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Paul Ocean, aka 'Spillkit' was a hero until his team the Cleanup Crew were ambushed by the Devouring Earth, and he was resurrected as the monstrous Paul Ooshun.

Player: @Freak Accident
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: n/a
Personal Data
Real Name: Paul Ocean
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: '
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Bristol, RI
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Pollution Neutralization
Known Abilities
Highly trained in emergency services work, Paramedic level medical training, fire fighter training, rescue and evacuation procedures.



Paul Ocean led a relatively normal life, growing up in Bristol, Rhode Island ("America's Most Patriotic Town"). He discovered his mutant ability in his mid twenties when confronted with an oil spill at the docks. His mutant physiology began to neutralise the pollution, absorbing it while Paul stood nearby. He felt sick as a dog for a week afterwards, but he'd prevented a minor catastrophy.

With time Paul gained better control over his powers, and found he was able to neutralise all kinds of airborn pollutants, toxic spills, and even radioactive leaks. The process weakened him, but he began to be able to absorb more and recover faster. He rechristened himself "Spillkit", and took up a full time job helping clean up pollution. After two years the commercial giant "Hero Corps" contacted him, and together with two other Heroes (Evac and Quarantina), they put together a Supergroup called the Cleanup Crew. Instead of tackling supervillains, they fought ecological problems, industrial accidents and chemical spills.

Hero Corps was able to make a large profit through a joint strategy of emergency services and raising the "green" profile of organisations by associating them with the Cleanup Crew. In no time at all, they had risen from being nobodies in the heroing world to a major investment for Hero Corps, helping them diversify away from purely security-based work.

Spillkit's fame was to be his undoing, however.

The being known as the Hamidon coveted Paul's powers. The Hamidon sent his Devouring Earth monsters to capture Spillkit, and infect him with the Will of the Earth virus. Lured into a trap by the Devouring Earth, the Cleanup Crew were quickly overpowered. Instead of being Devoured however, Paul's mutation blended with Hamidon's bioengineering and caused Paul to become something totally different.

He literally melted away in front of the creatures, much to the horror of his team mates Evac and Quarantina, and his remains seeped into a nearby drain. His mutant powers backfired and began to incorporate the toxic sludge in the drains into him, transforming him into a colony of living pollution. The results were horrifying and the toxins drove him mad.

The man Paul Ocean ceased to exist, and Paul Ooshun the monster was born.

Powers and Abilities

Spillkit action.jpg

Paul discovered that he could neutralise pollution in the immediate area using his mutant abilities, but that it left him nauseous and weakened for a while after it. GIFT researchers discovered that he produced a cloud of microscopic organic organisms that could absorb toxins, pollution, radiation and other materials, and then convert them into relatively harmless substances.

Paul's ability to tackle larger areas of contamination and more dangerous forms of pollution grew over time, as his ability to produce and control the invisible absorption "cloud"increased. The sickness he experienced was a transfer of residual toxins into his bloodstream which his body subsequently broke down into harmless materials.

It is theorised that because the Will of the Earth virus had some similar properties his own ability the absorption cloud incorporated the virus into Paul's body rather than trying to neutralise it. The virus can animate matter, which has resulted in Paul becoming fused with a churning ooze of otherwise inanimate material, and absorbing pollution into nutrients. GIFT and SERAPH both tried to analyze Paul while he was held in captivity, but security precautions kept their experiments to a bare minimum.


As Spillkit, Paul was a member of the Cleanup Crew.



Spillkit is now the villainous blob of living pollution known as Paul Ooshun. He has been spotted in the Rogue Isles associating with Arachnos troops and in Paragon City robbing banks. His motives remain unknown, but Longbow have made his capture a priority.

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