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Titania: You wish to see the distant realms? Very well. But know this first: the places you will visit, the places that you will see, do not exist. For there are only two worlds — your world, which is the real world, and the other worlds, the fantasy. Worlds like this are worlds of human imagination: their reality, or lack of reality, is not important. What is important is that they are there. These worlds provide an alternative. Provide escape. Provide a dream, and power, provide refuge, and pain. They give your world meaning. They do not exist; and thus they are all that matters.
Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic, Vol. 1, Issue 3 (1991)

The Man Behind the Mask (Kind Of)

A Sampling of Heroism...
Global: @Coreth
Personal Data
Age: Older than I care to admit to
Biographical Data
Base of Operations: Washington DC area
  • Speculative Fiction novels
  • Tabletop Gaming
  • Comics (Duh)
  • MMORPGs (Another Duh)
  • Some programming/writing
EST This user's time zone is Eastern Time.
ALTAHOLIC This user only wishes he had a "main" character; the altitis is strong in this one.
CoH This user fights on both fronts in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. CoV
VIP This user was a VIP player.
EV This user plays on the Everlasting server on CoH: Homecoming.
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...and a Sampling of Villainy!

Coreth (formerly known on VV1.0 as Ebon Storm) started out messing around in the MMO world with Star Wars Galaxies in 2005, with his main character Coreth Landwalker, a Master Ranger/Master least, until the hated New Game "Enhancements" which removed his main profession entirely, trashed the game interface and combat system, and drove off a very large chunk of its playerbase-including him. He'd gone back a couple times after a year passed and having heard of design changes that made it tolerable...but the damage done to his friends lists and the continuing direction of the devs there finally permitted him to leave it behind forever.

Okay-that's enough with the third person.

In that bleak year, I spent my time in World of Warcraft using Coreth as a Protection Spec Warrior. I actually enjoyed my time there, but the raid-centric attitude of the game at maximum level and an inability to get into a guild that I felt comfortable in eventually led me to exit that game too. I bummed around a bit in Lord of the Rings Online as well, poked my head into EVE Online, but none of them really seemed to offer what I was looking for.

Enter City of Heroes. I'd been playing CoH for a while before September-ish '07, having spent most of my time on the Protector server with a villain. At about that time, I was interested in trying out life in the "unofficial RP server", I rolled up a hero and started playing-and haven't spent any time on Protector since! I've had a blast on Virtue-enough so that I transferred my main villain from Protector to Virtue to continue his villainy here!

I've always been a big fan of the wiki concept, and wasted no time in starting to make use of Virtueverse. I became a sysop for the site on August 8, 2009 and immediately went to war on the spambots that had been invading at the time. I continued to play on Virtue in an assortment of supergroups until the game closed down.

With the release of the game code to multiple servers, I began to roll new characters on Homecoming's Everlasting server, glad to be returning to the City of Heroes for as long as it can last.

The Characters

Virtue-That-Was Everlasting
50 Originicon technology.png H archetypeicon defender.png Agent Repulse 1.jpg Agent Repulse is the Chief of Security of Action Enterprises; he was formerly an agent of a secret organization, the details of which remain classified.
Hero Icon Web.png Force Fields / Energy Blast / Power Mastery

28 Originicon magic.png H archetypeicon controller.png Amazing Kane 1.jpg The Amazing Kane is a stage magician extraordinaire! But what most do not know is that he is also an Adventurist, who specializes in mental influence and time travel.
Hero Icon Web.png Mind Control / Time Manipulation 

50 Originicon technology.png H archetypeicon tanker.png Armored Battalion 1.jpg The Armored Battalion is the prototype for a new generation of armored warfare for the United States military forces, designed to withstand any attack.
Hero Icon Web.png Invulnerability / Energy Melee / Energy Mastery

32 Originicon magic.png V archetypeicon brute.png Baron Craven1.jpg Ageless, deathless. Once upon a time, Baron Craven could have been considered a vampire. But now that he has awakened in this modern age, he has been evolving into something far more than a simple vampire-and perhaps something less.
Villain Icon Web.png Dark Melee / Willpower 

