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Trashdrunk. Gutterpunk. Demigod.
Jaime Synge
Player: @twelfth
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: Made (50; 10/18/2008)
Personal Data
Real Name: James Masterson Synge
Known Aliases: Synge Cabiri, Dust, Ben Gregori, Miles Gloriosus, Alex Talionis, The Texas Firebug
Species: Homo Sapiens (Magus)
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Approx. 150.0 lbs
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Criminal, Vagrant, Student, Magician.
Place of Birth: Garland, Texas
Base of Operations: Itinerant.
Marital Status: Single, Widowed, or Divorced.
Known Relatives: Available Upon Clearance.
Known Powers
Pyromancy, Primeval Energy and Decay, Primeval Essence Kinetics and Sapping, AElectromancy (restored), Techopathy (restored), telekinesis (stilled), photoplasty (stilled), phonokinesis (stilled), Wyrd Channeling.
Known Abilities
Arcane student, magickal theorist, limited oracular ability, shamanic channeling, minor dowsing skill, experienced ley channeler, moderate tactician. Unskilled-to-novice hand-to-hand combatant.
Trenchcoat, switchblade, Book of Shadows. Melee and ranged weapons as available. Occasional technological assistance (Jet Packs, Teleporters, etc.) as necessary.
Further information available upon authorized clearance.

Jaime Synge [IPA: /dʒeɪ'mi sɪndʒ/] is a convicted murderer, arsonist, and magician conforming to the corruptor archetype who works in the Rogue Isles with several other burgeoning villains. As of All Fools Day of 2009, he was associated with the Phoenix Insurrection, and remains one of the lower-ranking members of that group. He previously was seen in-game as "Synge Cabiri" [IPA: /sɪndʒ kəˈbaɪ ri/], which now functions as a nom de guerre for his enhanced, unfettered incarnation. This name derives from a mystery cult of minor gods associated with Hephaestus, which perhaps suggests the origin of his abilities (although this has not been definitively confirmed).



Synge does not particular pay attention to his attire, which is shameful as his boyish looks could make him rather attractive (perhaps even professional model status) if he ever bothered to upkeep his appearance. His abandonment in the Rogue Isles led him to scrounge for clothing and shelter, a skill he had some experience with in the past. As a result, it was greatly commented upon by his peers that his fashion sense “wasn’t for shit” and he had a propensity for choosing the worst combinations of clothing with particularly tacky and trite patterns. Since that time, he has managed to cobble together outfits which only marginally improve upon this, commonly finding himself trapped in “fashion victim” tropes. More often, he persists in his negligent sartorial choices. Despite (or because of) being from Texas, he cannot stand cowboy/western attire.

Synge has a fairly developed physique, due to the frequent exercise he receives running and swimming around the Rogue Isles. Synge does not have any body piercings, but does have some minor tattoos on his arms. Synge has wanted to expand on these, but given the amount of surface-level burns he receives on a daily basis, it would take a minor enchanter familiar with tattooing to make sure they stayed crisp and sharp despite the constant barrage of skin damage & regeneration. Synge’s hands are routinely blackened from the heat of his pyromancy, causing his hands to constantly look as if they have suffered third degree-burns (which they have). Synge picks these burn-scabs off during idle moments to reveal fresh, undamaged skin beneath them. His hair is naturally platinum blond, although he has occasionally attempted to make it closer to silver through dyes and other methods.

Jaime has a small faerie mirror which has been enchanted to allow him to alter his appearance between those previously captured by the mirror. The facades are actually true images of Synge (and not illusions) but have been "recorded" by the mirror and preserved for later use. This is why Synge's hair length, facial hair, and general attire can change fairly spontaneously and markedly in only a matter of a few seconds.


Excerpted from the transcription of Legacy Chain’s psychological profile,

“Subject shows…exceptional contempt for authority figures, to the point of psychopathic antagonism against said figureheads. Even self-preservation appears to be subordinate to the subject’s impulse to avoid submissive behaviors. Homicidal tendencies are a possible outgrowth of this neurosis, but this profiler does not believe that the subject has a true sociopathic psychology. I am fully convinced that the subject is perfectly aware of the morality of his actions and chooses to not suppress his violent tendencies. The reasons behind this are not yet clear, further analysis will be required before I draw any conclusions.

