Phoenix Insurrection

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Phoenix Insurrection
'Founder: Unleashed Force'
Side: Ours
Motto: " The World is Dying; Let It be Reborn in Flames."
Leader(s): Unleashed Force, Tumultuous Jade, Shadowed Twilight, Chelsea Miller
Logo: '
Group Colours: Flame Red and Smoke Grey
Levels: Any
Play style: Heavy RP
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): (Mostly US, all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes (inactive toons may be dropped after 30 days)
Contact: Any Leader (above)
No additional information available.

We are watching. We are active. We give you warning now. Those in the Rogue Isles who prey on weakness, real or perceived, beware. We are stronger. We will protect those unable, or even unwilling, to protect themselves. Sometimes, to combat darkness, we must ourselves descend into darkness. It is a choice we make, knowing some of us will will crumble to ash. Some of us, though, will emerge from the darkness. Then it's your ass.

We will never forget that out of those ashes; we will rise again to continue the fight. This is a chance to start a new life; to be reborn. Our flames will burn down oppression, blazing light in fading darkness. The flames of a new society will be reborn from the ash of Phoenix Insurrection.

"We stand together, here, in the dark - and these are our finest hours." Dominic Leon, Wing of the Phoenix

What is Phoenix Insurrection?

Phoenix Insurrection is a place of rebirth, of starting anew. Our over-reaching goal is to help those in need by any means necessary. We realize that actions taken to accomplish our goals will be different for different people. To some of us, the ends justify the means. With this in mind, though, we hold people accountable for their own actions. Wanton murder, mayhem, and torture do not progress our agenda and will not be tolerated. Phoenix Insurrection is not a group that caters to any particular archetype – in that respect we are non-discriminatory. However, if you contribute to that which we fight against, we will roll over you without a second thought.

Phoenix Insurrection started as an idea by several discontented individuals, but the drive came from Unleashed Force. It wasn’t that he thought other leaders were wrong; he simply saw a different way to accomplish the similar goals. He approached those he thought would share his views and formed a new group – Phoenix Insurrection. Tumultuous Jade, Shadowed Twilight, Soul Harbinger, and Maolan Callinan formed the heart of the group. Other key groups in the Isles, including Ghost Hound and The Templar Order, supported the infant group whole-heartedly. In a short time, without active recruiting or poaching, others heard of the Insurrection and asked to join.

Phoenix Insurrection grows…

Ranks and Structure

There will always be someone higher up the food chain than you. Get over it. If you don't like it, take a walk. We will make one thing clear: though we are not a democracy, membership and rank does have its privileges, and sometimes you will be able to affect even the Phoenix' decisions. We wouldn't recommend doing so lightly.

The ranks of Phoenix Insurrection are as follows:

The Pheonix.
The Aspects of the Phoenix
The Spirits of the Phoenix
The Flames of the Phoenix
The Wings of the Phoenix
The Talons of the Phoenix

The Phoenix

Clint, The Phoenix

As the primary leader of Phoenix Insurrection, Unleashed Force provides the overall guidance and focus for the organization. An often gregarious and outgoing sort, he is the face of the Insurrection. He spends time not only mingling with prospective members to recruit those who might add skills and energy to the group, but also works with leaders of other established groups to confirm mutual agreements and alliances that will support not only the goals of the Insurrection but also those of their allies. While the Phoenix oversees the acceptance of members within the group in general, he has a more specific eye on those who are promoted to Spirit. He works closely with the Aspects to drive Phoenix Insurrection toward their ultimate goal: freedom for all.

Aspects of the Phoenix

Aspects directly counsel the Phoenix and assist with the overall management of the group. They meet with the Phoenix on a regular basis to discuss strategies, current events, and to evaluate the progress of the Insurrection toward accomplishing its goals. While all the Aspects work to support the growth and goals of the Insurrection, each of them tends to focus on specific areas that suit either their nature or their abilities.

