Roentgen Man

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Science-themed Plasma Speedster
Roentgen Man
Player: @roentgenman
Origin: Science
Archetype: Energy Blaster
Security Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Otis Slotkin
Known Aliases: Doctor Raygun
Species: Human
Age: 51
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Professor of physics
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: The Gish, Kings Row
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Mother, brother
Known Powers
Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation
Known Abilities
Power Bolt, Power Blast, Energy Torrent, Power Burst, Sniper Blast, Power Push, Explosive Blast, Aim, Nova, Power Thrust, Conserve Power, Build Up, Power Boost, Hasten, Super Speed, Swift, Health, Stamina, Combat Jumping, Super Jump, Repulsion Field
VASIMIR thrust boots, microwave-charged plasma torus wristbands, HUD targeting helmet, ultra-capacitor battery belt pack


Early Life

Roentgen Man was born Otis Leonard Slotkin, the son of Jacob and Rachael, in 1957 in the city of Detroit. Jacob himself was the son of a hero, famous gadgeteer and crime-fighter known as "Doctor Raygun" Slotinsky, known for his battle against Nemesis. Jacob had forgone the family business and instead joined Chrysler as an automobile engineer designing new cars.

It was a boom time for the Motor City, and he grew up in relative ease with his father's veteran pension. By the time he had reached his tenth birthday, however, Detroit was in an upheaval. The 1967 Twelth Street riots struck the city and awoke him to the change around him. As the automobile industry waned, his father was forced to take a second and third job to pay for the mortgage, until finally they could no longer afford to live in the same neighborhood.


While his father moved to the nearby suburbs of Troy, young Otis moved in with his older brother in Detroit so he could attend the Cass Technical High School. While he excelled at mathematics and science, he was troubled by the growing drug problems at his school and his neighborhood of Delray. He graduates ahead of his class in 1974 at the age of 16, immediately enrolling in Wayne State University with a major in physics and a minor in magnetohydrodynamics.

It was at the age of 17 that he finally donned the cape and cowl, seeking to do some justice for his city convulsing with crime. His efforts came to little use at this stage, as gangs like Young Boys Inc were armed with guns and he had no training or equipment to fight the crack dealers swarming the street corners. It was with a heavy heart that he finally graduated with a Bachelors of Science and signed up for the air force, hoping to make a difference as a pilot.

Scientific Career

After enrolling in the armed forces, he was shocked and dismayed to find he had a rare hearing disability that made him very susceptible to high-frequency sounds, effectively dashing his hopes to be a jet pilot. Undaunted, he remained in the USAF attending the United States Air Force Academy. After graduating with the equivalent of a Master's degree in engineering, he began to work with contractor Lockheed-Martin on top-secret projects in their Skunkworks facility.

Eventually his efforts won him a place working with Yale University on the VASIMIR ion engine project as a military scientist from the air force. While only attached to the experiment for a year, vast strides were made in the development of a viable ion thruster. It wasn't long, however, that results were simply not coming at a fast enough pace, as Otis was ever the demanding tinkerer. When deadlines were not met due to his interference, he was forced out of the project and opted for early retirement.

Career As A Hero

Free from the military for the first time in 17 years, he decided it was time for him to attempt a life as a crime fighter once more. While he was now in his early forties, he was physically strong and armed with new and powerful technology that could be used to devastate his foes. It was the opportunity to work in a fellowship at Paragon City University that allowed him to find a venue for his new-found powers, and also to serve his country like his grandfather did against Nemesis.

It was not, however, Nemesis who arose as his sworn enemy. It seems the Sky Raiders, to whom he almost had the displeasure of being a member, had nicked his VASIMIR technology and were using it for nefarious purposes. From that point forward he has sworn to destroy every Sky Raider pack he finds. It was, however, the close vicinity to the Portal corporation and Vanguard that spurred him to choose Paragon City as his hometown, the Gish of Kings Row being as close to old Detroit as he could find.

Powers And Abilities

Roentgen Man utilizes two magnetic toruses to pinch a superheated stream of plasma, firing microwaves to energize helium atoms into an excited state. This uses massive amounts of energy and must be recharged regularly from the ultracapacitors on his belt. The triple effect of the plasma's force, it's heat and it's charge will often incapacitate most ne'er-do-wells.

While spandex is usually the order of the day, he is also known to have a kevlar-plated uniform with nomex coverings, which provides heat and piercing resistance during combat. Along with a cowl he has high-impact helmet with thermal and sonic sensors, as well as a heads up display to keep track of suit power, helium supply and damage.

On his feet are two mini-VASIMIR ion thrusters which he uses to increase his spead to at least 30 miles per hour. The thrust is directed by gimballing, once again supplied by helium atoms excited by microwave magnetrons. It is less like running and more like skating along at high speed.


Otis, and by extension Roentgen Man, has many bad habits. He can be jingoistic, lecherous, square, egotistical and spoiled. His pride is what most people recognize, his most oft-spouted declaration being that he entered the hero business to get an endorsement deal for an action figure. A great pair of legs never go without comment by him, and like many military men he has a "love-it-or-leave-it" attitude when it comes to his country.

The flip side is his true, unending empathy for those who suffer, his compassion and stalwart support despite inconvenience and even danger. As any hero, he leaps into the fray without worry of his own welfare, at least seemingly. In truth he is as scared as any man, but some things must be done for good or for ill. He is highly independent, rash, known for his quick temper and sometimes obtuse way of looking at things. Despite all this he is, down deep, a good and true man and the kind of friend people need when they are in trouble.

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