“Additional notes: Subject’s tendencies for binge alcohol consumption, compulsive smoking, and rampant blasphemy and profanity are clear signs of an addiction-prone personality and impiety which should have invalidated him for any arcane training. Paranoia complex, possibly schizophrenic – although based on my colleague’s divination, the subject may also be prone to antagonistic manifestations of prior-incarnation ego-forms and/or exterior infernal possession. There’s no telling what those crazy bastards did to him in the so-called ‘Forge of Judges’...”

Piotr Ivanovich, Lucent of Light

In a rare moment of cooperation, the Legacy Chain gave Sister Psyche approximately two hours with Synge to determine whether he was capable of being rehabilitated. The following is an excerpt from the transcription of her verbal notes:

“The easiest word I can find is ‘animalistic’. He isn’t an animal, of course, but his emotional state is so much like something you’d find in a feral child or beast. He doesn’t genuinely hate people, but he doesn’t trust them either and constantly finds reasons to consider them a threat. Once that is the case, Jaime’s perceptions fuse to exclude all other possibilities…

“I’ve looked through his memories. This is always the hardest part of my talents, the most heartbreaking task I have to perform. He’s like…a beaten dog. Someone who’s been consistently betrayed at the very moment he’s learned to trust; over and over again. Sometimes that’s his fault, sometimes others. The surprise isn’t that he’s become a killer and a criminal, but simply that he hasn’t become worse than he already is.”

“…One final note, Jaime’s psychoscape is…colored by an unusual phenomenon, the only analog I have available is demonic possession or multiple personality disorder – but it’s completely distinct from those two mental states. At the risk of sounding too prosaic, there’s a kaleidoscope in his soul. My recommendation to delay the tribunal and deliver Mr. Synge to the Freedom Phalanx is based of much of the above, but this phenomenon alone demands more study.”

Sister Psyche’s repeated requests for leniency and further observation were not granted.

Buried in the official record are some minor anecdotal evidence from his peers which suggest that while Synge is prone to significant mood swings and is easily provoked to (mostly impotent) violence, he also displays a formidable loyalty to the rare individuals he learns to trust. These individuals (according to comparison analysis of their psychological traits) usually display individuality, disregard for responsibility and social duty, expertise in their field, mastery of subcultural popular knowledge, or a shared interest in substance use. Also, in counterpoint to the official reports, Synge’s close friends tend to refute his reputation as a merciless killer, and highlight numerous occasions when he has shown considerable (and to some, undue) remorse for his actions and notoriety as a villain.



Synge has been connected to several operations outside of Arachnos throughout his career, although he doesn't commonly adhere to one particular group or another.


The Daemon Consortium - Synge was a late addition to the hostel for interdimensional, extraplanar refugees and other mystical misfits. Being one of the few humans in the hostel was difficult and alienating for the mystic, and one that frequently resulted in clashes with its administration. Synge continued to call the hostel home until it was abandoned by the majority of its residents. Eventually, the enchantments bolsterings its stability in subterraean Primeval failed and the hostel was lost. Synge had no particular responsibilities or rank in the DC, but usually made himself available for those who needed a quick oracle or crass firepower. Status: Discontinued.

Inevitable Evolution - Synge spent some time couch-surfing with this revolutionary army and countercultural terrorist group. In truth, he had no idea what the group's goals or mission was until late in his association. He was led to the group following the discovery of an arcane artifact which reacted with the communications array of one of their leaders. This lead to him squatting at the base for a considerable period of time following the destruction of the Hostel. IE did not formally object to this, despite causing (as usual) problems with the other members. He held no formal rank or responsibility in the group and filled a reservist, support role in their efforts. Synge managed to develop several contacts and friendship with some of the members and became well known for his antics and problematic mystical quirks. His formal association with the group (such as it was) dissolved after continued conflicts with the leadership and frequent disputes over his habits and substance use. Status: Discontinued

Phoenix Insurrection: Due to a split within Inevitable Evolution, several of Synge's contacts (those most familiar with his talents and accomplishments, and most tolerant of his flaws) removed themselves to focus more on action within the Rogue Isles rather than establishing a reserve and haven for the persecuted. Synge followed along, considering this a natural outgrowth of his own focus on personal accomplishment. Synge remains a support figure in the operations of PI, but plans on enhancing the group's mystical scholarship with his own expertise. Status: Active

Other Groups and Organizations

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Of note, Synge also claims membership in the following orders and groups:

“Interview hour one-hundred-seventy revealed that while the subject was aware of his possession of the document luridly (and perhaps pornographically) describing the transgressions of a senior Legacy Tellus, an elderly Arachnos Seer, and a disgraced Tsoo Sorcerer, he was unable to identify when or how it had come into his possession. Interrogation of the subject revealed no further information as to whether this could be connected to the ‘White Hall/Tower’, or its proposed operations.”