Aspect Life

Kat, Aspect Life

Shadowed Twilight, with her symbiotic entity Mur, is the gentlest of the Aspects. She represents the Life of the Phoenix that can never be truly quenched, even when exposed to hardship and pain. While having misgivings about the more proactive nature of Phoenix Insurrection, she has taken it upon herself to help her friends and allies through healing, research, and protective spells. Her duties involve creating a home for her new "family", supporting the front line fighting through healing and other means, and mediating possible disputes both within and outside of the Phoenix Insurrection. Her soft heart and nonviolent tendencies may cause her to be underestimated, but enemies quickly learn not to harm anyone she considers under her protection.

Aspect Fire

Chel, Aspect Fire

Chelsea Miller, now Chelsea Centofanti, the aptly named "Aspect of Fire"- representing the inferno blazing through the darkness. On the surface, she often appears to be little more than a motherly drunk. However, she is intensely protective of those she takes an interest in, and infamously unopposed to the "any means necessary" method. Her patience should not be tested by the faint of heart. However, She also heads up the construction for PI's cavernous base of operations and can often be found restructuring the intense network of caves. ...often on a whim. Chel's other duties generally see her as the "PR" person, the one organizing get-togethers, meet-and-greets, and other assorted parties. She's recently taken an interest in helping to build PI's image on the Paragon City side of things.

Aspect Rebirth

Jade, Aspect Rebirth

Tumultuous Jade, having been through many changes in her relatively short life, encompasses the Aspect of Rebirth, the ritual rising out of the ashes to start anew. In this role, one of her duties includes the shepherding of younger, weaker, or less experienced Insurrection members. Sometimes this is direct, when she takes on the roll of "boss" and leads runs through various parts of the Rogue Isles. Other times it is indirect, as she accompanies various members on missions and strike forces, observing their tactics and accomplishments and giving advice along the way. Her criticism can sound sharp at times, as she's known to be fairly blunt in her assessments. Those with insecurities or chips on their shoulders should not take her attitude personally, though. She's like that toward everyone. Rumor has it she'll have more respect for you if you stand up for yourself, but be careful you don't cross the line. She can have a short temper and is more than happy to handle disagreements in the arena.

Prior Aspects

Soul Harbinger, former Aspect of Soul, is missing in action and has not been seen since August 2009. The ramifications of his disappearance are still being felt by certain members of the Insurrection. They haven't given up hope of finding him, though.

Maolan Callinan stepped out of his position as Aspect of Death but remains associated with Phoenix Insurrection. It is unknown whether this change in status was by his own request or decree of the Phoenix. Mao certainly isn't saying.

Spirit of the Phoenix

Those who hold the title of Spirit are, in general, the movers and shakers within the organization. They often lead major task and strike forces, shepherd members with less training and experience, and mediate disputes within the Insurrection. Some Spirits will specialize, often working with a particular Aspect in their support of the group's overall goals. Others prefer to keep their skill set more diversified. Spirits are given a lot of leeway, and it is expected that they will act with the goals of the Insurrection in mind at all times. While a Spirit gains a great deal of power within the organization and there is little they cannot do, even they are held accountable for their actions.

Mirey, Kinematik, Night Sai, Taint Contagion

The following ranks serve, in general, as the eyes, ears, and hands of the Spirits. Though no member is required to work with any particular Spirit, it will behoove you to get to know them. Your progress into the organization will require it.

Flame of the Phoenix

Flames have even further responsibility heaped upon their shoulders. They are often the ones selected by a Spirit to lead smaller task and strike forces on projects overseen by the Spirits. Flames are encouraged to bring prospective new members to the attention of the Spirits, Aspects, or Phoenix. Contributions by prospects brought into the Insurrection will reflect upon that Flame, for better or worse.

