Sasha Endal

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Sasha Endal
Player: @Endal
Origin: Confidential
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Sasha Miller Endal
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human - Praetorian Earth
Age: Autumn, '75
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135lbs
Eye Color: Colorless (Blue)
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: UHoA Officer
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Timpleton Endal, Gage Endal, Ursula Endal, Jorin Endal, Laria Endal
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Character History



Sasha Miller was born in the Autumn of 1975 in the King's Row hospital. Her family was not super in any way at all, but was still well off. Her father was a construction worker who helped to build the Freedom Plaza. Her mother was a stay at home Mom and insisted that she be home schooled. She taught her anything she wanted to know on top of the standard lessons that the city provided for her. Sasha's great passion was always Gymnastics and she would go to practice at the local Gym every day after her lessons were finished.

Sasha always enjoyed going to the Gym and watching everyone do their practices for the various sports that were sponsored at the local Atlas Gym. There were the martial arts classes, that always seemed to have at least one kid with a cloth mask and cape, the track and field groups would generally push themselves well past where they should have been able to, running for hours at a time and pushing to greater and greater speeds, then there were the boxers, whom Sasha had always enjoyed the most. She knew about the different weight classes and really enjoyed watching the sparring matches at the end of the day.

Then in 1992 the Atlas Gym was sold to a family that had recently moved to the City from Washington DC. All of the programs were split into two sections and those who were deemed to have powers were put into one group while those who did not were put into the other. Sasha was of the latter. Her normal instructor, who had trained an Olympic contestant several years ago was taken from her and she was introduced to a new instructor, one who she felt she could perform better than if given the chance. Partially crushed that she wasn't going to be with her old coach anymore, but still dedicated to her program, Sasha continued to stay at the Gym and to practice on her own more than with her new Coach.

In 1993, Sasha finally realized that there was nothing more she could teach herself and that she needed her old mentor back. She entered the "Super" class and was amazed to see her instructor teaching super powered people how to harness their powers, it wasn't until the 70 year old man grabbed onto the uneven bars and began to twirl himself at breakneck speeds that she realized that he himself was a super. Still determined to talk with him, she waited in the corner until the end of his classes and demanded that she be brought into the advanced class. He argued with her for quite a while, getting quite heated while he was at it until the largest man Sasha had ever seen came through the doors dressed only in his boxing trunks, boots, and gloves and approached the both of them quietly.

The giant man asked what was going on and her instructor told her the problem. The giant turned to Sasha and tilted his head to the large mat in the center of the floor and told her to perform for him. She didn't have any kind of routine set up, but she saw that there was a lot of equipment on the mat that she could use to her advantage, bars and large blocks and the like. She spent nearly twenty minutes doing various acrobatic routines to the best of her abilities and after she was done she sat on one of the blocks and watched as the two men argued to themselves. When it was over the giant man approached her.

The giant's voice was very calm. "My name is Timpleton Endal, and I think that while you obviously don't have any kind of super power, you are still quite an amazing gymnast. I spoke with Mr. Horton and he is going to give you private lessons after your normal lessons."

Relieved, Sasha shook his hand firmly and promised him that he wouldn't regret his decision. It was just then that a lean man burst through the door that Timpleton had come in through earlier and shouted for the giant man to return to the ring, that it was his turn to fight. Sasha asked if she could come too, she had never seen supers fight before and was always interested. Timpleton agreed, but told her to be careful, they sometimes created shock-waves that could hurt normal humans.

Rogue Island Police


When Sasha was 19 she enlisted in the King's Row Police Department and was almost instantly brought up to officer status, her years of intense endurance exercises had prepared her for incredibly hard situations and she quickly learned how to use the pistol they had given her effectively.

Within six months, Sasha had been asked to perform a special assignment on the Rogue Islands and be an officer there, she would have to live on Mercy Island, but was assured that the villains there would mostly be new to their powers and wouldn't be much of a threat to her. She accepted and was shipped off to Mercy Island's police station where she was outfitted with a great deal of armor and a new pair of pistols.

Sasha spent two years working as an officer on Mercy Island where she arrested hundreds of skulls, infected, and even had to fight the snakes that began their uprising. She also had to deal with her share of the supers that came through. Most of them saw her as target practice, but weren't expecting her acrobatic skills that she had honed and still practiced. She would often keep the villains busy with her while her fellow officers would pin the villain down and send them off to jail.