Wyvern Interrogatory Report WVY-A0612-00201 (Dec. 2006)
Spoilers end here.
Synge and a Vanguard Wizard; Sentinel Duty

Individual Allies

Rivalries and Feuds

The Legacy Chain

“Driven by an undying faith in the sanctity of magic, they willingly sacrifice their lives in their struggle against the dark arts. With ancient roots tracing back to the Old Ways of the Druids, these mystic soldiers seek to defeat anyone they believe defiles the purity of magic.”

Of course, things are rarely so simple. In their single-minded desire to protect the sanctity of magic, these mystics often disregard the continuum of metaphysics and philosophy which can be seen (from their self-appointed lofty position) as having “strayed down the dark path.” Indeed, with a tolerance policy which suggests that even the smallest variation from absolute purity is indistinguishable from the vilest diabolism, The Legacy Chain has pursued many “grey mystics” into death or irreparable magical binding.

As for Synge, while his academy might have been significantly morally suspect, the boy himself seems to have been even more cruelly sanctioned by the Chain than truly necessary. Deemed “irredeemably contemptible” by Legacy tutors and branded as an “oathbreaker and outcast” by their tribunals. As such, during a lengthy series of rituals and rites, Synge was permanently severed from much of the magical energy from which he drew his power. This was a devastating blow to Synge, whose abilities are as much emotional and spiritual as physical. As such, Synge has sworn to destroy the shackles binding him and, whereupon, to punish the Legacy Chain on behalf of all those they have unfairly judged.

Other Documented Rivalries



Foremost in Synge’s repertoire of abilities is his talent for pyromancy, a magickally-derived form of pyrokinesis. Through channeling odyllic force from ambient ley energy through both through his physical nervous system and the metaphysical “ember” which fuels his supernatural talents, Synge has developed respectable control over fire and combustion. This has manifested itself in coarse, combat-related forms (such as flame strikes and larger, explosive/concussive detonations) as well as finer, less offensive skills. Synge has demonstrated a skill for fine pyrokinetic control of his evocations, creating rude sculptures or semi-autonomous chimera from flame. Also, unlike some other pyrokinetics, Synge is fully capable of spontaneous generation of flame as well as being able to extinguish said flames. His control over exterior, “naturally generated” fire and combustion is less accomplished. Synge appears to require no exterior tools, somatic gestures, or verbal casting in order to accomplish his sorcery. He is able to use them for other, non-innate sorceries and conjurations.

Synge's pyromantic effects are usually blue, despite what the game models show.

Primeval Energy & Decay

Synge’s magickal theory has a surprising degree in common with contemporary outsider physics and theories on the subatomic universe. However, these are seen through the lens of mysticism and esoteric mythology. As one of the Radiant, Synge has the capacity to tap into the primal, quintessential energies of behind all of creation – energies responsible for the genesis, maintenance, and eventual destruction of the entire universe. Primeval Energy is commonly mistaken for radioactivity by conventional science. However, it behaves with considerable aberrancy in comparison to radioactive isotopes. Geiger Counters and other diagnostic devices can easily pick up active manifestations and blooms in primeval energy, but unlike conventional radiation - primeval energy does not leave any signature that can be detected with conventional science. Outside of arcane artifacts or other metaphysical abilities, the use of hypertech or cryptotech devices is necessary if an individual wishes to analyze or detect primeval energy.