Flames are encouraged to think more independently in many respects. As opposed to simply "hearing the words" of the Insurrection's goals, many Flames truly see what the Insurrection is trying to achieve. It is expected that they will keep an eye on events and a thumb on the pulse of the Isles and surrounding areas to let the Spirits know if something is happening that is significant or even potentially so. Flames may also begin working more closely with Aspects that match their interests and methods.

Melissa Dems, Mista Pyrel, Liea Sanders

Wing of the Phoenix

Though not much effort seems to be required for promotion to Wing, it does increase the amount of scrutiny a member receives. Wings are usually selected to assist with various tasks but are not often placed in charge of missions or projects.

Wings have found their feet within the Insurrection and have proven at least a preliminary dedication to the cause, but many are still not necessarily focused in their endeavors. As a result, they sometimes end up running missions and tasks for various Flames and/or Spirits and never see the "big picture" that their efforts are affecting. Those Wings that work their way through the rank, though, begin to see the direction and focus as guided by The Phoenix and understand their true role in the overall goal of the Insurrection.

Aeliya, Alexia Shadow, Crashblaze, Deius X, Glinting Specter,Hailie Storm, Heather Lake, Jaime Synge, [Makenzie Drezek]], Megan Sanders, Nex Externus, Onteh Marks, Prototype XY-75, Lorna Pyrel, Pyro Rebel, Sarah Seven, Scarpulse, Soul Haribinger, Tanwen Gavin, ThornRoseblood, Tommy Talxue, Verault, Vile Shrew, Zanetta

Talon of the Phoenix

An entry level, probational rank. Members holding the rank of Talon are watched carefully and evaluated for skills, abilities, competencies, and attitude. As they progress, their contribution to assist in accomplishing the goals of Phoenix Insurrection will result in their promotion within the group. They are not usually found as the bulk composition of a mission or strike team, but are often shepherded to assure their success until such time as they can handle themselves and represent the Insurrection with style.

Adiva Munaal-Riyad, Ashton Clarke, Autumn Kelly, Crystalized Electron, Domestique de Folie, Empty Space, Eshet Lillah, Ex Machina Armor, Global Burning, Hell of Brass, Independent Variable, Juta, Kain Novis, Loss Herald, Luna Prox, Max Tesla, Mary Sanguinara, Miss-Fire, Movant, Mr. Piston, Operative Slad, Operative Williams, Palor Lux Lucius, Pyra Raven, Rock Kandy, Ryna Chyld, Scarlet Briar, Seral Darkbloom, Stratego, Thessilea, Victoria Craft

NOTE: The details of the group's promotion policy have become evident over time. The lower, entry level appears to be a very transitional role for those who put forth a small bit of effort. Higher levels, particularly those that equate with "lieutenant", are more carefully guarded and require more work. Regardless, it is continually apparent that the group is highly active and recruiting methods are oddly successful. Investigations continue.

Divisions of Phoenix Insurrection

There are four divisions in Phoenix Insurrection: Arcane, Engineering, Medical, and Operations. Talons are encouraged to work with as many divisions as they are qualified for, but upon promotion to Wing, they are asked to choose one primary division and answer to the Spirit in command of that division.

The Arcane Division, working under Mirey, is responsible for maintaining and extending our library and collection of artifacts; preserving and strengthening the caverns' wards; and gathering and interpreting arcane intelligence in the form of visions, omens, and so forth. Arcane support should include any members with a natural or trained background in magic.

Officer- Melissa Dems

The Engineering Division, working under Kinematic, is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the equipment of members of the Insurrection; improving the computer and technical aspects of the caverns' security systems; and carrying out surveillance work, including the infiltration of computer systems. Technical support should include any members capable of field repairs or with access to substantial technological resources.

Officer - Mista Pyrel

The Medical Division, working under Taint Contagion, is responsible for the physical and psychological health of members of the Insurrection, and is expected to be available for duty in the medbay when requested. Medical support should include any members capable of healing in the field.