35 Originicon magic.png V archetypeicon dominator.png Devils Chamberlain 1.jpg The Devil's Chamberlain claims to be the right hand of the Devil itself, returned from Hell to serve his Master's bidding. True or not, his magical power over the mind and his knowledge of ancient spell ritual make him a potent threat to heroes everywhere.
Villain Icon Web.png Mind Control / Psionic Assault 

50 Originicon mutation.png V archetypeicon corruptor.png Dracofire1.jpg Dracofire is a self-proclaimed representative of the Conglomerate of Worlds, who professes to be evaluating Earth's value; whether or not he expects the Conglomerate to welcome Earth into its organization or to conquer it is something he's sidestepped.
Villain Icon Web.png Fire Blast / Thermal Radiation 

50 (+3) Originicon natural.png V archetypeicon stalker.png Ebon 4.jpg A mercenary hoping to cash in on the reputation of a lost villain, Ebon Thunderbolt is out to garner as much cash as humanly possibly-and he doesn't care if the pay comes from the depths of Arachnos or the heights of Atlas Park!
Rogue Icon Web.png Ninja Blade / Super Reflexes / Soul Mastery

28 Originicon unknown.png V archetypeicon brute.png Fighting Wolfman.jpg The Fighting Wolfman is, shockingly, a werewolf, in full control of his mind and body. With his fighting skills and lupine nature, he's willing to wade into the thick of the fight no matter how bad it looks.
Hero Icon Web.png Street Fighting / Regeneration 

43 Originicon magic.png H archetypeicon controller.png Gatewarden1.jpg Gatewarden-perhaps one hero, perhaps up to five-is one of the Points of the Pentacle, a Warden to the Gates of Infinity, utilizing magic and knowledge passed down from the First Days to prevent beings from the Outer Darkness from accessing what most humans view as "reality".
Hero Icon Web.png Illusion Control / Radiation Emission / Soul Mastery

28 Originicon technology.png V archetypeicon mastermind.png General Retaliation 1.jpg General Retaliation, former Army Ranger, is now a mercenary operating in the Rogue Islands. His driving mission: to overthrow the regime of Arachnos before Lord Recluse and his ilk strike against the United States.
Rogue Icon Web.png Mercenaries / Traps 

14 Originicon natural.png V archetypeicon corruptor.png Huntsmaster1.jpg The Gray Huntsmaster was an infiltrator, spy, and assassin for the Praetorian Powers Division, assigned to learn all he could about Resistance cells...and destroy them.
Loyalist Icon Web.png Archery / Trick Arrow 

30 Originicon technology.png H archetypeicon blaster.png Invictar-1.jpg An inventor by nature and by choice, Invictar expects to push his talent to its limit-by constantly improving a remarkable set of powered armor.
Hero Icon Web.png Beam Rifle / Energy Melee 

32 Originicon magic.png V archetypeicon dominator.png Nyctomancer.jpg Master of the Shadowy Arts, Nyctomancer has come to Paragon City in order to show the forces of darkness that the night isn't necessarily on their side.
Vigilante Icon Web.png Darkness Control / Dark Assault 

22 Originicon magic.png H archetypeicon defender.png OccultExplorer1.jpg Aaron Richardson is the Occult Explorer; a daredevil, tomb raider, treasure hunter, seeker of lost places and artifacts. Wielding a small arsenal of mystic talismans that the world has forgotten, he seeks out the secrets that black magicians would rather not have known.
Vigilante Icon Web.png Kinetics / Dual Pistols 

50 (+3) Originicon natural.png H archetypeicon blaster.png Old Ranger 1.jpg A veteran of the First Rikti War at the Battle of Fort Benning, the Old Ranger's archery skill, future-tech equipment, and his skills as an Army Ranger make him one of the most dangerous men in Paragon City.
Hero Icon Web.png Archery / Devices / Munitions Mastery

