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Ultra Assassin B.jpg
Ultra Assassin/Agent Blackbrair
Player: @Ultra Assassin
Origin: Technology/Natural
Archetype: Blaster/Arachnos Soilder
Security Level: 50/24
Personal Data
Real Name: Nathan
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human/Cyborg
Age: Unkown
Height: 6' 5
Weight: 130 Ibs. (1 ton if you include the robotics)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Assassin
Place of Birth: Kings Row
Base of Operations: Kings Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Cybernetic Enhancements
Modified Rifles/ Target Drones
If you're looking for an Assassin, he is your man.

((Currently a work in progress, so bare with me.)) Recent update: 3/18/09



Early Years

Nathan was a super-powered Hero much like his peers at Paragon High. At public schools it’s so abnormal for students to have super power so his powers were nothing that made him stand out. His power was just simple electricity so they weren’t anything impressive. He was a normal teenager that was interested in cars, girls and sports. During the weeks leading up to the first Rikti invasion, he started going out with a girl from his history class. Her name was Rachel and she didn’t know about Nathan’s powers.

The Fall of a Hero

May 23rd 2002 : The Evening of the Rikti invasion was the best and the worst day of his life. His Lacrosse game was cancelled because of the strange red lights in the sky, so he decided to go out on the town with his girlfriend. He decided to revel his powers to her by going to Atlas Park, little did he know that something big was about to happen. While they were in the park the sky opened up with an invasion force that left the whole city paralyzed within 5 minutes. Soon the park was crawling with an invasion force the earth had never seen. Now was the time to revel his power. He fought with some of the best heroes around, but they were too much for him. He was killed by a blast from a rifle, protecting his girlfriend from the shot. The last thing he heard was the sound of Rachel calling out for help.

New Life

Nathan was in a comma for weeks and because he had no relatives, he was giving up to a company called Black Corps, a leader in advance robotics as well as treating super heroes. One night after Nathan was being operated on and in a recovery ward, Arachnos solider broke into the complex and stole Nathan along with a few others. He was taken to the isles where he was made into a cybernetic Assassin. When Nathan awoke from his coma, he was sent to train with the other cyborgs in fighting, evasion and other tactics that will make them the ultimate weapon.

Path to Darkness

Sometimes during his first years he went on a mission to take down Lord Recluse. The Rouge Island Police told the press that this assassination attempt was a failure and that Ultra was dead. A few months later a orphange was attack by an assassin who was know to folks around the isles as Black Bullet. This sparked intrest in the hero comminity and people were sent to the isles to take him down.(See Police Files) A few years and many murders later, Black Bullet was caught. But little did they know that Ultra and Watcher, were one in the same. Arachnos had reprogrammed him to their likings. Often his tactics are brutal. Some are public executed; some are publicly beaten bloody and dead. There are some rumors that some of he has even raped his victims. Some of his kills are most violent kills that paragon has ever seen.

A New Hope

Ultra broke out of the ranks of Arachnos and escaped to Paragon where he deiced to use his skills in combat to help folks of paragon. He first started out as a gun for hire, jumping from group to group based on pay, not caring for anybody he helped. To him it was always the next mission, the next paycheck. The citizens at first did not approve of his ways of dealing with villain saying it was a setting a bad imagine of heroes, he didn’t care. So he kept this cycle until one day in Atlas.

He was tracking a known underground villain group lead by a man named Arbiter Death. His mission was simple, take Death down and bring an end to this renegade group. Fate had other plans. Nathan spotted a girl who was rather close to the leader of this group, her name was Luna Moonchild, she was lovely indeed but it was about the mission. At first his intentions were to use Luna to get to Death, but he came to realize this was no simple task, for she was the one in need of a hero. In his struggles to free her from his grip, they both fell in love with each other.

As time grew on they love for each other did, until one day when a group of radicals kidnapped her proclaiming she was their chosen one. Ultra fought hard and long to reclaim her back, but his attacks only angered the groups’ leader and had her killed. Ultra now realized that what he learned in Arachnos training was right; love can betray you in the end.

Present Day...

Ultra today is a freelance gun for hire, and although he likes to work with heroes, jobs are slim so he might take the evil ones too. He still lives with a lot of pain and tries to stay away from becoming emotionally attached to people. While all this is going on he struggles with himself to find a sense of closure from his painful past. Becuase of this he tries to find a lot of work so he can keep his mind on something else. He does find going to the Pocket D relaxing for some reason.


Nathan comes across as a jackass to most, although he is very sociable. He has few friends because he knows his lifestyle puts them in danger. You wouldn’t notice if you don’t know him well but he is dealing with a lot of pain and is often has burst of uncontrollable rage. He is very talkative, when he is not on the job, mostly towards female if you get him when he is in the mood. He doesn’t like to talk about his past life and often tries to separate himself from others to keep them out of harms way.



He has 4 main suits that he uses in battle, each with there own special abilities

Assault Suit: His Assault suit is based of the same concept of the PPD Hard suits, The idea, make a exo-suit that is heavy, but allows the user to be able to move around freely. The suit uses the body's natural signal to move the robot, much like the brain uses them to move the muscles. It is made of a unknown non-earth metal giving to him by a alien he rescued.

Stealth Suit: The stealth suit is made of the same components that his Assault suit but made of a lighter material. It has the ability to make the user undetectable. His suit has his own cloaking devise that can’t be seen by today’s technology.

Ultra in his Steath Suit. Fanart by Myself656

Hunter Suit: His hunter suit is the one he uses to deal with the demonic types. The suit is fairly light and only has protection where he needs it the most. His goggles are equipped with recon softwhere so he can correctly identify people.

Mechanic suit: This is not really much of a suit, more of a tool set. His Mechanic suit is his suit that he uses when he needs to fix stuff, all he really has for amour on this is bullet proof vest.


Jen-Hether: Longtime friend of his

Luna Moonchild: His former girlfriend

Jag Blade: Helped him take down The Villians of Paragon City

Nyak: Friend he met at the D

Sandra Shadowmoon: Was going to be married to her until she was killed.


Arbiter Death: Rival against him.

Lord Seven: Killed his girlfriend

David Starkweather: Hates him for some odd reason

Crimson: One of the god's from Luna's realm, doesn't like ultra for many reasons

Deadly Rose: Thinks Ultra is her long lost husband and is trying to kill Luna for some reason


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Artwork Credit

Steath Suit: myself656

Profile Picture: myself656

More comming soon...

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