As Primeval Energy manipulates creation at the ontological level, it can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Synge has specialized in channeling this energy for combative and utilitarian purposes: some to warp the fabric of living tissue into a state of highly-animated regeneration, others to degenerate the cohesive bonds of matter into decaying, weakened states. In at least one particular instance, Synge can thrust an extreme amount of this primal energy into a recently defeated lifeform – “jumpstarting” a reanimation of the body (although this exceptional means often creates a physiological backlash in the subject, rendering them somewhat unstable on a molecular basis). Furthermore, Synge can manipulate the very fabric of space-time - resulting in a drastic desynchronizing effect with his target's subjective reality. Synge has exploited this ability to deliver brutal destruction on his opponents and victims while they are mired in the spaces between space. Synge has occasionally used this ability in an explosive, concussive effect: shattering the astral bonds which anchor consciousness to material existence. This is sufficient to disorient and subdue most entities with a chilling vision of the greater cosmic realms. So potent is this ability that objects without an astral presence can be partially wiped from existence as a result.

The nature of primal energy and equilibrium laws of magickal effects usually allow the subject to eventually return to a normal, natural state.

Restored Powers

As a result of the curious time-travel events which lead Synge to Cimmeroa, Synge has been able to access a modicum of his prior talents once again.


Simply put, sorcery which concentrates on spontaneous generation and manipulation of electricity whether atmospheric, static, or artificially generated. Jaime is actually more enthusiastic about his talents in this field than his basic pyromancy, mostly because he considers it a more respectable accomplishment due to its general rarity. Although cosmetically similar to the electrical strikes and abilities of the Mu, Synge's electromancy does not derive from any connection to that mystical lineage or their goddess. As with his pyromancy, Synge's abilities are fueled partially by the Earth's ambient ley energy and partially by his dynamic mystical ember.

As with his pyromancy, Synge has fine control over manipulations of electrical energy. He is presently capable of redirecting electrical signals and paths, as well as some limited technopathy. Synge is capable of creating chimera and sculptures with his electromancy, but his skill remains rudimentary at this time.

Essence Kinetics and Sapping

Testament to the ever-evolving nature of a Radiant's abilities, Synge has been developing a new permutation of his connection to the primeval energies and their decay. Combined with some lingering capacity in regard to kinetic manipulation, Synge has adapted his existing abilities to siphon and warp the primeval energies around living beings and inanimate matter. Instead of simply breaking down or reinforcing the bonds of creation, Synge is now learning to transfer this energy between subjects. As a result, Synge can siphon the primeval life energy from a subject into the nearby area, rip kinetic energy from an object and suffuse another with it, sap the destructive energy coursing from an individual and channel it into himself, or a number of different applications.

Additional Powers

Wyrd Channeling

The concept of wyrd is central to much of Radiant philosophy and Synge's own metaphysical philosophy. While the term itself is congruent with "fate", the concept is less about predestination than the momentum of life events and one's own agency. Synge, as part of his legacy as one of the Radiant, is able to tap into the streams of Wyrd. This allows him to divine both future and past events, although rarely with any kind of control as to the nature of the information which is gathered. Indeed, when attempting to immerse himself in the Wyrd, his body enters a trance state. This trance is rarely the same twice, alternating between frenzy, a dissociative coma-like state, or dreamy, hallucinatory activity which does not deigns to acknowledge consensual reality.

Although his prophetic efforts are ultimately considered accurate in an arcane, oblique fashion, Synge rarely retains conscious understanding of these prophecies. Indeed, he is often helpless to decode them for spectators or the inquisitive. The results of his unstable oracular abilities remain mysteries for the inquiring being to solve alone. It is not clear whether the Legacy Chain, Arachnos Seers or Fortunatas, or even the mystical heroes of Paragon City would be able to offer any insight into Synge's development of this talent.

Curiously, Synge has complained of being almost completely inept at conventional scrying, far-seeing, or divination taks beyond the most simple, parlor-trick variety. It appears that his capacity for Wyrd Channeling is limited to events in the past or in the near future. He remains almost completely blind to events of the present. Those of his associates, familiar with his personality and character flaws, would pehaps find this quite apt.