50 (+3) Originicon natural.png V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png Operative Rostov 1.jpg One of the many Crab Spiders of Arachnos, Operative Rostov has risen to become a power in his own right, leading the Arachnos Black Ops Brigade against the enemies of Lord Recluse. He is one of the constant irritants in the designs of the Arbiters, who dislike him nearly as much as he dislikes them.
Villain Icon Web.png Crab Spider Soldier / Crab Spider Training 

50 Originicon technology.png V archetypeicon mastermind.png Professor Dredd 2.jpg Cutting edge technology; cutting edge attitude. Professor Dredd was hoping for an easy life on the bleeding edge, until he got dragged into a world of excitement. Dredd will use any means necessary to keep himself on the forefront of advanced technologies, even if he has to steal them.
Rogue Icon Web.png Robotics / Force Fields 

23 Originicon technology.png V archetypeicon brute.png Qi'Lar1.jpg Qi'Lar is the reluctant leader of the alien freebooters known as the Null Division. Trapped on Earth after failing to stop the Shivan strike on Galaxy City, she tries to locate the survivors of their battle so they can continue the battle with the Shivans.
Hero Icon Web.png Super Strength / Energy Aura 

50 Originicon science.png H archetypeicon warshade.png Skyshade01.jpg Skyshade has quietly fought for the Warshade cause ever since his injuries in a aerobatics show. Now he's out into the open in hopes of increasing acceptance of the Warshades by the Peacebringers.
Hero Icon Web.png Umbral Blast / Umbral Aura 

28 Originicon mutation.png V archetypeicon stalker.png SpectralFighter1.jpg Spectral Fighter carries a legacy from that most rare of prizes: the history of a hero in the Rogue Islands. Armed with his wits, fighting skills, and his mutant power of vanishment, Spectral Fighter is very much a crusader of the night.
Hero Icon Web.png Martial Arts / Ninjitsu 

32 Originicon science.png H archetypeicon warshade.png Stellar Abyss 1.jpg Stellar Abyss bears a weapon created by alien Crafters and tainted by the power of the Nictus; in doing so, he puts himself front and center in the war between Kheldian and Nictus, even as he seeks to expand his own personal power.
Villain Icon Web.png Umbral Blast / Umbral Aura 

50 (+3) Originicon natural.png H archetypeicon peacebringer.png Stellar Protector 1.jpg Bonded to an alien weapon created millennia ago, Stellar Protector is the first human to bear the name. By virtue of his Stellar Gem, he has become a key player in the seemingly endless conflict between the Kheldians and their Nictus enemies.
Hero Icon Web.png Luminous Blast / Luminous Aura 

28 Originicon science.png H archetypeicon defender.png Sunpulse1.jpg Sunpulse was created when a particle physics experiment went horribly wrong. Now a living radiator of an exotic energy, he must determine for himself if he is still truly human.
Hero Icon Web.png Radiation Emission / Radiation Blast 

42 Originicon natural.png H archetypeicon scrapper.png Timelost1.jpg A Roman Centurion. A barbarian. A knight. A hoplite. A Vanguard soldier. Each aspects of the same man, in different eras of time, bearing aspects of the Aegis and the Sword of Hades-and each appearing in the present time. Timelost is more than willing and able to put his shield between the innocent and those who would do them harm.
Hero Icon Web.png Broadsword / Shield Defense 

50 (+3) Originicon magic.png H archetypeicon defender.png Winter Tornado 2.jpg Winter Tornado is a force of nature unto himself; a Lord of Winter, he wrested a portion of the immense power of Lord Winter itself away from the entity and claimed it for his own!
Hero Icon Web.png Storm Summoning / Electrical Blast / Electricity Mastery

50 Originicon natural.png H archetypeicon scrapper.png Confidentialimage.jpg Thornwielder is a former apprentice to the Circle of Thorns who turned against them and now opposes them whenever and wherever he can.
Hero Icon Web.png Staff Fighting / Willpower 

50 (+2) Originicon technology.png H archetypeicon blaster.png Confidentialimage.jpg Voidjammer is a space pirate marooned on Earth. Now, he craves vengeance and-just as importantly-profit on this backwards world that nevertheless has some very potent powers protecting it.
Rogue Icon Web.png Dual Pistols / Devices 


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