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I must break you.
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Blackweb former Recruit
Nikolai Ivanov
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: '
Real Name: Nikolai Trifon Ivanov
Known Aliases: Unkillable Soldier, Silent Niko, Nick, The Motherland Mauler, "What are you, a Nazi?"
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: "Enforcer", apartment tenant, music store clerk
Place of Birth: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Base of Operations: Port Oakes
Marital Status: Dating a woman
Known Relatives: Father: Alexei Ivanov (Deceased) Mother: Irina Ivanov (Deceased) Sister: Vera Ivanov (Unknown)
Physical Data
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height / Weight : 6'7" / 195 lbs.
Eye / Hair Color: Grey / Brown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Incredibly agile and elusive, naturally quick, highly skilled in the use of blunt weaponry. Highly skilled in Italian, French, Russian, German, English and more.
Weapons: Studded steel mace, pipe-wrench, baseball bat, others. Defense: Custom-made bullet/knife proof armor wrapped in chains, psychic-proof helmet. Resembles a dangerous gimp.
Laconic, serious, refuses to drink liquor, often mistaken for Niko Bellic, occasionally mistaken for a neo-Nazi.
Updated: 4/18/2011 - Player: @Hostile V


Who Is The Infamous "Unkillable Soldier"?

Nikolai Ivanov is an incredibly conflicted man. Born in a restrictive environment, educated in prison, kept in captivity and treated like a dog have permanently molded this young man. But his new-found freedom is a blessing and a curse to him. Nick is currently fighting the changes in his life and his growing feelings towards a beautiful young woman who entered his life.

Age 0-7

In mid-March as the brunt of winter dwindled in Krasnoyarsk, Nikolai Trifon Ivanov came into the world nothing more than another born communist. His mother Irina died due to complications of childbirth; Nick was never told of this until his arrest. Raised by his father Alexei, a chemical engineer for the government, and his older sister Vera, the young Nikolai wandered through his early life with eyes wide open. Scared by the conditions of the USSR and the strife, young Nikolai preferred to stay indoors where he felt he could escape the troubles of the world. This was not to last; the collapse of the USSR opened a new world to Nikolai. Discovering foreign countries like America, Japan and China was a magical experience for the boy, and he adapted to reading all he could about other countries. But his happiness was cut short. Arrested for thievery (taking a box of cookies), the seven-year-old Nikolai was tossed to the Russian prison system.

Prison: Age 7-12

The abrupt change from his loving family to cold life in prison was an incredible shock. In fact, researchers ran an in-depth study on whether or not it was legal to imprison a seven-year-old boy. The study was promptly cut short by the actions of the Russian Mafia, or Bratva, who wanted to use the young boy as a subject for further work. Bribery ensured that the young boy would be kept until puberty and then turned over to the Bratva. There is only one significant incident in Nikolai's prison term. An infamous prisoner named Boris Popov (arrested and imprisoned for the rape, murder and dismemberment of twenty-seven preteen boys) attempted to rape young Nikolai in the first week of his sentence. Testimony from guards says that Popov approached the boy with malicious intent. According to them, Nikolai tripped the man with a bar of soaped and proceeded to jump on the fallen man's neck. Nikolai was imprisoned in solitary for six months and was described as "crying the whole time. In forty years, I have never seen a prisoner respond with such sorrow."

Subject: Age 12-16

Released into the care of the Russian mafia, Nikolai was quickly placed in extreme captivity. Under the watchful eye of project manager Gregor Kozlov, Nikolai was forced to exercise eighteen hours a day non-stop. Fluctuating schedules of cardio and weight training molded a lanky teenager into a slim, chiseled warrior. Part two of the experiment was much more severe: Nikolai was forbidden from speaking at all under the penalty of being beaten to the point where he'd pass out. He would maintain this vow of silence for six years. In the meantime, he would be constantly exercising or exposed to ultra-violent acts of brutality. On occasion he would be forced to take part, given a stick or cudgel to injure or defend himself. He was eventually shown many gangster movies, and was finally presented a well-pressed suit. By fifteen, Nikolai Ivanov became Silent Niko, an unyielding Bratva bodyguard and enforcer. The one problem they had was that was that Nikolai refused to kill, and wrote once "I kill Popov because he was greatest threat to me at time. Nothing else has ever come close to making such a threat to me." This did not work in favor for the Bratva; Nikolai was given another fate.

Gladiator: Age 17-20

At the urging of Kozlov, Nikolai was transferred to a prototype project. The International Death Match Federation was a joint venture between all of the great crime syndicates, including the Council, the Marcone Family and the Yakuza. Each major country was represented by a warrior; Nikolai was presented with his trademark mace and uniform the day before his first fight. Called "The Unkillable Soldier", Nikolai was presented as a disgraced KGB agent bailed out of prison in exchange for fighting in the arena. Nikolai quickly became one of the most popular fighters amongst East Europe and other western nations, known for his complete silence, his trademark emotionless mask and his refusal to kill his opponents. A typical battle would end with the arms of his opponent being broken and their jaw being shattered. However, extreme problems and the interference of national armies and the UN led to the IDMF being disbanded. In a panic to fund their new project, a Death Race style demolition race, Kozlov and the others decided to sell their fighters to the highest bidders. This came in the form of a Blackweb agent responding to a junk advertisement.

Unchained: 20 and Beyond

For the price of $10,000 and three crates of ammunition, a confused Nikolai was dumped in Mercy and began to work for Black Scorpion's special division. Upon the realization of his freedom and the guidance of his superior Annette Tozi, Nikolai removed his uniform for the first time in two years and shaved all of the hair on his head. He set out on his dreams while balancing working for Arachnos, eventually buying an apartment in Port Oakes and settling in with a kitten named Sofia. So far, he's done very well. In between working for a music source called "Aural Sex" and his work, Nick sees a young woman called "Siren Sanigi" on the side. He even made a brief excursion into Paragon City to see how the other half lives. He's living the American Dream, and he's not even living in America.


-Deeply respects Crabette and Operative Falcon, for showing him kindness and for insisting he be free. He will gladly do anything for them, from body disposal to helping with paperwork.

-Is often friendly with most members of Blackweb, forming a friendship with Unwelcome Storm, Mitrallette and fellow Russian Nadja Kazmin.

-Has the tendency of referring to people as Sir or Miss, but will stop if told.

-Is a virgin and gets nervous when people get into in-depth conversations about sex.

-Enjoys reading and listening to/humming/singing the best of the 80's. Has a special love for Duran Duran and tried out for singer in a tribute band in St. Martial.

-Constantly fights with the Hellion who rents the apartment next door, Steve. Often ends with Nick beating him, scaring him or threatening to throw him off the roof of their building. Steve does not listen very well and continues to invite his friends over at midnight or play death metal at 6 AM.

-Refuses to kill. Most of his battles end with the enemy being incapacitated or knocked out. That being said, big threats do not get off so lucky. He broke Gregor Kozlov's spine in retaliation to attempts to reclaim him. Other large threats may also be deprived of "manhood abilities" by a well-placed mace to the spine.

-When he falls for a woman, he falls hard.

-Has the ability to speak in perfect gangster slang, and is on very good terms with the Family.

-((OOC)) Nick's a tribute to Frankenstein from Death Race and Niko Bellic from GTA IV, both ordinary men with histories thrust unto greatness. At first, he was the silent, stoic token Russian but he came into his own self over time. Don't be afraid to ask him about Cousin Roman, although he won't understand what you're saying.

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