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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Clint Sanders, the former football star, has unquestionably shook things up since his first appearance in the Isles. The Freedom Phalanx refer to him as a reckless vigilante, while the Recluse-driven media consider him as a terrorist. That is what happens when you walk the grey line. However, he feels that, in order to combat darkness, you have to plunge into it yourself. One thing is for certain; Clint strives to provide hope to those who need it most.

Now known to the world as the Unleashed Force, Clint cut his teeth by working his way up the ranks of Inevitable Evolution, before deciding to establish and lead a more proactive group of individuals from diverse backgrounds fighting for one cause, freedom for all. Phoenix Insurrection is a group that will stand up to the oppression that continues in the Rogue Isles. There are plenty of heroes in Paragon, not nearly enough in the Isles. Are you up for the challenge?

Founder of Awesometology
Unleashed Force
Player: @Unleashed-Force
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute/Blaster/Dominator/Controller
Threat Level: 50 +3
Personal Data
Real Name: Clinton James Sanders
Known Aliases: Clint, Force, UF, The Unleasher of Awesomeness, Unleashed, Mr. Awesome, and The Phoenix
Species: Mutant
Age: 24
Height: 6'5
Weight: 265 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American/Etoile Islander
Occupation: Leader of Phoenix Insurrection
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
Base of Operations: Ouroboros
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: -Parents-

CDR James Sanders(Retired USN SEAL - Deceased)

Jacquelyn Sanders (Deceased)


Megan Sanders

Abi Normal (Adopted)

Maiara Black (Adopted)


Soul Harbinger


Liea Sanders

Belinda Hanzo-Sanders(adopted)

Kizzy Purrum-Sanders

Sierra Sanders

Sienna Sanders(Deceased)

Kimmy Sanders


Joey Clarke


Ryoku Sei'Bara, Ruth Clarke


Violet Sanders

Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Clint Sanders the Football Star

High School Years

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Clint Sanders attended Euclid high school. During his freshman year, he came in at 6’0 ", 201 lbs, and ran a 4.7 second 40-yard dash. He played running back for the varsity team as a freshman.

His tremendous break-away speed and vision made him very successful at Euclid. He rushed for 2,745 yards in his senior year, which earned him all-state honors. Sanders was named to the U.S. Army High School All-American team his senior year and participated in the 2005 U.S. Army All American bowl.

He was sought out by various colleges throughout the country, offering him athletic scholarships, including schools with top football programs such as Notre Dame, Michigan, USC and Ohio State. He opted for Ohio State to be near his family and girlfriend at the time.

College Years

On January 8th 2008 the Louisiana Superdome was jammed packed with nearly 80,000 roaring fans, to watch the anticipated BCS National Championship American Football game, between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Louisiana State Tigers. Many National Football League scouts were in attendance taking the final in-game notes on the various athletes involved. There was one player, in particular, that stood out from the rest, Ohio State’s Clint Sanders, the 2007 Heisman trophy winner and top running back prospect to be selected in the NFL draft.

During his Junior year, Sanders shattered college football season records with 3,435 yards rushing, 4,056 total yards, 270 points, 45 touchdowns, of which 36 were rushing, 8 consecutive 200 yard games, scored at least three touchdowns in nine consecutive games, and seven times he scored at least four touchdowns.

At 235 lbs, Sanders displayed the diversity of power and speed as he racked up yards against the opposition. Once Sanders opted out of his Senior year to declare for the NFL Draft, many speculated that Miami Dolphins had him on their radar with their first overall pick. Although, rumors surfaced that many teams, including the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots were looking forward to trading up to the number one spot in order to select the two time All-American. All speculations came to a halt on the very night of the National Championships as Clint Sander’s NFL dreams were shattered.

The game was down to the wire. The game clock was winding down. It came down to the final drive. Sanders was grinding down the field, impressing the scouts even further. As they approached the end zone, it seemed inevitable that Clint Sanders would lead the Buckeyes to a victory. Although, the play that would become infamous, dubbed by the media as the " Unleashed Force", took on a life of its own. Upon running for what appeared to be the winning touchdown, an arc of electrical energy unleashed from Sanders causing severe damage to the defensive backs who tried to tackle him. The roars from the crowd came to an eerie quiet as the men who took on the arc, dropped to the ground flailing from the electrocution. Sanders stood there looking confused, as what appeared to be electrical current crackled from his body.

The referees called for a disqualification of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Soon, the hero of Ohio became jeered by the Buckeye fans in attendance. As the crowd threw various foreign objects at him, he raced off the field never to be seen in the sports world again.

