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Pre-Rogue Isles

Sean Nathaniel Casus was born in the late afternoon on March 8, 1986. He spent the early years of his life in the High Park neighborhood of Kings Row. His powers were apparent from a very early age when, as a toddler, he surprised his parents with a display of kinetic manipulation[1]. Sean's parents, fearful of what could happen because of these powers, pressured him to repress his abilities.

His childhood was mostly uneventfully[2], and his parents largely prevented him from using his powers. It was not until he was 19 years old that he began using his abilities, although the use was rather mundane[3]. However, as the people in his neighborhood learned of his abilities a small anti-mutant group decided to try convincing him to move due to recent events.

Returning from work one evening, the group confronted him on the street in front of his apartment building. A member of the small group, wielding a baseball bat, began attacking him and soon others were joining in. Surrounded, and fearing for his life, Sean struck back. Using his abilities, he shattered the lead attacker's bones with his scream. The group, now on the defense, yelled for help. A hero[4] promptly arrived at the scene. Too stunned by his own actions to explain the real events leading up to that moment, Sean didn't even fight back as the katana wielding hero 'defeated' him, blinding his left eye in the process.

Sean's court case was simply a case of his version of the story against those of the anti-mutant group. While the group had a renowned hero on their side, no one could be found to testify as an eye witness on Sean's behalf. He was eventually found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in Ziggursky Prison. He was a prisoner there for nearly two and a half years before finally being freed in an Arachnos breakout[5]. From there, like other 'Destined Ones', he was transported to Mercy Island, where he first began his new life as a pawn of Arachnos.


Blackweb, a pet project of Black Scorpion, is an elite division of Arachnos dedicated to bringing about Lord Recluse's glorious future. It was also the group where Sean found his first home in the Isles[6]. Despite its leadership problems[7], it provided Sean with a real direction for the first time in his life. Being that it was Arachnos, that direction was pointed firmly toward the Heroes of Paragon City. After Sean's time in prison, convincing him to take up the fight was an easy task.

Several events occurred during this time. Those with the longest lasting effects include:

-His training, making him deadly even without the use of his abilities.

-The replacement of his damaged eye with a newly grown one[8], thanks to Stellar Flux.

-Meeting Vandalist[9] and Naomi Garcia[10]

-Gaining access to a wealth of information pertinent to the running of Arachnos.

He eventually became an officer in the group[11]. By that time his control over his powers had grown exponentially. Where he had once been a relatively weak energy manipulator, he was now able to shift the tide of a fight to his favor on a whim. With his newly found power came a level of arrogance that sharply contrasted the relatively meek man he had been before. Brazen attacks on Paragon City became almost a daily task. With his successes, he came to believe that he was nearly unbeatable[12]. Then along came a spirit.


Following the apparent death of Alison Symnore, Sean found himself in contact with a spirit by the name of Andromalius[13]. Previously constrained by Alison, he was now free to wander as he pleased. Following their brief contact, Andromalius disappeared. Around the same time, Sean began waking up utterly exhausted. A review of security footage inside of the Blackweb base revealed that he had been sleepwalking. Shortly after falling asleep, he would rise again and leave the safety of the base. Several hours later, just before dawn, he would return again. Despite the psychological implications of his sleepwalking, he was merely given sleep aids in an attempt to stop the habit[14]. --More to come.--


Black Cell

Free Agent

The Reciprocators

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  1. He shattered the kitchen table.
  2. Aside from a few incidents with his abilities. See the 'Powers' section.
  3. Having acquired a job in Atlas Park, he often siphoned the speed off of passing cars in order to run to work quickly.
  4. Rising Sun.
  5. Ironically, there was a chance he would have been released early, as he had maintained good behavior during his time there.
  6. This was after weeks of wandering Mercy Island homelessly.
  7. There were no less than four leaders during his time with them.
  8. A number of genetic and tissue samples were taken from his damaged eye in order to grow the new one. As the damaged eye had been sewn shut and covered with an eye patch before that, it wasn't particularly pretty.
  9. She would later go on to join Black Tie, first as a spy for Arachnos, then as a legitimate member. She has since broken with the group.
  10. After leaving Blackweb, she eventually defected to S.C.O.R.P.I.O.
  11. A TacOp, the third rank up.
  12. This was in spite of commonly having the snot beat out of him, but the ability to heal oneself and the MediCom system can give a person a bit of arrogance.
  13. No relation to the demon in Christian lore
  14. lol, Arachnos


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