Quantum Geographoplasty (Superspeed)

Traditional commentators on superhuman abilities have commented on Synge’s ability to travel and move at considerably higher-than-peak normal speeds. While this has commonly been considered to be an aspect of “super speed”, it should be noted that Synge’s own Book of Shadows describes this as something very different than simply an increase in kinetic motion. Instead, Synge claims to have developed a method of tapping into the “world-pulse” of the universe and channeling space-time energy so as to affect his movement and relative temporal interaction. In less complex terms, Synge has managed to “steal” additional time from an unknown (presumably future) period and compress it about his person so as to appear to be acting or moving faster than normal (relative to onlookers). This is best demonstrated in his capacity to reduce the subjective fatigue time between his magickal channeling for a limited period of time. That particular ability, however, is marked by a temporal resynchronization that does not allow him to continue to warp time indefinitely. He must, inevitably, balance the time-layering effect. His movement abilities are not (as yet) subject to this resynchronization, due to the fact that Synge is shifting space as well as time, narrowing distances imperceptibly but with great frequency as to create the subjective effect of “super speed” and enhanced leaping capabilities. His inability to warp space to allow him to teleport great distances is not well understood, although the interplay of gravity is likely why he cannot (or chooses not to) fly.

Training, Talents, and other Abilities

Synge was trained and educated by the Forge of Judges, a formal military academy for magicians financed and operated as an adjunct to the White Hall. Due to this education, Synge has a respectable degree of knowledge concerning metaphysics, magickal theory, abstract and sublime philosophy, as well as the history of the Old Art, and other esoteric subjects. This competency level in a very arcane and academic subject often surprises those he encounters, as well as his ability to assimilate dense treatises on magical theory. Associated with this is his practical fluency in an ideogram-based runic alphabet (Diasporic-Lemurian shorthand) which he uses when making notations about magick or transcribing incantations or instructions. This is both to protect others (as in cases when inscribing the magickal formulae would activate the sorcery) and to encrypt the content of the notes from prying eyes. Because of this, he writes with a brush as easily as with a pen or pencil.

He is also capable of conversational Spanish, but is less than completely fluent in the language and often has difficulty with off-the-cuff translation. His reading comprehension is better than his aural comprehension, which contributes to his preference for the written word.

In addition to his magickal tutelage, Synge was also trained in basic military tactics and weaponry. He is not a practiced marksman, but remains very comfortable and familiar with firearms and their maintenance. He is capable of stripping a pistol or rifle and reassembling it within a period of time only slightly longer than what would be expected by a professional soldier.

Synge's hand-to-hand capabilities are rudimentary in the extreme. He claims to have had some training in martial arts, but upon testing, this appears to be at the elementary level. Synge is noted for being a brutally dirty fighter and his brawls usually involve using every element of the environment to his advantage. This is rarely enough to overcome a powered or skilled opponent, but for the majority of conflicts between Synge and a normal human being, it is enough to seriously batter an opponent.

Synge has the physique of a reasonable athlete, but he usually refuses to actually participate in sports. He is a practiced skateboarder and enjoys both roller and ice skating. His time in the isles, as noted above, has forced him to be much more attentive to exercise than before. He is a very efficient swimmer and a respectable runner. Synge's long history of antagonizing others and provoking fights, along with the inevitable defeats that he routinely suffers, has deadened Synge's responses to mild discomfort and pain. It is unclear whether this is a mental discipline, a state of constant low-level intoxication, or an actual neurological dysfunction, but the magician appears to disregard the kind of suffering which might cause an average human being to seek medical attention immediately. Synge's demeanor suggests that while he is not numb to the pain he endures, he considers it an "reflection of a state of being common to all the world". More succinctly put, "Life is shit, so why should I bitch when it hurts more than usual?"


Synge usually eschews cumbersome equipment and tools. Typically, he limits himself to a few packs of cigarettes, a flask of liquor, his battered Book of Shadows, a pocket knife, a felt-tipped pen, and whatever specialized tools he has been given to accomplish a job. Despite his occult status, he is perfectly familiar with the rudiments of ballistic weaponry and is not adverse to using other means to accomplish his goals. Although he usually requires instruction on how to operate them, Synge has also often utilized more complicated technological equipment which can allow him to access otherwise unreachable areas (e.g. jetpacks, Zero-G Units, teleporters, etc.).

Particular items

Ear Of Babylon


Subtle Satchel

Synge's Apartment

Weaknesses and Limitations

"Fashion Disaster" is not a weakness.

Mystical Binding and Backlashes

While formerly a considerable powerhouse of combative magickal power, The Legacy Chain took pains to incapacitate the majority of Synge’s talents during his incarceration. As such, several of his previously intuitive talents are blocked by sophisticated enchantments, forbiddances, and bindings. As noted above, his prior abilities of limited technopathy, electrokinesis, umbrokinesis, photoplasty, telekinesis, and sophisticated control of major and minor physical forces, has been eliminated. Synge also suffers from a punitive mental block which confounds any attempt he makes to relearn or access those abilities with extreme confusion and disarray to his concentration.