Due to him being exposed as a Mutant, he was deemed ineligible for the NFL Draft, thus losing out on a potential multi-million dollar contract. Sanders was unable to avoid the media as they hounded him. He dropped out of Ohio State and moved back in with his parents and sister, Megan, who lived in Cleveland's suburbia at the time. Although, many Ohioans became angered by the turn of events. They vandalized his parent's house, harassed him and his family. Many believed that Sanders knew all along of his abilities. No matter how much he claimed ignorance, no one believed him.

He felt that it was best for him and his family if he moved else where. He considered Paragon, due to the influx of meta humans and other mutants, as he wanted to understand what he was all about. Although, remaining within the United States, didn't seem like a wise decision. With the NFL Draft approaching, the sports media hounded him more. Reminding him further of the dreams that he once had were all wiped away due to the events on that faithful night.

So he considered the Etoile Islands. A place of escape, perhaps they didn't much care for American Football. Maybe he can blend in and hide out. Possibly find the answers he sought. He wasn't sure, but for the sake of his family. He found a way to get to the Isles that he now calls home. Unfortunately, for Sanders, things would only get worse.

The Sanders Rule Established

After the incident made famous in the American Football world, the National Collegiate Athletic Association felt that a rule was needed to be established. Upon recruitment into college, all athletes would need to have their DNA tested for the mutant gene or any other signs of superhuman abilities. This was an effort to avoid the disaster and embarrassment that occurred that faithful night on January 8th, 2008.

Furthermore, due to the circumstances of the event, Clint Sanders was stripped of any athletic awards that he received. His name was also wiped away from the record books. Any athletic feats and records that he broke were considered null and void.

The Transition from Jock to Anti-Hero

Unleashed Force the Revolutionary


Powers and Abilities


Raith Karanis: "I've noticed that Clint will tend to overload himself to aid others, to the point of severe harm or beyond, especially if those in his family, or friends, are in harm's way. Today I saw him take on too much radiation from Don as we all sought to aid Don, it's a miracle he managed to dump the excess safely. Such stress seems to leave Clint tired, perhaps more vulnerable." (09 April 2009)

Opinions of those who fought alongside Unleashed Force

Mortal Man- Medical Notes on Clint Sanders: Unleashed Force's body seems to exist in a state of flux, shifting between matter and energy with relative ease. While the exact mechanics behind this conversion are unknown, several effects on his physiology are notable. The healing processes of his cellular structure can be sped up to remarkable degrees by absorbing and converting energy to 'patch' damaged biological structures. Cells can also be converted into energy as easily, allowing him to fire blasts, output electrical and kinetic energies, move at superhuman speeds, perform feats of strength, and quite likely other abilities not yet entirely explored.

My tests on his capacity to convert and absorb energy seem to suggest that he currently cannot convert all the energy within him to mass, though he can still store the energy by conducting it through his body with no ill effect. There is a steady and pervasive energetic regeneration applied to his 'super cells' at all times, removing any requirements they have for food, sleep, oxygen, or other needs, while also repairing DNA to ensure that no aging occurs. Super cells removed from his body seem to quickly destabilize into energy, preventing the possibility of the supercells entering the environment or growing into an entirely new Clint.

Unfortunately, his super cells constant energy absorption causes him to soak up nether/dark/negative energies like a sponge. As his cells try to use this energy and conduct it around the body, it proves to be unusable and damaging, acting almost like a poison. The sheer tenacity of the energy absorption process can make this difficult to remove. Luckily, the overall hardiness of Unleashed Force's cells does not turn this into a sure fire killing blow, though it can certainly render him weaker than normal, even incapacitating him for a time.

Reviewing his history, I theorize that Clint's mutation may be responsive to pressure put upon it. Years of extreme duress were matched by physical development and prowess unseen in a normal human before his mutant powers fully manifested. The current state of his supercell's may only be a pit stop in his own personal evolution- only time will tell.