Officer- Mirey

The Operations Division, working under Night Sai, is responsible for field operations (raids, espionage, sabotage); supervising the construction and security of the caverns; and coordinating intelligence acquired by all divisions. Operations support should include any members with extensive combat training or skill at espionage.

Officers - Liea Sanders


Iron Horsemen

Elysium of Blood

Black Friday

The Rogue Gallery

Cupidita Regnum

Inevitable Evolution

The Thieves' Guild

The Last Bastion

The Rogue Isles Center for the Gifted

Halflight Acquisitions


Inevitable Revolution

The Outcast Legion


Over the past two years, groups have been jockeying for power over us. We know they either want to control or destroy us. Let them try. We fully expect this list to grow...and then shrink as we accomplish our goals.


Some of these will be obvious; others not so much. Then again, as the Insurrection continues to grow, it would be natural that this list would grow proportionally. Insurrection members are warned to be wary when in the presence of the following:

Arachnos: In particular, this group is the focus of the attention of most if not all of our allies. In particular, Requiem's Decree is working with the Insurrection on this problem. Some members have particular issues with the Arachnos, including Adonis Smythe and Unleashed Force.

Longbow: This group has been a thorn in many ways for too long.

Circle of Thorns: This group seems to have a grudge with several members of the Insurrection, specifically Soul Harbinger and Shadowed Twilight, but it shouldn't be surprising that these mages will attempt to release their aggression on any member of the group.


Although we have no guarantees that these people are actually working alone, and indeed we have evidence that some of them are working with those noted above, we still see them as primary problems. Talons, Wings, and Flames are strongly encouraged to immediately report to a Spirit, Aspect, or even the Phoenix if they are approached by the following:

At the moment, no one stands out. We're sure that'll change soon enough.

Past Problems...Solved...

Hecator Salinez, PhD: This individual was known to have been working with the Council before 2008 and then with Crey Industries in 2009. Through intense effort, the Insurrection was able to thwart his plans late in 2009, but they were unsuccessful in capturing him and believe him to be in the custody of the 5th Column. He is known to have a strong, almost obsessive interest in Tumultuous Jade and an intense desire to eliminate her close associates. In addition to being a highly intelligent geneticist involved in cloning and genetic manipulation, he is known to have powers involving a high degree of psychic control/domination. Threat level: Significant

Daniel Moineau was taken down and destroyed, along with several of his primary allies and supporters late in 2009. The Insurrection is still dealing with the fallout from this mad-man's actions.

Base Location and Description

((Description in progress. Just note that there are protections on the base and they are progressive based on RP plotlines that have occurred within the group.))

The Isles of Ouroboros stretch along the skyline as you finally reach one shattered fragment set apart from the rest. Sparkling streams drop from the side, bubbling up from an unknown source. The leaves of the trees gently whisper in the breeze. You approach the entrance you were told about, dodging between boulders, and whisper the pass phrase you were given. A seemingly impassible rock slide shimmers as if caught in a heat haze, and you pass through the solid rocks into a cave lined with glowing green crystals. You've reached the home of the Phoenix Insurrection at last.

When the cave was first discovered, mostly by accidental exploration, many walls had been bricked up and only an antechamber remained. Through careful destruction (primarily consisting of superpowered fists hammering through hollow-sounding walls and carefully modulated sonic waves smoothing the edges), more of the complex was discovered and modified. Now the complex boasts an extensive library, bar, teleport chamber, meeting room, war room, and medical bay. Further expansions into the surrounding cave complex have been on-going and have resulted in quite the extensive network within the rock.

Those technologically inclined have helped run lighting and power as well as security cameras and systems throughout the base, including alarms, force fields, other physical protections. The magically talented members of the Phoenix Insurrection have also taken care to make sure their home is well protected in several ways. It is currently warded against fire, intrusion with the intent to cause physical harm, magical attacks, and also has several wards to create a peaceful and restful atmosphere. Finally, psychic protections have been found and installed.

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