's human nature to dislike that which is different, and that behavior is most evident among children. With the unusual features given to her by the mix of Japanese and Irish heritage, the fact that she towered over everyone her age, and the dime store appearance of her clothes, Kiera stood out like a beacon and drew scorn from her peers like moths to a flame. Because of this she was a popular target for pranks and was the butt of many jokes which continued to escalate until one day, at the age of ten, when someone went too far.

History and Current Events

Immediately after escaping from the Zig, Kiera made good on her promise of getting payback on all the people that sent her there. Arachnos was only too happy to help by providing intel on where she could locate the individuals and to date, all members of the jury that convicted her, twenty-three members of the Longbow strike team that arrested her, and the judge that presided over her trial have all been brutally executed, many of these executions being recorded for release to the public as a warning for anyone that crosses mutants in general, and her in particular.

While waiting to be informed of the locations of the last people on her list, Nenshin spends her days in a fairly routine manner. Her mornings are spent exercising, usually by wandering through the more dangerous parts of the isles and then stomping anyone that tries to jump her, followed by checking around with the few contacts she's made to see if there's any prospects to make some cash, and ending the day by wandering into a local bar or going to Pocket D before finding a place to stay for the night.


Some people experience hate.

Kiera lives in it.

She hates Arachnos for forcing her to face the fact that she probably couldn't have escaped the Zig without their aid.

She hates Longbow for putting her there.

She hates the people that ran the cage fights she took part in for getting them all caught.

She hates the people that came to watch and screamed for blood.

She hates the fact that she's not smart enough to find a better way to make money.

She hates all the normal people that are smarter than her.

She hates everyone that made school unpleasent enough that she refused to go.

She hates her dad for trying to beat her when he found out.

She hates her mom for trying to protect her and forcing her into a position where she had to kill her dad to keep them both safe and then being called a monster by the person she tried to protect.

And even though she'll never admit, she hates herself for not being normal.

Kiera clings to this hate with a determination that borders on the insane and has unwittingly turned herself into the kind of person that can't be happy unless she has something to be angry about. Fortunately for her, she's very good at finding things to hate. What kind of person she'd be if she ever let go of all that anger is unknown as she's held it close for a very long time.

Physical Description

Nenshin's tattoo
Kiera was always tall. Even when she was younger Nenshin was taller than the majority of her peers. Now she's fully grown and, standing at six foot four inches, Kiera literally towers over most of the people she meets with legs long enough to take strides when walking that would leave many people scrambling to catch up with even a casual pace.

Despite her height, Kiera lacks the bulk that is so common among larger people and is fairly thin for her height, lending her a tall, willowy appearance. Thanks to being a former cage fighter and because she refuses to rely on her mutation to keep her in shape, Kiera maintains a vigorous workout routine and it shows. She has the beginnings of a six pack on her abs and the toned muscles of her body practically ripple under the skin when she moves.

The naturally tanned skin and almond shaped eyes she inherited from her mother stand in direct contrast with the other half of her heritage, the deep emerald color of those eyes and the dark rich red of her hair, which she keeps at shoulder length to keep it from getting in the way, giving her an appearance that some may call exotic.

The scowls and sneers that so commonly cross her face would keep most people from calling her pretty but, on those rare occasions when she does flash someone a genuine smile it lights up her face in ways she's not even aware is possible.

Thanks to her mutation, her skin is without blemishes with two major exceptions. The first exception is a long, thin, ragged scar that starts below her right arm on her ribs and runs along them towards her sternum. The second is a tattoo of a phoenix rising up out of flames that takes up the majority of her back


Fire Manipulation

To Kiera, fire is the ultimate form of expression. It calls to her and she calls right back to it. It shapes itself to fit her desires and moods and she can extinguish it with nothing more than a thought. When in a good mood, which is rare, the fire Nenshin commands is harmless. At those times it's life giving and heartwarming, like laying down to take a nap with the sun shining down on you or dipping into a warm bath after a hard day. When her anger rises, which is often the case, so do the temperatures of the fire she wields until it's burning hot enough that you'd think she tore out a piece of the sun to use to cast judgement on all those around her. Kiera would never admit it and would probably beat someone for calling her on it but, when she's alone she entertains herself by crafting small objects out of fire. Things like flowers or miniature figures that she uses to perform elaborate plays for herself. She doesn't see the fires she commands as a part of her and views them as a seperate entity, the one friend she knows she can count on.


When Kiera first learned that she was a mutant she really wasn't all that tough. She still felt most of the effects of blunt force trauma and, as the scar on her ribs proves, she was more than capable of being badly injured. As time has gone by though she's found herself becoming harder and harder to injure. The average human is incapable of hitting hard enough to make her feel pain from it anymore and she's all but immune to small arms fire now. Even point blank shots from high powered rifles don't break her skin at this point, they just hurt a lot. She is able to be injured through methods such as being subjected to extreme cold, electrocution, and being irradiated but, she's completely immune to fire. In her mind this is further proof that mutants aren't just different from humans. They're superior.

Enhanced Physique

While there are others that surpass Nenshin, she has a physical tenacity that goes far beyond what the average human is capable of. She can run a mile at full sprint without even breathing heavy afterwards and can go for days without nourishment or rest and has been able to hold her breath for almost half an hour. In addition to this, she has a physical strength that goes well beyond what someone of her size and build would have. She's nowhere near as strong as many of the other supers, but is easily capable of feats like lifting a motorcycle with one hand or bending iron bars. It should be noted however, that she prefers to get the same amount of food and rest as the average human and if she has to go for more than a few days without both that she does become sluggish and weakens.



Once Nenshin makes a decision it's almost impossible to sway her from her chosen course. While this can be used against her, it does carry her through a lot of tough times. If she decides to do something you can be sure that she's going to do it. This also applies to her relationships with others. Once someone becomes her friend she'll be their's through thick and thin, even long after they're no longer a friend of hers.

Street Savvy

Many people are much better educated that Nenshin but, when it comes to the school of hardknocks, Kiera graduated at the top of her class. She spent a good number of her earlier years among some of the shadiest people around. The kind that would put their own mother on the corner if it would make them money and wouldn't hesitate to stab a friend in the back for even a minute gain. Fortunately, her mutation and the simple fact that she was usually their meal ticket meant that she was spared from being on the wrong end of most double dealings and backstabs but, she witnessed such occurances regularly and did pay attention. This has made her fairly savvy when dealing with less than reputable folks and somewhat adept at spotting the types of people that would engage in such behavior.


Simple Mindedness

Kiera isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the box, a fact that she's painfully aware of. She's not mentally deficient by any means but, there are a lot of things she just doesn't know how to do for herself. She's never had a bank account, never had a driver's license, never applied for an apartment, and she'd be completely lost if anyone ever asked her to file her taxes. She also left school at the age of fourteen and because of this there are many times when people will get into discussions where she's obviously in out of her depth and it shows.

Anger Issues

To say that Neshin has a temper is kind of like saying that the surface of the sun is warm or that it's windy on days where tornadoe warnings are issued. The girl gets angry and it rarely takes much to set her off. When this happens things tend to burn, literally as well as metaphorically.



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