In 1999, when Sasha was twenty four, her unit was called in to assist some strange government group and she was very surprised to see that Timpleton was among the group. She also recognized his niece and nephew among those with him and a fairly tall man with dark hair and a red beard who was briefing them on their mission to capture a group of Russian Super Soldiers who had illegally moved to the states. Her team was in charge of making sure that the three would not escape the custody of the government group.

Sasha set up her group outside of the building at all of the exits and also had men covering all of the windows and skylights. All she knew about the Super Soldiers inside was that they were "Enhanced Humans." When the signal was given, Timpleton slammed through the main door with his niece and nephew just behind him and the leader charging forward hurling psychic blasts and disabling the average sized Russian. Timpleton engaged the giant Russian in hand to hand combat with his niece close beside him emitting a strange green glow. The third Russian, a slender woman, came rushing straight towards Sasha's door, she knew she was there and quickly sent a roundhouse kick at the woman. In one swift motion the woman dodged the kick and swept Sasha to the floor, reached down to pick her up by her hair and caught one of her pistols out of the air and placed it to her head.

She yelled to the government agents to stop what they were doing or she would kill Sasha. The four supers stopped what they were doing and the Russians all came to the woman's side. She spat out some phrases in Russian to the leader of the government group and he replied, calmly, to what she said. They went back and forth like that for quite some time.

Not enjoying being a hostage at all, Sasha began to look around for anything that could be used to help her situation. Then she finally remembered that all she had to do was hit the clip and drop the rounds from the gun, she never chambered a bullet unless she had to and the Russian woman hadn't thought to do that herself. She looked at Timpleton who had been staring at her without her knowledge and she nodded slightly to him, his eyebrows cocked a bit and then he slowly tapped his nephew. In one single motion, Sasha raised her elbow and emptied the clip, she heard a click of the gun being misfired without a round and a slight gasp from the Russian Woman. Sasha hit the ground and the three Russians instantly were hurled into the air and slammed into the ceiling above, only to come crashing down in heaps.

United Heroes of America


Shortly after the incident on Mercy Island, the UHoA's leader, Gage Endal, invited Sasha to meet with them in a private meeting. At the meeting they discussed her future and what she had planned to do with the next few years. She had said that she really enjoyed public service and wished only to continue to protect people around her with the abilities that she learned, at his brother's Gym no less.

Over the next few months, Sasha had spent her days working in the UHoA's substation under King's Row. She already knew how to handle herself in a fight, but the fights that she could potentially be brought into were a bit different than anything she had ever handled before. Sure, she had handled her share of villains in the past, many with powers that were quite fantastic, but the standards of the UHoA were to protect it's members as best as they could, so Sasha trained in 10 different forms of Martial Arts combined with her Akimbo Pistol style. She was quickly able to handle her own against all of the Agents in the group.

The officers of the UHoA called Sasha in for a meeting after her third month was up and were very pleased with the progress she had shown. They wished her to stay on as a full Field Agent, with full privileges that the UHoA offered. She accepted.

Over the next several months, Sasha was sent all over the world to deal with villains of all calibers. She even had opportunities to fight the "Patron Villains" on more than one occasion alongside the UHoA, and Timpleton, whom she was still infatuated with all this time.

Sasha and Timpleton had a private romance that flourished over the months. So much in fact that they eventually eloped and were married in a private ceremony in Atlantic City. It was a small event, only a few choice family members and no friends, not that they didn't want them there, or to have a big wedding, but with their status in the UHoA they just couldn't afford the time off... that and they wanted to get married right then and there.

The Rikti War

It was shortly after their marriage that the Rikti Invasion began. Sasha would always remember that day, the ships came in in clouds of smoke from their entry through the atmosphere and as they emerged from the smoke they were massive hovering discs. A general meeting was called by the Midnighter's Squad and an invitation was given through to Gage Endal and his son Jorin Endal. The two left for the entire night and returned very early the next morning with marching orders. The UHoA was to be a line of defense in Independence Port, acting as sentries for the Terra Volta Reactor.

Gage Endal, Jorin Endal, Timpleton Endal, Laria Endal, Ursula Endal (the one that had put the gun to Sasha in Mercy Island and now Gage's fiance') and Sasha all stood guard at the main entrance while the rest of the UHoA stood a perimeter around the Reactor, effectively setting up a barricade against any attacks on the power source of the entire area. They stood guard there for over a week until the Rikti finally attacked. They came at dusk with hundreds of thousands of infantry soldiers and over a thousand ships. The ranks of the UHoA were only 50 strong at that time.

