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Work In Progress ((I like to play too much))

All out of gum, time to kill
Player: @Xaeon
Origin: Natural/Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: in the 30's now
Personal Data
Real Name: Dane Wagner
Known Aliases: Screamghost, Screamy, Ghost, Al, Charles, John, Nick, Jimmy...
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Hit man, Assassin, and Mercenary
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon
Base of Operations: Phoenix, Arizona
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Increased healing factor with improved sense of sight, hearing, and smell
Known Abilities
A variety of martial arts, marksmanship, and combat training
Katanas, sais, .44 Beretta, throwing knives, grenades, and grappling hook

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Considering himself to be neither truly a villain nor a hero, Screamghost always has a problem with authority figures on either end of the spectrum. Some believe his lack of seriousness with any situation is linked to a possible multiple personality syndrome, while others have labeled him as just plain crazy. He hardly considers himself an anarchist, but a spark of chaos and corruption has always brought a smile to his face.


Born in Portland, Oregon then moved to Phoenix, Arizona, Dane has never had any problems making friends, it was keeping them that plagued his childhood. He stated once to a high school counselor, "Sure, it's easy to give people what they want in a friend. Just put on either some hip looking clothing, or dress in all black with their favorite band shirt. The thing is, I like to point out the faults in people, possibly because I'm pretty comfortable with my own."

Dane eventually joined the military, working his way into the CIA, hunting down criminals who fled the boarders and either dragging them back or finishing the job. He started fashioning his mask to be more than just a simple ski mask with night vision goggles, making more of a theme of a ghost to introduce scare tactics, throw off his enemy. Soon he lost his real name, picking up the identity as Screamghost


On one of his jobs, after retrieving a runaway terrorist from Canada, he came across an unknown organization who recruited him in their program. Ditching a helicopter that was seen crashing down into the wilderness, it was assumed Dane was dead along with the crew. The organization implanted a mutation, increasing his healing factor, stamina, and senses. The healing factor is strong enough to regrow entire limbs; so impressed with his new capabilities, he took up being an assassin for the group, picking up specialized weapons to take down metahumans he frequently was requested to defeat.


The gadgets he has gathered started off as katanas and sais made of adamantium to penetrate invulnerable foes. Strapped to his side is a .44 Beretta designed and altered to fire unique rounds designed for his job. As a result, it is less accurate and opts to not use it unless absolutely needed. Grappling hooks are attached to his wrist for ease of movement through the isles.


The organization who's name had remained a mystery to Screamghost or he just never bothered to ask was raided by heroes, back stabbed by a sleeper agent who became a love interest for him. He fought her to the bitter end, both of them knowing he would win from the start. Escaping from Canada alive, he began doing freelance mercenary work both in North and South America while occasionally traveling to Asia and the Middle East. He gained a contract through the Shadow Agent, but this would involve getting himself incarcerated. Liking the challenge the promise to be the first Arch Nemesis in the Network's Nemesis-X, Screamghost accepted.

You lose, I win, GTFO.

((OOC Section))


The Joker, Number one super villain. No one knows why he does it, he just does. The Joker has been in most of our lives since we entered the realm of comics.

Deadpool > Raptor Jesus; enough said.

Wolverine, The guy just rules. Was it Cyclops Origins? Storm and the X-Men? No, it was Wolverine.

Special thanks to

Mercurial Talon - Thanks for your support and being a great friend.

Nivera - For being so awesome and coming along on this craziness.

Unleashed Force - Sticking it through and giving me confidence on this hair brain scheme of mine!

Stellar Protector - For creating a great tutorial on the Hyperion Force forum.

And to all the characters on Virtue Verse including the coders and web administrators!

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