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"Yes, my name is Darren Swan, and yes I did play in the NHL."
Power Patron
Player: @Power Patron
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Darren Swan
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Human
Age: 33
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: First Nations (Ojibwe)/ Canadian
Occupation: Former NHL Star, Hero
Place of Birth: Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Base of Operations: The Lightning Strike Initiative Base
Marital Status: Dating (Rebecca Elderworth)
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Energy blasts, Energy melee/enhancements
Known Abilities
Flying, Power blasts, etc..
Signature Shades
No additional information available.

((Well, this character was pretty random, I was just messing around with some power sets and I landed on a cool name and the energy powers. I was fairly new at any types of RP but I enjoyed the concept of RPing in Paragon, so I got into it and fairly quickly I started to develop Power Patron into what I think is a unique kind of guy. He is my first ever 50 thanks to the Double XP Weekend in February of 2008.))


Early Life

Darren Swan, just another little Indian kid growing up on a reserve. The usual duties, cutting hay, wrangling horses, milking cows..that sort of thing. Darren was the only child of his family, consisting of his father who was Chief of his community, and his mother who was a stay-at-home lady. Education was a big part of Darren's early life, his father was very strict at home made sure he was always at school on time and made sure his chores were done to the utmost perfection. When not doing chores and school work Darren could most oftenly be found at the rink, skating with his friends and some of the older kids. They would get together after school and play for-fun hockey games. Darren grew up idolizing famous NHL stars such as Maurice "Rocket" Richard, Bobby Orr, and Bobby Hull. Playing hard and working hard Darren began feeling somewhat odd, his vision always seemed to be bright. His father consulted a medicine man and infromed him that he was infact going blind. His heart was shattered at the fact he wouldn't ever make it to a pro league in hockey.

Miarcles do happen

Life went on, Darren was totally blind by the age of 15. Practicly giving up on everything Darren seemingly gave up on life, feeling punished for doing nothing. Luckily his uncle was a freelance scientist working on his own experiments and what not. Things started looking good, his uncle managed to muster up a laser-beam like device that could "restore ones vision". Very excited Darren agreed to go through with the procedure. "The damn thing actully worked.." were the only words Darren could push out of his mouth at that moment..unknowingly he had no idea of any "side effects".


Darren was playing Major Junior hockey in the WHL, for the Brandon Wheat Kings. Even in his junior days people were comparing his gritty, toughness to the likes of Dave Semenko who was the "bodyguard" of Gretzky during his opening years in the NHL, and his scoring ability to that of Gretzky. Unknowingly in a playoff game, an NHL scout out of New York attended the game to check out Darren's skills and abilities. After a short meeting it was mentioned that the New York Rangers were very interested in getting him drafted and to become a Ranger. Overwhelmed with joy Darren quickly agreed. On the 28th of June 1994, the NHL Draft took place, when in the 2nd round Darren was picked 52nd overall by the NYR. At the start of the 1995 season Darren was ready to start play after much conditioning and training, but due to the Lockout of the players and owners the season was shortened to 48 games, thus Darren's fist game was on the 11th of January 1995. His first game in the NHL was a very fiesty one, scoring his first goal, getting his first assist, and fighting his first NHL fight. In the hockey world this is known as a "Gordie Howe hat trick." This moment will forever live on in Darren's mind.

Career statistics

    Regular Season   Playoffs
Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM
1991-92 Brandon Wheat Kings WHL 21 2 2 4 4 3 0 0 0 0
1992-93 Brandon Wheat Kings WHL 40 8 7 15 29 5 0 0 0 2
1993-94 Brandon Wheat Kings WHL 53 13 10 23 4 3 0 0 0 2
1994-95 Brandon Wheat Kings WHL 37 13 14 27 32 10 2 4 6 31
1995-96 New York Rangers NHL 48 52 54 106 52 - - - - -
1996-97 New York Rangers NHL 82 46 46 92 52 - - - - -
1997-98 New York Rangers NHL 79 63 52 115 62 - - - - -
WHL Totals 151 36 33 69 106 18 2 4 6 35
NHL Totals 209 161 152 313 166 - - - - -

Rise to stardom

After his first very satisfying seaon Darren went on to have a fairly successful career in the NHL. He never really broke records in the NHL but was considered a very solid and offensivly gifted player in the league, often seeing his name in the goals, assists and points categories. He managed to play in two all-star games but was never selected to play for his country of Canada at any Olympic tournament or World Hockey championship. Despite all this Darren was referred to as a star, not only in the league but to his people back home, and people all over Canada. He'll never fully admit that he was a star, but he'll say he was "decent".


Powers, unleashed

During a game with New York rivals, the New York Islanders Darren started feeling more "energized" then ever, his stamina and everything feeling far more intense than ever. His team was down 4-1 in the 3rd period, all hopes seemed to be gone for this game, until Darren was skating in hard on a two on one rush against the Islanders goaltender when he decided he would load up a slapshot, hoping maybe that he could get a rebound to the other player on the opposite wing. Oddly enough the shot flew by the goalie and burned right through the net. The play went on however until Darren pleaded his case that it was indeed a goal. The refs took a look with the help of video review, it was true, the puck went right through the net, the goal counted. The game ended in a losing effort, the score being 4-2. His teammates were blown away at what happened, as soon as the press were allowed in the dressing room they all flocked to Darren's stall, cameras and mics geared up and ready. One reporter asked "What exactly happened out there tonight?" Darren grinned to the young reporter before answering, "I don't know to be honest, I felt a lot stronger out there tonight, you know we put a lot in to this game and we hope it pays off, obviously we didn't get a win tonight but I scored a pretty nifty one." A female reporter looked to Darren, "You shot a puck right through the net, are you using a new stick or something?" Darren again grinned, "Nope, I've been using the same stick since junior, I really don't think that has anything to do with it...I mean, I don't know, I just felt different tonight, I can't really explain it..." Well, things were different for Darren, he had no idea that his body had been mutated as a result of the procedure his uncle did on him years ago.


