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Armor Status: ACTIVE
Player: @Holiday
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 7
Personal Data
Real Name: Paul Alloy
Known Aliases: Robo, RG, Mark 1.3
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6' 3" (6' 6" in armor)
Weight: 183 lbs. (516 lbs. in armor)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Freelance Inventor/Part-time Superhero
Place of Birth: Long Island, NY
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Brilliant engineer, eidetic memory, technological visionary
Robo-Guardsman Armor, capable of plasma energy blasts, and super durable strength. Powered by revolutionary plasma generator
The Robo-Guardsman armor is in a constant state of flux, constantly being updated with the latest technology.

The Robo-Guardsman is a character I've toyed with for years, making him, and re-making him here on the Virtue server. This time, I finally believe I have the story straight enough to make him a part of the VirtueVerse.

Robo-Guardsman is an homage to Iron Man, and other similarly powered armored superheroes.



Paul Alloy makes no claims of being a hero. In fact, he's avoided confrontation most of his life.

Since childhood, Paul has always been the quiet one, the one who blends into the scenery through out school and college until you hear about him making millions off of the technological patents he created. Paul isn't the most social of people, but he is passionate. Passionate about science.

Paul truly believes that the proper application of science and technology can better the world, and bring humanity to new heights. When working on a project, Paul pours his heart and soul into it, creating the best product he possibly can. This is what makes Paul so sought after in the technological world. He's brilliant, dedicated, and has imagination.

Mr. Alloy is also fond of the environment. He believes technology should help the planet, not hinder it. All of Paul's inventions are eco-friendly. He hopes is plasma generator will be approved for mass production, and solve the planet's energy crisis.

In short, Paul Alloy is about science. He's socially awkward, but a friendly person, an intelligent man who will talk you to death about bio-mechanics, or not say two words at all. All Paul wants is to leave a legacy, that betters the world.


As a human operating powered armor, the Robo-Guardsman has no meta-abilites to speak of. All of his "powers" come from the Robo-Guardsman armor.


Paul Alloy has several abilites that help him pilot the Robo-Guardsman armor, as well as maintain it, and improve upon it. He uses these abilities in his everyday life.


With a mind light years ahead of most average humans, Paul Alloy's brilliance is second to none. Specializing in the fields of bio-mechanics, robotics, and energy conservation, Paul excels at all things mechanical. A brilliant engineer, he designed the Robo-Guardsman armor from scratch. Constantly thinking up new ways to improve his armor, and life in general, Paul Alloy is one of the greatest scientific minds of our time.

Eidetic Memory

Paul Alloy has complete total recall of anything he has ever read, seen, or heard. Blessed with this ability, he uses this to his advantage, calling upon anything he's ever read or experienced to facilitate his usually grandiose plans. Because of this ability, Paul is an excellent student, constantly absorbing new information and storing it away to apply it when the time comes.

Technological Visionary

Using his superscience, and his fantastic memory, Paul has a unique vision of the way things are made. As such, he creates devices and machines that are way ahead of their current successors. Paul's technology is what one would see in science-fiction movies, or in comic books. His vision knows no bounds, and he will build what he must to facilitate his love of machinery.


Chief in his arsenal of advanced machinery, is of course the Robo-Guardsman armor. Paul also employs other various equipment either in the field, or in his lab, that help him through out his daily life.


Robo-Guardsman Armor Model 1.3

The first three RGM (Robo-Guardsman) armors, (Model 1, 1.1, and 1.2), were little more than glorified exo-skeletons. They were all frames powered by the Plasma Generator. The current version of the RGM armor, this is the first of it's kind, the master work of Paul's years of study, creation, and vision. The Model 1.3 is powered by Paul's revolutionary Plasma Generator. The generator is a clean fuel energy creator, and can power the suit for weeks on end without recharging. The armor has an internal temperature regulating system, as well as an oxygen filtering mechanism to regulate breathing. The armor moves with various servo-powered motors, increasing strength and speed. The armor can lift 10 tons. It is plated with a special metallic/ceramic blend, which makes it very durable.

The volitile energy can also be used in an offensive capability. By channeling plasma energy through the suit's gauntlets, Paul can create a concussive beam, capable of battering an enemy into submission. Paul can adust the beam from a heatless concussive force, to a blazing energy barrage.

The current armor is also capable of limited flight, with a fold-out jetpack, that retracts from the armor's rear torso. The jetpack is still undergoing testing.

Also, the Model 1.3 has an advanced Heads Up Display viewmode, various communications/sattelite links, and a holographic computer in which Paul can physically access the suit's functions in real time, adjusting them as need be.

Design Flaws

The current model has several design flaws, flaws that Paul is working tirelessly to improve upon.

Plasma Generator

Coming soon...


The A.R.N.O.L.D., (or the Advanced Robotic Neccesity Of Lab Dilligence), is a robotic helper droid. A.R.N.O.L.D. assists Paul Alloy around the laboratory, and can be summoned to him in the field. The droid contains various tools and appendages for lab work, and contains a mini-teleporter so he can be summoned to anywhere in the city.

Weaknesses & Limitations

While the Robo-Guardsman armor is extremely durable to physical harm, it is still capable of being destroyed. Paul is setting out to make the most advanced durable power armor availible on the market. However, the Robo-Guardsman has weaknesses that are more than technical.

Scientist First

In reality, Paul Alloy is no hero. He's a scientist first, and is constantly distracted by maintaining his armor, or resarching the technical specs of the robot he's fighting, rather than actually fighting it. While Paul does the best he can, he realizes he's not exactly the heroic champion Paragon City needs.


Ironically, the man behind the high-flying Robo-Guardsman armor has a crippiling fear of heights. This fear is so overwhelming, that when flying, Paul often shuts off all visual systems, and flies blind, allowing the suits sensors to guide him from place to place. Also because of this fear, Paul refuses to travel to places like Faultline, the Hollows, or the rooftops of Steel Canyon.

Paul's acrophobia is something he's working on overcoming.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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