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((OOC Note: Most of these prophesies were made for specific plots being run for the group, Phoenix Insurrection.))

Unsolved Prophesies

((Salinez plot, GM = Tumultuous Jade))

This prophesy was uttered by Melissa Dems to the Phoenix Insurrection (Dec. 2010), and is suspected to have something to do with Hecator Salinez.

Soon battle doeth begin anew

Fostered by a Legacy's crew

The Eagle flies 'neath halls of stone

A refuge for the Spider's bones.

The Spider searches hard to find

The Key within the woman's mind.

The Lightning flashes, Flame roars

A fury threatening its doors

The Shadows weep, the Soul moves

No truer love will that prove

Yet blow the Winds and crack their cheeks;

It knows how to dodge what Seeks.

A whisp'red word, a cry and then'

Comes the Fiery tide again

To spend its Fury on stony gates

E'en as the Spider spins and waits.

Then when the Wrathful one is seen

Sing “Jaceo”, perchance to dream.

Be mindful of Legacy's cost

Or ethereal things will soon be lost

‘Neath shifting colors may be found

A key to bring the Spider down!

((Salinez plot, GM = Tumultuous Jade))

A matching prophesy has been uncovered recently (Dec. 2010), and may have been uttered to agents of Hecator Salinez:

‘Ere battle doeth begin anew

Be content to drink thy brew.

Consider well this path you stride

For ‘tis not too late to change the tide.

If thou wishest to tread this course

Armor, then, thy swiftest horse.

The Lightning flashes, Flame roars

A fury threatening thy doors.

The Shadows weep, the Soul moves

No truer love will that prove.

Yet blow the Winds and crack their cheeks;

Thou knowest how to dodge what Seeks.

A whisp’red word, a cry and then

Comes the Fiery tide again

To spend its Fury on thy gates

E’en as the Spider spins and waits.

Then when chance to survive is poor

Cry “Stragis” and let slip the Dogs of War!

Yet even this avails thee naught

When at last thou hast been caught

Encas-ed in a tight’ning shell

For pleas are never heard in Hell…

Where no one hears the screams.

Solved Prophesies

((Single arc plotline, GM=Veridian Vision))

This prophesy was spoken to those attempting to fix Veridian Vision when overloading soul abilities sent her into a coma and threatened to kill her. It was decided to bring her son from the future in order to help in a ritual to save her, thanks to this prophesy:

Within a twisted prison cell

Of past misdeeds; a living hell

Is trap'd in the Present. Heed ye well

Else soon will peal the Death Bell's Knell.

Blood calls to blood; the past draws nigh

Binding chains, a baby's cry

Seek the Heart; a mother's sigh

Echoes past; Search low, search high.

The key lies within a childlike heart

So make of this a path; a start.

((Iron Fae plotline, GM=Melissa Dems, Spring 2010))

Older prophesy, associated with the machinations of the Iron Fae, who were using misdirection to try to hide their existence.

Where the human mind can go

Even the long-lived ones don't know.

A storm looms upon the air

The lightning striking here and there

To blind the eyes to where falls the rain

Too late to see the coming pain

Then search within fears and dreams

To find clues unto the coming scene

Open eyes to the world around

Seek not where lightning strikes the ground.

((Salinez plot, GM=Tumultuous Jade))

This prophesy refers to Salinez's pact with a demon, and also to the demon taking physical form on Earth and wreaking havoc.

If this chess game you would win

think of the move before you begin

For each Queen's move is a distraction

To bring other pieces into action.

The piece to watch, a pawn by name

Can be the piece to win the Game.

For when the master moves the pieces

Danger to his foe increases

'Til godhood to himself he binds

And the Future will themselves find

Cruel hands have grasping come

To pull the innocents under thumb.

Yet when the future all seems dark

In shadows will there be a spark

A flame that fans to brilliant gold

For Rebirth brings rest to fears of old

Though...will the price be too high

When destruction draws the Phoenix nigh?

((Personal Plot for Beth and Ethan))

This is a prophesy to Beth and Ethan, as they were questing to find their special weapons in order to fulfill the conditions of their orders and could return to PI.

Winding grow the threads of Time

Difficult to follow lines

Yet know ye now the path to take

Half asleep, yet half awake

To beard the Beast within his lair

But go ye now and prepare

Seek ye both the home of War

Seek not return to days of yore.

As nimble Jack a beanstalk grew

So gather magics for ye, too.

And weapons from Those Who Are Lost.

Be mindful of the ending cost,

For in this path thy road does lie

Which ends with Castles in the Sky.

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