Associated with his status as one of the Radiant are his seasonal manias; which manifest during the principal Quarter Days on the Pagan/Wiccan calendar: Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain. During these holidays, Synge’s personality becomes unusually unpredictable and extreme – but varying in tone from near-satyromania to suicidal. Synge typically does not remember the events of these manias afterward and often suffers near-complete incapacitation after such revelry.

Soul Echoes (Past Life Channeling)

See Main Article: Documented Soul-Echoes of Jaime Synge.

While not exactly a weakness, Synge’s limited oracular ability has unhinged him slightly, to the point where he may occasionally lose control of his consciousness and may (in a limited form) channel one of his former incarnations. While not an infernal possession of any kind, the effect may be considered similar as they will rarely acknowledge any familiarity with Synge’s life or acquaintances. The disposition of these alter-egos are highly variable and subject to their own whims and personalities. Synge does not at all like to acknowledge that this phenomenon occurs, and typically denies it if asked. Unfortunately, this is normally seen by onlookers as positive evidence of dementia and psychosis.

Physical Frailties

Outside of his occult talents, he is essentially human and can be easily injured as such. While his powers of restoration do accelerate his healing and repair the gross damage to his body, they do not alleviate minor ailments – which linger to heal naturally. This has the effect of causing Jaime to be constantly littered with minor injuries and medically-insignificant trauma, a fairly balanced trade off for being able to avoid certain death and severe maiming on several occasions.

Of note, Synge’s abilities have left him entirely insensate to heat. This does not make him immune to tissue damage from fire or other extreme heat sources (nor does it keep him from suffering, for example, heat stroke or exhaustion), but simply means that the feeling of warmth or burning is rarely registered (pain from tissue destruction, however, is). This leaves Synge with a significant hazard to his health, the inability to adequately gauge potential or received injury (as commonly seen with those with leprosy or other neuropathic disorders). As one might expect, Synge has occasionally used this as a parlor trick to entertain and/or disgust his associates.

Character History

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Synge contemplates the energies of Thorn Isle

Jaime Synge’s history is fairly unremarkable until his late teens. He grew up in a suburban community of Dallas, Texas, and performed underwhelmingly in school despite aptitude tests which showed a significant degree of intelligence. His criminal history began when he either perpetrated or was an accessory to a double homicide of two police officers who detained him and another teen. Neither Synge or the other youth were apprehended after their escape and the murder was long considered a cold case. Jaime was recruited by the Forge of Judges sometime in proximity to this crucial event.

Based on the Legacy Chain’s interviews with Synge, the Forge promised not only to clean his criminal record but also to instruct him in the methods necessary to control and focus his powers. A well-established propaganda campaign was sufficient to bring Synge to the conclusion that the Forge (and its parent group, the White Hall) was an authentic and benevolent magical order dedicated to the defense of the world and service of mankind. While these assertions might have been subjectively true, they were not particularly relevant in Synge’s training, which was considerably martial and combative in tone.

Synge himself was placed into a small unit of fellow students with uncontrolled, unschooled talents who were to be utilized as shock troops while the experienced and extensively trained sorcerers were reserved for more strategically-crucial operations. The discovery of this fact became a point of solidarity between the so-called “chaff talents” in Synge’s class. He and his classmates covertly set out to accomplish as much unofficial training and research as their time and resources could command. To their credit, the effort was successful and contributed greatly to their understanding of arcane theory and history.

The Forge of Judges would not go overlooked by their opposition. The Legacy Chain, having identified the location of the academy, staged a relentless daylight assault on the Forge of Judges. The battle leveled the school and decimated the staff and students, resulting in a crippling blow to the White Hall’s adherents. While much of the population was accounted for, either dead or apprehended, a sizable minority escaped the destruction in the ensuing confusion. Synge and his compatriots were among these, and their plans to regroup in New Orleans were foiled by numerous dragnets conducted by both conventional and super-powered authorities. As such, the “chaff talents” would not meet again, except in encounters made invariably limited by circumstance or the design of their hunters.

