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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Player: @Archon Mk. 1
"Ladies and Gentleman! Thank you for your time, and your money. It has been a pleasure to perform for you this evening!"
Character Build
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 36
Biographical Data
Real Name: Albert Gage
Known Aliases: Alistair Morgan, Phineas Drake, Algernon Pendragon, Mortimer Crowley, Prestidigitation
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthdate: April 1st, 1979
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Relatives: Oliver Gage (Estranged Son, Alive)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 152 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown w/ Streaks of Gray (particularly around the temples)
Complexion: Ruddy
Physical Build: Slender
Physical Features: Van Dyke Goatee,
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Evil

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 9 years
Base of Operations:
Citizenship: American
Education: Masters of mechanical and electrical engineering
Occupation: Former Stage Magician
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Powers and Abilities
Genius Level IQ
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Various gadgets and gizmos (See Tools of the Trade)
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IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png Personality IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png

As Albert, he is a reserved and laid-back individual. A real salt of the earth sorta guy with a good work ethic. The sorta guy you could sit down and have a few beers with and just talk about life. While this is fairly accurate to the nature of the man who moonlights as the thief Prestidigitation, it is also a persona he emphasizes ever so slightly when going about his daily routine. After all, a laid-back engineer getting parts is less conspicuous then a grandiose and foppish fellow.

As Prestidigitation,

V_badge_Arcana.png The Show Begins V_badge_Arcana.png

Albert Gage was born to Martha and Lucas Gage on April's Fool's Day in the suburbs of Baltimore. The eldest of two siblings, high expectations were set for little Albert. He displayed a fondness for magicians he’d see on the television in the mid-70s such as Doug Hennings, David Nixon, and the likes. A theatre kid in high school, he craved the recognition they get and the awe they inspire.

Initially planning to study theatre and become a professional magician in his college years, his family confronted him and chastised him for this pursuit insisting instead he go to school for something “useful, say…engineering. He reluctantly agreed, they held the power of the purse in the situation after all, and ended up getting a double major in electrical and mechanical engineering, eventually going on to get a master’s from Paragon City University Steel Canyon, cementing his move to Paragon from Baltimore.

It would be with this degree that he used to fund his hobby of magic, and from which he experimented and drafted designs for gadgets which would help aid in the mystique of any shows he would be performing. After initial testing on smaller, more local audiences and small restaurant venues. He found an agent with deep connections, but a steep cost, to which he became doing more commissions and designs that would sell on a larger market to save up to afford this agent.

IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png Give 'Em the Ole Razzle Dazzle IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png

Eventually he was able to hire the agent, and doors started opening to him, he was playing larger venues, reaching a larger audience. The rush was exhilarating, he finally was getting the taste of his childhood dreams, and he wouldn’t stop now.

Under the name of Drake the Magnificent, he continued to play venues, until eventually getting the call of a lifetime, the call to perform at the Golden Giza in St. Martial.

Upon receiving the call he could scarcely wait, and hastily packed his belongings making the big move to St. Martial, perhaps too impulsively.

At first, things went well, he kept the audience entertained for a few years, and began to get the recognition he craved..,the rug was pulled out from under him. His shows began to become repetitive and boring as he ran out of ideas. Eventually he was relegated to be the warm-up act for more up-and-coming talents, and before too long...his shows were empty, and Sonata saw a bad investment in keeping him. Vexed at his situation, and desperate for cash in a place where all his connections died, he turned to bank robbery, Using a variety of magic sounding aliases and modified versions of his equipment for his shows, he became the villain known as Prestidigitation, a magic-obsessed (and perhaps magic envious) bank robber and thief with a motif of magic and theatrics who aspired to be longer as the famous magician of the stage, but an infamous magician of trinkets and contents of vaults.

V_badge_Arcana.png Smoke and Mirrors V_badge_Arcana.png

IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png Tools of the Trade IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
Arthur C. Clark, Clarke's Three Laws (1973)

V_badge_Arcana.png The Flaws of Duplicity V_badge_Arcana.png

IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png (Affiliations) IO_Malaise%27s_Illusions.png

Good People
  • Friend #1: The description for Friend #1
  • Friend #2: The description for Friend #2
So-So People
  • Neutral #1: The description for Neutral #1
Bad People
  • Enemy #1: The description for Enemy #1

V_badge_Arcana.png The Magic Act V_badge_Arcana.png

Prestidigitation/The Magic Act

A year into his villainous career, Albert decided to reach out to other washed-up charlatans and hucksters. Former Vaudeville stars, television psychics, disgruntled stagehands, and the likes to cause.

V_badge_Arcana.png The Critic's Reviews V_badge_Arcana.png

If you have any opinions of the eccentric villain, feel free to place them here!

V_badge_Arcana.png Trivial Matters (Trivia) V_badge_Arcana.png

- Prestidigitation is a subversion on my tendency to play Magic origin heroes and magicians that are thieves by playing a magician thief with no magical capability whatsoever, in fact despite his use of technological gadgets he is highly envious of magic users.

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