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A recent name in the Isles, Don ran away from home in the early part of March after he was outed. He is a contradiction in terms: At once, angry and cynical but also very tender and vulnerable. He harbors great power, but lacks the refinement and control that practice brings.

This character is wanted by Arachnos, alive. Any Arachnos characters are free to roleplay thus.

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Adonis Jonas Smythe
Player: @Glory Light
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Adonis Jonas Smythe
Known Aliases: Don, Purple
Species: Teenager
Age: 18
Height: 5'11
Weight: 123lbs
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Mooch
Place of Birth: Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Aeon City
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Trudy Weigle-Smythe (mother)

Dr. James Jonas Smythe (father)

Known Powers
Microwave control, emission
Known Abilities
Creation and release of microwaves and microwave energy
Enjoys swearing



Adonis, or Don, is a contradiction in terms. Outwardly, he is very outgoing, confident, and happy. He likes to make jokes, give people nicknames, and generally is a rabble-rouser. He makes friends quickly and appears to be exceptionally well adjusted. He likes to flaunt his powers and often shows off. He also likes to flaunt his many, many piercings. In most ways, he seems like your average teenager: Loud, sometimes boorish, and a little immature.

Conversely, the outgoing outer Don is counterbalanced by a very introspective inner personality. Don likes to hide behind his bravado and attitude concealing the depth beneath. He often talks poorly on purpose, even though he is quite capable of speaking perfect grammatically appropriate English. He keeps a blog on myspace, but would never allow anyone access to it for fear of revealing too much of himself.

Don truly expresses himself through his music, and has been labeled a prodigy in his own right. He has yet to meet an instrument he could not pick up and immediately play. His favorite instruments are the cello, harp, and harpsichord.


Don came from great means. His parents are listed as number 8 on the list of wealthiest people in the Rogue Isles. He can sometimes be a bit pretentious and slightly clueless as to how people of middle and lower class live. He grew up recieving almost everything he wanted with ease and little difficulty. He is probably in the possession of a genius level IQ, and attended all the best schools, but he tends to hide his intellect for fear of peer rejection.

Don spent his entire life in the Rogue Isles and so his perception of morality can, at times, be a bit skewed. He has little problem with theft, especially if he feels wronged by those whom he is stealing from. He can be a bit blithe to murder, especially those whom he doesn't know and/or doesn't care about. However, Don is still very young and heavily influenced by the actions of those around him. People like Melissa Dems, Raith, and Unleashed Force surprise him by acting with something near integrity.


Don generates microwaves and has the ability to release, contain, or even control them in a variety of ways. He can control how intense the radiation is and is able to do everything from heating a burrito to melting a wall. He can both hurt and heal living things depending on the level of radiation they are subjected to and the intensity. Finally, Don is able to fly by superheating the air underneath him. This technique has the unfortunate drawback of melting, burning, and otherwise destroying material directly underneath him. He has great potential to one day be a very powerful entity, but currently lacks refinement and training.


Spoiler warning: Details about story arcs or other game content follow.

Project ADONIS

Records on Project ADONIS are sealed by Arachnos security and difficult to obtain without official clearance. An operative in Arachnos with some measure of the organization's trust or some status in their scientific ranks would find them much easier to access, and far less censored.

Project ADONIS was concieved by the Arachnos organization about twenty years ago. A team of ten scientists lead by Dr. Jonas James Smyth and his wife, Trudy Weigle-Smythe were commissioned with sowing the seeds of the next generation of Arachnos soldier. They combined the genes of the ten scientists, one mage, and one mutant in an attempt to blend the archtypes to create a new, more powerful super. After nearly two years of work, two fetuses were created. One of which was gestated through Mrs. Weigle-Smythe eventually becoming Adonis Smythe, while the other was cloned nine times. These nine clones were placed in maturation chambers while the original was gestated, becoming Serena Lucy Whitefield. The theory being that when it came time for the two children to breed to begin propigating this new race of supers, one male was sufficient whereas about ten women were necessary. (If you can't figure out why, go talk about the birds and bees with your parents.)

Serena's memories, experiences, and everything about her were downloaded every night and saved in the clone's minds, so that they would be exact duplicates.

Adonis's mutant powers manifested early, indicating their vast potential. Serena, likewise, showed great aptitude for magical control and ability. Project Adonis's initial phase was labelled an unparalleled success. Lord Recluse himself sent a note to the team congratulating them on their hard work and diligence. Phase two began shortly there after--it wasn't enough that the children were born, they now had to be raised and indoctrinated in the ways of Arachnos.

Things go Awry

Shortly before Phase 2 was set to conclude, Don was outed as gay by Serena. She had been trying to sate her teenage hormones with Don, but the latter was less than interested. Finally growing irate, Serena used her magics to probe Don's mind, finding his true orientation. She immidiately went from furious to irate and told Don's parents. Always a consumate scientist, and completely loyal to Arachnos Dr. Smythe was loathe to allow one genetic oversight twenty years ago ruin his entire project. He was already giving his son drugs to make him more docile and figured that he could simply up the dosage and just use his son as a stud. When he approached Don later that night, his son surprised him by rebelling, refusing the injection and escaping by blowing out a window and running into the night.

Within a week, Serena had hung herself without leaving a note or any reason. A quiet funeral was heald in Cap au Diable, attended mainly by her family. The team currently working on Project ADONIS (Two of the original scientists had since retired, one had died) reconvenied and deliberated on what to do next. They decided to remove the past week from the clone's memory before any attempt to remove one from the stasis chamber was made. Whether or not they have released one of the clones at this time is unknown.

Spoilers end here.
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Why You Ought to Tip Your Local Seer

With no where really to go, Don began hiding out in the shipyards of Port Oakes. It was while hiding out there that he was found by Melissa Dems. The seer had seen a vision of the boy being caputured by Arachnos and knew that it couldn't be allowed to happen. So she took him in and brought him to her current villian group, Inevidable Evolution. He had barely enough time to meet anyone before Melissa left with a group of friends.

Seeing as she was the first upstanding person he'd met, and she seemed to have the future nailed down fairly accurately, Don followed her to Phoenix Insurrection where he quickly began pestering others and just generally being a teenager. Despite Clint's better judgement, Don worked his way up quickly to the level of Flame.

Recent Developments

Since his time there, he has partially uncovered the truth of Project ADONIS--recently realizing that he was a test-tube baby and that his father was drugging him. He was also disturbed to find that Arachnos has his DNA on file.

Don also recently found out about the death of Serena. Though she outed him, she was also responsible for snapping him out of a very self-centered life and what he later realized was a toxic environment. Without her, he may have never had this chance to meet new people and become the person he is today.

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