The fight that ensued during this time is of great importance, but it is written elsewhere. The important fact to note is that while the battle was going on, Sasha held her own. She stood beside her husband and let loose bullets at an amazing rate, reloading her weapons in a flash of the eye and barreling down the invading aliens by the score. Every shot she let loose would drop another of the creatures and any that got close enough to do either of them harm would be met with the brute that was her husband, clad only in his uniform pants and his huge shoulder plates.

The battle lasted over 8 hours and nearly every member of the UHoA was down, the only ones still standing in fact were the Officers of the organization, Jorin was holding a shield over the reactor and his father and sister were holding the invaders off of him. Ursula moved at incredible speeds, throwing herself towards the aliens and paving paths through them as she went. Her and Timpleton had been guarding a hole that had been struck into the reactor's field area and were keeping everything out.

It was in these final hours that the Four Horsemen of the Rikti advanced upon the Reactor, the final strike against these impossible odds. Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War moved slowly closer to the structure and all four took aim at the two pests that were keeping them from their objective. Timpleton and Sasha. They all fired in unison and Timpleton thrust his love back from him taking the full blast against his bare chest. After the electricity of the blast had cleared, Timpleton had stood right where he had before, but now he had a huge chunk of rubble in his hands, hurling it at the closest of the death machines.

Seeing that this was the final strike, Laria and Ursula came to join Timpleton in his battle against the remaining three Riders. A fight that took nearly an hour to complete, and only when Jorin had come to join in the fight were the three finally defeated, teleporting back to their ship.

They began to gather their wounded and that was when Timpleton had noticed that Sasha had fallen during the fight.

The Kheldion Act


The blast that Timpleton had absorbed had created a shockwave effect that slammed into Sasha's frail body. She had no powers to speak of, so she was as susceptible to the blast as anyone else would have been. After going unconscious, Sasha slipped into a coma that became persistent. Timpleton decided to take a leave of absence from the UHoA for a time until his wife was recovered.

After three months the doctors had come to Timpleton to ask for permission to terminate life support. They had never spoken of anything like this in their short marriage so he didn't know her wishes. He spoke with his nephew Jorin and asked if he could delve into her mind to see what was going on.

Jorin was in the room alone with her for several hours and when he came out he told Timpleton that she was still in there, she just couldn't come out, there was some sort of psychic block that was intertwined with her mind. Breaking the block would destroy her.

Timpleton stood by his wife for the next two months, nursing her as best as he could. The doctors would come in and give him updates on her every day, always the same news, that nothing was happening. It was around this time that the government had announced a new program to deal with the Rikti invasion. The Kheldions, a race of intergalactic energy beings required hosts to survive. The host would still be in partial control of what was going on, but the Kheldion being would control several impressive powers that would keep it's host alive for incredible lengths of time, it also would grant the host the ability to have Super-like powers.

Sasha's name was one of the many that was selected to receive the option of having a host. Timpleton spoke with the doctors and with his family. Jorin seemed to like the idea, saying that it would possibly be able to overcome the psychic block that she was facing. Timpleton agreed to the process on the condition that he be allowed to watch.

The being came in and introduced itself as LunarNimbus. It spoke with Timpleton a great deal, letting him know what would happen and relieving him of any of his concerns about what would happen. He finally allowed LunarNimbus to perform the binding and almost instantly Sasha was awake. He lept into her arms only to have them laying limp at her side, this was not the woman he had loved. She was cold and in the same manner that LunarNimbus was with him. Sasha was no longer inside.

LunarNimbus was now a member of the UHoA as well, having taken over Sasha's place and was now an adviser to the group on how to deal with the Rikti menace. Many of these meetings Timpleton would not be present, often found later at his Gym working on the boxing bags and instructing his students on the finer points of boxing and wrestling. It was during one of these sessions that Gage came to his brother to order him to return to duty, that it had lasted too long.

Timpleton had never once hit his older brother, his respect for Gage had always dwarfed him, if not physically than in other ways. The order that he was given by his brother though shook him to his core, he let into his brother verbally and after that had taken it's toll he began to take swings at him.

