Prototype XY-75

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Prototype XY-75
Player: @Kelandra
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Caitlyn Hughes
Known Aliases: Lyn, Xy
Species: Human (Cybernetically augmented)
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Varies with how much cyberware she's plugged into
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Metalworker
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Dating (Shh!)
Known Relatives: Stephen Hughes (Father - deceased), Haley Hughes (Mother - deceased), Marius Victor Hughes (uncle)
Known Powers
Lyn has no natural powers of her own, and indeed her cybernetic augmentation only brings her up to slightly above "average". Her exo-suit is designed to increase her feeble strength fifty times. Offensively, she can use it to charge pads in her gloves that deliver a harsh electrical shock, or can electrify it to defend her.
Known Abilities
Cybernetic augmentation, Crey prototype exo-suit
Lyn is paralyzed from a tragic shoot-out between Longbow and Crey.

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Physical Appearance

Most who see Lyn will only see a fully-covering Exo-Suit, as well as a mask covering all of her face and neck. The only visible part is Lyn's auburn hair, brushed to fall over one cheek and cut short.

Under the mask, Lyn's skin is scarred with burns from her cheeks and jaw over her torso and arms, to the top of her thighs. The legs have been replaced with full cybernetics. Before that, the burn scars extended to approximately her knees. Most of the scar tissue is on the front of her body, though a little does wrap around her waist to the small of her back. Her vocal cords and traechea were badly damaged, giving her voice a harsh and rasping sound. Black wiring traces its way under the scar tissue, providing the cybernetics communications pathways from brain to machine.

The worst injuries are unseen, however. The medical term for Lyn's injuries are "C6 tetrapelegia with Brown-Sequard Syndrome". This means that only part of her spine was injured at the C6 vertibra. She has general control over her arms and wrists, though fine motor control often escapes her. Her left arm is not sensitive to pain, temperature, or deep touch. Her right arm is not sensitive to vibration, light touch, and has less function below the wrist than the left hand. She has no feeling below her ribs, and only limited feeling between her ribs and her shoulders. Her legs were completely parylized and have been replaced with full cybernetic legs starting at the hips, giving her more mobility than she would otherwise have. She has also had one kidney, her bladder, part of her small intestines, her liver, and one lung replaced with cybernetic or otherwise artificial organs. Her reproductive organs were damaged but not removed. Her heart has been augmented, giving it more capacity than a normal heart. Her pelvis has been replaced with a titanium duplicate, and her spine is threaded with titanium rods to stabilize it.

It is through extensive and ongoing physical therapy, as well as the addition of cybernetics, that allow her to be as functional as she is. She spends many hours a day doing self-paced physical therapy, which also includes testing her cybernetics in fights with whoever her target of choice that day is. Legos and blocks are the bane of her existance, as she uses them to try to maintain her limited manual dexterity.


There are two dominant, though not separate, personalities that make up Caitlyn's current psyche:

The first personality is cold, hard, and emotionless. When she is in this state, she often refers to herself as "Xy", a shortening of the designation she was given when under Crey's employ. She tends to speak in flat, clipped tones, preferring to express herself in monosylables, barked orders, and curt reports. This personality was created as a result of Crey's psychologists breaking her down through a series of scripted trials then rebuilding her into the perfect emotionless, conscienceless killing machine. This personality's cold and ruthless ability to analyze situations has been the difference between life and death more than once, and it is the personality which tends to take hold when she is presented with physical or emotional trauma.

The second personality is her long-suppressed human side, "Lyn". Almost completely subsumed by "Xy", this personality is making its appearance more often, slowly learning to feel emotions once again. This is the creative personality that allows her to create works of art in various metals, though steel is her favorite. For subjects that have emotional connotations, Lyn finds herself struggling to find words to express herself. This gives her speech a halting nature as she frequently has to pause to collect her thoughts, finding words slipping away from her mental grasp like smoke. This side is also fiercely protective of the few who have managed to win her trust.


Born and raised in the suburbs near Paragon City, Caitlyn was an average all-American girl until she was 16. She was a member of the cheerleading squad and the colorguard, an average student, and got along well enough with her parents. All that changed when a gang of Hellions invaded their home, looking for sacrifices. They killed her father and mother in front of her, then knocked Caitlyn unconscious.

The Crey Project

Known Powers

~ Healing:

~ Offensive Abilities:

~ Defensive Abilities:


Known Allies

Unleashed Force (aka Clint Sanders) -

Richard Forsyth -

Onoir (Ashley) -

Lilith Noir -

Operative Halfway (aka Rob the Rikti) -

Salazar Bartlett -

Opinions from those who've worked alongside her

"What can I say about Lyn that she might be happy to see here? Her drive inspires me to attempt to create something of my own, even as I worry that one day it will consume her. She is far, far more than she lets on, possibly because she, herself, doesn't see what an amazing person she really is. She has been through things which would irreparably shatter the minds of lesser people, and doesn't seem to see how very far she's come on the road to recovery. Her loyalty to the people she cares about is fierce, and not even a saint would be worth what she would go through to keep one of her friends safe. Lyn is a talented artisan, a peerless fighter, a true-hearted companion, my best friend, and one of the few people whom I consider family. There isn't a thing on Earth that I wouldn't do for her." -- Alphonse von Locke

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