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“Some call me demon and cower in my presence. Others, they call me god, and fall upon their knees.”

Tash Child's Innocence.png

Mortal once, now no longer.
Come to me...
The woman that should have been was never allowed to be. Consumed, perverted; twisted into what is. Oh how young was she but a child of her twelfth year? Raised by a mother who loved her more than any other, yet was never there. Always working and working always to bring home all her little girl dared to dream. This girl dreamt of things no child should however; of demons and devils and all things damned. The darkest of desires spawned of curiosity and stories morbid. These things no mother could ever provide, not with money nor love. ‘Fiction’, ‘forbidden’, words she heard often, yet the mind of a child cannot heed the warnings of the aged. She chased the subtle clues, the half-truths; knowledge old, young, and even unsung, forgotten for well reasons. Each dead end and frustration mounted. Another failure and raged burned. A child so young now lost in obsession. And of course, it was when all seemed for naught that clarity struck. So simple was it in the end; a faint whisper, a subtle calling out as she drifted into dreams.

“Come to me,” the child called.
Come to me,” the darkness replied.
And all was lost.

Please bear with me. I'm having serious issues finishing her biography. I can't tell you how many times I've scrapped my work and started over. Between the writer's block and procrastination it's been hell. I know how it goes, I just can't seem to get it down. Don't you just hate that? For now the slightly extended version of her in-game information is all that's going to be up. That said, please note that I am actively seeking contacts. I'm also seeking someone interested in being High Priest of a cult. Oh, and cultists, of course.

(Global) Sheet & Information.png

(Ta'Sharra) Demon.jpg
(Ta'Sharra) Sorceress.jpg
Human Glamour Demonic Form
Name: Ta'Sharra (Tash) Ta'Sharra
Origin: Magic
Speciality: Corrupter
Race: Human Demon
Gender: Female Genderless
Age: 20 220
Hair: Red Red
Eyes: Brown Amethyst
Weight: 163 lbs 312 lbs
Height: 5'11 8'1
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada Unknown
Birthdate: March 7th, 1990 Unknown
Sexuality: Omnisexual*
Alignment: Villain
Motivation(s): Ascension, Corruption, Revenge
Villain/Possession: Down with the Sickness - Disturbed
Unrevealed Theme: What I've Done - Linkin Park
(Ta'Sharra) Armoured.jpg
(Ta'Sharra) Demon Sorceress.jpg

Abilities & Powers

  • Smells Lust
  • Smells Fear
  • Smells Despair
  • Senses Magic
  • Flight
  • Minor Teleportation
  • Minor Illusion
    • Self Glamour
  • Mastery of Blood
  • Minor Fire Control
  • Shadow Domination
    • Shadow Travel
    • Shadow Form
    • Shadow Manipulation
  • Soul Manipulation
    • Devours Souls

Roleplay Notes

  • Gives off a demonic aura
  • Gives off an evil aura
  • Immune to mental manipulation but only resistant to probing
    • Gaining entry will reveal interesting things...
  • Most powers are roleplayed as blood magic in game and are colour coded:
    • Black/Red - Blood
    • Black/Purple - Shadow
    • Original - Fire
  • Her glamour is difficult to see through, but doable
  • Soul Gazers/Seers will see:
    • A formless, devouring abyss
    • All the souls ever consumed
    • Something else entirely different...

Disclaimer: I'm a veteran of forum Roleplay. If you're here reading this then I'm guessing you care enough to understand where I'm coming from. I don't do one line roleplay. When I type, it's going to be long, descriptive, and probably take a minute or two. Sometimes it will be a paragraph, sometimes it will be more. If you're impatient and don't want to wait for me to type out and describe what my character is doing, we're probably not going to roleplay well together. I'm just letting you know.

(*)Omnisexual: She's a demon. She desires to corrupt human beings to further her own goals, therefore she'll sleep with anything if it serves her purposes.

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