Gage was not new to this though, he had purposely brought his brother into a rage to get him to let his emotions loose. He dodged all of his attacks and let a few land in safe places on his body and using his psychic powers he absorbed the blows. He threw a few of his own with his fists, not using his powers to overwhelm his brother. They brawled for hours like this, destroying the wrestling room and breaking into a gymnastics class with their fight.

Finally the fight ended with Laria, Ursula, Jorin and LunarNimbus bursting into the room and restraining the two men. There were heated words from Timpleton until LunarNimbus approached him, then he became rigid. She told him that his wife was still inside, that they spoke frequently and that she was happy with how things had been going. She was even proud of her husband for taking up his duties in the Gym once again.

Now Timpleton weighs over 400 pounds and is well over 7 feet tall. Hearing the words of his beloved wife relayed through LunarNimbus was more than he could handle though. He crumpled to the ground in a heap crying, holding onto the small form of his wife as LunarNimbus held him at a slight distance. His niece, Laria put her hand on his shoulder and let him cry with her for a while, which was soon joined by the entire Endal family.

Timpleton decided to retire from the UHoA and take up the gym full time, working with young children of both super and non-super origins to become the best at their chosen fields. He always speaks to the non-supers on new grounds now though, his wife never had any powers of any sort, but she held her own against thugs hundreds of times stronger than she ever could be and always came out on top.

Sasha still remains in the deep subconscious of her body, but with LunarNimbus controlling it, she gains a bit more strength every day and the wall is slowly coming down. Perhaps in time she will return to her full self and can once again return to her husband.

Praetorian Earth

(note: In the Praetorian world, the UHoA was never formed. Therefore Gage was not a psychic spy, his children did not absorb their mother's essence, and Timpleton never had a reason to retire from boxing. All of these events lead Sasha to join an alternate Gym as she still has the love for acrobatics)

As a child, Sasha was found to have a heightened sense of balance and timing, traits that lead her to develop acrobatic skills in a local gym that she was able to work into near super-powers. She worked with various super groups in developing any powers she could find until finally she was approached by one of Cain's men. He promised her a place in the police force if she would consent to undergoing a new experiment that would amplify her speed and balance even further. She accepted and was given the powers of a kinetic. She could absorb the speed and stamina of those around her.

Sasha stayed in a generally normal position in the police force, she did her job well and enjoyed her life. Around her 24th year she met a giant of a man on one of her missions and the two rapidly fell madly in love. They both worked in different sectors of town however and he agreed to transfer to her division, which was normally much quieter.

Soon after the transfer, her husband Timpleton, was called into active duty to fight the threat of the Hamidon. Knowing she would be powerless against the monster that destroyed her world, she agreed to stay behind while her husband went to fight the creature. He never returned from that battle. During the fight, her husband was absorbed into the Hamidon and his powers of invulnerability were no match for the creature's powers. When they tried to revive him through the use of the teleporting medi-pods however, there was nothing to retrieve.

A token funeral was put out in honor of her husband's service and after the funeral Sasha was inconsolable to everyone around her. She put herself into her work as best she could, but everything reminded her of her gentle giant. She worked so long and so hard at her job that she eventually caught the eyes of Cole's recruiters for missions into Primal earth. Sasha took the job and joined one of the parties that was put out to put a stop to the Freakshow's activities, having them be one of the more direct threats to their mission at the time.

While in Primal Earth, Sasha saw the one thing she never expected to see again, her husband. Just as she was finishing off the last of the Freakshow, a giant came thudding into the middle of the fray and finished off the remaining tanks in the area and then went to start in on the invading Praetorians. When he saw her however he froze. The two stared at each other for an extended period of time and then the giant backed away and then leaped away into the distance. Her fellow officers grabbed Sasha and pulled her back through the portal and back into her own world.

Once there, Sasha went to the library that was erected over the Portal Foundry for any information on the giant they had seen. Her heart nearly stopped when she read the files and saw that the giant was indeed her husband from this primitive world. Sasha put her name back on the roster for further trips into the Primal Earth and was continually denied citing reasons of concern for when she did nothing about the giant who interfered in their mission.

She put herself back into her work and continued to do an excellent job. After another year of service, when she had continued to advance through the ranks of the Praetorian Police Department, she was finally given a second chance. This time however, she abandoned the mission as soon as she could and left her comrades to deal with their own problems. She had a new purpose in life, to find the giant and to see if the spark would exist in this primal world as well as it did in her own.


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