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Quarantina is a former member of the Cleanup Crew who disbanded in 2007 following the death of Evac at hands of former member Paul Ooshun.

Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Angela Vidal
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5' 6
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Force field creation, flight
Known Abilities
Paramedic training, rescue services training.


Quarantina discovered her mutant abilities at the age of 16. She was able to smother a house fire that threatened her whole family, and felt that her gift was to be used for good in return for her family being saved.

She spent a number of years trying to strengthen her force fields, earnestly believing that she simply needed more practice and stamina to create something capable of stopping runaway cars or flying bullets. Unfortunately after intense practice for three years her powers had clearly plateaued. GIFT confirmed this with a barrage of tests, and her dreams of being a hero seemed to be shattered.

Hero Corps has other ideas however. They had been working with GIFT and SERAPH to uncover individuals who may have niche powers that they could fit into teams for other work. Quarantina was capable of creating fields so tight that germs and contaminants couldn't pass through them. They even seemed to soak up radiation (although physically they could be breached by moderate kinetic force). She was recruited into the Cleanup Crew, where she was delighted to be able to put her abilities to good use.

After a few years together however, the team suffered a horrible fate. Paul Ocean, better known as Spillkit, was killed by Devouring Earth who had set an ambush for the team. Unable to stop the monsters, Quarantina had to stand by as they exposed Spillkit to some form of mutagen which literally melted him. She fled for her life, dragging badly injured team leader Evac with her. The team operated a greatly reduced service for quite some time as they came to terms with the attack.

Quarantina battle.jpg

Months later Evac picked up a distress beacon from their deceased teammate Spillkit. Believing this signal would pinpoint his remains, Evac decided to try and retrieve something of Paul for burial. Unfortunately it turned out to be yet another ambush, this time staged by a terrifying monster composed of living pollution and toxins. Quarantina quickly responded to Evac's distress call, but she was too late to save him. The monster confronted her, and revealed itself to be Paul Ooshun, the resurrected creature that had once been Paul Ocean.

Quarantina was able to confine the toxic attacks of Paul Ooshun and call for backup. The Vindicators dispatched Swan[1] to deal with him, helping Quarantina defeat the monstrous Paul.

Paul Ooshun was placed in the custody of Ziggursky Penitentiary in a specially designed cell, but Quarantina was too traumatised by this turn of events and the loss of another team-mate. Despite Hero Corps desire to recruit replacements for the Cleanup Crew, Quarantina quit. She has since retired from life as a professional hero, and moved state to look for a quieter and more normal life.

Powers and Abilities

Quarantina is able to project a force bubble either around herself or another area. The bubble is non-permeable, making it ideal for sealing in air-born contaminants, extinguishing fires and even soaking up radiation. She has been shown to be capable of making a field large enough to cover an oil tanker, although larger fields place more strain on her.

The fields are extremely susceptible to physical damage, however, and bullets can rip straight through them. Even a moderately strong thug should be capable of tearing through a field with a little effort. This weakness is inherent to her power, and no amount of training ever overcame it, limiting the usefulness of this power in battle.

Quarantina can also fly, and can carry approximately half of what she can life while doing so. Her flight speed is significantly less than that of Evac, but still beats walking.


Quarantina was a member of the Cleanup Crew.

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