The Gray Tabby

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The Gray Tabby
Player: The Gray Tabby
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Robotic Mastermind
Threat Level: Active
Personal Data
Real Name: Ginger Narrows
Known Aliases: The Grey Tabby, Grey, 'Cat Chick'
Species: Anthromorphic Feline
Age: 42
Height: 5'4''
Weight: '
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Grayish-Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary for Hire
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Donna, Heather and Tina Narrows
Known Powers
Pyrokinesis (Disabled), Hydrokinesis (Disabled), Natural Poison.
Known Abilities
Excellent IQ.
Powered Armor, small laser pistol, Rocket Boots.
No additional information available.


Very Important OOC Note

The way the Gray Tabby (and many of my character's biographies) is written in the sense everything take places in the NEAR FUTURE. For example, the Gray Tabby's work with HAVEN and the Wrath Corporation is technically being done in the timeline City of Heroes and City of Villains takes place; but I play my characters as if it's 20 years after those events.


Childhood/Pre-Villain Status

Ginger Narrows (AKA The Gray Tabby) was the first of four daughters to the legendary White Lynx. Even though their mother died after giving birth, she was never the one her sisters looked up to, instead following Tina Narrows (The White Tabby). Ginger herself says it was because of her aggressive attitude, but many others think it to be her cat-like features.

Through childhood, she was moved from orphanage to foster home (then back to orphanage) with her three sisters, her irrational anger and firey attitude being the major offput. She was kicked out of the private school the family attended after breaking a bully's nose, forced to spend hours at a time away from her sisters. The small group that ran the orphanage noted she seemed much more moody after this, going to extreme lengths to make sure her sisters were never done wrong.

By the time the sisters hit the age to enter Junior High, Ginger had received substantial honors for her superior intellect, moved up to the seventh grade almost immediately - where she continued to excel. Proving how far she'd go for her sisters though, Ginger ate lunch with the sixth graders, where they all met their future liaison: Gin Narrows, forever setting the tabbies on a path of villainy.

Gin's New Business Venture

Ginger was the only Tabby to enter a four-year contact with the Hero Corps. after High School ended. They had all been picked for the group at birth, but Ginger remained their largest hope. She was specifically the shining hope for the organization, since she took after her mothers behaviors. Ginger excelled in the group, refusing to use her powers of Fire and Ice, but mainly sticking to a rifle. When her four-year contract ended, their brilliant friend Gin had just opened her own veterinary hospital, and invited Ginger and the other three tabbies onto her staff.

Ginger's real motive was made very clear very quickly. When the tabbies all arrived, they found Gin was really going to use the hospital as a way to draw super-powered Anthromorphs to her care and very sneakily take away their superior abilities. They'd fade from the public eye soon, and then be captured and sold off on some black market, never to be seen or heard from again. Ginger was the only tabby to join on without any hesitation, her sisters all following shortly after.

The scheme worked for nearly a year, Ginger and the sisters raking in loads of cash. Their only hitch came when Mynx, the Freedom Phalnax's Anthromorph poster child checked in. While Ginger argued with Gin for nearly a night on the heroine's power, in the end, money won over logic. There were plenty of people who wanted to see Mynx hurt... and plenty more who wanted to hear her beg for mercy. Ginger stood by as Gin began her treatment, only for the sting operation to be complete. Within hours the hospital was stormed by the Hero Corps and the Freedom Phalnax, Gin's contacts in the Rogue Isles getting them out of the area safely and without capture.

Arachnos Agent

Data on The Gray Tabby's days as an Arachnos Agent is highly classified.

HAVEN Initiative

Data on The Gray Tabby's days as a HAVEN Supporter is highly classified.


Current storyline.

Character Information


Power Suit

Four variations of the suit.

The Gray Tabby's power suit was crafted by the feline during her twenty year hiatus. The suit works as a delivery system, extracting the poison from her blood stream and using it as a weapon. There are still... 'problems' with some of the delivery means, and the Tabby often finds herself spitting a loogie of acid at her opponents. The Gray Tabby also made sure her face was covered up while in the power suit; however, after a brief discussion with the Villainess Qwikcut, no one has seen the Tabby with a veil on ever since.

K.I.T.T.E.N. Robots More warmly referred to as 'her Robits', these Kinetic Interactive Titanium Titan Energy Nictus robots were hand-built by the Tabby. She used Nictus fragments to actually power the robots, giving them a half life of over one million years. Only one of the Robots have a name, while the rest are Model Numbers, such as the AB (Assault Bot) series, which the Tabby has 20 in total (enough to swap out in case of malfunctions); and the HVGB (HeaVee Gunner Bot), at the total of 10; and only one large robot that the Tabby refers to lovingly as... Fluffy.

Assault Bots are often equipped with standard-issue laser pistols, heat-seeking technology, and a simple programming that allows them to make rash decisions. The Tabby refuses to sacrifice any one of these bots, even with their overwhelming numbers.

HeaVee Gunner Bots are usually the ones the Tabby is seen cursing out in the middle of a fight. They work as Defense Coordinators, granting a shield to the other 'bots in the Tabby's stead, and also the villainess herself. They come equipped with automatic laser rifles, but have no idea how to use them, and a Photon Grenade, which they overuse. Their Hunter-Seeker drones are the most deadly weapons in their arsenal, exploding after cutting into the enemy... but after launching them, the HVGB seems to have trouble moving. The Tabby often sends the HVGBs into risky situations, and has recently wrote a paper on robots and if they can be lucky - since all ten of the original HVGBs have come back from these dangerous missions.

Fluffy - The Robot with a Heart Fluffy is by far the Tabby's pride and joy. He started as a fun project back when she began working on robots - more or less something to keep the Tabby from going insane. Ginger worked day and night on a program that actually thought for itself, refusing to eat or sleep until it was done. She passed out after about a week of labor, and awoke with a paramedic shining a light in her eyes, only to find the program (viewing her through a webcam), had only sent two text replies through it's prompt: "Ma'am, are you functioning properly?" and "Retrieving 911 Dispatch codes..." Fluffy then grew piece by piece and part by part; First, came the head, which the Tabby took great care in making. It was carefully designed so Fluffy could flip between a regular visual signal, heat-seeking, night vision, and ultra violet in rapid succession, as well a protective design to keep the targetting system intact during battle. The main body holds much of the CPU to Fluffy's systems, as well as his Nictus Fuel Cells, which power the Laser Cannons on his arms. Fluffy also has a removable 'back pack' that contains his rocket launchers and nearly 1000 count of the small, yet very powerful, Agent Diamond missiles. Finally, Fluffy's legs have both jet stabilizers and piston-launchers, allowing it to either fly or jump great distances. The entiriety of Fluffy is made from a special material called Astranorium, a specific metal that the Asesino of the Forge makes and gives to his friends or loved ones.

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