Unebbing Fire

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"All folks are born with some good in them, some just have it stamped out of them throughout life" -anonymous

Unebbing Fire.jpg
Unebbing Fire
Unebbing Fire
Player: @Tidal Current
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown/John Doe
Known Aliases: Unebbing Flame, Big Man
Species: Human/Mutated
Age: 40
Height: 9'8''
Weight: 550 lbs
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Thug for Hire
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Base of Operations: Unkown/Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Classified/Unknown
Known Relatives: Jessica Elva- Deceased, Nathan Elva- Deceased
Known Powers
Super Strength, Quick Healing, Super-toughness
Known Abilities
Ability to encloak self in dark magic
No additional information available.



Supergroup: None

Former Supergroups: none


Unebbing Fire is, basically, a sociopath. He remembers the facts of his past, but not the emotions he used to have. He enjoys killing and does so for sport and hobby. He is not very intelligent, and therefore doesn't enjoy conversation, extortion, or negotiation. He simply wants to hurt things.

He is not too young, so he generally doesn't have a youthful innocence about anything. He tends not to talk much, just the necessary language to get his point across. He is snide and cynical, but he gets the job done.


Unebbing Fire has a few powers. First and foremost his immense strength, he has no qualms about picking up a skyscraper, or any other object in his way. He is also quick to heal.


Unebbing Fire is not technically invulnerable, but he is quite formidable. He has been known to shrug off everything from the size of a large person to a semi-truck.

Additional Powers

Unebbing Fire has the ability to rapidly heal after being injured, as rare an event as that is.

Other Powers

Unebbing Flame also has the power to move super-fast, for his size. He is actually quicker than most of his opponents, not by much, but that is impressive considering his immense form.


Unebbing Flame has the ability to enshroud himself in netherworld magic, thus making himself even more formidable in combat.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Unebbing Fire's biggest weakness is that he is... for lack of a better term, stupid. After he was mutated he lost most of his higher thought processes. He just became a thug for hire who enjoyed hurting things.

Unebbing Flame also overestimates his own immense form sometimes, and gets himself into unfavorable situations.


Unebbing Fire carries no real equipment, save the capsules he stole from the experimental slab where he woke up. He still doesn't know what is in them, but they cause pain, and that is good enough for him.

Character History

Before the Rogue Isles

John Elva, or just John as he was identified in the obituaries, was an average man, a citizen of Paragon City in fact, before he became known as the Unebbing Flame. He was not always a sociopath or a criminal. He was a banker.

He had a family, Jessica his wife, and Nathan his son. Jessica worked in the Paragon news. They were an upstanding family and lived in Steel Canyon.

On August 13th, 2007, he was walking with his family toward Atlas park, when they were jumped by Cadavers and some Mortificators. He attempted to give them all his money, as did his wife, but they didn't want his money, they wanted his body. They killed his wife and child before they shot him with an arrow, fatally wounding him. A Hero by the name of Ms. Liberty arrived a few minutes to late for the family, but she defeated the Cadavers and the Morificator.

John Elva's body was never recovered, as one Cadaver escaped with it, and brought it back to the sewers where the gang operated. They began experimenting on him, attempting to make him into one of their abominations, but something went wrong, he retained his individuality, but still lost his higher thinking and moral centers in his brain. He did, of course, mutate to the size of an abomination.

The scientists didn't have time to try and fix this little... slip up, as John Elva, now the Unebbing Flame, awoke on the operating table and proceeded to kill the entire room. He actually got some sick satisfaction out of it, and, after doing so, fled Paragon City in search of a new home...

In The Rogue Isles

Unebbing Fire started his Rogue Isles career in the Zig. He spent a few weeks in solitary confinement after starting a prison riot and killing more than 50 guards. After 2 weeks in solitary the Arachnos organization attacked the Zig, and many prisoners, including Unebbing Fire escaped. He met with an Arachnos agent piloting an escape helicopter, and helped his parter escape police custody. He then escaped with Arachnos back to the Rogue Isles.

He met with Arbiter Diaz and Kalinda on Mercy Island, and is still currently working for Kalinda. He doesn't mind the work, as he enjoys causing pain, and most of Kalinda's assignments have him assassinating or intimidating somebody on Mercy or the surrounding Isles.

Getting Hired

Unebbing Fire meets the Ebon Thunderbolt

Shortly after his third mission with Kalinda he got a strange call on his comm. He was to meet with someone called Ebon Thunderbolt to discuss being hired.

He met with Ebon Thunderbolt just outside of Kalinda's tower, where he was told that the Thunderbolt wished to hire him as a lackey. Unebbing Fire agreed to the terms. The way he saw it, he was getting paid more to do what he still loved... inflicting pain.

Unebbing Fire is allowed to do what he wants as long as he answers when called by the Thunderbolt.

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