Speed Girl

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Speed Girl
Player: @Slid
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 51
Personal Data
Real Name: Elizabeth "Liza"[1] Parks
Known Aliases: Speed Girl, Beautiful Blur
Species: Human (Mutant)
Age: 13[2] (Born 7/30/97)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 101 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black (currently dyed blonde)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student, Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents (deceased)
Known Powers
Super Strength/Super Reflexes
Known Abilities
Extremely enhanced speed, able to outpace most other speedsters with ease. However, she is constantly stuck in an accelerated state, and cannot slow her perception of the world to match the normal pace of life.
Costume, communicator[3], Young Justiciars Comm Badge
Weaknesses: If an effect slows Speed Girl down (not just a snare, but literal slowing of time, or particles), or artificially suppresses her powers, her body is subjected to tremendous stress and excruciating pain. If slowed down long enough, her life could be endangered. After encountering such an effect, she is fatigued and exhausted, as her body strains to 'catch up' with her normal super speed.



The child of two of the fastest "speedsters" in the world, Elizabeth "Liza" Parks (an ironic last name to her thinking) was already a living blur when she was born, zipping around her parents' apartment at super speed as soon as she was old enough to crawl. Only her equally fast parents could take care of her, so her mother mostly retired from the superhero business to raise her.

Unfortunately, disaster struck when the Rikti invaded in 2002, and her parents both joined the brutal combat. Her father was killed rescuing civilians hiding in a Rikti-held zone of the city, and her mother was a member of Statesman's Alpha Team and died in the ensuing fight.

Crey Corporation kidnapped the girl and subjected her to an experiment to further enhance her super speed. They succeeded... too well. Now permanently trapped in a hyper-accelerated state, she spent several years in the Crey facility, but eventually escaped.

She now fights crime as the Beautiful Blur, the one and only... Speed Girl!


Accelerated far beyond the normal speed of a typical "speedster," Liza can dodge bullets, outrace a supersonic jet, and move faster than the (non-superhuman) eye can see, even when moving at a relatively slow pace. Unfortunately, this extreme speed comes at a price: she perceives time at this extremely accelerated rate as well, so trying to listen to a person speak to her is like listening to a tape recording slowed down to a fraction of its normal rate. Conversely, her own speech is so fast that most people can't understand it (characters with the power to react at super speed can understand her without assistance, though even then it sounds like she's talking quite rapidly). To compensate for this, she wears a small communicator bracelet which slows down her own speech so others can hear it, and speeds up the sounds she hears around her and plays it back for her through an ear-piece. If she switches the device off, she's capable of having private "high-speed" conversations with other speedsters even in a crowded room, unintelligible to everyone else.

When she runs, a tiny, invisible energy field surrounds her, negating the effects of friction on her movement. However, thanks to the unique mutation she inherited from her mother[4], heat still builds up around her as a result. The faster she moves, the stronger the energy field, and the higher the temperatures the friction generates. With enough speed (and enough heat) she becomes a searing-hot blur, a living projectile capable of blasting her way through nearly any defenses. This was how she escaped from the Crey facility, accelerating herself as fast as her body could handle and blasting through a solid metal wall as a white-hot human cannonball.

Her physical strength is no greater than that of a normal teenage girl, but with her extremely accelerated speed, she can launch punches at incredible velocity, which carry a tremendous amount of force behind them. A side effect of her powers protects her from the shock of these impacts while she's moving so fast (though she's just as vulnerable as anyone to impacts from other fast-moving objects... if they can hit her).

Psychics attempting to read her thoughts or assault her mind find that her thoughts are simply too fast to keep up with. Very basic things, like her underlying morals, deeply-held beliefs, and basic, unchanging information like her name and secret identity can be accessed by a talented psychic. Anything else, however, flies by like the wind, her thoughts too ephemeral to capture or control.

Other Information

Home Life

Lives with Diane and Frank Sheldon, a married couple who foster meta-human orphans. Currently, two other girls live there besides Liza:


Speed Girl is a member of The Young Justiciars SuperGroup.

In particular, she has had significant interactions with the following characters:


This is where stories involving Speed Girl will be posted.


  1. Pronounced "Ly-za" (first syllable rhymes with "sky")
  2. Her legal age is 13, but due to her accelerated aging process, her actual age is closer to 16.
  3. This sleek bracelet was designed by Crey Industries during her time in their laboratory. It records Speed Girl's hyper-accelerated voice and plays it back slower so that people around her can hear her. Conversely, it records the slower voices of people nearby and plays them back (via a wireless earpiece) accelerated fast enough for her to understand them.
  4. Her mother was a Katana/Fire scrapper, using her super speed (which did not negate friction like most speedsters) to heat up her specially-designed incendiary costume enough for it to burst into flames.
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