Synge spent much of the next several years criss-crossing the country, chasing rumors of his friends and fellow Radiant from one city to the next. Always nearby was the persistent presence of Longbow and the government, circling his movements like a predator waiting for a final, fatal misstep that would land him in prison or the grave. During this time, Synge was able to meet with a few other mortal mystics and magicians, who helped to hone his abilities and open new pathways for him to pursue. However, more often than not, the kindness of these strangers were only to camouflage plans to exploit the young mystic for his abilities. Unfortunately, Synge’s discovery of such plots typically ended in a great conflagration of magickal energy and death – signaling his presence to the authorities and prompting his next flight into the wilderness.

Within the last two years, Synge became involved with a skilled confidence artist who manipulated him into destroying the sacred altar of an otherwise harmless coven of rural witches. While escaping from the tragic consequences of his actions, his partner deserted him at a time of unusual infirmity (see above) and framed for a petty robbery and murder of the partner’s rivals (who had been similarly betrayed). Synge’s luck quickly ran out and he was apprehended in Utah by a joint task force of Longbow and state police officers. Longbow delivered him to the Legacy Chain in order to be evaluated and possibly rehabilitated; but, failing to meet the Legacy Chain’s rigid standards, he was tried and punished. While the Legacy Chain was able to cripple the majority of his abilities, the greatest and most primal of his talents were unable to be stilled by their enchanters (although they were, temporarily, diminished). Fearing that Jaime would eventually dispel the magics, Jaime was scheduled to be transferred into the custody of a high-ranking Legacy Chain cell for further binding of his powers. However, during his transfer of custody at the Ziggursky Prison, Arachnos liberated him among several other “threats” under the guise of Project Destiny.

After several weeks living rough on the streets, Jaime has newly joined a hostel comprised of similar misfits and rogue mystical creatures and practitioners. While he finds it difficult to integrate himself into the company of creatures and beings he has only read or heard about, there is little doubt that even his conflicts with these beings are preferable to the desolation on the streets and alleys of the Rogue Isles.

In-game History

Since his liberation from the Zigg, Synge has steadily fought his way from the rank and file of the criminal army swarming the Rogue Isles. While accruing notoriety and some minor wealth was an attractive motivator, Synge turned most of his attention to removing the shackles which have plagued him since his capture. Arachnos' thugs, mercenary freelancers, and a motley assortment of malcontents and psychotics have accompanied him on these goals, each to varying degrees. However, Synge has never lost touch with the rough-and-tumble guttersnipe attitude and contemptuous disdain for those considered above him which marked his earliest adventures.

Those looking for some further information and limited details about Synge's In-Game History should consult his Book of Mirrors.

Spoilers end here.

Looking for "Contact"

As seen in the Rogue Isles Protector:

SWM Smoker, 24, seeks youthful female Islander or City-Dweller for binge drinking, petty larceny and vandalism, dumb debates about movies and music, and desperation-fueled carnal interludes. My other interests include: magick theory, arson, picking fights, and derision of Pinks. Dream date ends with us tossed out of every bar we can find and still laughing off all the bruises. Catgirls, kitsune, succubi, hippies, crazy death cyborg ninja sushi schoolgirls need not apply. Suicide girls, sk8r/riot grrls, smokers, good cook, combat medics a plus.

The Hit List

Not a catalog of potential assassinations, but rather a list of all the unfortunate folks who have suffered Jaime's amateur (and insistent) attempts at seduction. Barf bag not included.

(If you want to include yourself on the list, feel free to add. I don't remember everyone I've subjected to this little running gag.)


Synge's patron tarot could be considered the Page of Wands. Not that he'd be caught dead in such an embarassing outfit.

Character Origins

Synge is an almost-direct adaptation of a character by the same name which the player used in pen-and-paper RPGs. Due to the power set systems of CoX, Synge was required to have been significantly depowered and limited in scope of what he can do. However, this lead to a new interpretation of the character’s personality and added some further psychological depth. The opportunity to role-play this “alternate reality” version of Synge was simply motivated by the fact that the player was not familiar with the CoX game world and needed someone he could role-play convincingly while learning the basics of how the game worked. Certain elements of Synge’s backstory comes from his tabletop gaming background history, and some from the previously written fiction which deviates from those old tales, which accounts for how it tends to grate slightly with the existing CoX canon.

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