He played three successful seasons in the NHL before the NHLPA decided that shooting pucks through the nets, and pummeling opposing players to near death wasn't good for their game, so they figured that no suspension would fit these kind of acts,their last step was to ban Darren from playing with any NHL club for life. Darren was devestated, his dream came to a crashing end. The league figued that he was on some kind of performance enhancing drug, this of course was untrue and it bugged him a lot. Darren was never one to use drugs or anything that made him a better player. He seeked out his uncle back home, not sure what to do. Darren was told that there might have been some side effects as result of the procedure he had on his eyes. Test were ran on him to help answers these questions. Darren was strapped in to one his uncle's machines, powered by energy around the room. The energy was drawn to Darren in a strange way, his uncle watched as Darren's body absorbed most of the energy, he looked to his hands where most of the energy formed, he extended his arms out towards the wall, his eyes squeezed shut as he opened his clinched fists, the energy shooting out in straight beam like blast. Darren was amazed, he never knew anything like this could happen.

New life

Darren had powers, but really in his mind, he had no need for them. This was the case up until he found out about Paragon City, he did some quick research and came to the conclusion that he would go there and seek out a career as a hero. He packed his stuff and headed there as soon as he could. Upon arriving, he was quickly pointed to the right direction to where he could get registered as a hero. He took on the name "Power Patron", he really can't explain how he came to pick this name but it's just something he stuck with. After he got his hero license he looked down at himself, something wasn't right, he needed a costume. Darren found the Icon store, getting a costume made. There we go, now he can take this hero stuff on right.

Recent news

March 2011: Darren is fully involved with the Lightning Strike Initiative, taking on more of a leadership role, but still taking orders from the boss, Xeden. His powers have grown far more stronger than he could ever imagine. He can still be seen in the Pocket D nearly every night, but mostly after a long day on the job.

April 2011: Darren has been seen recently with a certain blonde woman, Rebecca Elderworth. The two are infact dating eachother, they seem pretty happy, it's a change for Darren, and he likes it.

June 2011: Darren has officially been given the title of "leader" along side Voltium and Xeden. Darren has been seen around the city and various zones taking on a vareity of tasks for different contacts. This has been a breath fresh for Darren, the role of a leader has been something he has dreamed up since coming to Paragon, he does have leaders blood flowing through his veins, his father being an Indian chief of course, and leading the New York Rangers at one point as an assistant captain. The idea of squads has been introduced amongst the trio of leaders, Darren has taken a great liking to this idea, he's come up with a name of his squad, "The Thunderbirds." Darren has already started recruiting for his squad, bringing a cybernetic computer lifeform and a radioactive mutant to the LSI. It's been said that Darren is still activly seeking two or three more heroes to join The Thunderbirds.

June 2011: With the return of NHL hockey to his hometown of Winnipeg, it's been heard that Darren was being contacted in regards to an assistant coaching job of the "new" Winnipeg Jets. It's not known at this time if Darren will persue this or not.

Rumors, comments, any outside information

((This is for anyone to make any comments about Power Patron.))

"Hm? Power Patron? Oh he's a blast! Yeah I followed that guy when he was in hockey and now he's a hero right? I think I met him one time and we discussed forming a super-powered sports league for heroes. I think it'll do well if we can swing it. He's good people, definitly. Great guy, great hero, great drinker." - The Human Miracle

"Darren is the shit, ladies. You want him. You want him to want you. Just take your clothes off and enjoy the ride." Spellborne

"I love this man to death, and not in a gay way. Darren has an even head on his shoulder, and I couldn't ask for a better wingman or drinking buddy in Pocket D." - Wr8th

"Darren is one sexy bastard. Seriously... For someone who can pack away a whole cheesecake in five minutes flat, the man looks amazing in just a towel. He's a good friend, to boot." -Jo M. Sterling

"Darren is the kind of guy you will go out on mission with, laugh while you end a threat to the world's safety with, bleed for, then buy him a drink when you make it home alright because he had your back the entire time through. Thank you for your contributions, Darren, they are not unnoticed." - Xeden

Fun Facts

- The man behind the toon is a HUGE hockey fan, if you couldn't tell already. Darren's jersey number through his whole hocky career was "71", also he was an "assistant captain" in his last season before being banned.

- Darren loves cheesecake with a passion.

- He wears his shades mostly all the time, he claims that his eyes are really sensitive to light, which is probably true, but occasionally he takes them off to reveal his beautiful, sparkling blue eyes.

- While playing hockey he rarely ever wore a visor, but after taking a puck to the jaw he finally made the choice to wear one in the NHL.

- Darren wears tight jeans, and hates it when people say he's wearing "ladies" jeans, they are MEN'S jeans.

- Darren loves country music a lot, it's probably what he likes to listen to the most.

- Darren acts a lot younger than he is, usually making references to something popular amongst younger folks, although he thinks he's "getting old".

Power Patron's actor would be Guillaume Desbiens of the Manitoba Moose.

((More to come with this shiznit, stay tuned!))

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