"You can spend forever trying to find one person to be with. ...or you can be with anybody anytime. Seems both of us went for the latter. Can't say which of us was worse, but it doesn't really matter. Our paths around the block crossed and... it works. Yeah, we argue. I can even see myself burning all his hair off sometimes. But he's my best friend. And more, obviously. But that's the foundation of it, and I'd do anything for him." - Ani Reaves

"MISSER AWESOME! IS Aaaaaawesome!" - Onteh Marks

"He's a good kid. And good for Ani. Hell, if I have to call him son-in-law someday, I guess it wouldn't be so bad. ...more of a hothead than I am, though. Needs to work on that." - Chelsea Miller

"Meh, I miss'd Clint 'till I foun' out I c'ld jus' go t' their new li'l cav'rn whenev'r I want'd. Um, I ain't that close t'im, I dunno. 'E duzn' feel like fam'ly like some pe'ple do, b't 'e'z okay, I guess. An' 'e takes pranks 'n good hum'r. That'z someth'n pretty nice." - Ink Dyne

"Clint is one of few I trust, and moreover, I call him family." - Lt. Echo 6

"...I'm not saying Clint's big brother-ing is a bad thing...I just wish I wasn't on the receiving end of it." - Kheldragon

"All dick an' no balls. An' fuck y' if y'think thas' innuendo." - Raine Heartfall

"Clint's a decent enough guy, I suppose. He's at times been a valuable ally, and at other times he's been a thorn in my side. It's 'like-hate' relationship, I suppose. He'd get farther if he put a little bit of thought into each accusation he heard about another." -Bad Dream

"... *poke* Is tha' thing on? Oh, it is.. *snicker* HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *Gasp* Ieeee! Clint, I love em' lots.. fun ta' be aroun' and.. other.. stoof.. like breakin' Arachnos's back... Oh.. and he has a nice ass.. Wa.. shit tha' was still on. *click*" Ishaila Ti'nari

((As written in Kat/Twilight's journal)) It's funny how well I know Clint, even though I've only known him a few months. He's become the brother I lost years ago. Sometimes he acts like an older brother, being overly protective. Sometimes he is a younger brother, teasing me or cheering me up. He's come a long way in the brief time I've known him. I only hope, for his sake, he someday finds peace within himself. Shadowed Twilight

"So what should I say about Clint? Do we want to talk about our matches in the arena? No? How about the number of women he's "dated" since I met him about a year ago? No again? Ok, ok, for real this time. He's more hot-headed, stubborn, and temperamental than I am; more violent and more sadistic, particularly when his family or true friends are involved. He's prone to run headlong into situations that have a great deal of potential for making him a martyr but he always seems to pull it out of his ass...or pull his ass out of it. Whichever. Regardless, I'd have him at my back and not feel like I had to look over my shoulder. I'd drop everything if he called. Most of the time. He's fighting for what he thinks is right, and I've got to give that some credit, even if his methods are harsher than mine." Tumultuous Jade

"Eh, Clint's a good guy, 'cept 'e's got some annoyin' rules... c'mon... no pointin' guns at people?! Why the 'ell not?!" -Aka-Bara ((Rose, ranting as normal))

"Food God!" - Marissa the Risen

" Clint lets me Drink. He just may be the coolest guy on the isles." - James Perkins

"Lil' Squeak got something I generally stay away from: a purpose. Not that there's necessarily something wrong with having one, but a purpose is heavier baggage than gold, women, or a kid when it comes time to cut and run. Sooner or later, everything comes tumbling down - and most times Wyrd don't send a card telling you it's on its way. Still, he mixes a good drink, likes a party, and gets me a job when I need one. Awful taste in women though." - Jaime Synge

Clint is a source of both hope and despair for me. On one hand, he's an excellent worker and does put forward plenty of effort to mend disputes between those who sooner come to blow. He inspires others to strive beyond their limits and often seems to be the spiritual successor to his original mentor. On the other hand, he is wantonly destructive, has little regard for conventions of law, considers himself above reproach even when performing ludicrous acts of violence, and seems to be more interested in accruing power than knowledge. I say all this because he knows this is what I think, and we maintain an affectionately diplomatic relationship regardless. As I said, it's a source of hope. - Cryopulse

"Oh, Clint. I'm really very thankful to him for letting me stay, and I'm sure he's got good intentions to spare -- along with bad ones -- but sometimes he just frustrates me. He strikes me as overly stubborn, and rushes headlong into almost everything, literally and figuratively. The fact that he's often so impatient, hotheaded, and rash isn't necessarily so bad on its own...but he's also very violent. Likes to solve things by beating faces in. Seems to prefer actions to words, which certainly works sometimes, but... The combination of his temper, violent tendencies, and enormous physical power scares me a little." --Earthdark

"Uncle Clint... he is the only person in my life I know I can turn to with anything. Even if it's something by fault of my own he always understands." -Ryoku Sei'Bara

"Sanders Sanders he's our man, if he can't do it... we're fucked right?" *Laughs* Sanders come toss the pigskin 'round with me sometime!" -LeAnn

"One of my oldest friends and sparring partners. I respect Clint for the things that he's achieving, and I'll help him the best that I can. No charge, of course." -Veridian Vision

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